Reid’s November Nightmare

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The Reid name itself has become so toxic that even his son Rory, running for governor of Nevada, has scrupulously avoided using the family name. He first eschewed using it in his first television ad, and then followed up by not including it in his campaign literature, hopefully assuming the voters are just dumb enough to not draw any unwanted links. Apparently, the tactic hasn’t quite worked out as planned, as Rory is trailing his Republican challenger, Brian Sandoval, by around 22 points in the latest polls.

The only name perhaps less popular in Nevada is “Obama.” The President has not particularly endeared himself to Nevadans with his advice that Americans to spend their money in better places than Las Vegas. For a state mired in an economic depression, it’s not the way you want to be singled out. The predicable ensuing furor even forced Reid to proclaim, “The President needs to lay off Las Vegas and stop making it the poster child for where people shouldn’t be spending their money.”

To that end, Reid has tried to create some distance between himself and Obama, as he did in August when he came out publicly against the building of the Mosque at the World Trade Center site. Yet outside this issue and the flap over the Vegas comments, Reid has been joined at the hip to Obama. His body of work as water carrier for the expansionist Obama Agenda can’t seem to extricate himself from that position. As the polls continue to demonstrate, it doesn’t look like it has.

Conventional wisdom says any incumbent with a negative rating above 50% is doomed and Reid now sits at 51%. With a twenty year record and name recognition burned into the consciousness of Nevadans, he is not going to erase those unfavorables in eight weeks. His only option for victory is to bring Sharon Angle’s negatives down to his level and his campaign has worked mightily to that end, attempting to portray Angle as some crazed religious wing nut.

Angle, a Tea Party-backed candidate whom GOP leaders felt wasn’t their strongest challenger to Reid, didn’t help herself much to combat this view early in the campaign. Although she has become a better campaigner, more articulate in stating her positions, and forceful in defending them, the negative assault has made some impact as noted by the latest Rasmussen poll. Despite these incremental inroads, Reid still faces a very tough uphill climb, even though it may be hard to count out a man so politically entrenched and well-financed with a large union base of support that can cause some mischief on election day.

A negative strategy can only last so long when the incumbent is being held accountable for shepherding an extremely unpopular economic policy through Congress and the attendant economic mess it created. It’s also not as effective in registering with voters when coming from a candidate with Reid’s own high negatives. Finally, in a close election, turnout is key and voter enthusiasm is much stronger in Angle’s base of conservatives and independents than it is in the labor heavy support of Reid.

The problem for Harry Reid and for many other Democrats on the election trail is fairly simple. With an openly disdainful view of the citizen protests that sprung up to stop it, they enacted a hugely unpopular legislative agenda that resulted in an overwhelming national debt and a severe economic downturn. Despite the numerous warning signs that doing so would entail political suicide, they held hands and jumped off the cliff together.

In the end, no amount of shifting blame or downplaying their role in this circus sideshow will end up saving them. Like Harry Reid, they are about to learn this lesson the hard way come November.

Frank Crimi is a freelance writer living in San Diego, California. You can read more of Frank’s work at his blog, or contact him at

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  • cjk

    Hopefully this POS will lose everything in November. An evil man who proudly exercised his power over a resistant populace.

  • davarino

    I cant wait to see this pastie faced, limp wristed, condescending POS concede defeat so I dont have to hear him speak any more. Ya it was fun jamming legislation through that Americans didnt want, but in the end your out of here, and hopefully everything you did will be undone.

  • Bird

    I don't blame Reid for his comments. Leftists view the world with their feelings rather than reason. His base eats this up.

    • Jim Johnson

      His base is moving out of town. No Jobs.

  • Gary from Jersey

    Reid and Dems have done catastrophic damage to this country and Nevada voters should be reminded of that, in detail and often. To that end, I suggest people all over the country flood Nevada news outlets with letters that underscore Reid's role and warn that higher taxes and more regulation will mean fewer tourist dollars. I realize this echoes Obama's arrogant remark about money better spent elsewhere, but that would only drive the point home.

    Reid's running for another six-year term. That's long enough to sink the state for a decade. I wonder if Nevadans would be willing to do without all that economic activity for that long.

  • CT. Yankee

    Thank G-d for large favors. Baruch Ha-Shem.

    • CT. Yankee

      Ditto, for extra luck.

    • Tzadek

      Good post!

  • Wesley69

    Good!!!!! If he goes down, Obama has lost his left arm. If Pelosi goes down, Obama loses his left leg. I hope and pray for that political tsunami to come and clean out some of the filth and corruption in DC.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • USMCSniper

    As Confucius say: Don't count chickens before eggs hatch. The polls say that he is in a virtual tie with the Republican challenger. And as Yogi Berra said many times, "It aint over until the fat lady (the election) sings. Even then, remember how Minnesota Democrats stole the election even after the election and made the buffoon Al Franken a senator.

    • Claw of the Lion

      You're absolutely correct….. It would behove all conservatives in all parts of the country to audit ALL BOARDS OF ELECTIONS as soon as possible………

      Most of these BOEs are controlled by the democrat party !

  • Chezwick_Mac

    There would be no political outcome – short of Obama losing the White House – that would be more gratifying to me than to see Harry Reid unceremoniously booted out of the Senate. He is the most contemptible politician in America…and we'll never forget his vile, celebratory defeatism as he pronounced to the American people that "the war in Iraq is lost."

  • gregg

    Reid and his son define corruption. How could any sane person vote into office a high school drop out and let him destroy the country. Evil does not define reid and pelosi/obama. Satanic is correct but is too vague. Reid is like a pedophile but insteaqd of just molesting a child he goes into the diapers to play. Please tell me how Nevadans could stomach voting for him and his diaper raiding comrades.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Despicable is who Harry Reid is, put Harry Reid in a bag and
    shake it up and it pours out despicable, the same way he went in.
    "This election is lost Harry Reid", yes by your subverting, disloyal,
    money grubbing, leftist, treasonous, batrastid self. This is not all
    I want to hear but it will make my day………………………..William

  • Jim Johnson

    Mr Clean face as he was known here when he was on the gambling commission really cracked down hard on the mob. Some of them even had to change their job title so they could continue to run the casinos. Now that is being tough.

  • Fiddler

    "Unfortunately for Reid, unless the entire state of Nevada suddenly develops a collective case of amnesia and forgets which Party has been running things the last two years, it’s going to be a difficult task to successfully shift the blame to Dubya this time around. The Bush card, like the race card, has begun to lose the cachet it once held for Democrats".

    One other they could blame: To quote Nipsy Russel: "The devil made us do it!"

  • Jerry

    In The Last TWO YEARS of George W Bush's term as President, Congress was controlled by DEMOCRATS. Pretty much He was just a teacher grading papers. And if You can think back just 96 months ago, they got the Nick name the
    "DO NOTHING CONGRESS". It's Time to clean house in November 2010.
    And store up the will power to do it again in 2012.
    This House needs a good cleaning, and it starts this NOVEMBER.

  • gwiz

    Harry (the weasel) Reid is already starting to swirl in the Washington toilet as he is forced to make his pathetic sniveling exit. One can only hope there will be many more lifetime political POS go down before its over.

  • coyote3

    Don't know what the Democrats, and the liberals are all concerned about. They control the WH, and congress. They can pass anything they want, even stuff that the federal government doesn't have the power to do. Why don't they just do it? Tired of their whinng, could it be there is another reason?