Penn State’s Censorship Disgrace

The following new short film by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) documents the experience of Penn State student artist Joshua Stulman, whose “Portraits of Terror” art exhibit was censored by the university because it satirized Islamic terrorism. Stulman is just one of numerous college students and faculty members who have been silenced for discussing or criticizing Islamic extremism.

  • therealend

    When does our surrender become effective?

    • Robert


    • cameored

      January 20, 2008

  • tgbrowning
  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Fear stopped Gratz and fear is what stopped Penn State.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    An exposition of Islamic terrorism violates the university's "diversity" policy, but depicting Israel as a fascist, Apartheid state is standard fare virtually everywhere in academe. In true Orwellian fashion, some are more equal than others.

  • jim

    RE: "There is no justification for burning the Koran or drawing cartoons of Muhammad."

    YES THERE IS! Those who burn Korans or draw cartoons of Muhammad are sending a message that free speech is sacred and free people are not going to allow Islamic intimidation to stop it.

    Pamela, Robert, David, Geert, and others, are great spokesmen for the effort to inform people of the dangers of Islam, and they have pointed out that we, the people, having the right to free speech, also have the right to draw cartoons of anything we want to, including the warrior Muhammad, as well as the right to burn anything we want to, including the right to burn Mein Kampf or my Koran.

    But to have an even bigger impact, THEY ALSO NEED TO PROMOTE THE EXERCISE OF FREE SPEECH, such as draw Muhammad days and Koran burning days.

    An "International Free Speech Day" is needed. It will garner Muslim outrage, but that's good because Muslim outrage gets MSM coverage.

    Here's a petition for an International Free Speech Day:

    • AB7

      Molly Norris tried to set up a draw Muhammad day figuring that if everyone drew Muhammad the Muslims would not be able to kill everyone. Well it all fell apart and now she has had to change her name and live in hiding. Our government is not going to protect her right to free speech. So any citizen who wants to speak the truth about Islam or mock it in any way, EVEN IN THE FREE WEST, must be able to afford 24/7 protection for them and their family. Since our government has already surrendered to Islam it is going to make even speaking out about the problem that much more difficult, let alone engaging in any sort of art or comedic mocking of anything related to Islam. If America was serious about surviving it would provide military protection to anyone speaking out about Islam or even mocking Islam, even burning Korans for that matter. We are so far from that point that Islam will get it's way just due to people not wanting to be killed by Muslims IN AMERICA and the West.

      • bdouglasaf1980

        There should be a way to set up a tax free fund to provide for the defense of individuals that must now live with security.

        I agree with Jim 100%. When we self censor, we are showing our fear. Making the excuse that it is disgraceful to burn anyone's holy book is a ruse.

  • Ezra

    My cousin was gang raped at Penn State nothing was every done. Isn't it amazing, free speech is not toerated, even if it is true, but gang raped is. My tax dollars at work!

  • davarino

    If speech was polite and agreeable by everyone then there would be need for a first amendment.

    Its funny how these universities that are the paragons of freedom and most importantly, defenders of free speech, are the first ones to shut down speech they dont agree with.

    Any questions, no questions? Good then everyone is in agreement.

    • davarino

      Ooops, I meant to say "If speech was polite and agreeable by everyone then there would be no need for a first amendment."

  • tanstaafl

    Is it free speech to yell "jihad" in a crowded mosque?

    • Elizabeth Smith

      Someone needs to try this and see what happens, just to make a statement. Where are all the ballsy liberals who used to burn flags & such???

      • Nick Shaw

        You think they were ballsy? Demonstrating in Iran, Venezuela or China is ballsy. Demonstrating, especially by white liberals, against "the man" by burning flags and such, in America, was not, in any way, ballsy.

  • gwiz

    If Penn State didn't stop this they are afraid heads would roll (literally)… via the religion on peace. If there's no free speech at Penn State for everyone heads should roll off the payroll, starting with the person at the top? Where are we The United States of Spineless? What exactly are they teaching the youth of America? I'd say to bow down.

  • MDR

    PENN STATE – William Penn is rolling over in his grave…….and conservatives are rolling out the power of the vote to take back not only government, but also institutions which are betraying the basic principles of common sense and freedom of speech.

  • elizabeth

    Everyone of you that stand up for free speech and against being terrorized should go to

    It is time that we call a spade a spade and stop the maddness. America has to be the place where the maddness is stopped.

  • LindaF

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that the only democracy in the Mideast, where women have equal rights, gays have equal rights, Arabs have equal rights, and Muslims (not necessarily the same as Arabs) have equal rights –

    is considered the Fascist state.

  • Don

    Penn State is just another modern microcosm of a "soft target" – the U.S. In 1940, after the world knew and saw what Hitler was up to, Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed, and starred in his film "The Great Dictator," which mocked and ridiculed Europe's latest tyrant. The film was a worldwide hit and played everywhere. It was nominated for 5 Oscars, including Best Picture, Writer, and Actor, with Chaplin playing the role of Hitler, spinning his world globe, and the role of a Jewish barber. It won the New York Film Critics Circle Award in 1940.

    Compare that 2-hour film's reception with Geert Wilders' 12 minute documentary. The once globe-circling superpower, the United Kingdom, was afraid to let Wilders into their country to speek. His own country has put him on trial for various creative reasons, mostly as a pretext for Europe's shameful cowardice, again.

    And now our own "free speech" – touting university intellectuals, who once threw stones and marched against its own police forces, to be able to express themselves, have turned into cold cowards, like their U.K. counterparts. Even cartoons – the most infantile mode of expression – causes our liberal to shudder in their closeted minds.

    Any parent who sees what is happening should remove their kids from those schools, and not keep a secret the reasons. A university should be a place to open minds, not close them. Many of those students, especially those who have never worked a day in their life, would be better off entering the real world anyway. The classroom has become a means of extending adolescence into adulthood, and in effect has kept our offspring retarded in growth and empty of experience. Penn State is just a taste.

  • BS77

    .the whiny appeasing mealy mouthed liberals make a hue and cry when someone disses the terrorist vermin, but oh how they defend the rights of so called artists who displayed "Piss Christ" ( a crucified Jesus in a bottle of urine)or Mother Mary covered with dried elephant dung. I am sick of liberalism. It is a mental disorder (Michael Savage) the submissive mega tolerant liberals have approved a mosque at ground zero… have set up the "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrant criminals….who keep pressing for higher taxes, bigger government, more spending and more Orwellian regulations upon American citizens. Vote these lunatics OUT this november. Penn State…you are not the Nittany Lions…no, you are the scairdy cats

  • seels4truth

    Dhimmitude exists! It exists because the liberal colleges fear for their lives. If Jews would threaten to kill maybe they would be allowed to censor articles against them. The liberals are pussies and only have the guts to stand against Israel. As a religion, Islam is a non-starter. It is a political system based on immorality, death and fear. The Americans turning to Islam are ignorant of the real Islam. The prisoners converting to Islam do so because they believe they will rise to power as the initial arab muslims from Mecca and madina did. History repeats itself. As moohamad did to start the rise of islam so too are the imams drawing converts from the lower level of society.

  • Robert Laity

    Islam is anathema. To sy that "All Muslims" are terrorists is a quite reasonable statement. All muslims learn from the Q'uaran. The term "Taliban" means student of Islam. This means that ALL "students of Islam" are "Taliban". Islam is NOT a "Religion". It is a system of domination that Talibani want to spread throughout the ENTIRE Earth.
    All muslims learn what is in the Q'uran. There are such evil precepts in this book that Salmon Rushdie referred to them as the "Satanic verses". To burn a Q'uran is said to be unreasonable and devisive. However, like the Satanic Bible,the Satanic Verses rose from the firey pits of Hell and that is where they belong. In the fire.We ARE "at war with Islam". The sooner that is realized the sooner everyone will also realize that Banning Islam completely would be a most prudent act of societal self-defense: