Standing Up for Israel

As the world continues to demonize Israel for her role in defending her citizens in the Gaza flotilla debacle, pro-Israel demonstrators pushed back against the onslaught of invectives being hurled at the Jewish state in a rally that was staged on Tuesday evening, June 1st in front of the Turkish Consulate on E 46th Street and 1st Avenue, outside of the United Nations. Organized by the organization called RAJE, the Russian American Jewish Experience, over 300 rally attendees took to the streets in defense of Israel. Holding aloft such signs that read “Israel: We Stand With You,” “Gaza Peace Activists Don’t Use Clubs or Knives” and “Peace Activists Should Not Support Hamas,” the demonstrators held both Israeli and American flags and called for an end to Hamas terrorism.

Dovid Ha’Ivri of the Shromron Liaison office and a resident of the Israeli settlement of Tapuach said, “Any country in the world has a right to defend themselves and Israel is no different. Clearly, this purportedly ‘Free Gaza’ flotilla was filled with Hamas supporters who refused to cooperate with the Israeli military. They had their own nefarious agenda and it’s just too bad that the lives of our commandos were put in jeopardy. Orders should have been given that the Mavi Marmara be sunk. Israel has nothing to apologize to the world for and certainly Turkey has no right to pass judgment on Israel after the Holocaust that they inflicted on the Armenian population.”

Just several blocks away in front of the Israeli Consulate, several thousand pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas apologists gathered for their own raucous demonstration in which they spewed forth their own inimitable brand of vitriol against Israel. “The Israelis are murderers and pirates and they should be tried for war crimes and genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” said Ahmed Wahad of the organization Al-Awda. Insisting that the mission of the flotilla activists was purely a humanitarian one, he denied allegations that the people on the Mavi Marmara brutally assaulted Israeli commandos as they descended on to the ship. “Look, the people in Gaza are suffering due to the inhumane Israeli blockade of food, medicine and other essential supplies and these people on the boat were victimized by the savage Israeli occupiers,” he continued.

Members of the anti-Israel contingent began marching down East 42nd Street towards Times Square shouting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “No more US tax dollars for Israel” as they called for the end of the ‘occupation’ of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

Video evidence of the incident reveals quite clearly that the Israeli commandos came aboard the boat peacefully, without the intention to inflict harm, when they were set upon by passengers wielding metal pipes, clubs, and knives. Several pistols were stolen from the commandos and shots were fired as one commando was thrown overboard into to side boat.

“It’s really pretty simple. At one time such terrorist groups as Hamas and Hezbollah believed that the best way to destroy Israel was to murder our citizens either through conventional warfare and through suicidal terrorist attacks. They woke up and came to the conclusion that such actions only garner sympathy for Israel. Now, they are keenly cognizant of the fact that the war they are fighting is through the media and world opinion, so the best way to destroy us is to force us into a position to kill them,” said Meir Epstein, 52, of Monsey, NY who traveled down to attend the pro-Israel rally.

Across the street from the Turkish consulate stood Turkish nationals and members of the vehemently anti-Israel Neturei Karta movement who continued to berate Israel while leveling epithets laced with hatred at members of the pro-Israel contingent. “Murderers, occupiers and pirates” they shouted while calling for the annihilation of Israel. “Israel should not exist because it is a racist state and we oppose the Jewish character of the state. Why should the Jews have their own country, when the land that they live on was stolen from the Palestinians. A country composed of Jews cannot be a true democracy,” said Fagria Behar, a Turkish national.

The defiant pro-Israel faction continued to shout, “Am Yisroel Chai,” (the people of Israel live) and “We have the right to self-defense” while police kept both sides separated behind barricades. “The fact that the UN saw fit to hold an emergency security council session to condemn Israel is nothing new,” said Ronn Torrosian, a renowned New York publicist and a board member of RAJE. “It is cesspool of Jew hatred and what these so called peace activists on the Turkish vessel pulled off was nothing short of a cleverly devised anti-Semitic lynching,” he added.

What best summed up the collective thoughts of the pro-Israel rally goers was a sign featuring an Israeli flag and the words under it: “It’s better to have a Jewish State that’s hated by the whole world than an Auschwitz that’s loved by it.”

  • Reaganite71

    Make no mistake on where all of this Jew hatred comes from. If the spiritual forces of evil can be rid of the Jews and Israel then they can be rid of the Bible and and all its promises.

    NOTHING else explains the supernatural force that drives otherwise rational anti-terrorist countries to immediately condem Israel, while watching terror loving thugs beat and stab 18-25 year old soldiers trying to keep their country safe.

    Thousands of years ago that same Bible said Israel would be hated of all nations, but that G-d would protect her Himself if necessary. The U.S. had damn well better be on the right side of that scuttle.

    • libertyni

      I totally agree. If man can destroy the Jew…he can destroy God. Unfortunately man is a slow learner, how many times has he tried, and failed, to destroy Gods ancient people?

    • tamarboussi

      I am writing for my blog and would like to build in your comment. Also Good comment

    • J A Wyatt

      Those of us who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, very much aware of Our God's covenant to Bless those who Bless His Chosen Ones, the Jews, and curse those who curse Israel, do so totally support His Chosen People . . . and look forward to the Lord's total Deliverance of both us and His people . . . . as well as the total destruction of His and our enemies.

  • BS1977

    Most depressing to see liberal/leftist Jews in support of those who would gladly slaughter them…Hamas and Hezbollah…these people are totally nuts…they have turned their back on Israel, embrace secular materialism, leftism, socialism and the terrorist vermin. Finkelstein, Chomsky and other idiots like this live in delusion about what their fate will be once the thugs tire of them and their "support" Long Live Israel. Stand with Israel and stand with the US Marines and Seals, FDNY….Send your support remarks to DC and let them know you support Israel's right to defend itself and its people from attack.

  • BS1977

    site admin….approve my remarks!!

  • BS1977

    Stand with the USA, and stand with Israel. Stand with the FDNY, with our Marines and Seals, our troops over there in the death zones of Iraq, Afghanistan and the other hell holes of the world…….Stand with Israel ……let Israel defend itself, protect its people and land.

  • Observer

    Lol the U.S is a puppet state of Israel and too many of the remarks from Israeli supporters in the media have been just as mindless and bloodthirsty as those from Hamas…you are no different to each just differ in your religeous beliefs…get over it and learn to live in peace even if it means putting aside your misguided feelings of being superior to everyone else..
    For me the main question for the future is …can Israel be trusted with its nuclear weapons given the recklessness and bloody minded, self righteousness of its political and military leaders.

    • xman

      Oh dear Observer, you must be pretty sick of the fact that you were born 65 years too late to pour the Zyklon into the showers.

      What a sick and evil troll you are.

      • asci

        get over it and learn to live in peace

        evil, sick?

        • xman

          Of course, masturbating over all those terrorist grops you support.must make it impossible for you to live in peace

          • Observer

            I don't support any terrorist groups or state sponsered terrorism…how about you?

          • xman

            You cetainly do. As you are an enemy of the West and Israel, that, by definition, makes you a supporter of all manner of anti-civilization despots like Ahmadinejad and wicked terrorist outfits like Hamas and hezbollah. Trash like you celebrated the 9/11 atrocity when news of it broke, and it is pretty obvious you see nothing wrong with 9/11, bali, beslan, 7/7, Madrid and every atrocity carried out against Israelis.

        • Rifleman

          Yea, tell that to hamas, just make sure you do it from a safe distance.

      • Observer

        No actually I deplore what happened 65 years ago and how is the therapy going anyway…helping you much?

        • xman

          You certainly deoplore the defeat of Nazi Germany and the saving of those Jews who escaped the gas chambers because the war ended in the nick of time for them. No doubt, in your tiny mind, those 350 Jews who escaped from Sobibor were war criminals. Glad we have that settled.

    • davarino

      Oh but Iran's camel kisser should have nukes, right? Your brain dont think good.

      • Observer

        You wouldn't be racist by any chance would you ?

        • xman

          You wouldn't by any chance be an evil antisemite who wishes Hitler had completed his Final Solution?

          I reckon you would.

  • Jeff

    I rather not make my own opinion but let the facts speak for themselves:

    Ok–so these were professionals embedded with all these Turks and left wing Western nut cases! It wasn't civilians that attacked the IDF, it was professional Muslim agitators–who came without I.D., all had the exact amount of cash (hmmm…I wonder who backed them?) and they are the ones who came aboard the ship with weapons (for just such a confrontation).

    So people such as the poster calling himself / herself as Observer–go choke on the facts!

    • Observer

      Hi Jeff.I read that along with heaps of other Israeli propaganda and a heap of propaganda from the other sides…none of it changes the fact that the US is seen as an Israeli apologist and part of the Israeli PR machine.
      And I won't choke on facts so don't you choke on rhetoric will you :)

      • jeff

        Yep..that's right–the truth is propaganda! That's all that needs to be said about you!

        If the someone says the Moon is not made of cheese, you'll accept that. But if the Israelis send up a rocket, land a probe on the Moon, collect samples and show pictures and all the evidence to the world that the Moon is not made of cheese–people like you will say that this is more Zionists propaganda!

        You're an idiot!

        • xman

          He's worse than an idiot. He's purely evil.

    • xman

      I'd much rather he'd choke on pork rinds.

  • Jose Behar

    I am not surprised by the double standard of a) the europeans who continue to be as anti-semitic as in they were in the 20th; it includes the swedes who would like to forget that they sold oil and steel to the nazi regime in exchange for stolen jewish gold; and, b) the turks who would like to distract public opinion about the massacre of the armenians; the turks did not kill 9 armenians in self defense but it is estimated that they massacred one and half million of armenians. What a hypocrisy and double standard; but foreign relations is about feeling morally tall about beating small countries.

    • xman

      And don't forget those Greeks they massacred at Smyrna in 1922 under the so-called 'secular' Kemal Ataturk.

  • Kanwi

    In the clean up of this outrageous assault on Israel's right to self defense I hope she identifies the agitators and puts them on trial for the world to really see who they are and jail them accordingly.

  • Jim C.

    Isn't it amazing that hours after this news was first announced, anti-Israeli protests mobilized all over the world? The facts weren't even out, yet. I find that sickening.

    Don't let anyone get away with casual anti-Israel comments. I am no fan of Israel's current government and I think there was a mis-step, here, in terms of p.r.–but their actions were justified–and that ship is lucky it didn't get torpedoed.

  • USMCSniper

    Leo Rennert blasts Obama's betrayal of Israel. Obama's failure to make good on his promises to hold the Palestinian Authority, Arab leaders, and Israel equally accountable for their actions and statements. When the chips are down, only Israel's government arouses Obama's ire — never Arab leaders or Abbas. It's this unbalanced pursuit of an elusive peace that has thrown Obama's diplomacy off-track from the start. First, while overlooking Arab/Palestinian provocations, the president pursued a one-dimensional pressure campaign to get Netanyahu to impose an absolute freeze on housing construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. That got him nowhere, except that Abbas was so delighted with Obama's exclusive focus on Netanyahu that the Palestinian leader abandoned direct negotiations and decided that he could get more by using Obama as his negotiating proxy.

  • Reneeca

    It's been obvious for some time that Obama is trying to isolate Netanyahu and Israel since the peace talks fell apart. It is also obvious that Obama is pro-Palestinian which I noted when he was running for the Presidency. All you have to do is look at his close friend Rashid Khalidi who is a Palestinian Professor and Obama neighbor in Chicago and who is a rabid anti-Semite. It should be noted that another friend, Bill Ayers the Weatherman terrorist along with his wife Bernadette Dornyn, and Code Pink founder Jodie Evans, helped organize the Free Gaza Movement that launched the flotilla from Turkey to Israel. This was a political set-up, not a humanitarian mission that the media would have you believe!

    • codetalker

      Reneeca-No- all those world wide protests with all the preprinted banners etc.were spontaneous demonstrations-just like the anti-cartoon demonstrations. As for Obama – We all know that he went to a church for 15 years,and never heard a word of what was said.Jeromie Wright's church..Look him up on Google-if they have not removed all the sermons yet..Bill Ayres-Why he is a professor in Chicago..why anyone would send their kids to Chicago U is beyond reason..I am afraid the muslim brotherhood is on a roller here-with the new mosk planned for the 9/11 site,and the anti Israel flotilla for all the peace activist's to have somthing to do.As I said elsewhere-Watch the Russian Black Sea fleet.Keep one eye on the russians,and one eye on everything else(Especially Israel)..I am one of those who think they see WW-3 sneeking up on thee,and me..

  • lovezion

    TO OBSERVER: Until now I didn't think that we Jewish and Israeli People were superior…until I read your ignoramus (and misspelled) statement! Oh yes, oh yes, YOU ARE INFERIOR to the lowliest Jewish or Israeli person! Go to school, you INFERIOR CREATURE! Maybe, just maybe they can infuse your brain with some Jewish wisdom.

    If your physical body is as poluted as your mind and heart….you won't make it even to the next assault of your poisonouos arab islamic muslim friends.

    P.S. Tell Obama that you say he's a puppet of Israel… HA HA HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Observer

      I used to wonder why so much hatred has been aimed at Jews over the ages….thanks for showing me why…it's due to your attitudes…that doesn't justify it…it just explains it…but you won't get me to hate you despite your best efforts..I just feel sorry for you… and check your own spelling too lol.

      • xman

        Of course, you certainly would have approved of Hitler's Final Solution had you been around 60 or 70 years earlier. Somehow, like Hitler, you believe that millions of Jews deserve to be murdered in cold blood. What a wicked sod you are.

  • Indioviejo

    Mossad needs to help Kurds establish Kurdistan in their home lands being occupied by Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. Let the chips fly in the insurgency. If the middle east is boiling, it is not Israel's fault, but it is a sure Islamic characteristic demonstrated by 1400 years of savagery. It is history. Look it up. So any right thinking American patriot needs to decide who's our friend and act accordingly. I support Israel under all circumstances.

  • Federated Republic

    If all the rhetoric here really had any weight it would crush the argument on both sides! Some one talks about facts, but facts are irrelevant in a hyped up bile spewing rhetoric fest of pejoratives and invective, which is what the Lamestream media is pushing down the throats of the ignorant and is being regurgitated here!

  • whoever

    all true freedom lover, should gather together and scream for the free Kurdistan, from Turkey.
    Turkey not only has comitted genocide of Armenians, but also is already active in supressing Kurdistan, and the people should support them.
    Viva Kurdistan

  • Farfurfan

    Here is a video to warm your hearts. This kid can set example to all the Jews (especially in the US) and Israel supporters. Am Israel Chai!

    • xman

      And the shame of it all is that this particular lions den is in the United States.

  • Sassamon

    As far as I am concerned Israel can do no wrong.

  • Rochelle Owens

    Give Israelphobia a Chance
    Pouring down the gullet of goose and gander
    a floating bloating mass of Israelphobic propaganda

    "Chomsky Grilling Linguica" Author Rochelle owens

  • Jim

    “Be True To Israel”

    Sung to the tune of Be True To Your School, Beachboys.

    When some asshole terrorist tries to put me down
    And says Islam is great
    I tell him right away
    Now what's the matter butthead
    Ain't you heard of Israel
    It's number one in the States

    So be true to Israel now
    Just like you would to your girl or guy
    Be true to Israel now
    Long may her colors fly
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    I got a Flak-vest I wear
    With a letter in front
    I got for taken 'em out
    I'm proud to wear it now
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    So be true to Israel now
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    On Friday we'll be listening to the incoming rounds
    And I'll be ready to fight
    We're gonna smash 'em now
    My girl will be working on her Close Quarters now
    And she'll be with me tonight

    So be true to Israel now
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    Rah rah rah be true to Israel
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  • Rochelle Owens


  • Rochelle Owens

    All we are saying is give Israelphobia a chance
    Read: "Chomsky Grilling Lingiuica" by Rochelle Owens
    Award Winning Playwright Poet

  • BUTSeriously

    The US' most sacred office has been disgraced. An Osama figure has been embedded in the oval office, hillary is made his Islamist Prostitute and great evils are being exposed. Israel cannot deal with this admn – its like talking to the Islamic Brotherhood. Obama is no way a black American Christian and this will be exposed in time to come. I said it first.