A God Who Hates – by Fern Sidman


In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States, it became abundantly clear to the Western world that there was a new and pernicious nemesis in town. Radical Islamic suicide bombers had jolted us out of our torpor as we confronted the stark and frightening realization that our cherished democratic values, principles, code of ethics and very lifestyle were in existential danger. In order to eradicate the visceral feelings of resentment of Muslims that were ruminating in the psyches of  Americans and other westerners; the media, along with those in academic and “politically correct” circles initiated a campaign of “re-education”. Extolling the virtues of the religion called Islam, they put forth the notion that Islam is a genuine religion of peace; a religion that places a sacred value on the sanctity of life. We were told that only a few extreme “radical Jihadists” belonging to an obscure organization called Al Qaeda were responsible for tainting and maligning the purity of Islam.

Wafa Sultan, an ex-Muslim dissident from Syria, offers a wholly different take on this sophistical premise in her new book, “A God Who Hates” (St. Martin’s Press – 2009) as she portrays a searing portrait of Muslim culture. The subtitle of the book describes Sultan as “the courageous woman who inflamed the Muslim world” as she “speaks out against the evils of Islam.” The reader is left with no doubt that Sultan is way more than a doughty and intrepid advocate of the truth, but a woman who is willing to place her life in mortal danger in order to preserve, protect and defend Western civilization as we know it.

The author raises the narrative to a highly profound level as she essentially reveals that, contrary to popular opinion, it is not a few “radical Jihadists” who are guilty of distorting otherwise warm and fuzzy Islamic precepts, but rather the culprit in engendering this kind of vitriolic hatred and bloodlust is none other than the Koran itself, along with the paradigm of the prophet Muhammad and the “god” known as Allah. She refers to Islam, as “the ogre” as she explores the psychological roots of a nomadic people who invented this religion in order to assuage their own paralyzing fears and overwhelming feelings of desperation and helplessness.

Wafa Sultan knows from whence she speaks. Having grown up in a devoutly Muslim home in Syria, she recalls her very personal stories of the barbarism of Islam and how it impacted on her and her family. Being born female in a Muslim culture that enforces a male hegemony, Sultan recalls the humiliating degradation imposed on her grandmother, mother and sisters who were virtual slaves to their husbands and their fathers. Contempt and loathing for women as inherently inferior beings permeates the Muslim world as is evidenced in today’s alarming escalation of “honor murders” in which Muslim men brazenly murder their womenfolk for alleged transgressions of Sharia law.

Women’s inhumanity to other women is also discussed here as Sultan tells us of the abusive treatment of daughter-in-laws by their own mother-in-laws who punish them in the same way that they themselves were tormented as young brides. Education for girls and women in Islamic society was sorely lacking and discouraged in order to keep them locked in a permanent state of servility.  Their treatment of children is also spotlighted as abusive as the Koran mandates that they mete out corporal punishment to their children who do not pray or adhere to the tenets of Islam.

Sultan herself was fortunate in a sense. She was educated as a physician in Syria and her headstrong, independent nature compelled her to extricate herself from the draconian dictates of an oppressive religion. Moreover, as a physician in Syria she takes note of the glaring inequities of medical care as it pertains to gender. Dr. Sultan viewed Muslim men as anathema but as luck would have it, she met an educated man who respected her. After their marriage they made their way to the United States where she now raises her children and practices medicine in the Los Angeles area.

Citing a gamut of Koranic verses and providing concrete historical evidence dating back to the 7th century,  Sultan proves that the predicate for Islam is unadulterated fear, violence, hatred of the other, theft and murder. From the genesis of the Islamic movement, the author informs us of Arab nomadic tribes raiding one another in bloodthirsty rampages that left sheer devastation in their wake.  Describing the terror and desolation that the Arab peoples felt so acutely during centuries of desert dwelling, Sultan tells us that the fear of dying in the arid and harsh desert from hunger, thirst, illness and the always imminent attack by another tribe created an anxious and violent nation whose sole objective was daily survival at all costs. Says the author, “Arabs who lived in the environment that gave birth to Islam were powerless in the face of the challenges presented by this environment, which threatened their lives and their welfare. Because they felt so helpless they felt a need for forcefulness and created a god who would fulfill this need. When the Arab male lost his power he felt the need for a forceful god. And so he created a forceful god in the image of his need – but this god was not powerful.”

Thus, the religion of Islam instills a hatred of the infidel, “the other” and anyone who does not subscribe to the tenets of their bellicose belief system. History has recorded that scores of heinous murders of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs were perpetrated by the hands of Allah’s followers. Because their god is described in the Koran as “The Harmer:, “The Avenger”, “The Compeller” and “The Imperious”, it is Sultan’s view that the Islamic people have internalized such labels and have sought to emulate the rudimentary character of their deity. Brutal savagery towards anyone they perceive to be a threat and even against one another is one of the modalities through which Muslims actualized these “godly” traits. She describes the prophet Muhammad as a man bereft of moral authority; a pedophile and a purveyor or violence and falsehood; He gives his tacit approval to his followers to continue on the trajectory of “holiness” by engaging in hostile acts of religious zealotry, without regard for human life.

Offering eclectic insights into Muslim culture, Sultan tells us that because Islam is so riddled with strife, negativism and banal hatred it’s language readily reflects this all encompassing disposition. As such, Muslims do not speak in a calm and reasoned manner but rather are vocally strident; resorting to constant shrieking, yelling, bellowing and shouting while engaging in acrimonious, ad hominem attacks against those who they are purportedly conversing with.

And that, of course, segues into a chapter called, “Who is that woman on Al Jazeera?”. As a world renowned essayist, Dr. Sultan’s opinions were well known through the Arab and Muslim countries. For that reason, the Al Jazeera television network invited her to debate a domineering Islamic cleric on the topic of “the connection between Islamic teachings and terrorism.” It was in this venue that Dr. Sultan, having been denied the right to express herself or given enough time to state her case by the male moderator, did so anyway in an erudite and eloquent fashion without raising the volume of her voice; in contrast to her adversary who engaged in ear popping dialogue.

Given the last few seconds of the show to conclude her thoughts, Dr. Sultan was once again interrupted by the clergyman but this time told him in no uncertain terms to “Be quiet! It’s my turn!”. This kind of rejoinder is considered common parlance to us Westerners who enjoy watching television debates but these few words sent shock waves throughout the Muslim world. “I uttered this sentence without realizing it would open a new chapter in Arab and Muslim history. Never in the history of Islam has a woman clearly and forcefully asked a Muslim man to be quiet because it was her turn to speak”, says Dr. Sultan.

Throughout this engrossing and compelling book, Sultan generously heaps praise on her adopted country. She acknowledges her appreciation for the plethora of rights, individual freedoms and liberties that she has enjoyed in the United States for the last 21 years. She urges America to stand strong in the face of the proliferation of global radical Islam and suggests that it confront the burgeoning threat to our civilization that “the ogre” represents in a pro-active fashion. “I love America as few people do” says Sultan, and “my love for it makes me feel concern for it. I do not want any danger to threaten the safety or beauty of this country that rescued me from my fears and fed me when I was hungry. America, to put it very briefly indeed, is my freedom.”

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:


    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • Robert Bernier

    Haven forbid – The Americans could be next!

    You should see this video ! http://xrl.us/bgscr5

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ElroyJetson LightSkinnedBlanco

      If the Left have their way, it's a sure thing, although I don't know why people as morally bankrupt as the Left are, would want a bunch totalitarian nuts like the Muslims being their lord. At least mine's a Libertarian–screw up, if you want to, but the old man ain't gonna like it!"

  • Vistor

    She probably don't even know what Islam is all about even before she decided to leave Islam. 1.5 billion muslims are suffering because of some thousends of radical muslims that are mostly uneducated. Get a life woman! :)

    • Bob

      After viewing your grammar and spelling, you are no doubt one of the "thousends" of radical "muslims" that are mostly uneducated. I would suspect she knows much more about Islam and it's inherent dangers to civilized society than you ever will.

  • andyFree

    When Israel Shahak documented the problems he had with Judaism (both practise and theory) he suffered hatred for it. Why is the reasoning of Wafa Sultan any different? Why would we even listen to someone who is profiteering from their treason?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Your use of the word "treason" clearly indicates the direction from which you come.

  • Vistor

    A God Who Hates? Thats right there a stupid title of a book. I am a muslim woman and i must say you are not all right up there. It's not God that hates, it's the people that choose to hate.

    • tianxiang

      After reading the Quran and the biography of Muhammed, I have to say that hatred is practically a cornerstone of Islam. If one takes the Quran as the word of god, then god most certainly hates all non-believers. I am an infidel and can say that I could feel "god's" hatred in the pages of that terrible book and in the contemporary behavior of Muslims across the globe today.

  • pasqualeamercurio

    What- an -Amercan- person- woman – et.etc.etc. I feel vindicated, strenghtened and overwhelmed that Sultan exists and positively is a Great Communicator! We need just a few more like her to demonstrate what their experience, painful life is in that Society of Evil . America”s future very well may be what is happening in many parts of the world demonstrating their takeover -goal .During the 70's ,The NYTimes Magazine published a long article whereby the author mentions the 1.4 Billion muslim population's propensity for word domination as their destiny.Now their population has been growing 3.5 X more than the rest of nations.

  • KidsRpeople2

    It is a “dirty little secret” that children continue to be struck with boards for School “Discipline” purposes in 20 PREDOMINANTLY SOUTHERN states, while in stark constrast it is Illegal for school employees to do so in schools in 30 states! It is a dangerous practice that is not evidence based and puts the U.S. at odds with over 100 countries that have banned it.

    Controversy is raging as evidenced by media coverage of Abuse of College Sports Athletes by Mutli-million dollar coaches, 3 have been fired since the end of the football season, i.e., South Florida Coach Leavitt was fired for striking a player, Texas Tech Coach Leach was recently fired for making a college football player with a concussion stand in a dark closet for hours as punishment because he didn't believe the player was really injured and did not like his “work ethic”. Teachers and coaches are not required to adhere to any standard “Code of Ethics”. Let us hope all the media attention regarding abuse of students by those paid to be entrusted with their care and education will result in pressure on U.S. Government Officials to stop ignoring Children's Fundamental Human Rights by ABOLISHING Physical/Corporal Punishment of Children in Schools Immediately, the cost is $0!

  • ando

    islam is pure evil to its core. Islam is actually a political movement to achieve world domination and there absolutely no spirituality in islam.


  • josephwiess

    And this article so deftly points out why I think that Islam is a cult, not a religion. They invented a warrior god, who destroys, maims, and mutilates, and holds women in chains.

  • Mo

    I have listened to this woman's talks several times. I have so much respect for her, and I also like her. She is bold and intelligent and yet seems like a very warm and kind person. I would love to meet her in person someday and say to her, “Thank you for putting your life on the line to tell the truth about Islam.”

  • Wally

    To all Muslims…You CAN be a Muslim and choose not to hate. By doing this, you are repudiating the Koran. The Koran can be interpreted in many ways. It's up to you to choose the way of peace and brotherly love. It's an individual choice.

  • BJK

    Wafa Sultan is such a hero. Having escaped from the oppression she knows so well, she lives a life in constant danger exhausting herself to warn the west of creeping islam into our society – yet few seem to pay attention how close we are to being owned by Sharia and islam.

  • Samira

    My dear friend Wafa, who is living under daily threat for speaking the truth. God Bless you always.

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  • Alain Picaud

    Despite my parents' attempt to make a good believer out of me, I have every day proofs that god does not exist. The struggle for life is an everyday normal situation for each individual. If God would exist, the Earth would be a paradise. Mohamed the prophet was a manipulator, a pedophile and a thief who invented a god to inflict his doctrine of hatred and crimes. Islam is and will always be opposed to culture and reflection, the Muslim has no right to "think", he must obey medieval commandments, combat progress and technology, combat anyone who thinks otherwise, a dog has more rights than a woman in the islamic world. Wafa Sultan is a great dame who acknowledges how much her world broadened when she moved to the free world. She is an intelligent and courageous woman and I admire her. In the name of "politically correct", the western world is losing ground every day. We must react without delay and kick out all the muslims who want to destroy our civilization. Europe and America are commiting a suicide if they keep on accepting more and more demands from muslims. Too much is too much. STOP !

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