To Save a Continent

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I don’t know whether it is true, but in several British newspapers I read that Labor opened the door to mass immigration in a deliberate policy to change the social structures of the UK. Andrew Neather, a former government advisor and speech writer for Tony Blair and Jack Straw, said the aim of Labor’s immigration strategy was, and I quote, to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date”. If this is true, this is symptomatic of the Left.

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake: The left is facilitating Islamization. Leftists, liberals, are cheering for every new shariah bank being created, for every new shariah mortgage, for every new Islamic school, for every new shariah court. Leftists consider Islam as being equal to our own culture. Shariah law or democracy? Islam or freedom? It doesn’t really matter to them. But it does matter to us. The entire leftist elite is guilty of practising cultural relativism. Universities, churches, trade unions, the media, politicians. They are all betraying our hard-won liberties.

Why I ask myself, why have the Leftists and liberals stopped to fight for them? Once the Leftists stood on the barricades for women’s rights. But where are they today? Where are they in 2010? They are looking the other way. Because they are addicted to cultural relativism and dependent on the Muslim vote. They are dependent on mass-immigration.

Thank heavens Jacqui Smith isn’t in office anymore. It was a victory for free speech that a UK judge brushed aside her decision to refuse me entry to your country last year. I hope that the judges in my home country are at least as wise and will acquit me of all charges, later this year in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, so far they have not done so well. For they do not want to hear the truth about Islam, nor are they interested to hear the opinion of top class legal experts in the field of freedom of expression. Last month in a preliminary session the Court refused fifteen of the eighteen expert-witnesses I had requested to be summoned.

Only three expert witnesses are allowed to be heard. Fortunately, my dear friend and heroic American psychiatrist dr. Wafa Sultan is one of them. But their testimony will be heard behind closed doors. Apparently the truth about Islam must not be told in public, the truth about Islam must remain secret.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m being prosecuted for my political beliefs. We know political prosecution to exist in countries in the Middle East, like Iran and Saudi-Arabia, but never in Europe, never in the Netherlands.

I’m being prosecuted for comparing the Quran to ‘Mein Kampf’. Ridiculous. I wonder if Britain will ever put the beliefs of Winston Churchill on trial… Ladies and gentlemen, the political trial that is held against me has to stop.

But it is not all about me, not about Geert Wilders. Free speech is under attack. Let me give you a few other examples. As you perhaps know, one of my heroes, the Italian author Oriana Fallaci had to live in fear of extradition to Switzerland because of her anti-Islam book ‘The Rage and the Pride’. The Dutch cartoonist Nekschot was arrested in his home in Amsterdam by 10 police men because of his anti-Islam drawings. Here in Britain, the American author Rachel Ehrenfeld was sued by a Saudi businessman for defamation. In the Netherlands Ayaan Hirsi Ali and in Australia two Christian pastors were sued. I could go on and on. Ladies and gentlemen, all throughout the West freedom loving people are facing this ongoing ‘legal jihad’. This is Islamic ‘lawfare’. And, ladies and gentlemen, not long ago the Danish cartoonist Westergaard was almost assassinated for his cartoons.

Ladies and gentlemen, we should defend the right to freedom of speech. With all our strength. With all our might. Free speech is the most important of our many liberties. Free speech is the cornerstone of our modern societies. Freedom of speech is the breath of our democracy, without freedom of speech our way of life our freedom will be gone.

I believe it is our obligation to preserve the inheritance of the brave young soldiers that stormed the beaches of Normandy. That liberated Europe from tyranny. These heroes cannot have died for nothing. It is our obligation to defend freedom of speech. As George Orwell said: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe in another policy, it is time for change. We must make haste. We can’t wait any longer. Time is running out. If I may quote one of my favorite American presidents: Ronald Reagan once said: “We need to act today, to preserve tomorrow”. That is why I propose the following measures, I only mention a few, in order to preserve our freedom:

First, we will have to defend freedom of speech. It is the most important of our liberties. In Europe and certainly in the Netherlands, we need something like the American First Amendment.

Second, we will have to end and get rid of cultural relativism. To the cultural relativists, the shariah socialists, I proudly say: Our Western culture is far superior to the Islamic culture. Don’t be afraid to say it. You are not a racist when you say that our own culture is better.

Third, we will have to stop mass immigration from Islamic countries. Because more Islam means less freedom.

Fourth, we will have to expel criminal immigrants and, following denaturalization, we will have to expel criminals with a dual nationality. And there are many of them in my country.

Fifth, we will have to forbid the construction of new mosques. There is enough Islam in Europe. Especially since Christians in Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia are mistreated, there should be a mosque building-stop in the West.

And last but not least, we will have to get rid of all those so-called leaders. I said it before: Fewer Chamberlains, more Churchills. Let’s elect real leaders.

Ladies and gentlemen. To the previous generation, that of my parents, the word ‘London’ is synonymous with hope and freedom. When my country was occupied by the national-socialists the BBC offered a daily glimpse of hope in my country, in the darkness of Nazi tyranny. Millions of my fellow country men listened to it, underground. The words ‘This is London’ were a symbol for a better world coming soon.

What will be broadcasted forty years from now? Will it still be “This is London”? Or will it be “This is Londonistan”? Will it bring us hope? Or will it signal the values of Mecca and Medina? Will Britain offer submission or perseverance? Freedom or slavery? The choice is yours. And in the Netherlands the choice is ours.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will never apologize for being free. We will and should never give in. And, indeed, as one of your former leaders said: We will never surrender.

Freedom must prevail, and freedom will prevail.

Thank you very much.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Yet I would like to ask G. Wilders who says:

    "… I always make a clear distinction between the people, the Muslims, and the ideology, between Islam and Muslims."

    How does he draw this distinction? Muslims are neither a race nor ethnicity. Muslims are people who adhere to Islam, period. Perhaps he means Moslems who are not consistent in adherence to Islam, Moslems-lite so to say… Well, even if Moslems-lite: What business may they have in Christian nations other than to undermine the Christian foundation of those nations? And also their financial foundations (by means of working the system)?

    I wished that G. Wilders overcome this inconsistency. Let him be not afraid to tear away pages of the REAL koran in his film Fitna (rather than from the fake one). I wished that burning and shredding of korans spread from Florida
    over the continents. And only this could give us some hope…

    Let September 11th be International Burn/Shred a Koran Day!

    • Suzan

      God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, is our hope. There is no political or military victory over Islam. Conversion of Muslims to Christianity is their hope and our hope for them.

      • Alexander Gofen

        I used the word "hope" not as a salvation for an individual, but rather as some possibility that the humans get back to their senses and to God's way…

        You are not correct claiming as though there is no military victory over Islam (Communism, and similar). "Victory" does not mean ridding of Islam or total convertion of all Moslems globally. "Victory" means to rid of Islam in Christendom, in America, and to contain Islam far away in their Crapistans, and to rid of dependency on their oil. It is not impossible, albeit it is complicate because of confluence of several deadly threats:

        Also in pure theological frame, the final war is predicted in prophecies.

  • gidmeister

    In the U.S. under current immigration policy, the Moslems will increase in population dramatically. And therefore, there will be more antisemitism and anti-zionism in the universities, and from pandering politicians. There will be more honor killings, and perhaps violence like we see in France. There will be millions more votes for the Democrats.
    And how to we prevent this?
    In practice – neither Republican or Democrat is going to lower immigration, or discriminate against a religion in immigration.

  • proxywar

    I don't understand how you can talk about freedom in one breathe and then talk about not allowing Muslims to build mosques and kicking out immigrates in the other. This wouldn't fly in America. It doesn't make any logical sense.

    • journeyman

      To Proxywar: "What if I were to substitute " Muslim " and " mosque " with
      " theocratic totalitarian clerical fascism " and " clerical fascist party headquarters "

      Would you then understand why it's is still possible to talk about freedom. Do you think that the idea behind western society is to be so tolerant of any creed or cult just because it uses the camouflaged respectability of religion, that it should also accomodate a belief system that is what it is because its very raison d'etre is the eventual overthrow of anything not of itself.
      That is nothingless than pathalogical altruism. The Leftopian, progressive liberals have indoctrinated themselves with the knee-jerk, Pavlovian reflex , protective response towards Islam , with the " narrative " that Islam and Muslims are the
      " religion of the poor " innocent, child like, helpless, minority, victimized masses.
      This is little more than Leftist moral narcissism and pathological altruism.

      • speedybullet

        In a sane world, advocacy of Sharia Law, itself a form of fascism, would be viewed as Sedition. Sharia Law requires the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States and our system of government. It is not simply a freedom of speech issue, it is a violation of the law and should be prosecuted. Muslims who apply for Visas to the US should be asked if they believe that Sharia Law should be implemented in the US. If they answer in the affirmative (or lie) they should be denied entrance. If they subsequently advocate for Islamic Law they should be deported.

    • blotto

      proxy: Well gee, according to you, we should not have bothered to stop Nazism. They should have had the freedom to conquer all of Europe. I mean if freedom and conquest in your mind are the same sure we should let islamists build the GZM and other mosques; we should let them use sharia law instead of our laws; in fact we should let them islamize America–all in the name of YOUR definition of freedom.

      How exactly does your mind work?

    • BS77

      FIrst, Islam is AGAINST freedom, our constitution, our liberties….it is our enemy…so permitting Islam to flourish is something that the First Amendment does not cover…I mean, can't you understand this?

    • guest

      Islam advocates ideas that are treason in our country.

      If a person knocked on your door and said "I'm here to steal your house," would you let him in?

    • Abdullah Mikail

      Good to see you are still here saying it like it should be and not marching to the tune of this mad house…and I mean, literally, mad, not insane, they're just angry… oh yeah, that and ignorant.

      In another day and age these people wore sheets and held cross burnings to "protect white America."

      Makes you wonder who the Xenophobes will turn on next when WASPS become the minority? Themselves?

    • aspacia


      Wilders argues against Islam because Islam is totalitarian; against freedom. This faith is submission, and its adherent want you, me, the entire world to submit to its tenets.

      Did you even read the article? I doubt it.

  • Beverley

    Proxywar so you think freedom in American is more important than America … think about this.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    The Western world HAS to learn and understand 2 Arabic words..HUDNA & TAQIYYA.
    With all the evils that Islam represents (as enumerated in Geert's speech.."great quote from Winnie"), why do the "Moderate" Muslim's not DEFECT from their so-called "religion of Peace" en masse. ??? What keeps them from "jumping ship" and renouncing this Satanic /barbaric/heathen Cult called Islam for a different religion. Even Atheism is better than Islam. The answer is as obvious as the nose on their face…they are redundent. They are afraid of their own religion. They are afraid of being beheaded if they speak out against the cruelty of Islam. They are also afraid that Allah will give them the boot when they approach the "pearly gates".
    Their language also gives them away, for those who care to investigate. The first word Hudna, is the Islamic definition of PEACE, which is totally different from our definition of peace and only allows them time to re-group and attack again when stronger than their enemy.
    The second is a teaching of Muhammed that it is a quality and even honorable to LIE to advance the cause of Islam, even if they have SWORN an OATH.
    Obama is a MUSLIM and an expert at practising HUDNA & TAQIYYA, and both require intense study to become proficient. As such, no Muslim, who claims adherence to Islam can be believed, not ONE word.
    "when you see these things begin to happen, look up for your redemption
    draweth nigh".
    Rev. Roy….<><

  • Steven Laib

    If it becomes necessary to deny opportunity to an army bent on conquest in order to preserve freedom and the heritage of America, then it should be done.

    Remember that if the islamists are allowed to prevail, there will be no freedom for anyone. It becomes better to deny them freedom then to deny it to everyone.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I predict that Alexander Gofen's hope will become reality and there will be numerous Koran burnings, not only in America but all over the world.

  • BS77

    It's time for the AMerican people to wake up and realize what kind of danger we are introducing to our national home. Islam is already destabilizing Europe…Islam has no allegiance to any Western nation, constitution or democracy….only to its own slavery and obsessive conformism. AMericans, wake up!!!!!!

    • USMCSniper

      Muck zee Fuzzlims. Put zem all in das camps. Kill zem all, wrap zem in their prayer rugs and put zem all in piles, stoking up zee ovens und burn 'em all using pork grease for das starter, und let Allah sort zems out.

  • BS77

    The imam in New York says if they "move" the mosque, it will radicalize more muslims…you know what? who cares at this point.? everyday they are setting off car bombs, suicide bombs, truck bombs, shooting people…who gives a dam what they want? Americans better wake up and wake up fast. why have we become so afraid of offending these medieval barbarians and their imams? stand up to this cult slavery….sign the petition. get involved. the best antidote to fear is ACTION. Our nation prevailed against Japan and Germany in WW II….don't let FEAR cloud your mind!!!

    • guest

      A few random thoughts…

      Terrorism works because if we fear it, we can be controlled. Haven't you seen it manifested in many forms? It's the school-yard bully grown up and more sophisticated.

      Fear is our greatest weakness. When we fear what someone 'might' do, then we have already lost. The collective backbone of America is mysteriously gone.

      Without condemning or condoning the koran burning, I see in the reactions of our so-called leaders fear of what the terrorists 'might' do to retaliate. It is gross weakness.

      Very few are now willing to sacrifice if the sacrifice is personal, with the exception of the young men and women who fight our wars. Personal sacrifice is the currency of freedom, and sometimes blood.

      People, get yer heads outta yer nether regions and realize that you have the power right now to make a better world for your kids tomorrow. Or is that asing too much to stand up to fear and oppression, threats and violence so that your kids will not be victims?

      Moral relativism is a sham. It is lawlessness and no foundation upon which to build a society.

      Things really aren't as complicated as liberals try to make them. They just like to hear the sound of their spinning wheels, and will say whatever it takes so they can be in control. Some of them anyway – there are some who genuinely don't know any better.

      It's incredible that a politician will destroy his own home just so he can be in control of it…. i.e. uninforced immigration law and amnesty.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        Yep, terrorism works because we don't put a high enough price on it. Nothing succeeds like success and the Islamic terrorists know it. And it is because terrorism gains rewards like us showing cravenness before them, and criticising Israel if they dare to send any terrorist bigwig to their raisins. Our weakness only encourages them to do more of the same, but our politicians, military leaders, academics and a huge percentage of our population refuses to see that. 9/11 was preceeded by 30 or more years of weakness and craven appeasement. In the days when we whupped them, they left us alone. Ours and our parent's generations are the first generations in 15 or so that they have no respect for, however grudging. Why did they respect us more in say 1700, 1800 or 1900 than what they do today? It's rather obvious. For all our advanced weaponry, they no longer fear us. They know we hate ourselves more than what we hate them, and know that we are more frightened of being labelled as racists and bigots than what we are of being enslaved or decapitated. What a sad state of affairs over the last 50 years.

  • Richard Ong

    Excellent comments, Mr. Gofen.

  • Malodyus

    For some perspective, let's see how the US dealt with militant Roman Catholocism in the 19th century as it was expressed in Pius IX "Syllabus of Errors". Roman Catholics here ignored it, acculturated rapidly, to such an extent that 1928 Presidential candidate Al smith could as, in all honesty, "Will some one tell me what the Hell is a papal encyclical". He was making the point that Americans of the Catholic faith had chosen, and proven with their works, that they were quite capable of rejecting their church's condemnation of American values. So too, it may yet be possible for Muslims in America. In this sense, a moderate Islam in not necessarily an oxymoron. We must firmly and fairly enforce allegiance to American ideals. Those ho accept are 100% Americans, no matter what they think will happen to non-muslimsin the afterlife.

    • Taxpayer1234

      The gigantic difference between Catholicism and Islam is "free will". Catholics and other Christians believe obedience to God and His servants on earth is a good thing. But it is each individual's CHOICE to obey. God does not want blind obedience. He wants people to come to the truth through understanding and love, not fear and loathing.

      On the other hand, in Islam there is NO free will. It is obey or die. Period.

  • MattH

    Its bad enough that we have the muslims to worry about, but their american advocates that want eveybody to just be friends, while the enemy builds strength, all evil works together , wether or not they even know and all the while we are bickering with the liberal left the enemy grows stronger, Its time to not worry about feelings and take back our country! ANSWER NOT A FOOL TO HIS FOLLY

  • Gaius Gracchus

    I wonder how Mr. Wilders would respond to President Obama's attacks on Pastor Jones.

    The poor fellow, after all, is doing nothing worse than burning individual copies of a book he deplores and both liberals and conservatives are out to crush him for it, openly arguing both that his act is as horrifically awful as the most angry Muslim fanatics say it is and that he ought to forebear for fear of Muslim violence.

    Both the President and his general bossing our troops in Afghanistan – who, by the way, are supposed to be there defending liberty – have as much as demanded he drop his plan for fear of the awful violence of Muslim reaction.

    Is the American president our dhimmi in chief?

  • persikas1

    The title of this piece …' To save a continent '
    It's as enormous as that – yes. we are talkng about a whole continent , a big chunk of the more civilised world . And if the muslims take over or destroy Europe ( in their attempts to take over ) , what will be next ?

  • Indioviejo

    Geert,you are telling it like it is, but can Europe be "saved" at this stage of development? I don't think so. It is willful suicide and no one wants to fight for the old continent. It is sooo sad. Can we save ourselves in America? I hope so, but only if our christianity becomes militant. Gen. Petraeus and our ruling class will not admit to a clash of civilizations, but Islam started their relentless advance 1400 years ago and won't stop until we stop them. Lets get busy.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Our greatest obstacle in America is the leftist social engineers
    provoking us into doing nothing about what ails us. If we take any
    action, speak any word of protest, vote for American survival
    we become right wing nuts. I think the leftist, Islamist axis to
    destroy our nation is making me a little more than nutty, I think
    I am feeling a little more than intolerant, I and we owe them
    nothing, absolutely nothing. Purge and cleanse, has to be done
    and the sooner it starts the better and November seems to be on
    the horizon and I will know change we can believe in as it smells
    like clean…………………………………………………..William

  • loseyateefa

    If you have ever lived in the South, you'll get this: Islam is the kudzu of society.

    If not, here's a quick lesson. Kudzu destroys everything in its path because it can. It is very helpful in stream bank erosion, but that is the extent of its usefulness. and goats love it. Unfortunately, it grows about a foot a day, gives off less oxygen than trees, thrives in hot climates and is drought resistant. Spraying Roundup repeatedly and persistently might kill it in a few seasons. At first, the vine seems innocent and even has pretty purple blossoms. But if left alone to grow, it will literally kill everything in its path by adding weight to trees, creating a dense canopy, thereby starving the tree of sunlight. The tree, weakened by loss of sunlight and reduced photosynthesis, and by the extra weight of the vine, eventually dies and collapses under its own weight. Nothing will stop it from spreading except to kill the root. To ignore it is to completely change the landscape from beautiful oaks,maples, pines to a flattened field of rounded shapes belonging on a Lost in Space set. And it happens so slowly that no one notices until its too late.
    The only way to stop Islam is for Jesus Christ to return and kill the root, the anti-christ, lucifer and toss into the pit of hell from whence he came. The Bible reveals that Islam will gain the upper hand at the end of time. But I'm still fighting the good fight every way I can.

    • aspacia

      Oh, Please! Praying will not help. Using our secular laws against this totalitarianism will.

  • Donald J.

    It's hard to believe that the film "Fitna" was less than 15 minutes long, showed what we see every evening on TV and read daily, yet London panicked about Wilders wanting to visit. They caved in to fear.

    But the worst problem is that nothing he said there was new. Books like "Eurabia," "Londonistan," "Decline and Fall," and "While Europe Slept" have already told in brutal detail what is happening. And no doubt everyone in power in Europe has read them. How could they not have? Wilders' film was simply a short summary, yet it created turmoil in governments. He only wants Europe to remain European, nothing more. Europe is making him into a hero in comparison to their cowardice.

    Europeans of old moved to America to escape oppression and religious persecution. Yet Muslims willingly move to the heart of countries that have the opposite system of beliefs. And they carry their anti-democratic values with them, i.e. burqas and Sharia. Why? It's perverse. Yet Europe sits on its hands. Amazing!

  • aspacia

    We have freedom of religion, and Constitutionally we cannot prohibit Islam, however, we can enforce laws restricting the discrimination and violence that emanates from Western mosques.
    1. forcing men and women to separately enter a mosque.
    2. make Sharia Law illegal

    There is much more we can do to civilize the uncivilized.

  • Olver

    I think Wilders is mostly wrong on this issue. Yes if taken literally and out of context the Koran is extreme—so are the belief systems of many Christians (and Jews); how many members of those Abrahamic faiths actually live up to those beliefs to the letter?

    Yes you can argue Muslims are responsible for almost all the terrorism in the world—it is a (dysfunctional) expression of political disempowerment (not an excuse)—for many maybe most Muslims Islam is a *political* identity more than religious—unlike Europe the Islamic world never went through a nation-state phase (in fact no civilization outside the West has). What this means in practice is that when Muslims (with certain exceptions such as Morocco, Egypt and Syria) look for some kind of sociopolitical identity beyond the tribal, Islam is the only one that exists. Also keep in mind that much of Islamists' wrath is directed at their oppressive regimes (in many ways justifiably), which the West support more often than not. And it's little ironic for Wilders to condemn a civilization for wanting to take over the world when he comes from one which did, in addition.

    (Numbers of Muslims have also been dropping in the Netherlands for years now—just when the issue is gaining traction among the political mainstream. Just like Russian anarchists assassinating reformist tsars figures like Wilders seize on issues once the original dynamic has already shifted.)

    If there is a war is is between moderate and extreme Muslims. If the West wants to prosper and survive it needs to support the former by not engaging in vitriolic rhetoric like Wilders (for those on the right) and not selling out the own civilization in an excess of cultural relativism (for those on the left).