The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama

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Indeed, politics makes for strange bedfellows. Under a sharpened lens, Rubin examines the nexus of ideas promoting multiculturalism and moral relativism as extolled by the ideologues on the far-left of the political spectrum and those who would seek to vanquish any vestige of moral clarity, namely radical Islamists. Chiding President Obama for his own associations with left-wing radicals such as convicted terrorist Bill Ayres and his futile attempts to reach out “in peace” to the Muslim world, Rubin details the predominant Muslim influences in Obama’s background and his adamant denial of the very real threats that Islamists present to America, Europe and the free world.

While there is a virtual laundry list of hard-hitting points that leap forth from the pages of this book, what really stands out is Rubin’s assertion that Obama’s Harvard law school education was financed by Saudi petro dollars. Says Rubin: “The tentacles of Islamic aggression reached their highest levels of American influence when it was revealed that Barack Obama’s higher education was likely financed and guided by the anti-American, anti-Israel alliance of secular leftists and Islamic ideologues.”  He qualifies this by saying that the radical American Muslim ideologue Khalid al-Mansour, (a.k.a. Donald Warden), a former mentor to Black Panthers founders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, was “raising money for Obama, apparently for his education, although the reason why al-Mansour would be raising money for a virtually unknown young student was not divulged.”

Rubin tackles the burgeoning phenomenon of Islamic dominance by encouraging the United States to tap into a treasure trove of timeless lessons for life. Quoting the Prophet Isaiah, he says that “the Torah will go forth from Zion, thereby spreading its wisdom to the entire world.” He asks the sublimely simple question: “What can the U.S. learn from the ongoing struggles between Israel and Islam?” Among other things, Rubin calls for the halt of immigration (both legal and illegal) from Islamic countries to the U.S. and suggests that  the U.S. require the emigration of actively hostile Muslims and those Islamists who are engaged in anti-American subversion. He also decries the passage of  hate crime legislation which he says “will be used as a big brother technique to curtail the free speech of those who dare to speak out against Islamic ideology.”

Reminding us of the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson who said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” and Ronald Reagan who said, “At least let our children and our children’s children say of us that we justified our brief moment here; we did all that could be done,” Rubin leave us with a sense of optimism and hope as we prepare to gird our loins and defend our liberties and freedoms and our very lives from those who would obliterate us and them.

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  • BUTSeriously

    Osama – oops I mean Obama, should be impeached and put in Gitmo. The crime of describing Israel as a result of the Holocaust before a Saudi Brotherhood Nazi Regime is a dfferent ball game from Nixon's wrongs. It is the Jews' displacement from their land that caused the Holocaust, not the other way around. It is the ficticious Regime states, created 120 years ago in secret, which must be questioned.

    This Pres is no American Christian – he has disgraced the American sacred office. How dare he proclaim genocidal false history of Israel before the Arab Regimes.

    • Wesley69

      Obama sat in Reverend Wright's church for 20 years listening to Black Liberation Theology. Not only God damn America, but also Israel. And Obama didn't hear any of these sermons? Give me a break. The thing is with his obvious desire to reset relations with Islamic regimes in the MidEast, Iran, Syria don't seem to give Obama much respect at all.

  • Wesley69

    An Islamic tsunami is coming. Whether Europe can survive is a big question. Their tsunami is in the form of a birth jihad. Soon the aging populations in Europe will become minorities in their own countries. Sharia Law will then be imposed.

    The US need to observe what is taking place in Europe and limit immigration from Islamic countries, just as it needs to control Mexican immigration. However, our Leftists think that by allying themselves with Islamists, they can use these 'useful idiots' to further their agenda. These Leftists do not realize the dedication of these Islamists. They are the "useful idiots."

    One thing the US can not allow is Sharia Law. To short-circuit Sharia Law, here are some possible Constitutional Amendments:

    The beliefs and practices of a religion shall not be restricted, unless such beliefs and practices cause physical harm to its adherents or to citizens of the United States.

    Courts administering physical and/or monetary religious sanctions to an individual, contrary to the Constitution, are forbidden.

    Indoctrination regarding a particular religion for the purpose of conversion in public institutions shall be forbidden.

    Religious practices may be allowed at public functions as long as no one is compelled to participate and as long as these practices are not excessive in natural.

    Public accommodations or restrictions made for one religion, must apply to all religions, when reasonable.

    The US & the West needs to realize, they have something more revolutionary than Islamic Jihad. It is the freedom all individuals enjoy to do whatever they whatever they want to with their lives to give them happiness. Put Freedom and Liberty up against Sharia Law. Which will most men choose?

  • educated for peace

    ButtSeriously, are you an idiot or just plan ignorant of historical facts? Perhaps both. I am not here to give you a history lesson if you so desire one then I suggest you google it. Israel is an illegal occupier of palestinian land. They came in as gangs to PALESTINE, raped, killed and pillaged with the whole world watching. And now you support that illegal regime that almost daily commits war crimes. And you mention genocide? Tell me ButtS, what do you call what the zionist regime is doing to the palestinians daily. Did you forget or ignore what they did to the palestinians in gaza in 2008 as the world watched silently? Have some respect for the president as least he is better than the previous administration. He has much to do to repair that damage that was done. Geez I am always amazed with the ignorance and hatred people demonstrate when they don't know jack. Might I suggest to you to educate yourself before posting… google can be a wonderful tool.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Ho hum, uneducated for ignorance is here spouting his Der Sturmer Judeophobic propaganda. Keep it up, you nake barnie look like Einstein, brickhead.

    • MixMChess

      Noteducated for peace, are you an idiot or just completely ignorant of basic historical facts?

      "Israel is an illegal occupier of palestinian land."

      Wrong, Israel was legally established under International Law on VACANT and TENANT-FREE land LEGALLY PURCHASED by Jews. Israel has completely withdrawn from Gaza and the W. Bank is governed autonomously by the P.A. In fact, the Arabs currently possess over 85% of the Jewish National Homeland.

      "They came in as gangs to PALESTINE, raped, killed and pillaged with the whole world watching."

      You are a liar. When the first Zionists arrived they legally purchased land to build a state. Israel has always tried to make peace with the Arabs. Unfortunately it was the Arabs that rejected the 1948 partition agreement and waged a war of extermination against Israel and the Jews that continues to this day.

      The IDF has policies that value the lives of Palestinians over their own soldiers in an effect minimize any civilian casualties. Unlike Hamas and Hezbollah whose main targets are civilians.

      Also, Israel has never engaged in raping of Palestinians. In fact a paper published in 2007 by anti-Israel researcher Tal Nitzan found that (unlike any other army on earth) there is NO rape of Palestinian women by Israeli Defense Soldiers. I guess you were just hoping no one would call you out on that lie huh?

      "And now you support that illegal regime that almost daily commits war crimes."

      What war crimes? Providing the Palestinians with millions in tons of humanitarian aid? Providing the Palestinians with millions of dollars in economic aid? Providing Palestinians with health access to Israeli hospitals and medical clinics? What about Hamas which to this day sends rockets daily into Israel? What about the PA which daily encourages its children to murder Israelis? The bloodthirsty Palestinians are international criminals and terrorists.

      "And you mention genocide? Tell me ButtS, what do you call what the zionist regime is doing to the palestinians daily."

      On a daily basis Israel provides humanitarian and economic aid to the Palestinians. Israel has never committed genocide against the Palestinians. In fact the Palestinian population has increased exponentially under Israeli rule, increasing by over 84% from 1993-2004 ALONE! Sadly, the Palestinians have been waging a genocidal war against the Jews since the first Arab riots of the 1920's. Did you know that in the past ten years Palestinian terrorists have murdered over 1,500 Israelis including hundreds of children?

      "Did you forget or ignore what they did to the palestinians in gaza in 2008 as the world watched silently?"

      You mean when Israel waged war against Hamas which had been firing thousands of missiles from Gaza into Israeli schools and day cares? Hamas declared they would not stop until they drank the blood of every last Jew (on earth). During that War the vast majority of Palestinians killed were Hamas operatives.

      I am always amazed when someone claims to know the facts and they don't know anything about the history of the conflict. Do us all a favor and try reading a book and educating yourself before posting insipid rhetoric.

    • QSuzy

      This is a good example of a human who is both anti-Semitic and anti-Palestinian. It believes to its core anything negative about Israel and expects absolutely nothing from the Palestinians. This is an even better example of a very stupid person with lots of loser baggage.

  • Arabianmoondog

    "Google it." That's your whole problem. Could you actually recommend a respected academic "text" or five that verifies, or at least argues for, what you claim? No, it's just "Google it." It's no wonder you, and so many like you, are so egregiously ill-informed. God knows how many tainted "Wikipedia" entries you've landed on in your "studies," but I'd venture to guess: far too many.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      It's just a vacuous antisemitic troll who belongs in Iran or Saudi Arabia. What a pity he was given his Jewish-invented vaccines as a kid. And so-called peace activists were summed up by Hugh Fitzgerald as thus:

      "We all know, by now, what the phrase "peace activist" means. It does not mean someone who furthers the cause of genuine peace. It means someone who wishes to obtain a false "peace" by appeasement of the most aggressive and hostile forces opposed to everything that is worth preserving in the Western world. That is what a "peace activist" is today."

      It could hardly be summed up better.