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Last week on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show, David Horowitz and UC-Irvine Professer Mark LeVine were interviewed in regards to Horowitz’s recent appearance at UC San Diego, in which a member of the Muslim Student Association made a controversial remark in answer to Horowitz’s question. This led to an angry exchange between LeVine (a Palestinian supporter)and Horowitz, in which charges of dishonesty were thrown back and forth. At one point, Horowitz referred to a seized document purporting to show a connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Student Association. As one who also teaches at UC-Irvine, I watched the segment with more than passing interest.

On October 8, 2008, I attended a presentation at UC-Irvine, which was held in Mr LeVine’s class (and open to the public)by Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ibrahim Al-Houdaiby of Egypt. Mr Al-Houdaiby’s theme was that the Muslim Brotherhood opposes violence, condemned 9-11, is trying to achieve understanding with the West, and is trying to bring democratic reform to Egypt. During the Q&A, I presented Al-Houdaiby with English and Arabic copies of a document seized by the FBI and presented as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial. In this document, a representative from the MB (Mohamed Akram)is writing to the “North American brothers” telling them that their role in North America is to work to destroy its “miserable house” from within. (It appears that this is the same document Horowitz was referring to on Hannity.) Here is the video of my question to Al-Houdaibi in Mark LeVine’s class. It was shot by Jonathan Movroydis of Red County Campus Watch and is from Reut R Cohen blog.

Here is the link to the document, both in Arabic and English. On page 18, there is a list of affiliated organizations, which includes the Muslim Students Association (number 2).

Mr. Al Houdaiby denied the authenticity of the document and stated it must have been a forgery. In his remarks and subsequent comments to my below-linked article, he referred to Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna and Muslim Brotherhood scholar and writer, Yusef Al-Qaradawy, as being against terrorism. Here is my posting from October 8, 2008.

Subsequently, I wrote another post entitled, “Where is Ibrahim El Houdaiby?”. That led to another exchange of comments (click here).

Another previous posting of mine featured LeVine’s written statement of defense of the Muslim Student Union members who were arrested for disrupting the speech by the Israeli ambassador on February 8, 2010.

I write this because much of the exchange between Horowitz and LeVine revolved around alleged connections between the MB and the Muslim Students Association and anti-Israel events on college campuses. (Israel Apartheid Week just recently concluded at UC-Irvine.)

  • AntiFascist18

    Gary, this is all well and good, and I am glad you're showing concern about the behavior of the Muslims at Irvine. Fact is, they should all be expelled and their Black leader should be told to take a hike to Georgia or Obama's old pew for all I care – he belongs there.

    But why did you alledgedly take umbrage at my friend Deborah Lurya for confronting the jackals? They have been intimidating Jewish students all along without the Dean or the Student Council doing anything about it. She was speaking up, maybe granted in a tone that wasn't moderate, but the time for moderation with these MSU groups has come and gone. They certainly NOT moderate, and many of them have no right whatsoever to be on a U.S. campus, period.

    If Debbi's allegations are true, you sir owe her an apology. And you should be standing with her, not taking issue over semantics or action.

    • Sgt. KoranFlusher

      I agree that the time for moderate speech with these MSU groups or any Islam supporters for that matter, has come and gone. We should be very angry at what they have done, are doing, and their intentions for OUR future. Their tactics of subversion and then control. I would not take a moderate tone with the followers of Charles Manson so why should I do so with the Followers of Mohamed? This is the reason for my internet "handle" Sgt KoranFlusher. To show the repugnance that is appropriate to show towards a hateful and anti-freedom ideology. My handle is offensive only to those who are only open to onesided dialog anyway!

      We can not let ourselves be defined by our enemies. We cannot let the enemy. of free speech define what is appropriate speech. They can only write the rules if we let them. And look where polite dialog has taken us so far. Further and further into the camp of our enemy. So far into the enemy's camp , in fact, that if Sir Winston Churchill, one of the world's greatest orators, was to speak on any campus or at any political forum about his views on Islam he would immediately be shut down, and if in England, probably arrested as well.

    • Michael

      I certainly hope that you weren't waving the flags while the speaker was speaking, for that could be a form of disruption. These hatemongers have a right to their speech. The real problem is that the Israeli side isn't proving itself with forceful persuasive arguments to win the minds and hearts of the confused students. The Palestinians are garnering every logical fallacy to their argument, and the Jews are hoping old fashioned benevolence towards a nation of humans who were constantly set a drift on the wide world will win the day…it won't.
      As a Jew, I would rather see the Israeli's remind the world constantly between initiated and retaliatory force, the difference between production and growth and destruction and stagnation, between Israel's free speech and the Palestinian rule of fear etc. Israel assumes America knows more than it does pertaining the CORE differences between Israel and Palestine. Shouting down hate is a losers game, one played because no argument is handy. Jews can and must do better.
      Let them speak, and then use their words against them, in lovely and persuasive oration. The beautiful gazelle grows weary after the hyenas pace behind for miles, doggedly hounding its prey with fortitude and determination. It is time that the Jews fight back, but not in the flying of spittle but in rhetoric. The Jews have gained many wistful goals by mastering numbers and finance and retaliating on the battle field; now they need to keep it with concepts and flourishing speech.

      • rib/eve

        Your beautiful speech has just made it crystal clear why Jews will bow to being exterminated. Do you folks have NO survival mechanism?

        Muslims don't give a damn about your talking points, fool.

        How do you help a people that seem bent on feeding themselves to the jackals?

        • Michael

          Hello rib/eve,

          Fool? Me a fool? Nice argument there. I could end with exposing your non argument and your ad hominum, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

          First, if you or anyone like you are a remote physical danger to my body and values: you die. So, no this Jew ain't afraid to blow away any crazy life form who threatens my life and values; there is no more train rides to nowhere. If you took a moment to read my words before flying of your rocker, you would have noticed that I mentioned that rhetoric and logic are needed to "keep" Jewish goals intact now that we have "retaliated on the battle field."

          Ok, now with that out of the way. Only a fool, not you of course, will confuse the free speech of American citizens and guests of this country with physical violence. Shouting down free speech, when no direct violence is present, only makes folks like you happy, but sane and rational folks are put off and turn away. Lest you forget, in a Constitutional Republic like ours, many a general has been unleashed to wreak havoc only after rational discourse has had its sway, in America and on American soil, we are still in rational mode. If you are ready for guns in America now to fight the demented hate of many in the Muslim community (not all) then you dear blogger are setting yourself up to be a fool, which you aren't already of course.

          In the Middle East, as you have witnessed since 1948, the Jews have shown all you need to know about this so called "survival mechanism."

          The jackals are hunting their prey in America by logical deceptions, which I suggest you master in order to defeat the enemy BEFORE the guns are pulled.


  • gary fouse

    Last week at UCI over a hundred members of the community turned out with Israeli and US flags to counter the msu and their speakers. It was a success. One goal was that we not emulate the behavior of the MSU when they disrupted Oren's speech. Everyone wanted to send a message to the vast majority of students as to who the good guys were. Then she shows up out of control. We asked her not to spoil what the protesters had worked so hard to achieve, but she would not listen. On Wed she continually disrupted Alison Weir's speech. During Q&A, I apologized to Weir and told her that Lurya wasn't connected to the rest of us. I stand by that apology. Thursday I confronted her with a copy of one of my postings about hate week on fousesquawk (my blog) which she had lifted onto her own blog with no attribution. At that point (in front of many witnesses), she and her husband flew off the handle again and harsh words were exchanged by all 3 of us. (Later, she apologized on my blog for taking my post.)

    • Democracy First

      Gary, I've often wondered whether non partisan students don't see clearly the difference between the generally peaceful, evidently democratrically-minded, jewish students and Israel supporters, and the angry, shout-down-those-who-oppose-us-pro-Palestinian side. Seems you want to ensure that they do. Good.

    • AntiFascist18


      I appreciate the reply but the time for peaceful, non-violent counterdemonstrations is long passed. College administrators like those at UCI, UCSD and Berkeley won't do a damn thing about the MSUs – even when they directly cry for genocide, the Student Councils are loaded with their followers and symps – and Jewish students face intimidation and death threats on a daily basis.

      I know Debbi. More importantly I knew Debbi's first love. He was a good friend of mine who went to Israel to find himself, and was brutally murdered by an Islamic terrorist sniper up in the Golan. It is personal for her, her fight. I also know about Alison Weir. I would have disrupted her talk if I were there.

      Maybe what Debbi did as far as you're concerned was wrong, but you have no business either telling a Jew to "shush, shush" when the Muslim Students Union constantly call for the murder of Jews, for attacks on Jews, and to stifle our free speech. Time they (MSU, MSA) got a taste of their own medicine.

  • gary fouse


    I take a back seat to no one at UCI in standing up to and opposing the msu. One several occasions, I have stood virtually alone in speaking my mind to Malik Ali et alKeep in mind, it is the minds of the 99% of UCI's students that we are fighting for. If they pass by the events and see us shouting at each other hysterically, they come to the conclusion that neither side is worth joining. So there are no apologies.

    • AntiFascist18

      Malik Ali, Gary, is a comtemptible plantation slave. He like Obama doesn't know a damn thing about Islamic and Arab oppression of Black people. I've studied this since I was a kid reading in horror about how Arab slavers were shooting and slaving Black Africans in the presence of David Livingstone. Malik Ali should live in Darfur a year and experience the joys of Islamic rule firsthand.

      The Dean of UCI refuses to do anything about the MSU. The Student Council is sympathetic to them.Jewish kids had to virtually plead with them to do something. Those days are past. Considering the speakers they've brought to UCI, it is not only a Jew issue, it is an American one as well. They have brought the worst apologists for 9/11, for genocide, for honor killings to UCI and UCSD. I appreciate peaceful methods, but honestly are they working? Is the Chancellor waking up from his Leftard sleep to act? Even the campus police aren't doing a damn thing.

      I'll tell you this. If I were attending UCI now as a Jewish student I'd be armed to the teeth.

  • ibn khaldun

    Mark LeVine LeVacuos is really Hannah Montana behind those specks, pretending to know something about the Middle East when she is not singing.

  • poptoy

    Mark's parents were HIPPIE'S from the SIXTIES and he, like his parents, were never on the right side of anything. Except maybe if the joint was in their right hand.

  • aliko

    In order to test software, developers create scenarios to try find bugs which are later diagnosed in a process called debugging.
    To debug the leftist mentality, one only needs to introduce a symmetric but opposite case to the Muslim student. Get a young Jewish guy, make him wear a shirt with slogans such as "Gather all Palestinians in Gaza and burn it" or "Make Gaza new-Dresden" and see if this student is granted a scholarship and how tolerant will this Levine be.
    I bet they'll crash on this scenario miserably.

  • gary fouse

    Anti Fascist 18,

    I agree with most everything you say. Keep in mind that I have publicly criticized the UCI admin. for their lack of responses to hate speech. My name is mud in those offices. My name is mud with the msu also, but I think many of them respect my willingness to confront their speakers. They know I won't be intimidated. Further, my name is mud with the OC Jewish Federation and OC Hillel because I have pointed out their being missing in action for several years. In their minds, I am some sort of bomb thrower. Indeed, many Jewish students at UCI probably think my methods are ill-advised. If you think I am too timid at thee events, I invite you to go to fousesquawk and see the videos of my encounters.

    I also am aware of your friend's own experiences. I sympathize with her anger and passion. What she should do is prepare to confront the speakers with well thought out challenges or accusations of hate speech during the Q&A. She should be working to counter the lies that the MSU brings to our campuses.

    I repeat what I said. Our audience is the 99% of the good kids at UCI who have no part of this ugliness and are not anti-Semitic.

  • AntiFascist18

    P.S. Alison Weir did NOT deserve an apology. Being escorted off campus, yes. An apology for Hamas supporters, NO WAY JOSE.

    If anything she and her fellow goosesteppers who sidle up to the MSU roaches deserve contempt.

    One more thing, Gary. You complain about her methods. But it has been non-stop for the Plantation Slave Ali, his fellow thugs. Don't get me wrong, I know a bit of what you're doing, but when you take Debbi to task instead of being supportive you do kind of play into the MSU hands – and especially of a UCI administration that is callous, stupid, and supportive of our enemies. Because that's exactly what the MSU's are – enemies of America.

  • AntiFascist18

    If I were a student at UCI I'd go to school armed to the teeth, and dare either the Chancellor, the Dean, or a feckless student council to tell me to disarm.

    Only when Malik Ali is thrown in jail where he belongs, the MSU disbanded and deported, and no more Holocaust deniers and Islamohitler apologists allowed on campus would I do so. Terrorists need to go home – they do NOT need to be on an American campus.

  • AntiFascist18

    Mark Levine – funny name for an obviously mentally unstable Jew for Hitler…

    Not only should UCI's Chancellor be removed; the Muslim Students Association aka Junior Hamas should be disbanded and its members thrown in jail and deported, or in the case of Plantation Slave Malik Ali placed on a plane and dumped in Darfur, but this clown Markie with his scraggly hair and his "Heavy Metal Islam" (is this what they're hiring as Professors nowadays) should be told his new duties will be custodian of the History Department corridors. The chair of this department should resign or be fired as there is no excuse for stupidity hiring stupids.

  • gary fouse

    Anti Fascist,

    A few points; First of all, most all of the msu students at uci speak English with American accents. Deportation is not an issue. Secondly, your comments about bringing guns on campus indicates you are a bit unhinged.. Third, Malik Ali is not going to be thrown in jail because of the First Amendment. He would have to state something that directly incites an act of violence-that's the law whether we like it or not. I don't know why you use the term plantation slave to refer to Ali (who by the way is an American-born citizen.) As much as I abhor Ali's words, that strikes me as racist.

    As for the apology to Weir, it was to distance ourselves from your friend. I believe that speakers have the right to speak without being shut down. We are not like the ones who tried to shut down Oren (I was there). -cont-

  • gary fouse

    cont- to Anti-Fascist

    Final point-question; What have YOU done to counter the events going on on UC campuses with the MSU and their speakers? Have you ever confronted speakers like Ali or other Israel bashers even though you are virtually alone in the crowd? Have you ever publicly criticized your employer for not doing enough to counter hate speech on campus?

    You talk big, but I don't see where you have walked the walk. I can understand why you and whats her name are friends.

  • AntiFascist18


    First off, I'm offended by you calling me a Racist. I, unlike you, fought in the Civil Rights Struggle. I've been beaten up by junior klansmen. Malik Ali is a Plantation Slave if he's so stupid to be all wrapped up in the Muslim thing. Any Black American who does NOT understand the history of Arab Muslim involvement in slaving African Blacks yet turns on Jews deserves my deepest contempt. I am also a Civil War Historian, Gary, so I think I know a few things more than you. Ali may be an American citizen but he doesn't act like one.

    Two, I am so glad you – one, pursue peaceful means when Jewish students are being threatened and intimidated; and two, you didn't get what I said. In lieu of the College administration's failure to do anything to outlaw the MSU (I suppose you're offended by that too, right) or to put an end to hate rendered by them, yes, I would be armed.

    Three, I don't live in the area – but if I did, or when I come in, I'll be right beside Debbi even if you pooh pooh or deliver sermons.

  • AntiFascist18

    Like you, Gary, I used to believe in the rule of law, but Leftists, their Muslim and Fascist allies, don't – and they will use whatever means while you want to talk nice to them.
    You could have told Weir, well, this is bad that someone is offended this much by your comments (in my opinion stupidity or downright anti-Semitism, but that's me) but sorry hon, while I don't like what she does your friends created the conditions and you're not helping matters.

    That would have made more sense than an apology. You don't apologize to Jew-haters. It would also deliver a message saying – we can be civil BUT ONLY after your friends stop their screaming, their disrespect towards Oren. My God Gary, I'm teach too, and I know how to handle unruly kids. You don't apologize to them.

    As I said, if I ever get back to O.C. you'll see me right alongside Debbi. And I will expect you to stand by her as well, not make apologies to haters.

  • gary fouse

    Anyi Fascist,

    I didn't think you were from down here. I didn't think you had ever seen the UCI events. I didn't think you had any clue as to what I do at UCI. I didn't think you had ever read what I write about the issue. In short, I didn't think you had any idea what you were talking about.

    I was right. You are just a big mouth who sits in the back and second guesses what the doers do.

  • Ramius

    Went to the Holocaust Museum in DC last week. There is an excellent exhibit of Nazi propaganda on display. I couldn't get over the similarities between the message of the Third Riech, and the hate speech spewed by the anti-Israel folks today. Much of the moslem world is being indocrinated with images and messages identical to what the Nazis were putting out in the early 1940s.

  • gary fouse

    Correct. To this day, two of the biggest selling books in the ME are Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

  • handbags on sale

    I certainly hope that you weren't waving the flags while the speaker was speaking, for that could be a form of disruption. These hatemongers have a right to their speech. The real problem is that the Israeli side isn't proving itself with forceful persuasive arguments to win the minds and hearts of the confused students. The Palestinians are garnering every logical fallacy to their argument, and the Jews are hoping old fashioned benevolence towards a nation of humans who were constantly set a drift on the wide world will win the day…it won't.

  • gary fouse


    Yes, there were many Israeli and American flags. The following week, some of the Jewish students put up a poster display (almost bill board size) of Arab atrocities on Jews such as the driving out of some 700,000 Jews from Arab countires post 1948. Even then, I understand some of the Jewish students didn't want any part of it.