The Crooked Judges of Amsterdam

Geert Wilders’s “hate speech” trial in the Netherlands began just a few weeks ago, but the outcome already seems determined. As Robert Spencer discusses in our lead story today, the Amsterdam District Court has refused to allow Wilders to call fifteen of the eighteen witnesses he had hoped to bring forward in his defense. It is also highly unlikely that the three remaining witnesses will be able to defend Wilders in the manner he desired, because the court has decided that the three witnesses will only be heard behind closed doors. With Wilders denied the opportunity to mount a forceful defense against charges that he has incited discrimination against Muslims, the Dutch court’s proceedings increasingly resemble the kind of justice-mocking show trials one has come to expect from third-world dictatorships. Political and social commentator Pat Condell has produced a powerful video in which he comments on these dire circumstances surrounding the Wilders trial and their implications for free speech – and Western civilization as we know it.

To watch the video, click here.

  • idviking

    So its Hate speech to point out Islamic intolerance of non-Muslims. Mr. Wilders effort to wake up the states of western Europe will sadly fall on deaf ears. In an effort to prove how "diverse" they are the Europeans are going to surrender their culture to Islam without a whimper. Islam in Europe is daring the non-Muslims to challenge its values and Europe is cowering. I wonder how tolerant they think the Muslims will be toward them if they refuse to convert? They are murdering cartoonist for goodness sake…
    Think the non-Muslim women won't have to be covered from head to toe and have less rights than a camel under Sharia law? Guess again…
    God Bless Mr. Wilders for putting Islamic oppression on the world stage. Shame on the rest of the world for not noticing.

  • Max Conrad

    So much for "liberal" countries. Can't call witnesses, testimony in secret, can't criticize if it's "politically incorrect" (no free speech).

    Hard to believe the Dutch were occupied by the Nazis.

    I guess they didn't learn anything.

    • The Inquisitor

      And to think people actually believe that Hitler lost the war.

      Hitler is alive and well in Holland. He's coming to America next.

    • Lary9

      Just an FYI. Holland is not really a liberal society as much as a libertine one. Classical liberals would break out in hives from Amsterdam's folkways.

  • James Pawlak


    • The Inquisitor

      Delenda est Islam.

    • Lary9

      Now that's impressive. You must have attended prep school. Nobody takes Latin in public school anymore.

  • Tanstaafl JW

    Sic semper tyrannus.

    – Public High School Latin Student

  • USMCSniper

    The vast majority of t rapes are RACIST attacks by CHIMPOUT muslim men specifically targeting white European girls – but the lily-livered EU media consistently refuses to call them such and the EU courts do no prosecute either. Malignant political correctness in the leafal profession and also the media refrains from accurately reporting CHIMPOUT muslim crime statistics. Thus, non-muslim victims of CHIMPOUT muslim violence, particularly rape, are not being acknowledged and reported for what they obviously are: – VICTIMS OF CHIMPOUT MUSLIM HATE CRIME (OR RAPE JIHAD).

    • greg_o

      what does chimpout mean?

      • USMCSniper

        Google it!

        • Lary9

          I gotcha Google right here! Google this!
          (Sorry…my Jerseyboy attitude just came out.)

  • Al Best

    I once thought the Dutch were wonderful people, but they have become cowards in the face of the world's human trash, the violent Muslims and those Muslims who are afraid to oppose them and speak out. Is the world going to be ruled by monsters and cowards?