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McGill University Heckles Bike Riders After Campus-Wide Ban

Posted By Gabriella Hoffman On September 21, 2010 @ 10:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

No conservative should fail to seize an opportunity to expose leftist injustices around them. What better place to observe and report than Montreal, Canada? My appreciation for the United States radiates more after venturing up north, not that I ever doubted my patriotism or renounced it until President Obama was elected. From global justice churches to attempts at creating “biodiversity,” Montreal did not fail to live up to expectations as a hotbed for socialist politics.

While exploring downtown Montreal, my family and I traversed upon famed institution McGill University. It seemed harmless at first with its nicely-manicured lawns, students lounging out and studying, and European architecture. Yet, police officers got hasty when students rode their bicycles. I was shocked and stunned to bear witness to this! It is time that someone dispel doubts, as we here in the United States should be weary of similar proposals that could tap into our already-troubled universities.

What would be wrong with riding bicycles on a college campus, one might ask? Well, McGill’s administration sees it fit to ban all bike use on campus. As a college student, I am reliant on my bike as a mode of transportation to get to classes and various spots on campus. Not only does it provide one with a means of travel, a bike allows students to simultaneously exercise. McGill vied for stricter bike protocols because “mounted bicycles are incompatible with pedestrian safety,” a University of Alberta columnist cites with his disappointment in pedestrians oblivious to bicyclists. The larger issue at hand, though, is McGill’s efforts to reduce campus traffic in order to have a “healthier, safer campus.” I think this institution is just asking for more disgruntled students. Why aggravate students more? Universities already torture them enough with their endless brainwashing!

With calls for students to dismount their bikes in Montreal, American universities should note this ridiculous call to action and evade it. Many students rely on bikes since it is too expensive to drive on campus. Universities keep crying that they are short-strapped on cash, while they are wasting money on useless projects and professor pensions. Here is a more appropriate call to action for universities like McGill: do not pass legislation that is foolish and impractical.

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