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“The (Gay) A-List”: Loathe It or Hate It, It’s Reality on TV

Posted By Greg Victor On October 18, 2010 @ 1:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

This season the LOGO cable channel has given us The A-List: New York. Otherwise known as The Gay List or something, I’m sure. On bus and subway ads all over Manhattan they are selling it as a show just like The Real Housewives Of…, “but with balls.” I beg to differ. The “Housewives” have a lot more drama going on than these boys (especially in New Jersey). But what I love about this show is the way it nails exactly the vacuous and shallow narcissistic lifestyle that certain gay men call their life.

After a decade or so of network television making gay characters out to be sympathetic victims deserving of some special honorable mention ribbon for just getting through it all – ironically, along comes LOGO, the gay channel, to show us just how shallow certain gay men can be. I think the best part of having “the gay channel” produce and air this show is watching the “gay community” (another assumption forced on all of use: the constant use a term that is coined by small-minded so-called liberal media participants) get all in a tizzy over the show. Why can’t they handle it? Because after years of portraying gays as “funny and friendly” as “Will and Jack” (on Will and Grace), this show dares to portray gay guys in something other than a soft-pink light that makes them look more attractive to hetero society. The gay critics and bloggers loathe this show because the guys in it are too truthful in their behavior. Let’s face it; if you’re gay in Manhattan, the guys in this show are all too familiar.

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