Jihadist on the Dole

Watch the video on the Muslim cleric who plotted to destroy Australia while living on the public dole for 19 years in the country:

  • Marty Mac

    Why do so many Muslim boat-people (asylum-seekers) traverse several Islamic countries to get to Australia? A wonderful safe welfare state bathed in political correctness and free of poverty and tyranny may be one answer. With the leftist Labor government in power over the last two years the number of boats returned to pre-conservative government numbers.

    Who can blame them. On Monday night, August 30, a sixteen year-old African immigrant ward of the state fell to his death from the Elizabeth Street footbridge in Melbourne, Victoria. Earlier in the day the boy had been to the welfare office where he was given a $2,000 payment. How clueless would welfare services personnel be to see this wasn't a good idea. But that's Orrsatralia, land of the soft touch. Two grand to a homeless teenager who began drinking soon after and was dead by 10 pm.

    Luckily Australia only has so many like the Muslim cleric, Somalian gangs, and the many ex-Tamil Tigers (see asylum-seekers) in our land because of the mostly successful border fence called the Indian and Pacific oceans.

  • DisappearHere

    You have to give him some credit. I spent 3 years on the dole in my early 20's, and I could barely be bothered to get out of bed to plot the cleaning of the dishes.

  • muslimpoxbyebye

    Please excuse the caps lock..thank you ..__When i write this i'm speaking for the rest of the planet that is not muslim and never will be . __We read with real sadness in our hearts everyday about muslims killing muslims in small numbers. __We are waiting for the day when they start hitting the million figure on a regular daily basis. __What can we do to help them reach those daily millions of muslims killed by muslims targets?__ Shall we give them more ammo or more money ?__..shall we print more evil korans and evil khomeini's evil green book in arabic and in English and whatever language they prefer just so that muslims can kill each other more and more ..__when will these sweet daydreams of the rest of the planet that wants to live in peace on a muslim free planet come to be real? __When will we read the good news that muslims have wiped themselves out in their sweet bloodlust and all the arabs are gone too .. __Oh….when will iran bomb saudi arabia and the rest of the middle east so that it can bask in the afterglow of the 12th moron that they're all waiting for ?__Oh to hear the elusive good news on a daily basis .__

  • Jean

    Muslims have exceedingly shifty morals. They can scarce believe, and are contemptuously elated by, the basic decency of people with Judeo-Christian values which allows Muslims to dupe, murder and dismantle free societies everywhere.

    Don't anybody bother to chide me about differentiating between Muslims and Jihadists. When there's an infallible guide to telling the difference, I'll THINK about it.

  • Rochelle

    Are there any other religions today that sanctify bloodlust? That glorify and promise eternal bliss to murderers? That deny the basic humanity of nonbelievers? Whatever quotes can be extracted from the texts of the other major religions of the world, none of them worship savagery against other people as does Islam today.