Hitler Discovers the Democrats Lost the House

The Fuhrer’s reaction to the GOP taking the House caught on video:

  • Bear from Russia

    Lol, funny thing)) Last year I saw the same thing about WoW.

  • Bear from Russia

    But I bet nothing will be changed in domestic policy .

  • davarino

    They will fight to the death, and we have to accomodate them. We have to stop being the nice guys and annihilate them. Im talking about the far left, that want to destroy America and make something else.

    • Philosopherking

      People on the left are communist. You can see it in their arguments that they make about government. Government must exist, it must control, and it can't release its grip on society. They claim otherwise but they can't explain why every single thing they think of seem to revolve around more government control.

    • USMCSniper

      We have to stop being the nice guys and annihilate them, you say? Ahhhh yess,,, never sttle anything with words that you you cansettle more effectively with a flamethrower. Them crispy critters never come back for a rematch!

  • Michael

    Time will Tell . We are literally existing on borrowed time and $ . When the tab comes. There will be blood. At least 60% of our politicians belong in prison.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • flyingtiger

    i didn't realize that Barrack Obama is so short tempered.

  • jaythehistorian

    I just wanted to point out , although this video is hilarious, it actually portrays a profound moment in world history. It portrays the moment Hitler realized there was absolutely no hope he would be able to avoid justice from the avenging angels: The Red Army led by the greatest general of WWII Marshal G.K. Zhukov.

    • Thomas E. Davis`

      Son, you may classify yourself as an historian but your utterances betray you. Zhukov wa not a General, he was a Marshal and a very adept one. The most astute and modest General most likely was one George C. Marshall a gradute of VMI. Don't forget, he was Macarther's boss as well as Eisenhower's.

    • DVG03

      I'll take Patton.

      • Rifleman

        …and Ridgeway, and Hodges.

  • jaythehistorian

    Zhukov was a general. The rank of Marshal is equivalent approximately of a 5 star general in the US Army. I know you have a bias for US Army generals. However, the Red Army inflicted 80% of the deaths the Wehrmacht suffered in WWII. A renowned British historian Max Hastings has written the top Soviet Commanders were in their own league among allied commanders. George Marshall never left Washington. Therefore, how can you say he was a great General? As for your knowledge of military history, or lack thereof, it is obvious you are not a historian. Eisenhower? Richard Overy ,highly esteemed WWII historian considers Eisenhower the most overrated commander in WWII.

    • Guest

      "… the Red Army inflicted 80% of the deaths the Wehrmacht suffered in WWII. "

      The Red army and a winter near Stalingrad I believe.

  • Bear from Russia

    Zhukov was a general first but then became a marshal. In the soviet army the rank of the marshal is right after the supreme commander. In the years of world war 2 the supreme commander of Red Army was Stalin himself. Zhukov and other marshals were right after him.
    Zhukov was a great war leader, but not the greatest one in Russian history. For example Suvorov or Kutuzov (A guy who defeated Napoleon) were greater.

  • Robert Laity

    Obama most likely lost his composure in kind.

  • garrett

    yeah hitler loved stalin…

  • Sagewolf

    It was Nazi arrogance that caused Germany to lose against Stalin. The Soviet people hated Stalin and offered blankets, food, and support to the Nazi army as it swept across Russia. Soviet soldiers even offered to join the Nazi's against Stalin.

    The Nazi's did rejected the offers from the Soviet people because the Nazi's believed they were superior to those people. The Nazi's abused, raped, pillaged, and killed Soviet citizens who tried to talk to them.