The War Against Israel

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On the bright side, one of the things you find in Lebanon — and most people don’t know this — is that the Christians in Lebanon are incredibly pro-Israel and incredibly pro-America.  You don’t have to scratch them at all to get that to come out.  You go, you talk to them — they have almost a sort of touching faith in our ability still to come and fix the problems.

I mean, I was sitting there this last summer with one of the most prominent Christian businessmen in Lebanon, who was absolutely convinced that the US was going to go and solve the Iranian nuclear problem.  Wasn’t worried about it at all.  I told him I didn’t think he had reason to be so optimistic.

What’s the takeaway?  One thing I hope Israel and the US appreciate going forward, considering the split in Lebanon — and I’m not sure that tactically the 2006 war against Hezbollah was waged in the correct way.  And what do I mean by that?  I mean in terms of destroying infrastructure, like the bridge going over the mountains to the Bekaa Valley, and also the airport.  I think, given that there remains such strong pro-Israel sentiment in the country, a more targeted campaign against the South, if there is going to be another war — and I imagine there will be.

And I think a more targeted campaign would probably be a smarter way to go.  I think the idea that you’re going to hold the Lebanese government collectively responsible for what Hezbollah does isn’t quite fair.  Because the Christians aren’t strong enough to do anything about Hezbollah.  In Iran, it’s just an overwhelming force.  They pour in at least $100 million a month to Hezbollah, and there’s no equivalent support going to the government, to the forces of good in Lebanon.  They can’t compete.

So that’s one observation also.  Now I’d like to talk a little bit about Turkey, and about the Gaza flotilla incident.  Well, let me back up a bit.  What surprised me is that the Israelis were surprised that their boarding party onto this vessel, the Mavi Marmara, was met with violence.

I think anyone who’s been following the Turks for the last seven or eight years has seen a very alarming, you know, intellectual trend developing in that country — anti-Americanism, anti-Israelism.  Really, they’re very much linked.  Because in the way the story is told in the Turkish press, America acts as muscle for the Jews.

This was going on very much after the Iraq war, when all kinds of utterly crazy conspiracy theories were circulating in the mainstream Turkish press.  One thing you also have to remember about the Turks is — I mean, this is a large country.  They don’t speak another European language, very few of them have access to any kind of outside media as a reality check.  So once a story gets going inside their own press, it rarely gets contradicted; it picks up steam.

Some of the stories you started to notice — you know, just for example, in Turkey in, say, 2004, you know, they were often writing about how — well, one of the most outrageous ones that really caught my attention was that the United States was deliberately killing Iraqi prisoners and, with the connivance of the Jews, harvesting their organs, and taking them and sending them to rich people in New York and Tel Aviv.

You know, there was another story about how the US was throwing so many Iraqi bodies into the Euphrates River that the mullahs had issued a fatwa saying don’t eat the fish, it’s polluted.

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  • stern

    Israel faces a threat at David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend? That's what the headline says. Oy, there's no telling where trouble will come from, is there?

  • dina

    It might not be fair to push Arabs out of Judea and Samaria now, but those places are not theirs historically. They have to live where Arabia is. Israel is short on land, may they get these Arabs out of there.

  • Carlos M.

    Mr. Brog's analysis of the European perspective is enlightening and scary. His conclusions of where the U.S. may be heading, and why (non-religious post-Christianity) are logical – up to a point.

    But how does one explain Europe's ready bowing down to newly-arrived orthodox, fundamentalist Muslims, who not only promote a medieval law (Sharia) but one that espouses violence against everything Christian, Judaic, and democratic? By this reckoning, one would bet that someone like Geert Wilders would be a welcome hero in most European countries. Yet they fear him and ignore threats against him. In fact, they arrest and try him in court. Even Europe's cartoonists stay hidden.

    The reality may be that Europe is not, fundamentally, a democratic world, but at heart still a monarchic one. Democracy was imported from America. It was born and raised out of a culture who despised monarchies, kings, lords, dictators, furherers, tsars, and emperors. They escaped from it.

    So maybe America is different. We're a land of boat people, of all religions, even agnostic.

    • Stan131

      It is not Geert Wilders Europeans fear. They don't publicly support him because they are afraid some Muslim fanatic will physically hurt them. There is some evidence to substantiate that fear.

  • hijinx60

    One of the most puzzleing things that people complain about is "there is no Palistinian homeland", when the reality is that Jordan is a Palistinian country. If the Palistinians want a homeland, let them go to Jordan. Case closed. However, there is no homeland for the jew except Israel, and it encompasses only a few square milesyet holds six million Israeli and two thousand Palistinians. It is truely America's closest ally and the only seat of democracy in the Middle East. All Americans should stand by Israel and see that the Palistinians ply sympathy and only want to destroy this our friend.

    • Stan131

      All that you have said is true. So what? You have been "speaking to the converted." For the vast majority, it is pointless to attempt to refute their political [and/or anti-Semitic] beliefs because they don't believe in evidence. And if they don't like the evidence they see, then the evidence doesn't exist. .

  • degons

    It's time to read my book "From Jerusalem To Beverly Hills; Memoir of a Palestinian Jew. "
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    This article was writen by a Jew , at face value it is worthless . I hope that Iran or Syria will obtain enough nuclear devices , when they do , they should give Israel free nuclear energie to it's people ,towns , cities , farms and armies . Then we will have eternal peace :)

    • sebyandrew

      Another immature troll in a petulant frenzy. Of no value and less than worthless. Instead of having something to build up with he/it must tear down. To quote another: "It's interesting when people die."

  • sam000

    There is no democracy in the islamic world,
    The non-democratic Governments in the Islamic countries should keep the people non educated and ignorant to continue their office.

    The same Dictatorship governments who are not able to respond to the people's need have to create an eternel external enemy (JEWS, and ISRAEL).

    What USA do in the Midel east is to support those non democratic governments, this is the USA FORGEIN POLICY.

    I'm IRANIAN, 99% of our efforts is to force american leaders to stop appeasing the MULLAHS,

  • Stan131

    Slowly, ever so slowly, Israel is loosing its war to stay alive. There has been a failure to stop Iran from arming groups which are sworn to Israel's destruction. There has been a failure to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Negotiating with the PLO which has been clear in not accepting the Land of Israel as the land of the Jewish people, and the acceptance that Jerusalem is now negotiable. Loosing Turkey as a friend. Standing by and watching Syria transfer advanced missiles to Hezbolla from its base directly on the Lebanese border. Being continually castigated in the UN, and in the larger world opinion for defending itself, being examined under a microscope unlike any other country, and…well, I could go on but I'm crying inside to watch the unrelenting march toward neutering identity of the Jewish people with the Land, then, finally, expunging whatever is left of the Jewish State.

    • Brad

      I see a bright future for Israel. It is written in God's word. Israel will be attacked and they gain even more real estate when they do. Hopefully they will call it "Israel" when the time comes. Eventually the time will come when they will see the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob as "their God" again. A revival of Judaism will sweep the Jews still dispersed and they will make aliyah as Caroline Glick did. The seventieth week of Daniel will then come about soon after which will not be so bright.

      I know I'm a nut already so you do not have to tell me.