We Con the World

The Gaza Flotilla participants have made a remake of the classic “We Are the World” to explain how they can con the world. Enjoy:

  • Fred Glass

    Great satire. Just a suggestion: Without the titles I would have had difficulty in following all the lyrics. Since the lyrics are so important I would do everything to make them as clear as possible.

    • Mark

      They're Israeli, it's hard to speak in a perfect English Accent.

  • Therese

    Genius… Kol Hakavod,
    With love

  • http://www.lifeshaven.net Utopian

    To mock the ignorance and cruelty that brought about this tragedy, and so many others like it, is to mock the reformation needed to bring appropriate changes to our fundamentally immoral world. This brand of humor stands in the same conceited mindset that led the so-called humanitarian group to provoke an Israeli response to their belligerence against Israel's naval blockade.

    • TLH

      it is one thing to mock " ignorance", quite another to mock on the basis of race.

    • jay

      You are an Idiot. No, sorry, make that a full-blown imbecile. So the only moral equivalence you could fabricate was to compare the "mindsets" of an Israeli Comedy Troupe with that of the IHH GOONS that wielded pipes and knives during their "humanitarian mission?" Is that all you got? Did I mention that you are an imbecile?

  • Gloria

    Thank you, David, this is a great video! I'll send it on to everyone I know here and in Israel. It just makes you feel good. And kudos to Caroline Glick for writing it. She is a woman of many talents.

  • jim

    Great: That was sooooooooo good

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/AL__ AL__

    Brilliant !

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/1SamsonFan 1SamsonFan

    Well Done, very nice!

  • Carolina Don

    Thanks……truly fun.

  • Marc

    What is the essence of the Jewish Yahweh?

    By the number of floods and plagues and boils he casts upon devout followers,
    he must be a terrible God. No?
    Consider the pogroms he has troubled them with.
    He is a god of hatred,
    a hatred so raw it has condemned itself into arbitrary acts of violence.
    A terrible God that they worship.
    They worship a terrible God.

    What did Jesus know?

    By the way that he anticipated their actions against Him,
    he must have known their treacherous nature. No?
    Consider the parable of Barrabas.
    He knew they were full of hatred,
    a hatred so raw it consumes them when they pray to it.
    A terrible God, that HE tried to empty them of.
    With His death, He tried to empty them of their terribleness.

    What happens when you are kind to a Jew?

    By the way that they treat you,
    they must think you gullible, a sucker, a patsy. No?
    Consider the financial bailouts.
    They channel their god of hatred,
    a hatred so raw it has condemned itself into arbitrary acts of violence.
    A terrible God that they channel.
    They channel a terrible God.

    • Syd Barrett

      I'm a Christian and Yahweh is my God, too. I take exception to your insulting characterization of my Father. You obviously haven't read the Bible, so please refrain from commenting upon something you obviously know nothing about.

    • slivovitz

      God is not God if he is not Wrathful as well as loving. Two aspects of the same thing.
      As for cheating the willfully ignorant – a condition which is the chosen state of the majority of mankind, this is not just a pleasure but a duty, assigned by a wrathful God. He has chosen some people to execute his will in the matter. Why the Jews? Well, after two millenia of training, who else would you put into the ring to deal with hoi polloi?

      Perhaps yo know the fish head story? No? OK, I'll give it to you for free (no, please, don't thank me, it's my pleasure).

      Somewhere in enlightened Eastern Europe, a gentile confronts a Jew. "Ho is it you Jews are always getting the better of us on trade?" To accentuate his point, the gentile grabs the Jew and bangs him just against the wall a few times. The Jew responds, "I'll tell you. It's fish heads". The gentile replies "Fish heads?" The Jew continues, "Yes, fish heads. We eat them, as fish has alot of protein, and the fish head has the brain protein. I happen to have some. I'll sell them to you for two coppers".

      The gentile releases the Jew, gives him the coppers, and leaves.

      Some time later the same Gentile meets the Jew, and this time grabs him right away and slams him a few extra times against the nearest wall. "Jew, you cheated me – you sold me fish heads for two coppers, and then I learn they made be had in any market for one copper".

      The Jew smiles and replies – "See- it's already working!".


      Don't go near the slivovitz. Plum brandy is really vile stuff, made for and consumed by people who can't afford anything better.

  • jesus is love

    Marc, is that why muslims are so full of hate, because alla is nothing but hatred?

  • Ginger

    Brilliant video! I only wish Israel supporters did things like that more often, maybe then Israel wouldn't be losing the media war to arabs and leftists after each similar incident.

  • steven L

    Iran is trying to CON the world.
    His Obama falling in the trap?

  • Leo

    Yes Obama has already as a matter of fact always been so ignorant. I would send him this video, it was a true classic. I love it. Send it to the U.N.

  • Joe


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFEBbDkyrqQ Jacklin

    NICE … Israeli/jewish sympathizers always have a great way OF SPINNING TRUTHS…

    Like the IDF releasing only videos they see fit, while confiscating all cameras and videos of the people on board haha ! Such slimy propagandist

    • MixMike

      Israel got good at it because they learned from the best: Pallywood!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

      Some 'pali' video has been released, it shows them with their clubs all around the ships, and doesn't help their 'case' at all. Good luck spinning the need for all those club weilders, the space to accommodate them would have been used to store 'aid' if that was indeed that boat's purpose. Suc-ker!

  • Muslim lies exposed

    I find it interesting that the whole Pro-Palestinian, liberal Berkeley fools are super quick to blast Israel for "human rights" violations. These same deeply misinformed people refuse to give the Arabs the same scrutiny. Just one example would be female genital mutilation. This practice is alive and well in the Arab world being done at this very moment. This sick practice of excising a females external genitalia must stop now. As for depriving entire minorities their humanitarian rights well just take a look at how Egypt rounds up and imprisons Coptic Christians. Look at the Kurds in Iraq. Of course you'd be remiss to let Turkey off the hook for the Armenian genocide. The list is endless but only Israel is universally taken to task. The hypocrisy of the Muslim world is indeed sickening. Long live Israel! Death to Islamic terrorists!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/guydewhitney Guy DeWhitney

    I do not understand why Caroline Glick and Latma are not credited at all in the post or its tags.

  • Ime Nevazno

    An appropriate response to the video:

    ' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEMXaTktUfA

  • Democracy First

    Actually, it`s a great companion piece, MLK being a Zionist himself who called opposition to Israel by its simple truth: anti-Semitism.