The Truth About the Flotilla

Senior Israeli Defense Forces officials have provided the following video about the “Flotilla Incident” that took place on May 31, 2010.  It reveals the truth behind the event, which has been ignored by the international community and buried by the mainstream media.

  • jacob

    Unfortunately, world's bleeding hearts in Israel as well, refuse to understand that no matter how much Israel gives in, the ultimate goal of the Arabs is the destruction of Israel, as to them, there is no room in the Middle East for anything but Muslims, exactly why ancient Romans called the Mediterranean Sea MARE NOSTRUM, where there was no room for anything but Roman ships…

    Does anybody consider wise Israel's decision to return the flotilla vessels to TURKEY ?

    Because to Muslims, this is a show of cowardice and then again…

  • Roger King

    Thanks for sharing. After seeing the elite medias reporting of the 9/12 march that I attended its no surprise they twisted this as well. Thanks for sharing this video to clear things up.

  • Gregg Pellegrino

    Not at ALL what was portrayed on the ABC, NBC, CBS nightly news, EH!??

  • Colourcan

    And don't forget CBC.

  • Tony

    Israelis need to leave Palestine. Plain and simple. Pre 1948

  • Jill

    Finally the truth is being released. I would like to invite you to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards GazaGet Started

    I appreciate any support you can give us.