Fascist Tactics at UC Irvine

Last Monday evening at UC Irvine, a Muslim mob tried to shut down free speech, heckling Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren.  It took close to an hour before the mob left the room.  How will the administration at UC Irvine secure free speech on its campus? This is an issue for campuses around the world. To watch a video clip of the fascist tactics of Muslim students to silence Michael Oren, click here.

  • Ozymandias

    A handful of protesters heckling is a 'Mob' because they're moslem – hmmm – and of course Jews never dispute anything – amongst each other or with anyone else – and there I was under the impression that heckle shekel was part of their genetic code – silly me – and to be under the impression too that language on FrontPage is always neutral – ah well…

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      By muslim I imagine you mean mohammedans? The worshipers of that murderous child rapist?
      Those that adore a meteorite and have a rampage while doing so every few years resulting in the deaths of scores?

    • John C. Davidson

      Very disrespectful by them and most certainly by you. Keep your anonymity along with your ridiculous comments anonymous until you have the courage to identify who you are or represent.

  • J. D. Saunders

    Ozymandias' jack boots fit him very well.

  • Ozymandias

    J D Saunders above

    My case rests

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      No chumpski our case rests

  • Ozymandias

    'Gingus Kahn [Ghengis Khan!]. He made his living by plundering'

    And what pray does the USA make its living from these last 200 years?

    Steve – it might be of interest to you in light of your keen interest in history to know that on one of his summer campaigns, Ghengis took back with his army 170,000 ears in sacks – and they only took one ear from each body so that they had an accurate count.

    And of course that was then – and if I recall the Torah correctly Yahweh besides being a 'Jealous God' and wont to smite his enemies whether Assyrian or Philistine with a fair old degree of normal brutality for those days – and US rape & pillage is happening right now – curious that Bill of Rights of yours as a civilizing document hey?!

    Good old ee cummings had you lot bang to rights with his delightful comment on rapacious US imperialism & racial denigration in 'YGUDUH'': Just substitute 'Moslem' or 'Palestinian' for 'Yellow' – and you'll get the drift – maybe?


    ydoan o
    yunnuhstand dem
    yguduh ged

    yunnuhstan dem doidee
    yguduh ged riduh
    ydoan o nudn

    LISN bud LISN


    lidl yelluh bas
    tuds weer goin


    ee cummings

    • So Cal Mike

      In the short span of 200 years the USA has invented more medicine, more innovation in science, technology, farming, surgical techniques, micro technology, nano technology ad nauseaum ad infinitum than the rest of the world combined within a system based on trade while promoting this system globally to the point where even the formerly communist nations grasp and understand the advantages of 21st century trade. You must be a college student so totally enslaved to propaganda and false rhetorical arguments if they can even be called that.
      Try making some sense.

      • Ozymandias

        And your point is…?

        Ah Yes – Pax Americana & American Exceptionalism trump morality – Now where else have I heard that before – could it have emanated from somewhere in the Middle East perhaps?

        And let's not of course forget of course the delivery methodology for your technological prowess and manifestly benign Good Works:

        Not really surprising that 'Ye shall reap what ye sew' has popped up so spectacularly in the blowback we have all currently suffered from.

        And to make the observation, you categorize as being 'enslaved to propaganda'

        Not very clever really as it simply cuts the ground from any argument you make Mike.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

          While ancient Israel did indeed engage in specific instances of what we would term genocide by command from God, they were just that specific judgments from God upon specific groups at specific times.

          Comparing that with the Devil al' and his child abusing servant mo's open ended commands for world conquest is ridiculous, but than again lying for the furtherance of mohammadanism is sanctioned by the pedophile himself so I guess no one should be surprised by your comparison.

  • http://www.itecode.com pr 10

    hmmmmm. One person's angry zealous mob is another man's marketing opportunity. Just go Moslem for a little while and sell out.

    Sell out like heath ledger sold out to play the Joker. How about some humus made by nuns sold to Kuwaiti princes while they wait in line? Instigate the mob and start a feeding frenzy if you don't want them around. If you do want them around, we hell, everyone wants a pair of Nikes.

    Come on. They are dealing with the USA. We are like the Michael Jordan of bad tricks. If campus security won't do jack, just have a conservative fraternity pledge to join up to campus security and start cracking heads open ourselves.

  • So Cal Mike

    I blame the adminstrators for tolerating this behavior from those seeking to help finish what Hitler started. Only a mere generation ago this grade of behavior would have resulted in expulsion not just from campus but from the entire UC system.
    Today speakers on campus of the anti-Left or anti-jihadi persuasion or mere symbols of such require the presence of police and armed grards.
    I love the way these perfect cowards cry foul as they foul and they cry intimidation as they intimidate and they cry genocide as their friends Hamas and Hizbulloh incite and seek genocide but I've learned to expect this from Jew haters and from victims brainwashed on propaganda for at least 2 generations.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      It's like a microcosm of the Arab/Israeli conflict where the obvious good party is demonized worldwide while the peoples who teach their 3 year old children to hate with all their hearts are coddled and excused by the rest of the craven world

  • Ozymandias

    'Only a mere generation ago this grade of behavior…'

    Erm – so you want to return to the Good Old Days?

    If indeed you were around a generation ago Mike you may recall the reaction by the authorities police and National Guard toward on campus in relation to the anti Vietnam movement protests – The Civil Rights marches – and Kent State where 4 students were killed and 9 wounded

    Don't be such a Wuss and stop whingeing – there is simply no comparison

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      That's right, bad happens everywhere idiot, but at least we can investigate and examine our faults unlike The Ummah where followers of the pedophile profit run wild daily without any restraint.

    • So Cal Mike

      At some point when you stop extending your adolesence at the expense of taxpayers and your parents, you'll realize that rhetorical drivel has no factual or material value unless of course you go on to become a news writer or a professor.
      And the movements you cite were not anti-Vietnam. They were pro-Ho Chi Minh and pro-North Vietnam and anti-draft. Take a trip to Little Saigon promoting your ideas but let me know first. I'd like to be there to watch.
      I have zero sympathy for the lawless dirt at Kent State. When cops tell you to stand down, you stand down. It's pretty simple. Try telling an American cop to buzz off next time he asks to see your license or makes a request. They carry guns and badges for a reason.

  • Sovereign Soul

    The question of Muslim terror was never so succinctly answered as here by Lt. Col. Allen West. (Courtesy of The Hudson Institute's Reclaim American Liberty Conference).

    Colonel Allen West Answers a Marine's Question

    A most remarkable man — this Lt. Col. Allen West; a scholar who has the integrity and courage to speak up against Politically Correct institutional dogma. "Islam is NOT a religion — its a theo-political belief system at war since the 7th century"; and the Col., relates its historical examples. Watch this my Muslim friends. Particularly his words starting at min. 2:50:

    "… until you get political leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that, we will continue to chase our tail because we will never define who this enemy is and then understand (what) their objective is … to not only secure our Republic but to secure Western Civilization."

    Watch & listen to the Col. say it at this link…

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/paulfoote paulfoote

    UCI should have invited speakers who have something of value to offer, such as Sir Gerald Kaufman or professors opposed to the Gaza massacre.
    As a professor who has taught as an adjunct professor at UCI, I was shocked to hear a man telling the students that he would fail them on their examinations for protesting this event. No reputable university would permit faculty members to do this. Grades must be based upon the quality of the examinations. David Horowitz has written about his college days many professors did not behave this way. At the University of Michigan, I received a high grade in a Philosophy of Communism course even though I wrote my examinations with answers critical of Karl Marx and supportive of capitalism. If I were a student today, I would be writing essays critical of Moses Hess, the "Communist Rabbi" who helped Karl Marx write drafts of The Communist Manifesto and who wrote a book in 1862 advocating the Zionist takeover of Palestine. I would be joining students in protesting against Israel's war crimes. Today, students should be studying important books, such as:
    The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians
    by Michael Hoffman and Moshe Lieberman

    • So Cal Mike

      No reputable university would allow or tolerate such thuggish behavior.
      And you're comments leave one wondering "are you a professional liar or simply seriously deluded?" Funny how so many professors and news writers manage to do that these days. Israeli war crimes? Please. Self defense isn't a war crime.
      You're either misguided and misinformed or you simply hate Jews.
      Probably the former but possibly the latter or even both.
      Not much has changed in 70 years.
      And in case you haven't noticed from the heights of the Ivory Tower, a genocide or Holocaust is marked by a radical DECREASE in the population of people like Jews and Cambodians losing a full 1/3 of their total population. The population of the Arabs you call Palestinians has tripled during the last 4 decades.
      Wise up or buzz off.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/paulfoote paulfoote

        "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."
        –Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994

        Tens of millions of Christians in the Soviet Union did not count?

        Stalin's Jews

        We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish

        Published: 12.21.06, 23:35 / Israel Opinion


        Armenian Christians do not count?

        The complete 575 page book
        The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians
        Christopher Jon Bjerknes
        Enlarged Second Edition


        Do you need more examples?

        Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit
        By Michael Hoffman


        • So Cal Mike

          You're mulitilating the truth and allowing others to rewrite history for you.
          The Jews committed the Armenian genocide? Please.
          Turkey must be a majority Jewish country.
          And the Jews murdered Christians in the USSR? Lenin and Stalin must have been Jews then.
          The population of Jews in the entire world fell from 17 million in 1939 to 11 million in 1945.
          Astonishing. Next I expect you the cite Norm Finkelstein or the Nuterai Karta (I forgot the correct spelling.) or even the Protcols of the Elders of Zion.

        • trodaball

          Paul, Are going to join Hamas or Hezbollah ? Tough choice huh ? I'm sure there wil be a Propaganda Dept. opening soon. Someone will hire you, just be patient.

    • trodaball

      Wow Mr. adjunct professor, you must really know how to explain to all of us peasants how kind and generous the Islamists all across the globe really are. Tell us how their self-proclaimed goals for Sharia Law through submission or violence, even in non-Israeli related areas, gives so much hope and liberation for the future. Tell us stooges how beheadings, explosions, stonings, honor-killings, ect. are justified so we can join this wonderful movement. Please pontificate your infinite expertise concerning how honest and trustworthy Wahabism is so we can have real peace in the world.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

    LOL! Ozymandias is just pissed because someone shed a little light on the murderous, thieving, pedophile that he worships. LOL
    This paul-fool idiot is blind and mentally stunted (if not also a worshiper of the pedophile profit) because he justifies the savage blood-thirsty worshipers of a pedophile profit in their relentless unjust jihad against a people who just want to live in peace.

    " The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians " ……. WTF? To anyone with half a brain who hasn't dwelled in a dark cave for the last 130 years this is a ridiculous statement or title unless we're talking sarcasm.

    • Ozymandias

      cjk – I know that they say the difference between Christianity and Judaism is that while 'Jesus Saves – Moses invests' – which would hopefully of course have yielded handsome profits – I fear in your various illiterate diatribes above you may have meant that Mohamed was a 'Prophet' – rather than 'Profit' – just as were Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Abraham, Job, Micah and all the rest. As to his sexual proclivities – I have no idea – but then do not forget that Onan 'spilled his seed upon the ground' the naughty boy – does this count?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

        Sorry, but I would never include such a disgusting murderous pedophile profit to even be mentioned among the ranks of the righteous let alone real prophets
        Everything I said is in your own diabolic scripture and is backed by all the major schools of mohammedanism chief.
        I guess it takes a worshiper of the pedophile profit to equate 'beating off' with pedophilia !?.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

        By the way what tine is it in Mecca? You're probably due to spit out a prayer toward your meteorite god while smelling your fellow idolater's ass in front of you ! LOL!

      • So Cal Mike

        Like I said in another post, when you grow up, you'll realize the value of results combined with logic contrasted with the non-value of rhetoric.
        The spectacle of children knowing only freedom and prosperity carrying water for war lords, dictators and pedophiles is….well… those words aren't really appropriate for this forum. I suspect if you ventured out into the world and managed to learn the difference on your own hide or had the experience of witnessing others suffering at the hands of those you're defending, you might have a different more realistic take on the world.
        Unti then….
        CJK hit the bull's eye with every word he or she uttered. He was exactly correct where you're lost in the world of rhetorical devices divorced from reality.

  • http://www.drgoodley.com Paul Goodley, M.D.

    I can't know what the authors intended, but some of the cesspool comments here emphasize how deep viciousness desires that this world descend into anarchy. As always in my experience, Front Page is up front with issues that threaten the American values that ordinary people grew up with. I state that knowing well the corruption inherent in any human activity. Only the coming of Messiah will bring about equity and peace.

    But for the spewers of such hate to live in the most free society that has ever existed, and to mindlessly try to undermine the foundation of free speech – on an allegedly American university – demonstrates a few of the issues humankind is confronted with: we are in a clash of civilizations, which is the attempt to civilize against the attempt to decivilize by any means however, in decent eyes, corrupt and filthy it can be.

    If anyone still blind to the threat we face from minds that have been psychopathically twisted beyond repair, here is the reading that if this doesn't assert the nature of the war to them, they also are hopeless.

    Any academic integrity at all would dictate a reasonable way to handle those perverted near-animals: Any entrant to such a meeting would be required to sign a document before entering that states that the signer understands and accepts that any student who disturbs the speaker's address will cause immediate expulsion from the university without recourse and with agreement that no legal suites will be filed to harass the university's functions. Any violence would cause immediate arrest with criminal charges being filed. Some suitable penalty would have to be assigned to non-students.

    Those animals are in the U.S. to destroy it. The have no intention to absorb the potential for maturing their character. They are enemy aliens. They are spreading like vermin.

    We need more Geert Wilders. We need patriots from the Tea Parties to recognize that the threat to America transcends the sociopathy of the obaminations in our government.

    Simply stated, G-d bless America! And may every American awaken and fight this battle for survival against the hordes. Israel is, and always will be until the end, the flint stone. But no one decent is, in truth, unthreatened.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

      The truth needs to be relentlessly disseminated while evil needs to be faced and ridiculed for what it truly is.

    • So Cal Mike

      Dr. Paul,
      Thank you for the rational measured words.
      When the heat starts to rise, we need folks like you.

  • John C. Davidson

    Professor Mike Adams addressed this situation in a similar post in Townhall. My concern is in regard to the recent signing of the "Hate Crimes" act our President signed and why it only seems to apply to certain groups. Someday might we all be arrested, I wonder aloud,.. Not too loudly, I must admit.

  • 080

    I don't know if these are peculiarly fascist tactics. Back in the 1960s Herbert Marcuse of the Marxist Frankfurter school unleashed his doctrine of "repressive tolerance". It meant that you shout down the opposition. It was very popular throughout Academia. It is now just as Marxist as it is fascist.

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/cjk cjk

    It's an absolute outrageous joke that people don't know these clear facts taken from the mohammedan scriptures (Hadith/Queeran) themselves and sanctioned by all official schools of mohammedanism.
    For my part I refuse to call them 'muslims' because that's a misnomer. A worshiper of mohammed (piss be upon him) should be called a mohammedan

    By the way I object to your defamation of Ghengis Khan; he never claimed divine sanction for his behavior and I never have read of him engaging in pedophilia.

  • lovezion

    Hi Linda and THANK YOU for you've told the whole story of the Israel-Palestinian conflict in a nutshell! What I say is: INSTEAD OF WASTING OUR TIME AND OUR HEART HEALTH, WE JEWS OF THE WORLD SHOULD FOLLOW A CERTAIN ADVICE(and I may have to type the rest in a following msg because of the length):

    The USA has been sold and it'll become increasingly unbearable! Our liberal government's antisemitism is obvious to all except the blind who don't want to see and…apparently most of the world doesn't want to see it…or just doesn't give a damn!

    History shows for 2000 years antisemites, even those who don't attack, haven't changed a bit and WILL NEVER CHANGE despite Jews' and Israelis' continuous efforts to do the right thing, even helping Israel's enemies! so…the ONLY thing to do to help Israel and all Jews to get our well deserved PEACE, is to follow this advice: (see the following message here).

  • lovezion



    (I'd love to be here when all Jews GO FOREVER since a world without Jews…ain' goin' to produce the wonders that have been part of us all for millennia! They'll regret this but hopefully no strong/healthy Jew will ever leave Israel!) :o)))