How Leftists Argue

A  new video brilliantly illuminates the mindset of the Politics of Bad Faith. Check it out here:

  • BoogiesDaddy

    This is pretty sick. I believe it's a conversation I had two years ago….or was I watching MSNBC?.

    • John

      I'm a Liberal and I found this pretty funny. It is a good example of how little you people understand your opposition. I've never met a liberal that is for the unregulated immigration of muslims. And that's just one of the many things this poorly done video gets wrong. We are against the government being involved in people's personal lives. And against the Republicans playing on y'all's religious beliefs, homophobia, and racism to get legislation passed that denies women rights over their bodies, homosexuals their right to get married, and allows tax cuts for the richest two percent of Americans. The same people that are sending millions of American jobs overseas. And I'm not some Berkley Poly Sci teacher caricature. I'm a Texan, I've been married for 22 years, and I have two grown atheist liberal sons. One about to graduate from UT. And y'all have no one to blame but yourself if we fear the Christians that surround us more than Muslims in the Middle East. You are much more of a threat to America than they are.

  • Stephan

    I want to translate this video into german – if anyone knows where to find the transcript, please, please post it.

    Thank you

  • weirdpeter

    It would be great to have a transcript of this video. I bet it seems eerily familiar to anyone who as chanced upon a leftist zealot

  • Andres de Alamaya

    The intent is right and noble but the execution is so amateurish that it becomes self-defeating.

    • Woke up

      I agree. Good points. I also would like to see this, with the script made more credible, with real live actors….two women so there isn't a nagging psychological distraction of male "dominance" interfering with the arguement. Or two men. Or have the roles reversed. Let the dumb liberal be the guy and have a sharp woman representing the conservatives.

  • stratman

    This is the perfct example of the dangers of KOOL-AID drinking!!

    • Philosopherking

      Even though this was meant as as spoof, I really thought it mimicked a real conversation with a liberal.

  • steven L

    A slippery slope towards universalism.
    The communist ideology promoted the same ideas. But the leadership was rich and happy!
    How many millions paid with their life? 40Mi in USSR and 70Mi in China!
    Some "super-humans" know better and believe that to repeat history is the right thing to do no matter how many millions die for their aberration.
    The unreformed Qur'an is no different

  • Philosopherking

    Its funny how when you point out aspects of Islam that you don't like they will call you a hate monger but when they do the same to Christianity its considered objective criticism. The track is "Islam is a religion of peace but Christians a secret Nazis". I think if criticizing a religion qualifies as bigotry then such as criticizing Islam then so should criticizing Christianity.

    Also, I've noticed that most things that liberals describe as negative such as christianity, free-trade, and etc were the same things that fascist and communist thought were negative. Is there a connection between the two? Perhaps people should look into it.

  • joyfuljoyful

    I must say that one unrealistic aspect of this re-created exchange between a right-thinking conservative man and a leftist, brain washed woman is that in the last minute or so when the man unloads on the woman, she is silent and listens. That NEVER happens. Should you attempt it, they will blow up in your face, screaming and yelling, accusing and swearing. But it was fun to have her be silent in this mocked- up version.

    But I believe this production is reflective of the fact that we, the conservative MAJORITY are no longer willing to be bullied about. We're done.

    • Philosopherking

      I thought that was the only one who noticed that. I actually tried to point out the difference between fact and opinion to a liberals and that liberal blew up and starting ranting about every irrational thought possible.

      I can't call them retarded because at least retarded people actually do try to think rationally.

      • Guest

        Liberals run on emotion and believe whatever makes them feel good about themselves. There's no substance to their feelings-based opinions. They've drunk the kool-ade.That's why they blow-up in "debate" with conservatives armed with facts and able to rationally make a case. Google MaxEntropy, squarespace.

    • Fiddler

      When they are losing the debate, they end up making lots of noise or shout you down. I remember David "attempting" to speak at Brown University and the "students" rudely turned their back on David. This is antithetical to Academic Freedom, and you don't see the faculty dissuading them. The apples don't fall too far from the tree. Sadly, students aren't taught how to think, but how to mimic. Heck parrots do that. Oh well the New York Times fulfills a role at the bottom of their cages.

  • tagalog

    "You are a bigot. I like Dancing With the Stars." Priceless.

  • Seek

    Arguing with a Leftist, I am afraid, is like arguing with a religious fundamentalist: Each begins with a conclusion in order to arrive at pre-selected evidence. Real argumentation works in reverse.

    I play no favorites. I dislike hysterics on the Right as much as I do those on the Left.

    • Wideband

      Well aren't you open minded.

    • Jay

      I guess only what you define as hysterics merits condemnation

    • D. I. Kasse

      I agree – both extremists are not worth hearing! I did enjoy laughing at this ridiculous liberal though – what a fool!

  • Patrick Henry

    The mind that produces such hatred when their ideas are challenged was called "anti-conceptual" by Ayn Rand. Such a person does not think beyond the perceptual level and therefore cannot distinguish between the metaphysical (i.e., natural phenomena) and that which is man-made (e.g., the economy). So when governments raise taxes, spend borrowed money, inflate currencies, etc. to redistribute wealth, the mind that is unable to understand a long chain of concepts is unable to see that wealth must first be created and that reversing those incentives will destroy that creative process. Moreover, that person will become hostile and abusive ("You're racist, greedy, corrupt, stupid…"), not simply because a cherished idea is being challenged, but that their whole mental process is under assault…by logic!
    This is what their fragile personality fears the most: That their carefully constructed world of group rights, special privileges and entitlement to other people's money might one day be replaced by the necessity to earn one's living and suffer the consequences of poor choices – they fear being held accountable to reality, thus their irrational disposition to opposing ideas.

    • Fiddler

      Very true. Gone are the days when people had to scratch out a living by clearing land and planting a farm. Now the "enlightened" youngsters in our colleges would say that that is hurting the environment. They have become the self-styled judge and jury of all that it took to try to build a free society.

      This is a generation of Iphones and Ipods, with many kids who have had to think of anyone but themselves. The word "sacrifice" and "service" never comes to their mind. They hide their corporate guilt by openly, irrationally thinking that protecting our borders is some kind of facist attempt to "keep poor people out". They are the irresponsible but highly vocal people that have never had to wrestle with the REAL difficulties of sustaining an economy. They are takers and want to make sure that all other takers have the same "opportunity". Many never change but some are forced to when they finally have to face a real crisis; something they can't blame on their parents or the proverbial "Bush".

  • Fiddler

    Correction: with many kids who have NOT had to think of anyone but themselves

  • Axe

    Actually laughed out loud on the line:

    "I am a liberal. I like TV."

    This video is now mandatory Thanksgiving/Christmas prep for (half of) my family, and couldn't be timelier.

  • Shubaba

    The funny thing about this video is the author is trying his best to make the liberal look bad the conservative look good but he's so totally crazy that he manages to make both look equally insane.

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Zuzu

    Notice how, every time he states a fact that disproves her view, she say "I don't care!" Just like the old saying — I've made up my mind, don't confuse me with the facts.

  • bubba4

    Where did this video come from….it's very strange….is it from that korean company that does wierd simulations where no video exists….lol

    The important part isn't the nuance of how to argue with or deal with or reason with a "liberal". The important part is that you have a cultic catchall to put people in if their thoughts or information makes you uncomfortable.

    Politics is only one dimension of life but they already have some of you judging everything within your perception as a conflict between right and left…go to newsreel blog (where I am banned from commenting apparently). Those guys can't even watch a TV show without deciding first if it contains "conservative" values or something and then they can approve of and enjoy it. It's psuedo religious and very bad for you.

  • ConservativeNinja09

    If anyone wants the original transcript, just go to my youtube page and ask. Can't believe I made it on Frontpagemag!! Awesome!!!!

  • ConservativeNinja09

    I made the video in about an hour and a half using the website Anyone can make these types of cartoons.