Feminist Hawk: Now is Not the Time for Women To Go to Sleep

When Jenn Q. Public told me about the subject of her newest post I was livid. I could just feel my talons sliding out instinctively as she explained the story and I gave her my blessing to proceed with it.

Such wealthy, comfortable pseudo-feminists as Naomi Wolf and Arianna Huffington are so narcissistic that they cannot see beyond their own bed posts.

As Jenn wrote:

Young girls in Yemen are forced into marriages with adult men, lesbians in South Africa face “corrective rape,” and women throughout the Muslim world suffer indignity, violence, and death under Sharia law.  But that’s not the sort of horrific oppression interrupting Wolf’s beauty rest.

The “next big issue” women need to address, says Wolf, is lack of sleep.

Her preoccupation with this pressing issue of our time began with this recent declaration by Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington and Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive:

“If you ask us, the next feminist issue is sleep. And in order for women to get ahead in this country, we’re all going to have to lie down and take a nap.”

These women are not feminists. They are not fighting for oppressed women. They’re not advocating for equal rights so that women can pursue their self-destiny. They’re acting like ungrateful, spoiled children who do not appreciate what the true feminists who came before them were instrumental in achieving in this country over the course of the 20th century.

There’s still plenty of sexism in this country and problems that women face. But these issues pale in comparison to the Islamic gender apartheid that victimizes hundreds of millions of women across the world every day.

So the question that true feminists — both men and women — must ask is this: are they going to fight for their own comfort and privilege or for the very survival of their sisters across the world?

We already know Wolf and Huffington’s answer.