CPAC Shills for Islamic Terrorists

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pamela Geller, founder, editor and publisher of the popular and award-winning weblog She has won acclaim for her interviews with internationally renowned figures, including John Bolton, Geert Wilders, Bat Ye’or, Natan Sharansky, and many others, and has broken numerous important stories — notably the questionable sources of some of the financing of the Obama campaign. Her op-eds have been published in The Washington Times, The American Thinker, Israel National News, Frontpage Magazine, World Net Daily, and New Media Journal, among other publications. She is the co-author (with Robert Spencer) of the soon to be released, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (forward by Ambassador John Bolton).

FP: Pamela, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about some troubling developments that occurred at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Let’s begin by you telling us about your own event there.

Geller: Good to be here again Jamie, thank you.

Last Friday, Robert Spencer and I hosted a standing-room-only event at CPAC. It was standing room only, despite the fact that we were off to the side and were going against Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Congressman Steve King, Congressman Mike Pence, Grover Norquist and several other panels.

Our conference was designed to speak the truths that others will not speak. First to speak was Wafa Sultan, the ex-Muslim who shot to international fame after she stood up for human rights against Sharia on Al-Jazeera in a debate with an Islamic cleric on a famous viral video, and the author of A God Who Hates. She spoke of Islam’s war against the West. Then Steve Coughlin, the former Pentagon Islamic law specialist who was making his first public appearance after being fired from the Defense Department after pressure from those who didn’t like his truth-of-the-matter stance on jihad. He gave a bit of his controversial presentation to the Pentagon, showing how the Defense Department is ignoring the true nature of the jihad threat, to our great detriment – which is the title of his lengthy thesis on this problem.

Then in the second hour our speakers showed the next phases of the advance of jihad and Sharia. While Coughlin was fired for telling the truth about Islam and jihad, human rights activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is being prosecuted for “hate speech” in Austria for the same truth telling. After her came Anders Gravers of Stop the Islamisation of Europe, who has been physically assaulted for standing up for freedom in Denmark. Then Simon Deng, a former slave in Sudan and a leading human rights activist against jihad and Islamic supremacism, showed what life is like for the subjugated, enslaved Christians of southern Sudan – the fourth phase of Sharia encroachment. Finally, the war hero and Congressional candidate Lt. Colonel Allen West gave a stirring speech calling us all to the defense of freedom.

FP: It’s a great sign that CPAC hosted an event like this, right?

Geller: Well Jamie, it’s not really what happened. The truth of the matter is that our event was at CPAC, but it was an independent event, not a CPAC event. And the truths that our speakers told were not aired at any other event at CPAC.

FP: Ok, just a second, let me get something straight: we are facing a deadly enemy in this current terror war, and that enemy is Islamic jihad — based on Islamic theology. CPAC had how many panels about it?

Geller: One.

And it was an exercise in misinformation.

FP: Are you kidding me?

Geller: Not at all. The single panel was:

“You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War on Terror Delaware Ballroom
Sponsored by Campaign for Liberty (60 minutes)
Speakers: Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Karen Kwiatkowski and Jacob Hornberger, President of FFF
Open to All CPAC Attendees”

The message there was that “real conservatives” don’t support the war on terror because it is a creation of the “Israeli lobby” — which coalesces with the left-wing’s new anti-Semitism against neoconservatives. Karen Kwiatkowski is a darling of both the leftist Huffington Post and the anti-Semitic paleocon site

FP: Tell us some more about Kwiatkowski.

Geller: Well, let’s put it this way: in a 2006 article, she described John Bolton as “that blubbering bundle of self-righteousness.” She also wrote:

“Many in America oppose the U.S. knee-jerk, unquestioning support for Israel. Many more worry that the Israeli lobby is unusually influential in Washington, while remaining hidden and unaccountable to average Americans. Still others are alarmed that Israel’s constant war mentality has become our new American model, and that Iraq and our own borders have become our own occupied territories, teeming with terror and constituting a never-ending threat to our lives, prosperity and value system.”

Kwiatkowski is a retired military officer. Is this really the type of thinking prevalent in the military? Me thinks not. So why on earth was she given a platform at CPAC? Doing  can only undermine those who are now serving. Having different points of view presented is one thing, but by hosting this event, CPAC explicitly endorsed this fringe, anti-American thinking.

That panel was, of course, a reflection of Ron Paul’s perspective. There were no counter-jihadists, no Robert Spencer, no Ibn Warraq on any CPAC panel, but they had room for this well-funded “Campaign for Liberty” presentation. The same group also had a co-sponsor booth. No expense was spared — they were everywhere. At the event Jacob Hornberger said that there were four reasons why real conservatives should be against the war on terror: because it is too costly, because it makes us less safe (he said Americans were less secure because American troops kill children and mothers and people who are simply defending their country against invaders, and have even, he said, killed a bride at her wedding), because it violates Constitutional principles, and because it is a threat to liberty.

Nothing was said about the Islamic doctrine that shows that jihadists would be waging war against the U.S. even if we did end all actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The panel agreed with Obama, that Muslims are angry with us because of our actions, and will stop being angry with us if we change our foreign policy. This view is naïve and reflects ignorance of Islamic doctrine. And consider this: if Ron Paul were as anti-Islam as he is anti-Israel, he would not have been in CPAC, and his perspective would not have been represented. Instead of coming together on our basic core values and circling the wagons on the fundamentals — national security, small government, low taxes, and the freedom of speech — the CPAC leadership had a circus of the fringe.

FP: This is mind-boggling. This is a conservative conference and one would think conservatives are interested in national security and protecting our liberties and American lives. Why do you think this happened?

Geller: I think CPAC’s agenda in 2010, as well as 2009 and before that, reflects the influence of Grover Norquist, the conservative powerhouse and kingmaker. He is a board member of the ACU, and from the looks of CPAC’s covered topics and omission of discussion of jihad, it looks as if he exerts enormous influence over David Keene, the ACU’s nominal leader. Norquist and his ally Suhail Khan seem to be in charge at CPAC — no CPAC event goes on that doesn’t reflect their perspective.

FP: Expand a bit on what perspective Norquist represents.

Geller: Jamie, Grover Norquist’s troubling ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists have been known for years. He and his Palestinian wife, Samah Alrayyes, who was director of communications for his Islamic Free Market Institute until they married in 2005, are very active in “Muslim outreach.” Just six weeks after 9/11, The New Republic ran an expose explaining how Norquist arranged for George W. Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 — to show how Muslims rejected terrorism. Wrote TNR author Franklin Foer:

Unfortunately, many of the leaders present hadn’t unambiguously rejected it. To the president’s left sat Dr. Yahya Basha, president of the American Muslim Council, an organization whose leaders have repeatedly called Hamas “freedom fighters.” Also in attendance was Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who on the afternoon of September 11 told a Los Angeles public radio audience that “we should put the State of Israel on the suspect list.” And sitting right next to President Bush was Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Islamic Society of North America, who last fall told a Washington crowd chanting pro-Hezbollah slogans, “America has to learn if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come.”

It was Norquist who ushered these silver-tongued jihadists into the Oval Office after the worst attack ever on American soil. Don’t you think that the likes of Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye’or, and Wafa Sultan should have been advising the President instead of Hamas, Hizballah and the Muslim Brotherhood? But that wasn’t to be. So at that September 26 meeting Bush declared that “the teachings of Islam are teachings of peace and good.” It was a critically important, historic moment. What should have been the most important teaching moment of the long war became a propaganda tool for Islam. A singular historic opportunity was squandered, and the harm that has resulted is incalculable.

FP: Why did Bush do that?

Geller: Because he trusted Norquist, who vouched for these Muslim leaders. Yet “the record suggests,” wrote Foer, “that Norquist has spent quite a lot of time promoting people openly sympathetic to Islamist terrorists.” And this continued for years. In December 2003, David Horowitz wrote that Norquist:

“has formed alliances with prominent Islamic radicals who have ties to the Saudis and to Libya and to Palestine Islamic Jihad, and who are now under indictment by U.S. authorities. Equally troubling is that the arrests of these individuals and their exposure as agents of terrorism have not resulted in noticeable second thoughts on Grover’s part or any meaningful effort to dissociate himself from his unsavory friends.”

Horowitz wrote this in an introduction to a detailed expose by Frank Gaffney here in Frontpage showing how Norquist had given Muslims with jihad terror links access to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Grover Norquist was on the jihad payroll before and after the carnage and death of September 11. Gaffney revealed Norquist’s close ties to Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is now serving twenty-three years in prison for financing jihad activity. In 2000, Alamoudi said at a rally, “I have been labeled by the media in New York to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody support Hamas here?…Hear that, Bill Clinton? We are all supporters of Hamas. I wished they added that I am also a supporter of Hizballah.” Alamoudi was at that time head of the now defunct “moderate” group known as American Muslim Council (AMC), and was active in other Muslim groups in the U.S. that showed sympathy or support for jihadists. And Alamoudi, according to Gaffney, gave $50,000 to the lobbying group Janus-Merritt Strategies, which Norquist cofounded.

His money bought influence. Gaffney wrote back in 2003: “It seems unlikely that even in Alamoudi’s wildest dreams he could have imagined the extent of the access, influence and legitimacy the American Muslim Council and allied Islamist organizations would be able to secure in Republican circles, thanks to the investment they began in 1998 in a relationship with Norquist.”

Alamoudi also helped found Norquist’s Islamic Institute with a $10,000 loan and a gift of another $10,000. The founding director of the Islamic Institute was Khaled Saffuri, a Palestinian Muslim who had previously been active in Islamic groups in Bosnia, where Islamic jihadists from all over the world gathered “to establish,” says Gaffney, “a beachhead on the continent of Europe.” Gaffney adds that Saffuri “has acknowledged personally supporting the families of suicide bombers – even though, in public settings, he strenuously denies having done so.” Saffuri also denounced Bush’s shutdown of the Holy Land Foundation, which was funneling charitable contributions to Hamas.

Norquist has also carried water for Islamic supremacist efforts to weaken anti-terror efforts. Gaffney reveals that:

“Norquist was also a prime-mover behind efforts to secure one of the Islamists’ top pre-9/11 agenda items: the abolition of a section of the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act that permits authorities to use what critics call ‘secret evidence.’…Norquist was an honoree at an event held by Sami Al-Arian’s National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom in July 2001, two months before 9/11. The award was for being a ‘champion of the abolishment movement against secret evidence.’”

Al-Arian in 2006 pleaded guilty “conspiracy to make or receive contributions of funds to or for the benefit of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” Palestinian Islamic Jihad is even worse than Hamas, celebrates the killing of Israeli civilians and calls repeatedly for the destruction of Israel.

Scott Johnson of the Powerline blog noted shortly after Gaffney’s article appeared that Norquist’s reponse to this exhaustively documented expose was:

“personal and evasive. He attacks Gaffney as racist and bigoted; not a trace of evidence in the public record supports these charges. I heard Norquist respond to Gaffney in this manner at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this past January. He did not deign to respond to Gaffney’s remarks in substance.”

Norquist also introduced Nihad Awad, cofounder and executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, to President Bush. CAIR is one of the foremost Islamic supremacist hate sponsors in the U.S. Terror expert Steve Emerson wrote that “CAIR, which touts itself as America’s premier Muslim civil rights organization, was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Terror trial.” He noted that CAIR cofounders Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad attended “a 1993 Philadelphia meeting where the HAMAS members and supporters discussed a strategy to kill the Oslo Peace Accords, which threatened to marginalize HAMAS. The group also discussed ways to improve HAMAS fundraising in America.”

Emerson also reveals that according to the testimony of an FBI agent, “CAIR was listed as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee.” The Palestine Committee is dedicated to jihad for the destruction of Israel. Emerson reveals that a 1992 memo seized from a jihadi’s home explains that “Palestine is the one for which Muslim Brotherhood prepared armies – made up from the children of Islam in the Arab and Islamic nations to liberate its land from the abomination and the defilement of the children of the Jews and they watered its pure soil with their honorable blood which sprouted into a jihad that is continuing until the Day of Resurrection and provided a zeal without relenting making the slogan of its children ‘it is a Jihad for victory or martyrdom.’” Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad were also listed as members of the Palestine Committee.

Robert Spencer added this about CAIR:

“CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Honest Ibe Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. CAIR has warred against free speech in the past.”

These are Grover Norquist’s bedfellows. Abusing his power and access, he introduced Islamic supremacists who advocate the overthrow of the government to those who have an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and advocated for their cause. The enemy’s strategy for winning is by subverting our senior leaders. Norquist made that possible.

FP: Is Norquist still doing all of this?

Geller: Yes, Jamie. Grover Norquist has continued his activities on behalf of the jihad: in 2008 journalist Paul Sperry revealed Norquist’s sponsorship of Muslim candidates with shadowy ties to terrorists, and wrote that Norquist had a “wicked project to dress Islamists up as patriotic Republicans so they can infiltrate the government.” Norquist sponsored Kamal Nawash’s unsuccessful bid to become Republican party leader in Virginia; Nawash was Abdurahman Alamoudi’s attorney. Norquist also aided previous failed political runs by Nawash – including Nawash’s 2003 Virginia state senate bid, to which Saffuri gave money.

Norquist also aided Faisal Gill’s failed run for the Virginia state legislature in 2007. Gill, like Nawash, was an associate of Alamoudi. During his run he took $3,000 in contributions from the pro-jihad Safa group.

FP: Final words?

Geller: It is no surprise that CPAC 2010, like CPAC 2009, had nothing addressing the war we are actually engaged in. This is due to the influence of Norquist, Keene, and Suhail Khan, a CPAC board member. According to Gaffney, Khan “has repeatedly been a featured speaker at MSA, ISNA and CAIR events” – that is, Muslim Students Association, Islamic Society of North America, and Council on American-Islamic Relations, three groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, the international Islamic organization dedicated to establishing the rule of Islamic law and the subjugation of infidels worldwide.

Grover Norquist single-handedly ushered into America’s highest levels of government Islamic supremacist leaders, subversives, the Islamic fifth column. Grover gave them unparalleled access. Why didn’t Gaffney’s revelations, and those that preceded and followed his expose, end Norquist’s influence among conservatives? Why does he still have so much power?

Grover Norquist should be a pariah, not a kingmaker.

FP: Pamela Geller, thank you for joining us.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Ask CPAC "conservatives" who worship Ron Pole the following questions:

    1) Is America a Judeo-Christian nation? Or Islam is a part of the mix as well?

    2) Are they Christians? If so, do they acknowledge that God blesses those who bless Israel, but those who curse Israel He curses? Then why is it so bad to have "Israel lobby" – a lobby of a nation which is the best US military ally?

    3) As isolationists, they want America out of any foreign war, fine. Then what about several millions of Islamic piranhas residing already within the US?

    Indeed, Islam is waging a war against the rest of the world already during 13 centuries, which may culminate as a prefect storm soon enough – see the brief outlining the factors of this perfect storm

    A Soldier Speaks Out on Iraq, from Iraq

  • jbtrevor

    Ron Paul Said: “To the Muslim world: We get the message. My imperialistic predecessors have caused a sea of anger against the U.S. that has culminated in this disaster,”
    By predecesors he is referring to any non-Muslim born after the 7th century!!!!

    • The Inquisitor

      Astounding! How can anyone have respect for someone so stupid as to say a thing like that?

      What is so sad is that by association he does damage to the economic views he espouses. (I say espouses, because it is hard for me to believe that someone so stupid can actually understand them.)

      • Tanstaafl

        Read the Qur'an.

        • The_Inquisitor

          I've read the Koran. What's your point?

  • Tom Degan

    Ascribing humanity to a corporation, to a company like Exxon or Disney for example, raises too many questions to even list here. But let's at least attempt to ask a few of them, shall we, boys and girls? Here goes….

    Are corporations really persons?

    Do corporations think?

    Do corporations weep?

    Do corporations fall in love?

    Do corporations grieve when a loved one dies as a result of a lack of adequate health care?

    Do corporations have loved ones?

    Are corporations even capable of loving?

    Do corporations sometimes lose sleep at night worrying about disease, violence, destruction, and the suffering of their fellow human beings?

    Do corporations feel your pain?

    Can a corporation run for public office?

    Is a corporation capable of having a sense of humor? Is it capable of laughing at itself? (EXAMPLE: "So these two corporations walk into a bar….")

    If a corporation ever committed an unspeakable crime against the American people, could IT be sent to federal prison? (Note the operative word here: "It")

    Can a corporation register to vote?

    We all know that corporations have made a shit-load of cash throughout our history by profiting on the unspeakable tragedy of war. But has a corporation ever given its life for its country?

    Is a corporation capable of raising a child?

    Does a corporation have a conscience? Does it feel remorse after it has done something really bad?

    Has a corporation ever been killed in an accident as the result of a design flaw in the automobile it was driving?

    Has a corporation ever written a novel or a dramatic play or a song that inspired millions?

    Has a corporation ever risked its life by climbing a ladder to save a child from a burning house?

    Has a corporation ever won an Oscar? Or an Emmy? Or a Tony? Or the Nobel Peace Prize? Or a Polk or Peabody Award? Or the Pulitzer Prize in Biography?

    Has a corporation ever performed Schubert's Ave Maria?

    Has a corporation ever been shot and killed by someone who was using an illegal and unregistered gun?

    Has a corporation ever paused to reflect upon the simple beauty of an autumn sunset or a brilliant winter moon rising on the horizon?

    If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a noise if there are no corporations there to hear it?

    Should corporations kiss on the first date?

    Could a corporation resolve to dedicate its life to being an artist? Or a musician? Or an opera singer? Or a Catholic priest? Or a rabbi? Or a Doctor? Or a Dentist? Or a sheet metal worker? Or a gourmet chef? Or a short-order cook? Or a magician? Or a nurse? Or a trapeze artist? Or an author? Or an editor? Or a Thrift Shop owner? Or a EMT worker? Or a book binder? Or a Hardware Store clerk? Or a funeral director? Or a sanitation worker? Or an actor? Or a comedian? Or a glass blower? Or a chamber maid? Or a film director? Or a newspaper reporter? Or a deep sea fisherman? Or a farmer? Or a piano tuner? Or a jeweler? Or a janitor? Or a nun? Or a Trappist Monk? Or a poet? Or a pilgrim? Or a bar tender? Or a used car salesman? Or a brick layer? Or a mayor? Or a soothsayer? Or a Hall-of-Fame football player? Or a soldier? Or a sailor? Or a butcher? Or a baker? Or a candlestick maker?

    Could a corporation choose to opt out of all the above and merely become a bum? Living life on the road, hopping freight trains and roasting mickeys in the woods?

    I realize that this is pure theological speculation on my part but the question is just screaming to be posed: When corporations die, do they go to Heaven?

    Our lives – yours and mine – have more worth than any goddamned corporation. To say that the Supreme Court made a awful decision on Thursday is an understatement. Not only is it an obscene ruling, it is an insult to our humanity.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

    • So Cal Mike

      Corporations are entities made up of people.
      Take away the people, you have nothing.

      • Jim C.

        Corporations, then, are classic sociopaths–purely out to gratify desire, no concern for country, no concern for fellow citizens–only concern for shareholders.

        That we accord them the same "rights" our Creator gave to us is a disgusting travesty.

  • eerie Steve

    Cowardice can containment even the most stringiest warriors, and war by nature is the most anti-human thing a man or woman can do. That is what this new conservative movement should be branded. The coward's movement.

    Forget Obama. At least he has jurisprudence in military matters. Ron Paul should fill in for Heath Ledger for the next Joker. And I wouldn't put it past him for taking money from the left or even the same terror groups we are fighting.

    He reminds me of the southern Dixiecrats that started the Civil War. What a mistake.

    It is time to redistrict him and get him out of the way. Way too dangerous for our sons and daughters over seas. Punctuation marks on everything.

  • eerie Steve

    Cowardice can containment even the most stringiest warriors, and war by nature is the most anti-human thing a man or woman can do. That is what this new conservative movement should be branded. The coward's movement.

  • Ozymandias

    Usual story of FrontPageMag and it's editorial stance and audience of infantile, illiterate thugs proselytizing its ideology of puerile hatred, anger, misleading propaganda, and plain nastiness masquerading as objective political analysis.

    You really are a sickening bunch of disgusting human beings who represent so much that is wrong with our world.

    On the positive side it is plain for all to see that you are increasingly rapidly losing your grip & influence domestically and internationally – which I guess explains the increasing ugliness & shrillness of your behaviour and pronouncements of the articles and comments on this site.

    Shout away – you're on the wane and a dying breed thank God – and the future of humanity would be well served by you slithering away to the cesspool of your own excrement which of course you will no b doubt find to be delicious.

    • tompro97


      You ARE what's wrong with this world along with your demokraut synchophants. Get a grip!!

    • Peachey

      Go ahead and continue to stick your head in the sand. We get it. You see no evil, you hear no evil, and we must not speak the truth about Islam and the fact that it is the greatest danger in this world's history. Yeh, keep your head in the sand knowing that there are actually concerned people out there that will cover your butt when the going gets tough. Throwing a tantrum is immature and quite frankly not worth the the time I spent reading your attempt at using condescention and rudness to stop coversation. A student of Cloward and Pivens? I imagine that you are an expert in the game of "your mama is……".

      • lovezion

        Hi Tompro & Peachey, and everyone else, I don't even read this person Ozymandias' comments because it's not worth the time, let alone wasting our precious time answering! Instead of offering some common sense comment and/or or debate, he/she offers wall to wall offenses and insults! This person should be confined to remaining invisible here! :o)

    • Paul

      Watch out pointing your finger in accusation against people who love liberty and the Constitution, that leaves 3 fingers pointing back at you: "You really are a sickening bunch of disgusting human beings who represent so much that is wrong with our world. "

      We know you are.

      "Shout away – you're on the wane and a dying breed thank God – and the future of humanity would be well served by you slithering away to the cesspool of your own excrement which of course you will no b doubt find to be delicious."

      This perfectly describes you and your fearless leader Obama. Soon to be on the ash heap of history.

  • George A

    You guys need a moderator and/or someone to clean up some of the self-promoting comments. It is probably Islamists trying to spam you sight. There are ways of fixing this.

    On the subject of CPAC and Grover Noquist, Pam Geller is exactly correct. Norquist should not be allowed in decent company. He is a promoter of Jew hatred and a supporter of terrorist affilliated associations. Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty would be better off going independent. My guess is that because their view on foreign policy is pretty much the same as Obama's (anti-Israel and appeasing of Islamist terrorists) they would draw more from Obama's crew that from what is left over of the despicable Buchananites in the Repub party

  • davarino

    Very good interview Jamie. It is clear that our government is being infiltrated on both sides of the isle and there are many traitors in our midst. I am of the opinion that the Republican party will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming back to its conservative/patriotic roots. Come to think of it, so will the Democratic party, maybe not conservative but moderate roots. I like a lot of what Ron Paul says but when he aligns himself with people on the left concerning this issue, he makes me wander what he really is about. Sorry but if the RNC doesnt come back then I will vote my conscience and if the democrats win in november and in 2012 then I can live with that. Maybe the RNC will get the message the next time around.

  • The_Inquisitor

    "The panel agreed with Obama, that Muslims are angry with us because of our actions, and will stop being angry with us if we change our foreign policy."

    We hear that foolishness from Paul supporters. They should look at Israel's history of appeasement and read "The Oslo Syndrome" by Kenneth Levin.

    • Jim C.

      The problem with this article, and the focus of this website in general is that someone makes a general assertion: "The Muslims (?) are angry with us for our actions" and immediately the knee jerks to "No! They hate us just because!"

      So instead of looking at our foreign policy as a comprehensive take on a bunch of constituent and very different parts, instead we get "Us vs. 'Muslims!'" This is peurile.

      Islamicism is a threat we all want and need to deal with. But we need to take a deep breath and get real. While people here perseverate over "Muslims," the average jihadist has his mind on different things. To quote the popular book: "He's just not that into you."

  • eyes wide open

    Ron Paul's a traitor ,and an enemy of Israel n- WAKE UP CPAC ,any "truther "is a traitor.
    The Birchers are facists , The Birthers are morons, and there are afew other groups gthat have neo-nazi and white supremacist connections in this cesspool that mixes Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party .

    Youi guys better get out of the mud and clean yourselves up .
    And you're whining about " Leftists " ….LOOK WHO YOU"RE IN BED WITH !

    Truthers , racists ,supremacists, moronic birthers , Birchers , they're all showing up at your "Tea Parties " …..and if any think that people are not taking notice , then threy're dumber than anyone thinks . IF – The RNC thinks it can tip toe through this without cost , they're crazy .. all they will have when 2012 comes around , is an incoherent pile of dung .

    Dont think so ? Just keep an eye on whose bailing out already .

    • cjk

      Like I said before you're a race obsessed chump!

  • Trencherbone

    Islamic infiltration and subversion is advancing rapidly. See links under INFILTRATION, SUBVERSION AND SEDITION and POLITICAL PARALYSIS IN THE FACE OF ISLAMIC AGGRESSION at

  • bardefa

    just find out who has paid him off (hint: not Sweden) – and get him for treason – but who will do it?

  • Tom Degan

    One speaker called it the "Conservative Woodstock". But unlike the first one, "our women are beautiful." Apparently this freak has a thing for Phyllis Schlafly.

    So I guess the writing is on the wall; the Democrats are going to get hammered on Election Day, right? I wouldn't be too sure about that. There are far too many monkey wrenches that are ready to be thrown into this engine. The most amusing thing to observe during the CPAC festiviities last Thursday was their subtle attempt to disassociate themselves from the so-called "Tea Party Movement" without flatly rejecting it. What is going on here?

    Here's what's going on: The cooler heads within the Republican National Committee know damned well that the Tea Partiers are a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. It's not merely the fact that most of these people are dumber than doggy dung, it is also the ugly reality that so much (although not all) of that movement is based on the nasty philosophy that has embodied the white supremacist movement for decades. You could hear it in the remarks made by the protesters at the September 12, "March on Washington". You could see it in the signs they carried. Most of these twits refuse to even acknowledge the fact that the president of the United States is an American citizen!

    Like Neville Chamberlain appeasing der fuhrer at the Munich conference in 1938, the RNC is frantically searching for a "peace in our time" moment. They have quite a dilemma before them to be sure. On the one hand they need to keep these knuckleheads "inside the tent pissing out" – so to speak. On the other hand they have to avoid alienating the moderates. Like the demented uncle living in the attic, they must do everything humanly possible to make sure that any contact with the neighborhood kids is limited if you know what I mean.

    The Tea Party people are already claiming credit for Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts a couple weeks ago. They are determined to steer the course of the GOP in November, come hell or high water. If they are allowed control of the party, their extremism will only turn off a huge segment of the voting population. If they are denied that opportunity, they will splinter off into third and even fourth party uprisings. Have you ever watched an elephant try to walk a tightrope? It's more fun than a barrel of donkeys!

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

    • Jim C.

      Scott Brown–Funny, I don't hear conservatives getting too excited about Arlen Specter. And that's who Scott Brown is.

      The TEA party has a limited shelf life, because its adherents don't have any coherence. For the most part, these are good, everyday hardworking people, and one could say they HAVE been "taxed enough already." Unfortunately, the interests they serve are not really their own, but those of the corporatists and the very rich. The TEA partiers talk a good "anti-Wall Street" game, but play right into Wall Street's hands. They cherish their Medicare whilst ranting against government involvement in health care.

      What they don't get: the wealthy in this country have NOT been "taxed enough already." They've been skimming off our backs for 30 years. As they get richer, we spin our wheels and bail THEM out. They've effectively created a corporatist government–effective because both parties are addicted to their money. They call the shots. There's only one way to take them down a peg: tax the crap out of them. They can adjust, or they can take their anti-American asses out of the country (where they sent our jobs).

      • Paul

        Another Left wing REDISTRIBUTIONIST loon, I see. " the wealthy in this country have NOT been "taxed enough already."
        You guys must be off your meds.

        Here's something for you reds to think about: Wall Street HEAVILY supports the democRATs. Your guys….

    • tompro97

      Been sniffing the glue again, Tom?? What a couple retarded assinine rants by an obviously disturbed left-wing radical!!! You should seek help before you really go off the deep end..

    • Paul

      From what I see, Tom, the average tea party participant is a true American, which is apparently something you are hostile to. Your smears and aspersions are clearly those of a Leftist Loon, so there is no doubt that you are Progressive, and either a Democrat or RINO infiltrator into the GOP. The average tea partier I have met has more honesty, less racism, more decency, and clearly more intelligence than do you.

      And btw, since you are so self-proclaimed in your "intelligence" why not see if you can recover the Obama records that have so far been successfully sealed off and concealed.

  • rbla

    Grover Norquist is certainly a promoter of Muslim interests and is, undoubtedly well paid for his services. But what was not mentioned is that he is also an effective shill for the cheap labor open borders lobby. As far back as the nineties he used his considerable clout to help kill any reasonable proposal for scaling back our bloated immigration influx. Norquist, one of the chief grave diggers of the republic, works in every way he can to destroy western civilization, whether through supporting mass third world immigration or through Islamization. All sides of the debate should recognize this. To the paleoconservatives – has your dislike for Jews so totally blinded you to your own self interest that you would follow this man's lead? To anti-Jihadists – do you really think that having the US turn into a squabbling mass of third world nationalities will be good for the resistance to Islam?

    • camper of the saints

      Direct and to the point.

  • USMCSniper

    Ron Paul is the favorite candidate of a number of redneck, racist, neo-Nazi and conspiracist websites. While Paul cannot be held accountable for the views of cranks and kooks, he can disavow their support and return their checks.

    Moreover, Paul seems to be playing a sly game with his conspiracy-minded fans. He does not explicitly endorse the crazier theories out there, but he hints at dark forces in the U.S. government threatening our liberties, he inveighs against the "neo-cons" (shorthand for Jews in some circles) and he gives aid and comfort to the paranoid by appearing on their favorite radio shows.

    No, Ron Paul is not my candidate. Not for president. He says will eliminate the IRS, the CIA, the FBI and other government agencies within weeks of taking office is ridiculous. That is what I expect from a nutcase.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I regularly comment at a number of conservative websites, including FPM. On ALL of them, there is a vocal, arrogant, and extremely aggressive Ron Paul faction. Rep. Paul, himself, doesn't go into any sort of detail on the conspiracy theories. However, his supporters never stop harping on them. Many of them vocally proclaim their pride at having been a CPAC.

    As long as the Paulistas, and people like Grover Norquist, have an honored seat at the table, CPAC has ceased to be conservative.


    Let's remember there are Israeli terrorists loose on the streets of Dubai.

    • badaboo

      And thats a good thing , you call'em terrorists ? For what ? Extrerminating a baby killer ? A hate-filled anti-semitic murderer , got exactly what he deserved and btw was leghally culpbale for . If there is a thing called justice ….then it has been served .
      Sleep well tonite S -bucket

  • Historyscoper

    As Muslims continue to pour into the West, bringing Islam, Sharia and jihad with them, remaining an Islam history ignoramus is no longer an option. Go to school free online with the Historyscoper and master all the key facts about Islam and its horror show history and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. To get started click

  • badaboo

    Is anyone surprised regarding this criticism of CPAC ?Geller is dead on target . Invite the lunatic fringe in your door and your house becomes a pigpen , and right about now ,that's just what CPAC looks like ….and the criticism will grow ,as more people realize just who these dreggs are .
    The very things FPM stands for and most bloogers here , are tossed aside for political expedience . The RNC bombs out AGAIN .
    And some IGNORAMUS herde calls it what ?

    Sorry chumps , Woodstock had way , way , more class What it was and IS in reality is an Obama/democrat HATE-FEST with the Peanut Gallery filled with long since marginalized hategroups , supremacist groups et al , just like old diseases once eliminated , but now re-introduced on purpose for the sake of what the Tea Party really percieves as the enemy …..the other half of America who voted Democrat in the election .

  • badaboo

    And PROOF of this , is the stamp of approval that Ron Paul has recieved , for ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about Paul , knows DAMN WELL that he is and always has been for eliminating aid to Israel , not to mention his traitorous connection with Truthers and other bizzarro therories coming out of his mouth .
    People weill not forget this .
    It seems the right has embraced the notion "Enemy of my enemy is my freind " and it's going to blow up right in their faces .
    It is more important to be the party in powert than it is to address the REAL ENEMIES of this country – MUSLIMS AND ISLAM .
    The RNC , alleged Conservatives and the Tea Party , are fast becoming walking OXYMORONS .

  • Delta Mike 67

    Until CPAC can ferret out Grover Norquist, the Jihadist water carrier, nothing will change.

    • badaboo

      After the tacit approval of Ron Paul , ferreting out Norquist seems very unlikely .

  • LucyQ

    The translation: Our wars in the ME will all be lost because we cannot economically sustain them. The Bush/Obama war policies are a disaster for the US and we shouldn't be invading nations for revenge only.

    This proves, again, that there is no difference between the GOP and the Dems. Needless to say, it is more than cowardly to blame Israel for all the troubles of the US.

  • lovezion

    I'm shocked at the multiple connections between muslims and all politics and all colors of so-called Americans too! Love your comments. May I ask to please also help CAMERA against the "Apartheid Week" organized by muslims and their American supporters, by going to the newly created blog by CAMERA, here:

    "To face this challenge on North American campuses and beyond, CAMERA has created a new Web site that exposes the Apartheid Week organizers as the extremists they are, and presents factual information about the Jewish state.

    The new Web site is a must read for students and the general public alike. It can be found at

    CAMERA's student representatives, the 2010 Legacy Heritage CAMERA Campus Fellows, are also active on 22 campuses to counter the hate and falsehoods of Apartheid Week. You can read an Op-Ed by our University of Arizona fellow, published on that campuses widely read Arizona Daily Wildcat here:

    You can subscribe to them here: and their website is here: Thanks so very much!

  • Poppakap

    Hey BB,

    Aren't you tired of pasting the same old crapola here that you've been pasting for months? If you've really got something to say, start your own blog or website and see whether people give a damn about your opinions. Otherwise, stop clogging up the comments section of FPM with the same inane, extra-topical junk.

    People read comments because they want to know what people are thinking/saying on the topic of the article above. We get really tired of knuckleheads larding up comments with opinions that only the poster cares about and that have nothing to do with the relevant topic.

    So until you really have something to add to the conversation at hand, go paste your delusions elsewhere.

  • K30

    Right wing Americans share everything with Jihadists except using the use of the english word "god" instead of the arabic word "allah" in believing that liberal secular thinking should be crushed. Me, I'm on the side that's not on the side of religious extremists – I'm anti-right-wing and pro-freedom.

    "Christian Reconstructionism etc. Developments: 1999 to nowChristian Reconstructionism etc. Developments: 1999 … advocate that the: "… death penalty be used to punish those guilty of 'apostasy (abandonment of the faith), heresy, blasphemy … "

  • Faith

    Great interview! Thank you Jamie and Pamela. You are so right. And SHAME on the conservative groups, particularly the conservative evangelical ones that are unwilling and/or afraid to cut ties with Norquist because "everyone is there." Well, everyone wouldn't be there if they weren't there. Instead of attending Norquist's strategy meetings they should walk away. Next interview, don't just expose Norquist and CPAC, expose of all of those groups that continue to go to his meetings week after week.

  • Seek

    Grover, I might add, is a highly influential proponent of the "ownership society" idea, which has led directly to the current mortgage meltdown. It's an outgrowth of the supply-side, growth-at-any-cost mentality promoted more than anyone else by Grover's ally, the late Jack Kemp. Norquist's friend, Karl Rove, also bought into this line big time, and so did Rove's boss, President George W. Bush.

    Happy bailout!

  • J. D. Saunders

    Thanks! I'll not touch CPAC or the ACU with a ten foot pole. Same for Ron Paul. I'm very much a conservative, but no fool. Islam is a large and growing threat.

  • Katy

    I was a blogger at CPAC in blogger's row and didn't even know about your event. Would have been happy to come and cover it if only I'd known. So would others.

    Had no idea Grover is married to a Palestinian. Wow! That's all I needed to know.

    He's been here to here to Raleigh to speak many times and have seen him in DC lots of others. Have known he's full o' bunk for years but couldn't put my finger on it. He peaked my b.s. meter based on the creepy people I know from here that have worked with him. Now, I know why. Thx to you.

    Not all "conservatives" at CPAC are Ron Paul people. I'm a social and fiscal conservative in the old style of US Sen. Jesse Helms who stood firm against communism and would have done the same in the face of today's terrorism! The Ron Paulers think that we'll just be okay if we pull out of the middle east and leave them alone. WRONG.

    Thanks for your hard work.

    IMHO, the ACU caved to the codeword, Freedom, as that's the populist buzzword amongst the young activists (I'm apparently old at 43) but I have hope for them. I was lucky enough to go to high school and college during Reagan's presidency but the kids today are kind of lost. They are grabbing at what is popular, or what seems to be. Right now, that's the so-called Constitutionalist movement, that the libertarians are running. Shuush. They don't like to be called libertarians.

    Nothing wrong w/Freedom but the libertarians are trying to corrupt our Constitution.

  • C.R.

    Contrary to what some ignorant people believe–Grover Norquist is not a christian–and he is not a conservative–he has been in collusion with Muslim extremists for many years. In fact when asked about his [so called] faith he would not answer, stating because it was too personal. His wife is a Muslim and since Muslims cannot marry those who are not Muslim–what does that tell you?

  • JasonP

    I feared that conservatives couldn't maintain their resolve in the fight against a religious enemy in contrast to their resolve against atheistic communism, as I wrote here in 2004:….

    We have problems on both the left and right—different problems—but both can’t vilify a vicious ideology for various reasons. The left’s relativism prevents it from criticizing any foreign culture. They're hopeless; our only hope is the right. We must fight to reform the right. The right has a difficult time criticizing another religion. Whenever God is invoked, most on the right genuflect. We need a more profound analysis that goes beyond religion.

  • Eric

    14 trillion in debt and we still occupy the same countries we occupied after WW2.

    When will people stop falling for the bs the neo-cons are spinning. For all the talk about small government, get them to denounce a single thing related to are bloated military industrial complex. You will hear nothing buy crickets out of these dolts.

    We have [plenty to be fearful of, but a bunch of backwards extremists is nothing compared to the coming economic collapse that is inevitable if you chicken hawks don't wake up and fast.

    Our entire political system is centered around individual rights, not being the protector of the universe. Trying to take a government pact (the constitution( designed to protect individual rights and make it maintain an empire is ridiculous.

    And this remains true no matter how many war czars you appoint.

    In fact, if you agree with an administration comfortable giving anybody the title of czar, why don't you get the hell out of this country and go live in some already turned fascist state that would obviously suit your political goals much better.

  • Lionel Trains

    Lionel is a identify in product trains for a long time.They’ve a number of different sizes and styles for everyone. Together with the company dating back again with the early 1900’s, they are even now a well-liked pick for several. They’ve got had their share of problems, nonetheless they are still right here and here to stay.

  • pabloschwartz

    Interesting. What is Mz Geller's position on the Saudi Wahhabi cult's bid to take over global Islam and to dominate American media? As we speak, the UK and Hillary Clinton are arguing for an al-Qaeda coup in Syria ..