On The Front Line: Interview with David Horowitz

A new weekly TV prime time news show covering current events, “On the Front Line” with Christine Williams, is premiering on Ontario’s CTSTV on January 11th.

Williams interviewed David Horowitz recently at his Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach.


There are also interviews with Pamela Geller and Ann Coulter.

  • therealend

    With the apparent destruction of thought in our colleges as well as the out of control cost, it may be time for someone to develop a free, or extremely low cost online degree program. (Harvard had its beginning at some point) A free, online College couldn't offer courses in Engineering or Chemistry but could offer Liberal Arts courses to anyone. Of course, it would have to be self study but the US military already does that with career development and professional military education courses. So do nurses with continuing education courses. The limited curriculum wouldn't be too hard to figure out. With a laptop or netbook or a tablet PC or even an eReader this is possible.

  • Cliff

    Online courses serve a specific group of working individuals who don't have the time to attend class (which is fine). However, we risk inflating the number of college degrees faslely when we allow an influx of online degrees to enter the job market. The standards of an online degree compared to an actual on campus degree vary in my mind. A higher academic standard exists on campus rather then online and therefore online degrees should be limited by Universities.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Gotta love the man. What's so impressive about David is that – in the midst of fighting in the trenches for conservative causes over the last 26 years, he hasn't lost his sense of humor, or his humanity.

    When he was talking about the mind of the Left, David failed to mention one other important element (though he alluded to it). It is the feeling of moral superiority,…that Leftists truly care about people while conservatives don't. It's a fallacy of course, because as he pointed out, where are the voices on the Left defending Muslim children from FGM…(or for that matter, child marriage, honor killings, etc)?

    Our job as conservatives is not JUST to expose the hypocrisy of the left. We have to acknowledge and participate in the struggle against social pathologies and injustices, but in so doing, we must advance the importance of seeking solutions that aren't also destructive to the very people we are trying to help (e.g., instead of liberating the poor from their poverty, welfare consigned them to it, generationally).

    Another example would be cultivating a sense of personal responsibility in our citizenry. This is not only as part of the fight against social engineering and wealth re-distribution, but as a moral and ethical end in itself, something that transcends economics and helps to foster the spiritual/psychic well-being of the human soul.

    The same logic applies to issue after issue. In essence, we must reclaim the moral high ground as we advance our struggle against collectivism. Freedom is more than just an economic imperative, it is a moral one.

  • USMCSniper

    According to Dr Walter Williams; Teachers who are preaching instead of teaching might go a long way toward explaining why in civics, math, reading, writing and geography, nearly a quarter of all students leave high school with academic skills that are "Below Basic," the category the National Assessment of Educational Progress uses for students unable to display even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at their grade level. In science, 47 percent leave high school with skills Below Basic, and in American history, it's 57 percent. How do we fix this? Admit that public education at all levels based on dismal results and outrageous costs ($10,000 average per student in elementary and high schools and at $30,000+ at the college level) so by any objective criteria itis a collossal failure. The only way to make any major improvement in the educational system is through privatization to the point at which a substantial fraction – meaning the majority of all educational services are rendered to individuals by private enterprises. Nothing else will destroy or even greatly weaken the power of the current dismal educational establishment —and force them to improve.