A New Year of Republican Mistakes

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When it’s nearly time to flip the calendar to January, we take stock of the past 52 weeks and look ahead. It is an annual tradition we encourage all to adopt. Why? It helps you to plan and live intentionally.

Our wish is that 2011 will be better for most Americans. While we are pessimistic in the short run, for the long term, we remain optimistic. Here’s why:

The year ended with a flourish of editorials and news coverage hailing a resurgent Barack Obama. Republicans rescued him during the lame duck session, agreeing to billions in stimulus pork in exchange for extending the Bush tax cuts. Republicans will live to regret their accommodation.

Incumbent leaders returned to the head of Republican caucuses in the House and Senate. These are the same leaders, who in 2006 and 2008, destroyed the prospects for Republicans. We predict they will continue to appease Obama in the New Year. Their vacillating leadership will alienate disgusted voters and makes Obama look presidential.

Republicans in Congress showed their disdain for the Tea Party when they rejected the bid of Representative Michele Bachmann to join leadership. She is the best spokesman for Tea Party ideas on the national landscape. Watch as the hard left attempts to marginalize Bachmann as they have attempted with Sarah Palin. Strong conservative women threaten the left.

The compromise Republicans made with Obama will not spur economic growth. If the tax increases proposed by Obama had been adopted, America would now be headed into a new recession. The compromise legislation should help forestall an immediate double dip, but it will increase hardship when economic restructuring finally is allowed to take place.

Economic growth will remain sluggish at best. Housing prices have not yet hit bottom and will definitely continue falling. Foreclosures will continue unabated and this will pressure the banking system.

The Federal Reserve, under the leadership of Ben Bernanke, has run out of tools to boost the economy. Continued quantitative easing will increase inflation while barely budging the unemployment numbers.

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    This is just another example of the GOP penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The core of GOP "leadership" is made up of good ol' boy RINO's or LIRC's (Liberal's in Republican Clothing). This is post-FDR era legacy when the RINO-led RNC threw conservative Robert Taft overboard as nominee in favor of leftist Wendell Willkie. Unless and unti the GOP gets rid of this RINO pollution it will remain a schizoid and politically impotent entity.