America At Risk — The War With No Name

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[Editor’s note: Below is the transcript — and video — of Newt and Callista Gingrich discussing their new film at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Nov. 18-21.]

David Horowitz: This presentation is going to be made by Newt and his wife, Callista, who is his partner now in the wonderful films that they’re producing and the programs they’re putting on.

But I wanted to say a word about Newt to begin this.  As you all know, I’m always talking about that Republicans and Democrats are not the same people with different views of issues.  They’re different kinds of people.  Republicans learn their politics in the Boy Scouts and Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce.  And they go to Washington to fix government.  Democrats learn their politics in socialist children’s camps, socialist organizations, trade unions, which is the same thing; and apocalyptic crusades to save the environment.

For Democrats, politics is a mission to change the world.  And when they lose, it’s like their lives are over unless they become college presidents and indoctrinate students and recruit them.  Whereas for Republicans it’s a business activity.

My benighted state of California, which has gone to the dark side and stayed there for a long time — we had a a Republican senator, Pete Wilson.  He became governor.  He appointed a businessman to the Senate seat — he lost it.  We now have Boxer and Feinstein as a result.  We don’t have a statewide seat.

We just lost a gubernatorial election.  How?  Well, the Democrats ran somebody who got into politics when he began to walk.  He grew up in a household of a Democratic governor.  Even his sister ran for governor.  He ran for governor [in 1976]; he won.  Then he became Chairman of the Democratic Party, then he became mayor of Oakland.  We ran a business executive who had never voted, until she ran for governorship.

I’ve known Newt for 20 years.  And actually, it’s Newt who sought me out because Peter Collier and I had written a book called “Destructive Generation.”  Newt understood politics the way the Democrats do — as a war conducted by other means.

We had a sit-down dinner with him.  He didn’t tell me at the time that he was planning to take over the House and start, really, the second wave of conservatism.  This is no longer the party of Bob Michaels, and Newt is responsible for that.

When Newt lost five seats, only five seats, he resigned as Speaker, as leader of the congressional party, for the good of the party and the good of the cause.  But Newt didn’t go over to K Street and start a whole new business career.  He stayed in the battle.  I can’t keep track of all the things that he’s done, but he’s formed this organization, American Solutions.  You see him, he has tried to do all the jobs that are necessary to defend this country and win it back.  The policy — he has policies, he’s figured out the very complex problems that we face.  But he stayed in the battle.

This is the most brilliant presenter of our case.  You see him practically every night on television.  He is the most visionary architect of the conservative future.  And he is the most dedicated and courageous battler in the cause of freedom.

I am just privileged to have Newt here and Callista.

Callista Gingrich: Thank you.  Thank you.  Good afternoon and welcome.  Thank you for coming to our screening of “America At Risk — The War With No Name.”

Newt and I would like to thank our producer, David Bossie; and our Director, Kevin Knoblock; as well as the entire team at Citizens United, with whom we produced this film.

“America At Risk” vividly reveals the truth about the dangers facing our country today, nine years after the attacks on 9/11.  The stories shared by the victims’ families are heart-wrenching and highlight the powerful human impact that radical Islamism has had on our country.  Unfortunately, radical Islamism continues to threaten America, as proven by the Christmas Day bomber in Detroit, the massacre at Fort Hood, and the car bomber in Times Square.

We made this movie because we believe America is at risk.  And the dangers facing our country today are real and growing.  It is clear that the freedoms we cherish are at stake.  Yet today, Washington refuses to tell the truth about the war we’re fighting.

According to experts, many of whom you’ll see in the film this afternoon, we are at war with an enemy that the current administration refuses to identify and does not understand.  If we can’t understand and accurately describe our enemies, how can we develop a strategy to defeat them?  Only by being honest about our enemies in this war can America summon the clarity and courage to win.

We are long overdue for a serious global strategy in fighting terrorism and the ideology behind it.  We must have the courage to tell the truth and to act on that truth.  “America At Risk” is designed to begin an important and necessary dialogue about the threats we face today, in an effort to preserve a safe, free and prosperous America.

Thank you, and God bless.

Newt Gingrich: Let me, first of all, say that after David was done with that rather over-the-top introduction, I began getting excited about hearing from the person.  And Callista leaned over to remind me it was me and not to get too excited.  But it was a very generous introduction.

I also want to take just one moment — Callista and I both want to recognize Lauren Fleming, who’s a key part of the Citizens United team.  And we’re thrilled that she’s here with us today and that she represents the entire team that David Bossie has assembled.

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  • jimgetten

    There are two types of jihad. One is violent and immediate, the second is stealthy, political and overcomes it's victims before they know what happened. America is being overcome and doesn't know it yet. Wake up America!!

  • davarino

    Wow, Newt has a plan and states his position succinctly and powerfully. I havent heard any other potential conservative candidate lay out such a plan and strategy, with total victory in mind.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Paul Ryan produced an entire budget with cuts that can balance the budget. His program is not the technocrat nonsense for which Gingrich is famous. Ryan would actually cut government instead of redirecting the expenditures.

  • tagalog

    Speaking of jihad, I've noticed that until the past decade, jihad was commonly understood to mean "holy war," and that further means objective war, of host against host, not this internal struggle inside one's soul. Islam never attempted to persuade us kafirs otherwise. But now that we've actually had true acts of jihad perpetrated against us as objective, external, holy war, people now issue apologetics attempting to persuade us that jihad means primarily one's inner struggle.

    What crap.

  • BS77

    Read Lisa Richard's blog today……strong writing!!!

  • Stephen_Brady

    If Mr. Newt stands for Prez, in 2012, starting tomorrow, the next day there will be hundreds of neo-and-pseudo-libertarian bloggers attacking him as a RINO, as a neocon, and screaming, "Ron Paul in 2012!"

    But if the achievable goals that he stated are to happen, the traidtional and the libertarian right MUST stand together, rather than ripping each other's guts out.

    We've got to get over this or the Marxist Left … small in numbers though they are … will destroy us and our country.

  • guest

    I understand the Mosques have a 'Meet your neighborhood Terrorist' day.
    These are folks they have been training up for every neighborhood in America.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Gingrich seems to believe that he can successfully defeat Obama in 2012 with a platform that says "You don't know how to spend $134 billion, but I do".

    There's "Change We Can Believe In!"

    The government that can't stop underwear bombers without groping six year olds is going to train people for jobs? Does Gingrich remember the Great Society's Job Corps? It cost more to train a flower arranger than to put a lawyer through a year at Harvard!

    The answer is just cut the budget and stop the technocrat/futurist baloney about how government isn't too big, it's just run by the wrong people.

    Don't "fix" the Department of Education, abolish it.

    Don't "fix" the Department of Energy, abolish it!

    Don't "fix" the regulations, abolish them!

    Gingrich is Nixon Part II. If we end up with him in the White House then we deserve it.

  • Periwinkel

    If Newt is nominated, we must have a promise that he will keep his pants zipped. He has a definite problem with fidelity.

    I take exception with David Horowitz's assertion that Newt resigned when he lost five seats in the House. (page 1, paragraph 9) Newt resigned because he was caught boinking Callista in his office…much the same as the President he sought to bring down for perjury. No to Newt because he can't be trusted.

    • Seek

      Puleeze. If and when Newt becomes president, he will be only a few months from hitting 70. Even in this, the age of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, there's only so much cheatin' a man can do at that age. Besides Calista's a looker. No need to worry about sex. Gingrich in the White House will about policymaking.