Breaking the System: The Obama Team’s Strategy for Changing America

The Editors: On the eve of the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America.  Now, as we approach another national vote, it is clear that while other promises have fallen by the wayside, the President has kept his word about trying to  transform  the country — to disastrous effect. Obama has increased the national debt by trillions of dollars. His stimulus package may have failed to revive the economy but it succeeded in inflating the bureaucracy.  In passing a health care plan that will make the country poorer as well as sicker, he has presided over a massive expansion of government and increased its power to intrude into our lives.

This transformation — and the President has made it clear that this is just the beginning of what he has in store for the country — may be catastrophic, but it is not accidental. As his pre-election promise suggest — and as David Horowitz and Liz Blaine document in their trenchant new pamphlet, Breaking the System — what Obama has done to America and what he plans for the future if his power is not curbed, is the product of a calculated strategy by the radical Left to subvert  America’s free-enterprise system and to turn the country’s citizens into wards of an always-growing state whose ultimate objective is to engineer American lives.  Specifically, Obama’s policies reflect the strategy developed by two leftist professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven,  in the mid-1960s to manufacture crises that will fracture our social and cultural institutions and pave the way for a socialist redistribution of wealth and control over every aspect of individual endeavor.

In  Breaking the System, Horowitz and Blaine show how Obama and his leftist administration have used the Cloward-Piven strategy to achieve the maximum amount of “change” in the minimum amount of time and how in the process they have driven our country to the brink of disaster.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    We must also fear these usupers for what they plan down the road.
    Follow history and you can see that turmoil follows revolution.

    • Stephen_Brady

      And what follows the turmoil? Order …

      Ad it's "order" that I most worry about.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Gulag like!

  • Paul Nim

    Has anyone rented the 2 year-old video tape– Hype: The Obama Effect? It is accessible on the internet, 1 hour, 42 minutes.

  • Paul Nim

    Sorry. I tried the address again, even after removing the period at the end, and could not locate.

    Maybe better off typing in the title and searching.

  • GCarson

    Try YouTube for the video, it has everything anti-Obama.

  • Ret. Marine

    and this is news to who? Good grief not all of us are not aware of the tactics of Cloward-Piven strategies. It has been well know to the educated among us for more than three decades now. It is only recently that the aggressive agenda of the hard left of the demonrat party is seeing their efforts come to fruition. It has to be stopped, hopefully this Nov-2 will be the first shot across there bow, is not there may be unprecedented havoc take place within the borders of this Nation. I pray daily for peace but am well aware of the opposite of it, being prepared is one's best bet in there troubling times.

  • Fred Dawes

    Well said Ret.Marine, we all know what is coming down this third world road of total BS And the end game is mass murder of all Americans who will not get in line for the prison state. the only wat out will be the old way and that means blood. and I state now that this nov 2 will mean nothing but more of the same BS, In fact both political parties are one politicl party. We all know one fact our enemy is well inside the gates of freedom and wants only one thing the total death of the people ofthis country and the total death of freedom and laws and justice, in he name of the third worlds people of this good earth.

    • scumbucket

      Get ready, Freddy, we're a comin' for ya! Especially all you whiteys that put the darkies in those dark prisons. When we bankrupt the system, and have to be released from prison to shore about state budgets, we sho' gonna gun for ya.

    • John

      I absolutely agree with your finality of outcome, and compact insight.
      On a similar basis to the BS you point to, I have projected into the same nightmares.

  • Reneeca

    Fred is right. All the most wealthy and powerful people in the world like the Rockefeller's, Rothschild's, Saudi kings,wall street crooks and any other of the worlds wealthiest people are into this One world Order government. We used to think anyone was paranoid who believed in this concept and was paranoid. Well now we know it is true. These power hungry people want to rule the world. It won't happen in my lifetime, but it is on a supersonic fast train track and becoming more obvious all the time. Many of our politicians both Democratic and Republican have condoned this One World concept which is frightening. That is why I do not trust anyone who belongs to the Council on Foreign relations and any other politician elitist who has made a career out of working in Congress and belongs to the 'Good Ole Boy' network!! Give me someone with common sense and a patriotic heart anyday!

    • USMCSniper

      I guess you would have preferred a old hag network with Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office and Nancy Pelosi running the Congress and the Cabinet all liberal women. What a nightmare.

      • bdouglasaf1980

        It would have been worse under hillary or McCain. Either one of them would have continued to push us slowly to the left with most of the so-called conservatives go right along, especially so if McCain got into power.

        Many people are starting to awaken. I hope it's not too late.

        • scumbucket

          luv to see your New World Order, brought to you by the massive money fronts supplied by the Koch Brothers…Feeding lies to the masses.

    • Don

      John Birch Society exposed Council on Foreign Relations and other groups fifty years ago, and were considered radical kooks. Now Look!

  • USMCSniper

    In 1942, Stuart Chase, in his book "The Road We Are Traveling" spelled out the system of planning the Fabians had in mind; the interesting thing is to look at that plan in comparison to 2008 America. 1. Strong, centralized government. 2. Powerful Executive at the expense of Congress and the Judicial. 3. Government controlled banking, credit and securities exchange. 4. Government control over employment. 5. Unemployment insurance, old age pensions. 6. Universal medical care, food and housing programs. 7. Access to unlimited government borrowing. 8. A government managed monetary system. 9. Government control over all foreign trade. 10. Government control over natural energy sources, transportation and agricultural production. 11. Government regulation of labor. 12. Youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service and ideological teaching consistent with those of the authorities. 13. Heavy progressive taxation and hidden taxes on nations wealth. The Fabian Socialist Revolution began in earnest in this country in 1933 with the imposition of the Welfare State and has been steadily progressing since. The system that these Obama marauders are imposing upon us will ultimately alter our system of government beyond recognition.

    • scum

      Actually, the catastrophe in the middle class is a direct result of the virtual dismantling of social provisions, and the massive deregulation that began in the Reagan era. It's the shift to the right, not the left that rules that roost. And in relation to #1 (strong, centralized government), remember that Bush/Cheney had the most secretive government in the last century, carefully administered torture in black boxes, illegally spied on Americans (when warrants were attainable), and that the VP Cheney, back when he was a lackey for the most crooked politician in history (Tricky Dicky) was famous for saying that in times of stress, the government should in fact act more like a monarchy. So give that 'Leftists love strong government while the Right loves Freedom' crap a rest, Geez, that garbage gets old.

      • USMCSniper

        You didn't go back far enough with you diatribe. It started with Woodrow Wilson in 1916 and was entrenched by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

      • temarch

        Sure. Up is down and black is white.

        • USMCSniper

          If you don't understand something do not advertise that you don't. Ahhhh..the boldness of ignorance know no bounds.

  • SeaMystic

    It is time for those aligned to Arch Angel Michael to prepare for major fighting, for the Christos is carrying a Sword, to sepArate the Wheat from the Chaff in humanity.


  • bubba4

    OMG…I don't know if I can make it through this pamplet. Does it have ads for bomb shelters in the back….maybe a number you can call to buy gold at a heavily inflated price. Maybe I can send in some boxtops and get the whole family of "my political enemies aren't just people I disagree with but demons from hell that want to eat your children" pamphlets.

    • coyote3

      A government that operates illegally, "could" be said to be a demon. Ol' Santa Anna found that out, the hard way. Everytime government exercises a power that is not delegated to it, a freedom and liberty is lost. Maybe we did not need the wall as a monument to those who served in the Vietnam War. Maybe what we need is what we still have a few of around here, an "adobe" wall.

    • Stephen_Brady

      You might do well to learn from history. All revolutions … except for the American Revolution … devour their own children.

  • Chava

    I read in the WSJ that the majority of Americans want a Democratic Congress, but that the majority of likely voters do not. Still, a whole lot of Americans seem to like big government, and do not realize that Obama's policies are ultimately bad for everybody, not just the rich.

    • Ret. Marine

      Chava, what you just described here is an example of irresponsible people. Those of us who are responsible for our lives "don't need no stinkin gubmint."

  • flowerknife_us

    Slavery to the State or Civil War will ultimately come down to which side the Military supports.

    If the Demoncrats lose- then expect a lame duck Congress to pass everything else on their agenda. The new Congress will attempt to repeal what they can while the beneficiaries of Government largeness riot in the streets.

    What likelihood is there that Obama will clear the streets of his core supporters?

    Throw in the fuses already lit in the Middle East and you will see things turn real ugly really fast.

  • welldoneson

    Where the HELL did the Demos get this Obama?
    How the HELL does such an asshat get to be President?

    He's never done an important thing in his life! Didn't serve in the military; hasn't been a governor; didn't have a law practice; hasn't written, or cowritten, or even SPONSORED any legislation. He's a face man, a disgustingly overbearing narcissist. He's written not one, but TWO autobiographies! Imagine that; written two books of stories of his life and he's relatively young! Now that's self-centered.

    And his politics are appallling! Hard left unrepentant bomb-thrower Bill Ayers co-wrote one of the autobiographies, and he's buddy-buddy with some of the most radical, seriously Marxist creeps the U. S. has produced.

    His administration took deliberate steps to cause an oil well blowout, giving the platform safety awards only to allow news of safety deficiencies AFTER the fact, then hampering cleanup efforts with myriad red-tape tangles, then using the incident to ban offshore drilling – while investing taxpayer dollars in offshore drilling in Mexico and Brazil.

    • Wesley69

      Obama was the perfect choice — better than Hillary Clinton, who had the approval of George Soros. He is a well spoken African American. No one would dare question his ideas otherwise that person was a racist.

      Obama is not a puppet of Soros. They both think alike. Obama was shaped early in his life by Communist, Frank Marshall Davis. Obama learned Radicalism from Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals" and sitting in Rev. Wright's Church for 20 years gave him belief in Black Liberation Theology.

      With Obama, the media had a story – the first African American to have a chance to win the Presidency. Questions about his past, his associations were raised then overlooked. Obstacles in Obama's way were investigated and destroyed. (Joe the Plumber -Sarah Palin) Once the economy went South, his election was assured.

      People were hoodwinked by Obama's message of hope and change. He was not secretive what this meant, but Americans, with the short attention span and anger at Bush, went to the polls wanting be say they were a part of history. They then went back to their football games, computers, whatever, while the destruction of our country was plotted. Needless to say, the transformation has begun. It is a transformation that must be stopped.

      All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
      Thomas Jefferson

  • welldoneson

    Just WHAT has happened to the U.S. system, that a hard left narcisistic America-hating neo-Moslem is actually the President? My GAWD!

    About the only thing this lot have done right is to keep Gitmo open and reinforce the war effort in Afghanistan – even then, with their other hand they have been feeding Wikileaks all kinds of confidential information. You BET they have! Much of the information was gathered while Obama was "pondering" whetner to send requested trooops to Afghanistan, and was released concurrent with granting that request. Bet on it.

  • Jim Johnson

    The Obomunists may have a grand plan but they are also mired in a risky scheme created by their attempt to implement their grand plan. They are teetering on the edge of political defeat.
    The Media has pulled out all the stops to save the grand scheme but it is not having enough influence on public opinion.

    What can save the Obamunists will be the mistakes of the Republicans. Like the Democrats the Republicans may try to stick to their old programs that created their defeat. The Republicams may ,like the Democrats, try to finesse the issues with slippery tactics and defamation of the conservatives but in fact the majority of the public that disagree with the old guard Republicans. It did not work in 2006 and 2008. If the Tea Party is just the old Republicans putting on a human face it will soon be found out.
    Yet already I see the conservative spokes men like Fox and such still evading the issues and focusing on diversionary tactics like Taxation as if it were the major issue.
    They try to create the impression that lowering taxes to create investment will create jobs.
    Yet the public that is hit worse does not have taxes as a problem as they do not earn enough to pay taxes. Lowering taxes and increasing investment and hiring incentives
    will not bring in that which business needs most. Business needs customers the most. What good does it do a business to be retooled,refinanced and tax reduced if no customers show up at their door because the customer has no money.
    Until they face the ultimate obstruction to business no jobs will be created except for Obama's temporary make work jobs which come the fade away.
    The voices of the high command of the Republicans speak the language of business centrics. The tarp has come and gone; the bail outs have come and gone;yet the economy does not budge. The make works are splotchy ;here today gone tomorrow.
    Such economic tricks have not worked. The Republicans have little time to restore the economy. If they do not create jobs very soon after taking office they will soon be out.

    The Republicans need to stop listening to the business men and the Obomunists and instead study their Milton Friedman. Study carefully the theory of the negative income tax. Install it immediately. Install it on a permanent basis. Install it exactly as Milton wrote it.
    Then forget Milton and carefully adjust tarriffs to prevent purchasing from abroad. In doing so tear up any WTO agreements and Nafta and Cafta and remove agricultural subsidies especially on corn. Eliminate the dark economy and bring it out of the shadows. Restore Glass Steagall and dis incorporate wall street investment banks. Do not try to prop up housing values or restore the construction industry it only makes it harder for the poor to buy houses.
    No border security any more . Instead an Israeli style wall must be built. Mexico is building their own Southern Mexico wall to keep their illegals out.

    Cease immigration as long as unemployment is high. This means no more H1b visas no matter how often Bill Gates and his kind lie about the shortage or how stupid Americans have suddenly become.

    A lot of big money is spent to fight the Ideas I have reported here. The business and socialist classes have scoffed at such ideas . But what about their ideas and plans?
    How well are they working?

  • Wesley69

    Never let a good crisis go to waste – Rahmn Emanuel – And Obama has done exactly that. His transformation is contained within the Stimulus, ObamaCare and the Financial Reform Bill. He has his Shadow Government in place with numerous radical left wing Czars. Agencies like the EPA & FCC are ready to do his bidding. As Obama said, after the election, there would be war between him and the Republican party. Can they stop him?

    The American people will need to be more involved than ever before, because this radical regime does not have the country's interests at heart. Obama, using the principles of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, will sink this country into bankruptcy. Using Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" Obama has created a power base for himself with SEIU & ACORN. He has already stirred up racial tensions to levels not seen in years. To what end?????? Dictator for Life!!!! The end of the American Experiment!!! WE THE PEOPLE must stop this at all costs!!!!!!

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • NoSuchThingAsAn

    Who would have thought Obama would even be elected?:

  • SoundDoc

    '' A CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN''? It is a change you will be FORCED to accept, Islam.

  • 080

    I can't agree with all this. Some of it might be true. To me it all looks like standard Democratic Party programming. You can find it in the school of Institutionalists starting with Thorstein Veblen. Everyone know J.K. Galbraith. What specific policy of the Democrats is different from that of Obama. It's even worse. Try reading the book by James K. Galbraith (yes, the son). There you will find recommendations for income redistribution, wage and price control, and national planning. Oh! the Name of the book is "The Predator State". Didn't Hillary have a health plan? I think that it was the horrible recession that caused such drastic actions. Obama can't do anything without the Democratic Party's support.

    • 12/10

      Oh but he has!! He has signed into law some of his own beliefs such as banning the M-1 without going through the due process of law. He wants to distroy anything that resembles a democracy, a unified country. Why else is he attempting to get other nations to fight against Arizona; one of our own states? What business is it for the UN to be asked to try Arizona for inforcing the stopping of illegal imagration? Why is it he continues to let businesses go out of the country instead of encouraging businesses to stay here and hire our own? He continues to have money printed knowing that there is no colatteral to cover it. His current plan to not re-new the Bush tax break will break the wealthy and move the middle class income to poverty and poverty to sucide. Can you say "Soilent Green"?

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  • bubba4

    England and France aren't having severe civil unrest. It's just there when you want to raise the retirement age or cut back on benefits, the people protest.

    If you find yourself talking about or even thinking about civil war in America, you need to take a break from this website and probably most everything else you read and watch. Go take a walk….go make some pancakes…go have lunch with an old friend you haven't seen for a while…and just remember everything is going to be OK. Ultimately if you want to be a cultic toady, twisted up with fear and always overshooting your worry based on propaganda, then you are part of the problem not part of the solution….and what you are really saying is you want civil war in America…or think it's necessary and that's just crazy talk.

  • Fred Dawes

    it is madness followed by chaos, are political people want holocaust for one reason many think that would be right and justice for Americans to be murdered, 80 percent of all political people are not really Americans and many have made deals with our enemies.

  • coyote3

    This isn't England, we killed them over this same kind of thing, and it sure isn't France.

  • wayne

    Thanks for the advice bubba. Maybe I will find a nice beach and stick my head in the sand.