The Freedom Center’s New TV Ad on Obama and Israel

Below is the Freedom Center’s new tv ad on Obama and Israel:

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  • suprkufrB

    Well crafted and long overdue.
    Nihil desperandum!

  • Marty

    What can be expected from someone who listened to jeremy wright for 20 years ranting sermons that were racist and anti-semitic? obama is the product of successful propaganda of hate.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Israel has to look to the new American Congress for aid in its survival against
    Islamic terror and agression, Obama will not lift a finger to help Israel and will
    not do anything to ruffel the feathers of any Muslim Nation. He is intent on
    weakening America, he hates the American people and government and is a
    curse on our Nation from God for continuous profligate and immoral living. A
    National turnaround or a deep six in November, Israel has the American people
    on their side but we have the wrong ones in government, quite a fix……………William