The True Nature of Islam

[Editor’s note: On February 18th, Frontpage ran an article by Nonie Darwish, “Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education,” which criticized U.S. schools for allowing Islamist indoctrination. Below is a response written by Hassan Shibly, one of the Muslim speakers who addressed U.S. classes and was a target of Ms. Darwish’s criticism. Nonie Darwish’s rejoinder follows.]

Islam Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism
By Hassan Shibly

Nonie Darwish’s article (“Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education,”, Feb. 18) made some grave accusations against me and my father. I was very surprised and disturbed to read the article, it was as though I was reading about someone I never knew.

What disappointed me the most is that although Ms. Darwish cites an anonymous letter which falsely claims I said certain statements, she did not conduct the first basic element of investigative journalism. Although she has my contact info, she did not call or email me asking if I ever made those statements. Nor does it appear she interviewed any of the dozens of students and staff who attended my presentations. Had I made any of the alleged statements, the students and staff of the over 40 classes I have spoken at certainly would have been alarmed and would have never invited me to speak. Furthermore, the letter Ms. Darwish quotes is the first and only complaint I have ever heard. Not one of the teachers or other students who attended the presentation were concerned with anything I said. Rather, they loved the presentation.

I simply wish that the author and publisher had contacted me before publishing the article and asked about my presentation or what I said during it or at least asked the many students and teachers who attended it, so that they could present a more fair and accurate report for the readership.

I stopped working with Bridges TV shortly after the interview we did because I did not feel Muzzamil Hassan truly reflected the teachings and beauty of Islam. And truly the terrible crime he allegedly committed is inexcusable and just a reflection that its perpetrator could not be a true practicing Muslim representative of my dear faith. I left Bridges long before the terrible crime occurred there. After leaving Bridges, none of the shows I hosted were aired. I did send several requests for them to send Ms. Darwish a copy and my understanding was that they did. The very fact that I invited Ms. Darwish on the show was simply an expression of my good will to engage in a healthy dialog and conversation.

Darwish claims that my father and I both spoke at the high school. My father (Othman) never spoke at the high school nor has he participated in any of the school presentations I have conducted.

I will end this letter by simply addressing the statements attributed to me and explain how they are distortions or outright fabrications:

During the presentation I did explain that there is no room for terrorism or the killing of civilians in Islam. I also explained that those who commit terrorism are not true Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said, “A Believer is one from whom peoples blood and wealth are safe.”  The Quran says “Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all humanity.” I went on to explain that according to the Scholar Joseph Schwartz, those who commit acts of terrorism do not do so because of Islam nor do they justify their actions with religion. (Published by Oxford, April 2004, Journal of Metphilosophy).Rather, they justify their abhorrent actions with political and not religious reasons.

I did not claim that the men who carried out the attacks were atheists. However, as I said, Islam does not permit the killing of civilians so a person who kills innocents is not a true believer. Furthermore, I cited a study done by University of Chicago Professor Robert Pape. He conducted a study sponsored by the State Department under the Bush administration which concluded that statistically, the largest users of suicide terrorism are radical atheist communist groups in Sri Lanka.

I did state that a person who reacts violently to an insult does so because they are not controlling their emotions and are not using their God given intellect. I said that if someone gets upset because you insult their faith it is because they are reacting emotionally, in the same way a person whose mother is insulted may react irrationally and inappropriately. I used that as an example of why people need to use their intellect and control their emotions, not the other way around. I was explaining that violent reactions are not due to Islam, but due to a person’s own lack of self-control. I never said a Muslim can do anything to someone who insults God. Rather Islam teaches simply ignoring and saying “peace” to those who speak evil.

I did not say the media lies. But I did say it can often mislead people. I did say that when a Muslim commits a wrong act his faith is blamed and that is not the case for people of other faiths. Just recently, an American who was clearly not Muslim crashed his plane into an IRS building. No mention of his religion was made.

It is very clear from anyone who attended the presentation, that I did nothing but condemn any and all acts of violence and terrorism. I also stated that Islam is against terrorism and those who do acts of terror do not represent my faith. Is it a crime or wrong for me to say that? Are we afraid of Muslims who reject terrorism and condemn it instead of making Islam look bad by supporting it?  People like you should support people like me, who are working hard to condemn terrorism and violence.

I will continue to work hard to promote an accurate understanding of Islam. My faith has nothing to do with terrorism and those who commit terrorism in the name of Islam are simply distorting the teaching which I love and hold dear, just as my words have been distorted. My track record of speaking against violence speaks for itself. It would be a great service to your readership if facts were verified and all relevant parties contacted before publication. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings.

Hassan Shibly, Co-founder of the Center for American Muslim Understanding, is pursuing a Juris Doctor at that University at Buffalo Law School, where he serves on the Human Rights Advisory Committee and is a Public Interest Law Fellow.


Nonie Darwish Answers:

Mr. Hassan Shibly states that he was disturbed by my article and by the anonymous letter and alleged false claims by the concerned mother. My response is: The mother is well known to the school and perhaps to Mr. Shibly himself through the school. The mother, with whom I am still in contact, stands by everything she said and what her son reported.

Mr. Shibly advises me to do proper research. Well, that’s exactly what I did to write my article. I took a look at the myspace internet profile of Hassan Shibly and I could not see any indication of a moderate Muslim who is interested in reaching out to others. I do not see a non-confrontational peace loving Muslim but much blame and finger-pointing. Mr. Shibly has an Islamic Logo on the top left corner that says “Allahu Akbar” with mosque minarets in the shape of missiles pointing in all direction. He posted songs with a morbid message obsessed with death, burial, hoping for paradise and fear of hell. The songs are part of culture of death and ‘torture of the grave’ taught to kids in Saudi Arabia. Some of the songs say:

“Remember.. in the end.. the dust is our bed”, “What do you need now, education, career money… breathing.. my soul must fly. Heaven, hell…times up… we shall rejoice while others burn (apparently in Hell).”

He also has a post on the anti-Semite and anti-Israel George Galloway who also supports Hezbollah and Hamas. There is not one thing mentioned in favor of extending understanding and tolerance to Jews, Christians or any other minority persecuted by Muslims. You would think a person involved in interfaith dialogue would be doing soul searching as to what Muslims can do to bring peace and harmony — or at least admit that Muslims are persecuting Christian Copts in Egypt. Not once does he criticize Muslims; all the blame is on Jews and Westerners.

The Shiblys refuse to denounce Hezbollah and Hamas as terror groups. Hassan Shibley wrote:

“Hezbollah is basically a resistance movement supported by people in Lebanon, both Muslims and Christians. It is not merely a military institution; it provides a lot of social services for people of all different faiths. They’re absolutely not a terrorist organization; their targets have always been military targets. They wear uniforms and operate overtly. Under American just war theory, since they have a political base and popular support from the people, any war against them is illegitimate.”

In an April 17th speech, Mr. Shibley said:

“The twentieth century has ended and America has emerged as the dominant World Superpower. Since World War two it has perused an aggressive imperialistic foreign policy consisting of both covert and overt interventions abroad to maintain world supremacy. The US has supported unpopular regimes and governments within the Middle East: The Shah, in Iran; The Saudi Royal Family; and the Israeli state to name but a few agents the US has supported to ensure their oil interests. Over the past thirty years, a pattern of American Imperial Intervention in the Middle East has become apparent.”

I think such negative views of America are very similar to the excuses Islamists use to explain away jihadist aspirations in the West. Both Shiblys have admiration for Syrian sheikhs Ahmad Kuftaro and Rajab Deeb. Sheikh Kuftaro, who was recently deceased, promoted interfaith spirituality but only on his English language website. However, like many Muslim leaders, in his Arabic language website, he promoted intense Jew-hatred, such as Jews are “the killers of prophets;” “Israel is a dagger in the heart of the Muslim nation;” “All Muslims are obligated to do jihad upon the Zionists.” Sheikh Deeb stated that “Jerusalem is ours.”

Hassan Shibly have also attended an Islamic conference in Toronto, about which the Department of Homeland Security said:

“… we had credible intelligence that conferences similar to the one from which these individuals were leaving were being used by terrorist organizations to fundraise and to hide the travel of terrorists themselves.”

With all of the above, I do not understand why the Shiblys are surprised that American parents do not want them near any classroom teaching American kids. Americans cannot afford ignoring reality and living with a false sense of security promoted by the Shiblys and other Muslim front groups in America.

American public school kids have become the victims of Islamic propaganda and misinformation that paints Islam in sharp contrast to how Islam is actually being taught today in 54 Muslim countries. While Muslim kids in the Islamic world are being taught to value martyrdom, violent jihad, killing Jews, despising non-Muslims and bringing the world under the control of Sharia, we in the West are spoon-feeding American kids a politically correct unrealistic image of Islamic teachings.

Only in the West is Islam being taught as a religion of peace, harmony, equality, tolerance and equal rights. I lived in the Muslim world for 30 years but never heard that as the main purpose of Islam.

To learn the truth about what Islam advocates, just listen to Imams in Muslim countries. Read Sharia, hadith and the Quran. Approximately 61% of the Quran talks about non-Muslims, “the kafir,” and only 37% is dedicated to preaching to Muslims. An overwhelming portion of the Quran is dedicated to cursing non-Muslims and condemning them to all kinds of murder, torture, doom, humiliation, calling them unclean, partners of Satan, enemies of Allah, apes and pigs and encouraging Muslims to never take them as friends or allies.

The school districts are the ones responsible for forcing our kids to listen to such nonsense from Muslim apologists who cannot even condemn Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist organizations. The school districts must clean up their act, end this farce and stick to basic education. As to the Shiblys, they can promote their religion of peace in their mosque, but please leave our public school kids alone and away from Islamic propaganda.

  • Imam Salim Chishti

    Ms. Darwish's rejoinder is ridiculous at best and dangerous at worst. As an example, the "missles" she talks about are a type of calligraphy used commonly around the Islamic cultures they are formed to look like minarets from the words "bismillahir rahmanir raheem" which means "in the name of God, the merciful the compassionate. Any missles are entirely in Ms. Darwish's sick imagination.

    • Radegunda

      It was a Muslim who said "the mosques are our barracks; the minarets are our missiles." Ms. Darwish is deeply familiar with Islamic ways of thinking, and with Islamic ways of lying to the "infidels."
      It doesn't require any imagination to notice the sick hatred that's taught in the precincts of Islam.

      • Raymond in DC

        Actually, it was Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Erdogan who, on Jun 17, 2008 said, "Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers."

    • 2maxpower

      talking with a Muslim is not unlike talking to a child. never any logic and never critical thinking.

      at least the child can grow and learn while the Muslim will stay in his mental prison.

      • eerie Steve

        Actually, they will themselves to such a child like exuberance. It will be a mistake to discredit them, for it will short change the enemy. They do indeed possess logic and critical thinking, but they intentionally mask it, which makes them such a dangerous enemy.

        Think of Mohammed Attah's follow up to the bank wearing a false nose and glasses and a mustache. It is so comical, you cannot believe they possesses the will for mayhem which they do.

    • logdon

      Yeah right, Salim. So explain the rest. The persecution of Copts in Egypt. The killing of Christians in Pakistan. All because they're not muslim.

      When the time comes that muslims are killed in the US or Europe merely because they worship allah you'll have a case.

      Until then the spouting is pure taqiyya. You'll know all about that? Lying in the name of Islam.

    • aspacia

      The Muslim, Turkish Prime Minister described the minarets as Islamic missles, Few U.S. terrorists murder in the name of faith. In contrast, all Islamic terrorists murder in the name of Islam, and you wonder why the secular West is concerned about your faith. Salim, you are the ridiculous, Muslim apologist.

      I have worked with Muslims, and when it comes to debating hard facts, they, and you are wanting. Is the Old Testament full of violence. Sure! However, currently, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, et. al. seldom murder in the name of faith. If they do, they are condemned by most of society.

      • Democracy First

        Bear in mind, too, that violence in the Hebrew bible is different than that in the Koran. In the former, there is a recounting of violent times and events, some sanctioned by G-d. In the former, there are instructions, commandments from Allah, to commit horrific violence forever into the future in his name until all the world is submissive to Islam, then converted.

    • Afrankone

      William Muir (1816-1906) the most noted orientalist of all time new Islam and concluded. "The Koran and Mohamed are the most fatal enemies of civilization, liberty and truth , which the world has ever known." . Islam is oppression and western liberals are using Islam as the attack dog to destroy Judeo-Christian Civilization.

    • A Bit Profound

      Your a Dispicable Lier

  • David

    Islam is backwardness, misery, torture, terror and genocide. Islam has killed more human beings than Nazism and Communism combined.

  • Hans

    I am ashamed to be an American Christian after reading Nonie Darwish rubbish!

    • cjk

      I'm also ashamed that you're an American Christian after reading your reaction, tool.

    • Radegunda

      I seriously doubt that you are an American Christian or that your name is Hans. What's absolutely clear is that you're either an ignoramus or a fool or a taqiya-spouter.

    • xman

      You're not an American Christian. You're a typical Muslim who supports terrorist outfits like Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and probably handed out sweets to your kids when news of 9/11 broke.

    • unconvincedkaffir

      Do you still have your blinkers on?

  • Steven Fine

    A friend in Northern Virginia told me of his 9th grade son's classes. In the history class, taught by a convert to Islam, the children are taught the religious tenets of Islam and Christianity (Judaism was briefly discussed) and must recite the five pillars of Islam. They have been shown a film glorifying the Haj and the beauty of Islam. My friend and his wife refer to their son's history class as "Islamic studies class," and to his English class as "black literature class." The entire year has been devoted to black literature. I was shocked (mostly about the history class), but nobody has come forward to complain.
    I wonder how widespread this problem is.

    • The Hammer

      It's bad, Steve. My daughters's 7th grade social studies teacher told parents the kids would be learning about Africa, China, and Islam – not the Middle East . My daughter had a vocabulary test on Islam and here is the definition of Jihad she was taught:

      "Jihad is the struggle against oppression". Uh-huh. Right. And, if you believe that I would like to sell you a piece o fthe Brooklyn bridge…

      The ignorance surrounding Islam is absolutely mind-blowing. The indoctrination on Islam is downright scary.

  • Stephen D.

    Hans. You feel better knowing these folks have NEVER once been critical of the indescriminate bombing of schools? How about using a dull knife to lop off the head of a journalist? How about their call (if they're a "good" muslim) for death to any homosexual? Of ALL the Islamic countries in the world name one that has officially condemened terrorist acts of any sort! They call the U.S. a terrorist State. Has anyone of them condemened the acts of 9-11? NOT ONE! So much for the religon of peace. If they come near our schools I'll speak out against them. Can you imagine a Priest or Rabbi being sanctioned to speak to schol kids to explain their religon? It will never happen in a Muslim country!! But, they're for peace. What a joke!!

  • aspacia


    Ask an Egyptian Copt about what they suffer at the hands of Muslims.

  • tanstaafl

    Read the Qur'an! It is a loaded gun pointed at the head of every kuffar (that's you and me, folks) on the planet.

    Go, Wafa!

    • Ozymandias

      Bit like the Torah in relation to Goyim No?

      • cjk

        No liar, not even close.
        While there are direct and specific commands to the Jews to wage war against specific people for specific reasons at specific times, you won't find:
        No open ended commands for genocide.
        No prohibitions on having friendships with 'Goyim'
        No open ended permission to rape and enslave.
        And just to remind people who you guys adore and worship;
        Moses didn't screw a hairless 9 year old either.

  • Marty

    shibly is yet another apologist for islamic radicalism. This time the apologist is a muslim. He is also a liar who gives no attention to the advocacy of violence against non-muslims in the quran and the hadith.

  • Ozymandias

    'As to the Shiblys, they can promote their religion of peace in their mosque, but please leave our public school kids alone and away from Islamic propaganda'

    What's good for the goose Nonie…….why don't you lot keep your own paranoid racist bigotry within the confines of the synagogue…..fair enough?

    • Raymond in DC

      Nonie is not Jewish. Funny though that after rejecting the hatred and bigotry they were taught growing up, former Muslims can now relate to Jews as human beings, and appreciate Israel for what it is. That's certainly the case with Mosab Yousef – son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef – who converted to Christianity and worked for years with Israel's security services.

    • Radegunda

      What race is Islam?
      Who do you mean by "you lot"? You must be referring to people (like Ms. Darwish) who actually grew up immersed in Islam and know what they're talking about.

      And apparently you didn't notice that Ms. Darwish is here not speaking in a public school; she's posting an article on the Internet. Would it be "fair enough" for all Muslims to be forbidden to write anything about religion on the Internet?

  • gray man


    are you trying to be funny? or are you just ignorant?

    • Ozymandias

      Hi Gray – and in response to your query above:

      I was being sardonic – and I would hope I am not ignorant.

      My beef is simply that the sheer nastiness of the ideology of this web site panders to the basest aspects of human nature – and the irony is ever that the message preached so relentlessly is design to achieve the exact opposite of harmony and understanding – promoting as it does propaganda, hatred, ignorance and fear under the synthetic guise and faux victimhood of imagined anti-semitism.

      Personally I find it sickening – a mirror of precisely what it seeks to illuminate – and moreover damaging to Israel and Jews everywhere – hence a reality check from time to time – i know full well that it makes no difference because rational discussion is hardly ever possible on this site – but i do feel honour bound to comment from time to time on the crassest stupidities I find here.

      Hope this clarifies things for you.

      • cjk

        Hi Ozymandias.
        I guess calling a murderer and a pedophile just what he was is crass and stupid in your opinion, but I call it truth.
        When you compare Jewish and Christian Scripture with Mohammedan Scripture in a dishonest way, I call it lying or maybe you're just ignorant.

        • xman

          Remember, Ozymandias handed out sweets to his kids when news of the 9/11 atrocity broke.

          • Ozymandias

            xman – d you must have a sweet tooth – i note that you regularly employ the notion of handing sweets to kids after 9/11 – as you have done once here above in another post.

            Are you diabetic – or do you simply have a limited range of killer insults?!

          • xman

            Truth hurts for a sponging West-hater like yourself, a workshy parasite who leeches off the hardworking Westerners whose murder you cheer.

      • No Dhimmi

        Get a grip – we are up against the worst assault on human civilization in history, and you're going to whine about "sheer nastiness" towards human haters who want to enslave us all?

        Line up for the paddle and say, "Can I have some more, sir?!"

        You would be what some would call a "dhimwit."

        • cjk

          He's no a Dhimmi, he's a fifth columnist.

          • Gytha

            I came, I read this article, I conqreeud.

          • jshkybfapi

            VaMAHW ownfnztcwmam

          • cfuyuvzjcof

            K65FlN kbpbgtswnamq

      • Radegunda

        You sound much like the Muslims who are outraged that Geert Wilders had the temerity to quote the Qur'an and play tapes of imams inciting hatred and violence and show video of Muslims indulging in hateful violence. Evidently you too think it's inexcusable to say the truth about Islam because the truth about Islam makes it look bad.

        Ms. Darwish has pointed out that what Muslims say in Arabic is quite different from what they say in English. Please tell us how it is crass and stupid to reveal this fact.

        But given that you apparently can't tell the difference between speaking (dishonestly) in a public school and posting something on the Internet, I doubt that you have a very clear grasp of what constitutes stupidity.

        • xman

          Ms. Darwish has pointed out that what Muslims say in Arabic is quite different from what they say in English.

          So did the former US President John Quincy Adams in his private papers from 1829, from which is an extract:

          When our gallant [Stephen] Decatur ref had chastised the pirate of Algiers, till he was ready to renounce his claim of tribute from the United States, he signed a treaty to that effect: but the treaty was drawn up in the Arabic language, as well as in our own; and our negotiators, unacquainted with the language of the Koran, signed the copies of the treaty, in both languages, not imagining that there was any difference between them. Within a year the Dey demands, under penalty of the renewal of the war, an indemnity in money for the frigate taken by Decatur; our Consul demands the foundation of this pretension; and the Arabic copy of the treaty, signed by himself is produced, with an article stipulating the indemnity, foisted into it, in direct opposition to the treaty as it had been concluded.

          Read it all on

          • cjk

            Excellent article. What a knowledgeable, intelligent, and eloquent, writer J.Q. Adams was; I never knew just how much so.

  • Indioviejo

    The Shiblys are wolves in sheep's clothing. An unintended consequence of their people's creeping expansionism is the comdemnation of Islam by people like me. 9/11 got my attention, and the more I learned about this satanic cult, the more opposed I am to Muslim imperialism. I believe the real war is yet ahead of us. We will prevail.

  • Raymond in DC

    Shibley: "During the presentation I did explain that there is no room for terrorism or the killing of civilians in Islam."

    President Clinton famously said, "That depends on what your definition of "is" is." The key is what Arabs and Muslims consider the definition of "terror" and "civilian". Given that they consider Hamas and Hizbullah to be "resistance" and not "terror" groups, and don't consider Israeli women and children to be civilians, Shibley's statement is pure dissimulation.

  • Marty

    muslims who don't kill infidels are, well, "bad" muslims. islam is a wonderful opportunity for genocidal sociopaths to have an excuse to torture and murder people they simply dislike. The quran is a miserable excuse for justifying evil and has been seized upon by those who desire to torment women and inflict pain on others.

    • The Hammer

      Yes, absolutely, Marty. After all my reading on Islam, I have simply concluded that it is nothing more than justification for "men behaving badly". A truly sick culture.

  • cjk

    I have found the most effective way to deal with Mohammedans is to expose the profit who they adore and in fact worship. Inevitably they will erupt in violent anger because it is simply impossible to defend his behavior to the tolerant Western mind. It's a sure win every time.
    The man was a murderous, terrorizing, thieving, torturing, pedophillic, Arab imperialist.
    No outside literature is needed to show this, only the Mohammedan writings themselves.
    Either they embrace the child molester or they don't, even though they will twist and lie about their own writings to deny what they know as truth, but eventually when confronted relentlessly they have no defense.


    • A Bit Profound

      Right On — You have the correct answere to neuter Islam if all the world only got that like you & I. But since they don't & won't, its only a matter of time till Armigeddon.

  • Larry

    If a new religion was invented by a bandit chief who murders all opposition, has sex with nine year old girls and preaches the suppression or killing all who do not submit to him, what kind of religion do you think it would be?

    If that religion later held up that bandit chief as an example for all others to emulate, how do you think they would act?

  • Radegunda

    Hey, Ozymandias,
    It appears that "you lot" might hail from the UK. We're keeping an eye on how well that reaching out in harmony and understanding to Islamists is working out over there, where synagogues and Jewish schools have to be heavily fortified and where (just for example) a schoolteacher was fired because he complained to the headmistress about the constant harassment and threats by Muslim (aka "Asian") pupils. I've read many more examples of such kowtowing to Muslim troublemakers.

    Please write back and tell us how you like Sharia as it continues to subdue more and more of good ol' Great Britain.

  • eerie Steve

    If I can define what is motivating the Islamic world to such a degree of hate, it would be one thing:

    An institutionally driven sadistic lack of impulse control

    There is nothing glorifying about it. On the scale of evil, they rank high, but are not quite up there. They would be a Level 20. The world has seen worst, and the world shall deal with worse.

  • USMCSniper

    Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war. Muslims are vermin like the Orcs of Middle Earth. Kill 'em all, wrap them in their prayer rugs, put 'em all in piles and burn 'em and let Allah sort 'em out. Allah will love us for this because we will keep heaven supplied with lots and lots of fresh raghead souls. And,…. there is nothing like smell of a pile of burning ragheads in the early morning – that is the smell of victory in the air!


    • eerie Steve

      *eh* Too much work. I would rather live to see Dick Marcinko appointed Secretary of Defense and Fort Apache them. Simply build a inflammatory shrine out in the middle of nowhere, let the Hajis do their Haj to that, and then release the dogs of war on them, ie a couple dozen tomahawk cruise missiles.

      Then when they retract back to the mountains of Afghanistan like the bitches they are, blast some inappropriate prayer calls sung to the screeching crescendo of the Barney the Dinosaur theme song. Go deep enough into the rock substrate with enough power and nothing will escape the sub woofer. If daylight hits them, their ears bleed like some sort of crypt fiend getting hit by the sun.

      Meanwhile, upgrade the M-RAPs armor to be literally blasted into space by reactive explosive armor if it gets hit by an IED, and have it screech back to Earth like a banshee, leaving a multi mile wide crater on impact. Pack it full of dykes, and set gay teams upon gay teams, like the military can only perform gay marriages in order to break the couple apart. Seek to pseudo-mate and kill while you do it. Sure as hell beats don’t ask don’t tell to me. For the male homos, just say they are out on nature hike.

      Get enough cameras and watch it from a secure location, ie in a cement air conditioned bunker 30′ under the ground. Let me brew my own beer and just give me bread, cheese and water and hell, I would never leave the War on Terror.

      *oh* and Osama. Here is what I would do with Osama. I would take every al-Qaeda sympathizer in the world, line them up in Riyadh, and during Haj behead everyone of them if they failed to tell me the GPS location of him.

      “Where’s Osama? Don’t know?” THHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWAAAAKKKKKKK!

      Now those are KILL ORDERS

  • Affiliate

    Be careful, George Galloway is not an anti-semite (THOUGH HE IS ANTI ISRAEL) and has won a lot of money suing people that claim he is. I would remove that comment ASAP

  • Affiliate

    Be careful, George Galloway is not an anti-semite (THOUGH HE IS ANTI ISRAEL) and has won a lot of money suing people that claim he is. I would remove that comment ASAP

    • Democracy First

      Anti-Semites hide behind their now familiar canard: I'm not anti-Semitic; I'm just critical of Israel. Except they seriously criticize no other country but Israel, not even wicked regimes like Iran's, thereby proving anti-Semitism to be a motive.

  • jac maclean

    The Dr Jeyll of “Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all humanity.” is immediately followed by the Mr Hyde of Sura 5.33. The first might tickle your belly but the second will have you fleeing for life and limbs. Not unsurprisingly, 5.32 was lifted from pre Islamic Jewish texts, while 5.33, lurking in its shadow -is pure Mohammedan.
    And since in the West beauty is in the eye of the beholder and 5.33 ain't beautiful, then in this eye at least, Islam can't be beautiful.
    And the corollary of the argument that it was unIslamic to attack the Twin Towers must be that it was Islamic to attack the non civilian Pentagon; or else, Islam is a religion of pacifism – now that would be beautiful!


  • Len Powder

    In America we should be teaching our children about American history, American heroes, America's exceptionalism, America's generosity, America's self-sacrifice on behalf of other peoples and nations. Our patriots and soldiers did NOT surrender their lives to have our children brainwashed by Islamists, nor to have Sharia Law replace our Constitution, nor to be SUBJUGATED to a FOREIGN and ALIEN ideology. We don't want to be corrupted and defiled by powers or influences which impose totalitarianism and renounce individual rights and liberties. What's good for Muslims is death for us. Let us choose life over death, freedom over repression, enlightenment over darkness. We don't need the Koran, we don't want it, and we don't need the slavery of Sharia. The Jihadists can take their mission and themselves back to where they came from. Get out, and stay out!

    • xman

      On top of that, they should also be taught about Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski and De la Valette. How many American, indeed Western youngsters have heard about them? How many Westerners irrespective of age have heard about them, and historical battles that saved Western civilization from the deprivation of Islamists and from suffering the same fate as Afghanistan, like Tours in 732, the Siege of Malta in 1565, Lepanto in 1571, Zenta in 1697, the Siege of Vienna in 1529 and the Battle of Vienna in 1683? Mention these battles and people look at you like jam. Yes, Western feminists, without victory for the Christian forces in these battles, YOU would have been stuffed into hideous sackcloths and murdered for simply showing your hands.

  • eerieSteve

    Islam can never be understood by Westerners and never will be. Why should we attempt? Remember the criticism here right on FPM regarding “Imam” Bush?

    At the end of the day, all it comes down to is there are people over there who want to kill us, and there great men and woman over here who are doing a hell of a job keeping the Western world safe.

    I think I shall intentionally mispronounced the word Islam as I-SLAM. Like I-SLAM you to the ground before I kill you. It’s mispronounced anyways. The correct way to say it is eh-slum.

  • Noa

    Controversy at Clarence High School: An Open Letter to Parents and the Community
    By Noa Bursie

    I am the parent who registered the complaint about Hassan Shibly's presentation at my son's school and I am neither anonymous nor unknown to Mr. Shibly. This man's coy references to me as "the anonymous parent" are yet one more example of the misrepresentation and prevarication through which he functions. Let's dispel the ruse once and for all. Mr. Shibly knows who I am because the Global Studies 9 teacher disclosed to him not only that I had registered a complaint about his presentation with the district administrators but both my under-aged son's name and mine to him. Mr. Shibly gave the teacher his personal email address to forward to me, offered to send me a copy of his power-point presentation, and extended an invitation to my son and me to visit a local mosque. I have the teacher's email to prove it. What I don't have is a video or audio recording of what Mr. Shibly said to those children. What I do have is Mr. Shibly's ideology in full display through publicly accessible articles, notes, and blogs on his social networking sites that unequivocally corroborate statements attributed to him.

    In his comments to Mrs. Darwish, Mr. Shibly offers his version of events. Based on his rebuttal alone, had I not been given a report of inflammatory statements made, I would still question the appropriateness and motive of discussing the emotional mindset of a terrorist or criticism of the American media to a group of children studying ancient civilizations and belief systems. This was, afterall, the pretext for the Clarence High School history department inviting Mr. Shibly to speak in the first place.

    We are told the power-point presentation focused on the Qur’an’s Five Pillars, how a Muslim prays, the presenter’s trip to Mecca, and his beard and attire. We were then told, at some point, the presentation deteriorated into a diatribe against U.S. foreign policy and support for Israel and an apologist's sentiment that appeared to justify the September 11th terrorist attacks and exonerate those who perpetrated them. The presenter also provided the children with statements to the effect that, "…the perpetrators of the September 11th attacks were not Muslims, but atheists" and another, to the effect: “…9/11 happened because of America’s blind support for Israel.” Again, these exact sentiments are expressed in a note written by Mr. Shibly that appears on his Facebook "Notes" page titled, "Do Arabs Hate Jews or Israeli Aggression?", dated, March 25, 2008 – fourth paragraph. Based on evidence like this, which account of what transpired in that presentation is more credible, that of a student merely reiterating what he heard or Mr. Shibly's denial of such statements and claims that his comments were taken out of context?

    After hearing a first-hand account of this presentation from my 14 year old son, who has neither the political savvy nor the sophistication – much less, the motive to construct a monologue such as Mr. Shibly offered, merely repeated to me what he heard this man say to his Global Studies 9 class. What my son reiterated from the presentation is consistent, almost verbatim, with the rhetoric on two of Mr. Shibly’s social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook, and are fully accessible for public scrutiny – unless Mr. Shibly has adjusted his privacy settings and denied access for public scrutiny since this investigation began. It would be interesting to see what other parents with children enrolled in the Clarence Central School District would have to say if they were made aware that a man who has stated on record that “…Hamas and Hizbollah are not terrorist organizations.”* and vociferously promotes such fiercely theocratic dogma as is expressed on Hassan Shibly's websites has been given access to their children in an academic setting.

    Living With War: Generation Student Publication – University of Buffalo*

    Shibly's MySpace

    Shibly's Facebook Notes on various topics

  • Noa

    So, a number of serious questions arise. How could an individual whose viewpoints are so easily accessible through a variety of sources have been allowed into a public institution to speak to young, impressionable children? How could such a presentation given under the guise of cross-cultural exchange and “educating about Islam” have been allowed to take place under the noses of administrators and teachers whose duty it is to do their homework and know the background of individuals they allow to teach our children? What has the Clarence Central School District done with the information they've been given about Mr. Shibly and how has district policy changed since January 20, 2010?

    I’m certain I’ll be labeled an Islamophobe or a racist for raising these questions and calling for an investigation into Hassan Shibly’s political ideology and the appropriateness of allowing him access to children in the district. Nevertheless, the inherent fallacy within the construct of the former epithet and the misapplication of the latter are purposely designed to undermine the acutely logical suspicion of Mr. Shibly’s agenda. Given the violent, dangerous rhetoric he espouses on his websites, to be distracted from thoroughly examining his views due to fears of being labeled "racist" or “Islamophobic” is to encourage the same deadly phenomenon that occurred at Fort Hood when individuals responsible for reading the warning signs Maj. Nidal Hassan provided deferred to politically correct silence instead of taking action.

    We have a grave responsibility to our local and global community – to our children. Individuals with hidden agendas may promote their ideologies to the public in a variety of forums – but our children, in the institutions our tax dollars fund, are off limits. Mr. Shibly is not acting alone and the presentation at Clarence High School is not an isolated incident that occurred in a vacuum. This scenario is recurring with greater frequency all over the country; this just happens to be our community's time to join the fray. There are others who espouse similarly vicious, politically charged rhetoric that has been strategically insulated beneath a blanket of "religion” or “interfaith dialogue” and “multi-cultural exchange", but these individuals have done a better job of covering their tracks than Mr. Shibly.

    Hassan Shibly's message is designed to predispose a new generation of American children to treat their own culture with distain, to judge their own values as warped and unfit, and ultimately to accept the beliefs he espouses as the only hope for mankind. Call me whatever you must. What I am, however, is an individual with a deep and abiding aversion for men like Hassan Shibly who misrepresent themselves and their agenda for the purpose of deception and subversion. Such men censure the fundamental principles of our belief systems and call for the overthrow of governmental institutions and then run tail to hide under the provisions of the very constitution they endeavor to have replaced with Sharia Law. They rely on our fears of being perceived as racist or intolerant and our cowardice in shying away from the legitimate and thoroughly rational scrutiny of a belief system we are told has been hijacked by extremists. We must let Mr. Shibly and others like him know, in no uncertain terms, that their attempts at indoctrination of our children is recognized, we are awake, and this campaign will not be tolerated.

  • Kanwi

    Shibly is like all the rest of them passive true believers. First they start from dividing the pool of humanity into Muslims and the Rest, that is the global infidel pool. The educational message they give to infidels is the passive message they would give to known Muslims knowing full well it is part of the softening disarming strategy they pursue outside Jihad. May be he is assuming everybody is Muslim until tested otherwise to clear his conscious guilt. How tolerant should we be of those intolerant of us? Zero tolerance as far as I am concerned..

  • Muqeem

    Geert Wilder stance is not new but it is revival of the ignorance of seventeenth century. Can you imagine hight of plurism in Islamic Society since and e during the last 1000 years even in the in the Europe Jews and Muslims were persecuted in Spain but Muslims were protecting Jews in Turkey. Christians lived under the islamic rulers in Syria, Palestine Egypt . No forced conversion and demolishing or restriction on church building was imposed but even Govt were repairing ailing church buildings. Evidence is there after 1400 year of Muslim rule a significant number of Christian live in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt. They were never persecuted due to religion , obtained high position in the Courts.
    I have strong and evident opinion that attitude and propaganda like Geert Wilder’s will increase rate of conversion in every country in Europe. Higher will be resistant and propaganda higher will be conversion to Islam. European individuals are educated and free opinion makers. When any body see Islam from the window of comparative religion, he decides in favor of Islam

  • Robert Bernier

    Muslim Brotherhood – the new Muslim activism.
    The helplessness of the West in comprehending and then countering the new Muslim activism, has had far-reaching repercussions not only against Europe itself, the heartland of Western culture, but especially against the Jews and Israel who are viewed as the extension of the West in the Middle-East. Israeli “peace groups” who deluded themselves that by further concessions they could placate the rage of the fundamentalists, have only produced more wars and driven Israel into political and security impasse as explained at :

  • technology

    Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  • Radegunda

    According to "Ozymandias," calling attention to this video would be an example of "ignorance and fear," and probably it makes you no better than the terrorists or something. What can't you just reach out to the threat-slitters-in-training in harmony and understanding?