War With Iran

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Despite continuous assurances by the Obama administration that efforts to slow down Iran’s mad dash to acquire nuclear weapons includes a military option, critics have long complained that the threat is hollow. As another international meeting on Iran’s nuclear program is being brokered, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s name can be added to that growing chorus of critical voices.

While Netanyahu has long been an outspoken advocate of imposing tough economic sanctions on Iran, he’s been a quieter voice on utilizing the military option. So, it raised eyebrows when Netanyahu, in a meeting with Vice-President Joe Biden, made it clear that further economic sanctions against Iran could not be effective unless backed up by a credible military threat.

Speaking with Biden at the GA summit in New Orleans, an annual event sponsored by the Jewish Federation, Netanyahu told the vice-president: “the only time that Iran stopped its nuclear program was in 2003, and that was when they believed that there was a real chance of an American military strike against them.” He added, “Paradoxically, only a real military threat against Iran can prevent the need to activate a real military force.”

Netanyahu’s heightened concern over the inefficacy of sanctions on slowing down the Iranian nuclear program has come at a time when the United States and five other powers (China, Russia, France England, and Germany) are trying to broker a meeting with Iran in order to resume nuclear talks.

It’s no secret the Obama administration prefers the diplomatic route in dealing with Iran. However, the administration’s claim that it has never ruled out the use of military force against the Islamic regime rings somewhat hollow when one considers most of the recent UN resolutions passed against Iran purposely omit the use of military force as an enforcement option.

The administration’s commitment to peaceful deterrence to tame Iran was underscored by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in his reply to Netanyahu’s comments:

“I would disagree that only a credible military threat can get Iran to take the actions it needs to end its nuclear weapons program…[W]e are prepared to do what is necessary but at this point we continue to believe that the political-economic approach that we are taking is in fact having an impact in Iran.”

This information may come as news to Iranians, who have been openly contemptuous of the effects economic sanctions have had on their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Part of this bravado, of course, comes from the fact that many nations, including Russia and China, have become partners in Iran’s energy sector, despite the imposition of economic sanctions.

Iran remains confident it will be able to ride out any sanctions until its nuclear weapons program is complete. When the UN placed a fourth round of sanctions on Iran in the summer of 2010, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remarked at the time: “Iran is one of the most powerful and stable countries in the region, and never bowed – and will never bow – to the hostile actions and pressures by these few powers.”

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  • Steve

    The parent says to the child " little Ahmadinejad will you please take out all this garbage, it's been piling up for years". The child replies, " I will only agree to talking about taking the garbage out".

    As a child, I remember what would happen if I failed to take the garbage out.

  • Wesley69

    This regime lead by Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs are Islamic fanatics who will start WWIIII to bring about the return of the 12th Imam. If their country goes up in mushroom, they will be martyrs and enjoy virgins in heaven. Negotiations with terrorist regimes dedicated to getting the bomb to wage war are useless. I doubt Obama has the stomach for it, but action must be taken against Iran, while there is time. Anbd once again, Iran is talking about further negotiations. I would label it stalling tactics. This administration would call it an opportunity, the deluded fools they are.

    • Bes

      Rather than talking nonsense about 12th Imam, virgins in paradise and other BS read this article written by Pat Buchanan. Last time I checked he was still a die hard conservative.
      <a href="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.humanevents.com%2Farticle.php%3Fid%3D39701&h=8c60d” target=”_blank”>http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2 <a h…” target=”_blank”>Fwww.humanevents.com%2Farticle.php%3Fid%3D39701&h=8c60d

      • Democracy First

        Link doesn't work. Buchanan, though, while conservative, is also of the isolationist tradition, the group that fought American involvement in both world wars.

        Barry Rubin, an insightful, conservative, pro-Israel ME analyst, also argues against a strike…at least by Israel. One reason being that it will almost guarantee an iranian nuclear strike at some future point (assuming the mullahs politically survive).

        No matter the costs and negatives to a strike against iran's nuclear facilities, the costs adn negatives of not doing so are greater. It's lose-lose, but, still, the option of acting is the better alternative.

        • bes


          Hope this one works better.

          Just a little explanation on how things work in the ME: Israel and Iran both have the same enemy: Arabs. And they need each others to neutralize that enemy. How? by keeping their real enemy busy with the other one.

          The whole game between Iran and Israel is just meant to excite the Arabs against each others in order to have peace at home. Iranians play the card of Palestine to push Arabs against Israel while Israelis play the game of Shia / Sunni rivalry to push them back against Iran.

          So, keep your tax dollars for a better use and do not waste them getting involved into games you fail to understand.


        • rtk_51

          This argument against Israel using military force is based on the fact that Israel doesn't have the military assets to destroy the Iranian research facilities unless they use nuclear weapons. Israel is a small nation, they don't have the planes and pilots to make the 23/7 month long attacks that are required to remove Iran's nuclear facilities.

    • rtk_51

      You have this right, Ahmadinejad is a member of the sect that things the 12th Imam will come back only when there is literally hell on earth and only the redeemer can save things. He also believes that he was put on earth to bring about the return of the 12th Imam. I know the people who refuse to accept the fact that a religious war is being waged against us don't want to hear about the 12th Imam and the virgins in paradise because it makes them uneasy. What people over here think doesn't matter, what Ahmadinejad does, he is in control of Iran and is the man who will order the use of nuclear weapons once Iran has them.

  • Bear from Russia

    1). There is no true evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons, though it's unwilling to fully cooperate with UN is strange.
    2). US can't afford a new war or even military operation it costs too much money and human lives.
    3). China invested much money into Iran's oil and natural gas. Of course it won't start a direct war with US, but don't forget that China holds a huge amount of US bounds and will retaliate with economic methods.

    • Democracy First

      1) You have to be wilfully blind to believe they're not developing nuclear weapons
      2) The US doesn't needa full sclae war to achieve the destruction of the facilities – consider Lindsey graham's comments last week, destroy their military then leave. No regime change, unless the people manage that.
      3) China will not retaliate, as they'll pay the bigger price

      • Bear from Russia

        1). Give me facts, not words. Couple of months ago CIA made a statment that Iran canceled the bomb program several years ago.
        2). OK. And what is next? Iran is a neighbor of Iraq and Afganistan, it can send troops to fight US army in this countries. Also it can tries to block the entrance to Persian Gulf by terracts. And don't forget that Iran is a producer of oil and gas itself.
        3). Really? I think you are gravly mistaken.

        • Democracy First

          1) The CIA (or whichever intel body) said they briefly cancelled their program (out of fear they'd be next after the invasion of iraq), then reconstituted it.

          2) Yes, iran can seek revenge, and probably will. But it won't send its troops into Afganistan, as that will ensure the US attacks the iranian homeland and ousts the regime. It's already, however, supporting the Taliban there and insurgents in iraq. Which is all the more reason to neuter the regime.

          3) Your opinion is welcome. We'll just disagree.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Won't happen under Obama.

    The strange thing is, Iran having the bomb is a terrifying prospect, but it is the ancillary effects of a nuclear Iran that are even more frightening. Anticipate the proliferation genie escaping from the bottle and never being returned. Everybody and their mother will be following suit. Even quasi-state actors like Hezbollah will eventually acquire.

    Inaction is a recipe for Armageddon…and it's the only recipe Obama knows and is comfortable with. God help planet earth.

    • claude

      hahahah let me laugh, Iran's neighbors are Pakistan (already nuclear) saudi arabia and afghanistan emirtas Arab Emirates

      Saudi Arabia is zero technology they need at least 200 years before it hopes to build a single weapon! Arab Emirates do not even know produce hay for their horses racing!

      and Afghanistan can build a nuclear weapon by 2000 years if they put all their energy! so stop your nonsense about the nightmare of proliferation, Iran will have the bomb and is useless to expend money and Americans lives of Americans children, then the mullahs are not crazy, he invest in technologies buy villas in etc. Dubais with regime of 33 years, which is the countries they have invaded

      ps sorry for my bad english i m from france

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Being from France is no excuse for being so incredibly narrow-minded. If Iran gets nukes, Pakistan which has far and away more nukes than it needs to destroy India many times over, will quickly matriculate into becoming the new nuclear supermarket for countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Egypt, Libya, etc. In other words, the Islamic world, which is under obligation to subjugate the world via the imposition of Sharia, will become armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and a once very manageable situation will become very unmanageable.

        However, in the case of France with it’s large unassimilated population of Muhammadans living in no-zones ruled by Sharia and it’s impending demographic collapse, it probably doesn’t matter because France will become Islamic before the turn of the century. In other words, the cheese eating surrender monkeys, for all intents and purposes, have already surrendered.

      • Democracy First

        If North Korea could get the bomb, anyone can if willing to pay for it. There's no way Sunni nations will allow arch enemy Shiites to have the bomb and not themselves.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Obamayomama and 'Democracy First' have already shattered your argument. I'll just add that you are a fool if you don't think the Saudis AND for that matter the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lybia, Algeria, etc., have the resources to go nuclear if their respective governments make it a priority to do so. Furthermore, once Iran is nuclear-armed, it is IN THEIR INTEREST to get those weapons to their allies in Lebanon and even perhaps Gaza, so that Israel can be annihilated – a stated goal of the Iranian regime – and yet Iran can maintain a plausible deniability that spares it the destruction of retaliation. It would be a repetition of the rocket-armament build-up in Lebanon today, but with nuclear weapons.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        And we know how the French were only too willing to grass on their Jewish population during the German occupation eh claudehopper.

      • rtk_51

        Since Iran has a missile that can reach 2/3rds of France I would think you would be more worried, but if you want to live with your head buried in the sand the rest of us will live in the real world.

  • Ret. Marine

    How long would you or any of you continue to take abuse from a neighbor, an acquaintance, or the neighborhood bully threatening to kill you before you took it seriously? This is no different. Iran, (aryan in the farsi language) is that bully. Israel knows this, We the People know this, the world knows this. How long are we going to continue to deny the facts. Now I am one who would not like to see the consequences of a bully going mad, or nuclear, but the facts are the facts.
    The military option has always been on the table but, with a weakling like the "won", who among us understand his compulsion towards the adherents of the religion of pieces, how can this issue ever end up being a good thing towards world peace, I'm not that ignorant of history or the human compulsions. Someone's going to blink one of these days and it will end very badly for all.

  • flowerknife_us

    Once you drop one bomb on Iran you better not stop. Pulverizing Iran from the get go is the only hope of keeping her friends from getting involved. The question is what the Sunni states will do? Will they husband their own capabilities so as to deal with a diminished Israel afterward. Both sides of the Islamic divide wish the end of Israel. It would seem that the bragging rights before Allah is what matters most.

    Being wishy washy will only advance others time tables to get in on the action before it's too late.

  • gerard

    The people behind the dark agenda in the world and the muslim nations will do any thing or sacrifice any thing to get Obama elected for the second term for those specifics reasons:
    1.Obama will work earnestly to diminish Unites states impact in the world and will favor the development or rising of powerful islamic nations.
    2. if those nations become stronger, they won't hesitate to wage a war on israel or the west… hence the result of war will be cahos, the powerful dark organisation of international elites and organisation will take over world power.

    Scenario to help Obama get elected:
    1. Arabs or muslims:sacrifice Osama Bin laden or hand him out or kill him(to hand Obama a victory) or pump money to US economy to make obama look good
    2. Europ and china can pump money to help obama economy look good so to get a usa weak president get elected…
    those are long term plan to finish USA impendiment to the new world order

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It’s no secret the Obama administration prefers the diplomatic route in dealing with Iran.

    The notion that the diplomatic route will work to stop Iran is utterly absurd. Study Islam, Muhammadans are obligated to be deceitful to non-Muslims, as Muhammad said, "war is deceit.”

    Hence, nothing else but force will stop Iran from acquiring nukes. Thus, why are we all trying to delude ourselves? Only unhinged fools negotiate with Muhammadans!

    Moreover, if we just take out the nuke program, Iran will just turnaround and rebuild them. Hence, lets take out the ruling Mullahs, sink Iran’s navy, eradicate their missiles, and obliterate the IRGC all at the same time.

    Finally, the longer we wait, the weaker we look.

  • gerard2

    Do you remeber what Mullah Omar The Taliban leader was stating on TV in the aftermath of September 11th, 2011… He said; ' There is conspiracy against United States. He mean't a war or international plan to weaken or destroy the united states as we know it…
    1.Economic war to cause united states economic to collapse
    2.Military war of attrition (get united states military bog down in iraq or Iran(clueless war goal since everyone knows democracie won't work in islam society) so America won't be able or willing to confront next real threat
    3.legislation war ( united nations and the left are .working to destroy american uniqueness and exceptionality, the constitution), political correctness( deception and lies) the ultimate goal is to get rid of Israel

  • mike truth-

    Dear America,
    In case you do not know, please prepare yourself for the life changing events that will soon come to pass very shortly. Our government has embarked on a path where there is no coming back. The truth of the matter is that diplomacy has failed!!!!!. I wish the best to every citizen of the of the United States.

  • tweedledee

    you people that are so eager to go to war should rent some boats, buy some guns, and head on over there yourselves… see how much you like it. Or is it only ok when you send young men and women to be your cannon fodder?

  • Paul

    We need to EMP Iran before they EMP us. I don’t know what we are waiting for. We have everything to save and almost nothing to lose at this point. This is clearly the method of attack Iran will use against us the day the have the capability and that day is fast approaching.

    Whether the contrail near LA yesterday was from a missile or a jet, it should none the less serve as clear warning that once Iran has the bomb a few us may see the real thing. Only a few though, because without electrical power and electronics most of us will literally be in the dark as to what just happened.

    I’m loosing faith that enough real Americans remain anymore to reverse the massive wave of fools, traitors and useful idiots that seem to make up at least 51% of the voting population at this point.

    “In God We Trust” may soon take on a more profound meaning as it will be the last twig of hope for all the real Americans still around.

    Matthew 24:21-22

    • bes

      Paul, Go ask for some psychological help. you badly need some.

  • rtk_51

    The world is racing towards another world war, one that will make WWII look small, and as with WWI and WWII the West is burying their heads in the sand and trying to buy off the aggressors. The big difference between WWI and WWII and the coming war is that this time we will be hit in the home land, and hit hard. I really wish the left hadn't stopped the teaching of history so more people would see what is coming.

  • Chris

    If we engage in another war WE ARE BROKE….. No wait, WE'RE ALREADY BROKE.
    Anybody that knows Financial History knows that WWI was won by the allies because of their wealth. The axis was actually more efficient at killing, but the allies had more money (British Empire).

    This is the exact same situation people, except the empire (US) is already broke….our fragile economy would have it's last leg kicked out from under it.
    Our foreign policy created the power vacuum for Iran and now we are going to let them slowing fill that void…. and sell billions of military equipment to it's neighbors in the process.

    The 21st century belongs to Asia and if the "West" attacks Iran, the power shift will happen so much faster than it is naturally happening through trade and development.

  • Chris

    ^ US is selling arms to Iran's neighbors is what I meant.

  • http://www.rubinreports.blogspot.com Barry Rubin

    While I appreciate you mean this as a compliment, I must respond to your statement: "Barry Rubin, an insightful, conservative, pro-Israel ME analyst, also argues against a strike [by Israel]." I am not a conservative, in the sense I assume you are using it, but a moderate liberal in American terms and generally a supporter of the Labour Party in Israel. Those interested in hearing my views are welcome to visit http://www.rubinreports.blogspot.com and http://www.gloria-center.org

  • matt

    why can't we all just get along

  • American Patriot

    I agree totally with the Retired Marine, as well as the other like minded individuals here. Israel has every right to defend itself against Iran and its terrorist proxies. Iran is so weak, arrogant, backwards, and primitive as to think they can win a war by blatant acts of state sponsored terrorism. Iran is only sealing their own fate by creating unnecessary conflict through terrorism. The world must wake up and treat all acts of state sponsored terrorism as acts of war and invasion and punish the sponsoring nations by removing, punishing, and replacing their governments. If you want proof of the backwards and primitive nature of the rogue state sponsors of terrorism, watch a movie called "The Stoning Of Soraya M." It shows Iran for what it is: a violent, tyrannical theocracy which takes pleasure in the violation of human rights everywhere. Most of the countries similar to Iran are just as bad. Then ask yourself if you want this mentality at the command of nuclear weapons and long range rockets.