Defensible Borders For Israel

In any future agreement with the Palestinians, Israel has a critical need for defensible borders. Watch this new video, produced by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, that outlines the threats to Israel from terrorist rockets, ballistic missiles, and conventional ground and air threats from the east:

  • Jon Dyson

    This is a short but brilliant film that deserves widespread viewing. In particular, the need for Israel to retain total control of the Jordan valley is well presented. Less so are other dangers which it tends to UNDERPLAY.

    For example, the film seems to accept a 'demilitarized' Palestinian state as if it were unproblematic. It isn't. The prospect of a Palestinian government gaining possession of illegal weapons systems and training personnel in their use outside its territory (in the manner of Weimar Germany of the 1920's training its illegal airforce in the Soviet Union) is impossible to ignore.

    Likewise, the smuggling of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles into a new Palestinian state by the Palestinian government and/or outside fanatical organisations is inevitable. Similarly, the likelihood of a link-up between a Palestinian state and other states and non-state organisations in an anti-Israel alliance must be ranked as highly probable.

    In combination, these and other factors would be impossible risks for israel. See my blog at for more detailed arguments.


    • Stephen_Brady

      Jon, I agree with your assessment about the film. It does underplay the problems associated with a "demilitarized" Palestinian State, on the West Bank. Also, except the part about the "vital arteries" of Israel, it made no mention of the Golan Heights (which must be held by Israel to ensure that an invasion doesn't come from Syria).

      You mentioned the training of the German Air Force (the Luftwaffe, for those who don't know) in the Soviet Union under the Weimar Republic. Also, the incipient Tank forces (the Panzers) were trained there. There is no part of me that doesn't believe that Abbas or his successors would develop a Palestinian Army in Syria, or elsewhere.

      I'm of the opinion that the Palestinian issue must be settled … as aspacia said below … by giving compensation to the PALs and making Gaza, along with the West Bank, Jewish territory.

  • Pierre

    Israel needs "natural boarders" as other countries.

  • AL__
  • John

    It is not uncommon for adjacent countries to adjust their borders without violence. The Gadsden Purchase by the USA from Mexico changed the American SW border peacefully.
    Alaska was bought peacefully from Russia.

  • aspacia

    Pay compensation; expel Arabs to any land that will take them, their brethren sure won't. Annihilate those who remain, as they want to annihilate Israel.

    • William Smart

      That's almost identical to what Nazis in the mid-1930s were doing to the Jews, their generosity meant that by 1939 only poor ones were left.

  • visa usa

    Israel – you have a Great God! Take back the Gaza area, West Bank with true prayer and
    trust in Him. The land is yours plus more and you must not take a defensive position any longer regardless of what the nations blather about. You are in the right.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Palestinians should be sent to Jordan and Egypt or any Arab country worried
    about their welfare. The Palestinians exist for the sole purpose of attacking Israel
    and killing its people. How could any sane person, considering all that Israel has
    offered the Palestinians who have always answered with more bloodshed expect
    any peaceful settlement, the idea of Peace for the Palestinian thugs is every
    Israeli dead and gone. The continuation of this farce is unacceptable, slow suicide
    by Israel seems certain if they pursue and unchangeable dead end. The surrounding
    nations are preparing another joint war of annihilation against Israel and this time
    the only way Israel will survive is by using Nuclear weapons, time may have run

  • Rick Stanich

    Israel you are indeed on the "right" path You must create defensible borders. It is so obvious that B Hussein obama is on the "Left " path of those who hate ISRAEL . THose on the left believe in nothing but lies , Do not fear those who believe that LIES are reality or truth. History may be rewritten in the minds of retards , but those on the 'Right" path will always defend Israel if it so decides to take back its historical boundries.
    Forget about Osama , i mean Obama