Bad Faith at Ground Zero

Don’t miss Pat Condell’s new hard-hitting video on the stunt Islam is trying to pull off in America.

  • posse101

    i'll support the mosque at ground zero the very moment:

    a synagogue is built in Mecca

    islam stops becoming a front for pedophilia

    muslim women start shaving their armpits

    bestiality in arab countries is outlawed

    jockey's don't ride on camels

    middle eastern men start wearing deodorant

    someone from an arab country wins a nobel prize for physics

    somebody blows up mecca

    geert wilders is free again

  • Lawrence

    Why is Frontpage promoting Pat Condell? Get a clue, check out Condell's anti-Semitic rants against Israel. His atheism and anti-Judaism animus sees him being very susceptible to the British news media bias against Israel. It's all moral equivalence with him. He doesn't have a clue on the Mid-East. Condell does not accept Jerusalem as Israel's capital, so who cares what Condell thinks.

    Do your bloody homework before promoting this anti-Semite, or is the fact that he is anti-Islam mean his anti-Semitism doesn't matter at all?

    • Arngrímur

      Pat Condell isn't anti-semite, he may be anti-Judaism but only against the religion not the people. Then again he is not solely anti-Judaism, in fact he likes the jews more than the Christians and the Muslims. Mostly because the jews are not attacking our freedom.

      His greatest fears are the same as our own, that the leftist apologists will surrender our freedom to islamic fascists.

      • WildJew

        Anti-Judaism is not anti-Semitism? How can you separate Jews from our religion? How can you separate Jews from our land? From our capital? Mr. Condell says Jews belong not in Israel but in Germany.

        Pat Condell: "Come to your senses you Jews. Let go of Jerusalem. You don't need Jerusalem. You're bigger than that. It's an Arab town. So please Jews, do us all a favor and give it back!" This is a friend of the Jews? Mr. Condell uses Islamic jihadists and "settlement building Jews" in the same sentence. "Settlement building Jews" are my friends. How can he compare the two?

        • Arngrímur

          It's common European appeasment, when you are fighingt the muslims aggression on so many fronts, a lot of fronts get neglegted.

          But then again, Jerusalem was an arab town mere decades ago, yet as of now, with so many jews rooted in, born and raised there, there should be no question that it is a Jewish city now. While many Palestinians are now born and raised in the Gaza strip and Western Bank, their claims to Jerusalem are just as hollow as the settlers claims on new settlements, religious and non-existent in the eyes of the atheisms, something which Pat Condell surely is. Many Americans are originally from England, but you dont see them claming it for sentimental reasons.

          And yes, Anti-Judaism is not the same as Anti-Semitism, the Nazis did not care whether a man practised Judaism, they just cared about the Jewish heritage. For the Nazis, you could have been more christian than the pope himself, they still murder you if your parents were Jewish.

          The reason why Frontpage might promote him is that attacking the muslims claims based on the fact that they are nothing but religious fanaticism, but not mentioning that other religions are capaple of that to would be a double standard, and double standard is the motto of the liberals. You can't condemn a Jihad unless you condemn a Crusade, and vice versa. When you see an Imam condeming the Crusades and supporting a Jihad, you know he is a douchebag.

          Point is, Israel has a irrefutable right to exist, yet constant settlements on the expense of the Palestinian territory is does not. The profits from those settlements are negligible, as they only cause more sympathy for the muslims, and only fuel more resentment among the Palestinian people which only spawn more islamic extremists. Pat Condell is usually spot on, dont condemn him on one slip up, he is just non-educated on the status at the bottom of the mediterrenean. Specially since the British media is nothing but propaganda spewing beast chained by lies and appeasement by the liberals.

          Live and let live.

          • WildJew

            How do you figure Jerusalem was an Arab town mere decades ago? Jews have consistently lived in Jerusalem for centuries, since well before Jerusalem was conquered by the Romans, approx. 70CE. Arabs are a much later occupier/ transplant. I'd have to go back to my sources. I am pretty sure, Jews have always constituted a majority in Jerusalem. How then do you and Condell figure it belongs to the Arabs? Jerusalem is our eternal capital.

            The Roman Catholic church propagated anti-Judaism, claiming it had nothing to do with race. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands who were persecuted, tortured, expelled and murdered at the hands of Christians that anti-Judaism is not anti-Semitism. Nazis seized on historic church anti-Judaism / anti-Semitism for their own racist ends. But for the church's historic anti-Judaism / anti-Semitism, the Holocaust would have been inconceivable.

            I agree with you on one point. Pat Condell – by demonizing the Jews – is engaging in "common (or typical) European appeasement." What you are saying is this. Condell is a moral coward. Maybe Condell should study Churchill who wrote, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last”.

  • Robert Laity

    ISLAM is NOT a "Religion"…Obama is a radical Islamic Supremacist and a traitor to the USA. Obama IS a Muslim and finally Obama is NOT "President":

    Obama is the "leader" of the Muslim world.

    • badaboo

      Correct , islam is a CULT . Incorrect – Obama is NOT a muslim, nor is he a radical islamic supremacist ….that stuff is borne out of ignorance .
      And Finally , Obama is most assuredly the President , The Commander -in-Chief , the CHOICE of the Electorate …which if you weren't aware , is the Majority . And No , he's not the "leader of the muslim world , for it has no leader , nor is it's leader Obama ……GROW -UP and get your head screwed on straight . You may not like the man , but that's no excuse for lieing about him .

      • Robert Laity

        Islam is not a "cult". It is a system of world domination. Obama is a muslim.He has given aid and comfort to enemies of the USA,muslim supremacist enemies of the USA. Obama has never BEEN the President. he is disqualified on several basises. He is prohibited from holding any office under the USA because he is a traitor AND he is NOT a "natural-born" American. The "electorate" was defrauded,given an illegal candidate to vote for. Obama leads the muslim world. Islam is aided and abetted by Obama. Obama is leading Islam into a "New World Order",an Islamo-Nazi world dictatorship that Bush,Clintons,Carter,Obama,Pelosi and many others are involved in. My allegations are supportable and have been supported: You obviously ignored my links or else you choose to be a misprisioner of Obama's treason:

  • BigPat7

    Pretty classic speak Pat! Thanks, We The People needed that!!! There will be no GZM.

  • potkas7

    Are the proponents of the mosque so unreflective as not to see the irony of using an argument about the separation of church and states as a tool to advance the interests of an institution whose underlying purpose is the fusion of church and state?

  • TommyBoy52

    I don't care if Pat Condell is an atheist, that's his choice and his right. He is entitled to his opinion and besides, he's usually on the money with whatever topic he's addressing. This latest video about the ground zero mosque is spot on. So even if he is an atheist Pat Condell is a great guy in my book! Shhhh… don't tell him, because he may not know it, but he is doing God's work.

    • WildJew

      Geert Wilders is an atheist. Nevertheless, Wilders supports Judeo-Christian values. He is a strong supporter of Israel. Unlike Condell, Wilders does not question Israel's right to exist. He does not tell the Jews to give our land back to Islam, unlike Mr. Condell.

      • Robert Laity

        "Give your land BACK"? To whom? GOD gave you the land. You need not give it "back". It is Israel's…YOURS TO KEEP!

  • Renita Hamilton

    There are two kinds of Jews people, one of them follows the same route as George Soros.

    • Robert Laity

      Jews follow God's "route".

  • badaboo

    yea , and the other follows the same route as George Bush .

    Gee ! where does that leave the rest of them ?