Reflections on Obama’s Indonesia Odyssey

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Obama is at it again.  First, he awarded America’s highest civilian award – the Medal of Freedom – to Mary Robinson who presided over the infamous Durban Conference of 2001, where Islamic countries were allowed to highjack a conference about racism into a hatefest against the one country in the Middle East (Israel) that has a functioning justice system protecting minority rights.

Then he went to Cairo and showed his intentions to appease radical Islam by accepting that tension between the West and Islam has had nothing to do with Muslim actions against the West but was “fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were too often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations.”

And then he uttered the infamous words, equating the glorious tradition of justice, freedom and tolerance in America with that of totalitarian countries like Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia:  Obama contended that America and Muslim countries “share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

As a lawyer myself, I can tell you that the American justice system is not perfect, but I would much rather be tried for a crime in America, Israel or Canada than any of the Muslim countries.   And, as a Jew, the idea that Muslim countries, most of which have ethnically cleansed themselves of Jews (and are now doing the same with Christians) share the same degree of “tolerance” as do we in the West, is, quite simply, an obscenity.

So, Obama has now visited his boyhood home of Indonesia.   Granted, Indonesia does have some form of democracy, perhaps the most democracy in the Islamic world.  But, once again, Obama has sought to further western submission to radical Islam by morally equating America with far lesser lights when it comes to liberal democracy.  Specifically, he stated in Indonesia that the United States and Indonesia have “shared values” and that “our nations show that hundreds of millions who hold different beliefs can be united in freedom under one flag.”   He claimed that in Indonesia, under its Muslim majority (87% of the population is Muslim) “people choose to worship God as they please. Islam flourishes, but so do other faiths.”

The biggest problem with these words are that they are blatantly false.   The other problem is why would an American president, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, travel the Islamic world, with the message that American is responsible for the Islamic sense of victimization, and that Islam is correct in the sense that the Islamic notion of democracy under Sharia law and the dictates of the Koran is equivalent to the Judeo-Christian notion of liberal democracy, based on separation of Church and State, and an emphasis on Justice.   All the talk of “tolerance” in the Islamic world obviously refers to something very different to what I see as tolerance.

For let us look at Indonesia.  Although the Western media does not seem too interested, there is a disturbing recent history of violence and oppression of minority religions, especially towards Christians around the time of the East Timor independence movement, and more recently towards a minority Islamic sect called Ahmadiyah.

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  • Eric

    Thank you for expressing in rational, balanced manner the profound problems with President Obama's false assertions that Indonesia is a model of tolerance. Facts, those stubborn creatures, continue to challenge the cheerful illusions that Obama's election will magically reconcile the tolerant West and the intolerant, imperialist Islamic voices. Nor can the deep chasm between modern democracies and medieval theocracies be waved away with beautiful words and false hopes.
    Despite our multicultural hopes and humane aspirations, Sharia law continues to be used to justify murder in the name of Allah. When will President Obama acknowledge that we are actually fighting an ideological conflict with jihadist Islamism?

    • marat1

      I never thought I would see the day, especially after 9/11, when a Muslim president would spend so much energy trying to polish the image of Islam, while showing the most despicable hostility towards his own nation and numerous former allies of our nation. How this incompetent ideological fool ever wound up in the White House should be a classic text of how the emotional blindness of Americans at a needy time resulted in attributing aspects of saintliness to this man. In a flash, millions of those who supported him with their time, energy, money were kicking themselves for their stupidity at being manipulated. This is the first sense I have had as an American that I simply "have no government" right now. Islam is in DIRECT confrontation with our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Death is the cure of Sharia law for those Muslims who convert to another religion; or choose of their own free will to even LEAVE Islam. And the whacky "clerics" of this bogus "faith" are endorsed by Islam to essentially act as Mafia bosses–they can and regularly DO call for the death of anyone who is deemed to be "A Threat To Islam." Which is anyone with too strong a criticism. The U.S. should rescind the right of Islam to receive tax-free institutional status, as it is a violent and supremacist ideology. Muslim immigration should be suspended until such time that certain reforms are made by Islamic regimes, thus putting pressure on the elite of these societies who love sending their children to American universities. While Israel is forced to be subjected to Islamic propaganda of being some kind of "apartheid" nation, TRUE apartheid (both political and sexual) exists in a slew of Islamic lands. Jews are barred from even entering Saudi Arabia, Abu Dubai. An Egyptian man and his entire family were recently sentenced to death in Egypt because he converted to Christianity. The Egyptian courts had forbid him the right to convert. THIS is the face of Islam that YOU LOVE, Obama. Ironically, it is MUSLIMS themselves who are the major victims of their tribe, with way in excess of 16,000 people murdered by Islamic Terror since 9/11 alone. Turn to any news source tomorrow or the day after and you can get a new, improved body count. Where is John Bolton when we need him????????????????????????????????????

  • Chezwick_Mac

    "When will President Obama acknowledge that we are actually fighting an ideological conflict with jihadist Islamism?"

    "Jihadist Islamism?"

    In an otherwise excellent post, you stumbled at the end in your unwillingness to properly identify the enemy, resorting to obfuscatory terminology in order to avoid stating the obvious. "Islamism" is a word invented to denote a non-existent distinction between the religious and the political in Islam. "Jihadist" is a follower of the dictates of the faith.

    We can distinguish between Muslims as people and Islam as a belief system, but qualifiers such as "Islamism", "Jihadist Islamism", "Islamo-fascism" etc, are entirely superfluous. Our "ideological conflict" is with Islam, pure and simple. If only the world understood.

    • stephencuz

      Spot on again Chez. Words matter. We must be able to name our enemy before we can fight it. Our issue is with ISLAM. A simple comparison can show it is in direct opposition to the Constitution of the U.S. and is therefore an enemy. Can we trade with Islamic countries? Sure. Business is business. Can we live in peace with them? Perhaps at a distance. Together under one roof? When they acknowledge our Constitution takes precedence over their Sharia (but then, this would make them a non-Muslim). Talking as if we cannot tell the difference between our values and those of the Islamic world is insulting. Does he think we won't see through his cheap speech? What a Dolt!

    • hijinx60

      Chezwick_Mac: This is a fact that I have been declaring for quite some time, yet people tend to ignore. I hope that you have better luck at convincing others. Spot on.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Representative Joe Wilson will go down in history for letting the honesty of his emotions properly peg Obama, shouting out to outrageous Obama, "You lie," and Obama will go down in history as "The Liar President" bringing shame on America in perpetuity.

  • Ret. Marine

    To Eric; “when will this president acknowledge that we are actually fighting an ideological conflict with jihadist islamism” Surely you jest Sir, he is as pure of an ideologue as the snow is white. He a mental midget with a personal dawah bend upon his personal experiences with this cult, its that simple. Do we need yet anther reason to believe why this co-called president is not a muslim, he was indoctrinated, learned in the ways of sharia, and apparently needs to continue on his personal path to salvation, collectively that is.
    You sir calling this fraud a president diminishes the term and respect commanded for such a position, not that I will condemn you for it, but it speaks volumes as to the degree in which this nation was sucker punched in the gut with this pathetic excuse call a president. He is no such thing. I believe him to be just another version of the islamic term for a liar in the cause of allah. Comparing this Nation to that of an ancient barbaric cult has no comparison. Yet at the same time the words traitor comes to mind.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    His roots are holding him down!

  • Cuban Refugee

    The most important task for the recently reconvened House of Representatives would be to start impeachment proceedings post haste. The republic has suffered for too long with the antics of the Community Organizer in Chief and his retinue of radicals. It has become obvious, even to the most blind among us, that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who is destroying our country from within. Let's use the famous pooper scooper, and get him the hell out!

  • RobbinsMitchell

    "Speak softly and carry a big stick"

    ~Theodore Roosvelt~

    "Shuck jively and carry a pickaninny dick"

    ~Barokeydoke Hubris Obozo~

  • bobbie

    message was great -we should be able to post it without advertisment inserted from Front Page Magazine-therefore i did not post it to facebook

  • SeaMystic

    The "Misplaced Tolerance" shown by many Americans as well as Democratic societies, is akin to Individuals bending over and accepting having IT shoved up thier Rectum Dry. Obviously there are some that enjoy it, but,

  • Piera Prister

    Mr. Rotberg,
    Watching the American First Lady wrapped up in a veil is really disturbing and disappointing to me.Just yesterday, I was praising her for her modern and outgoing look resembling a wonder woman who is able to punch a potential aggressor in the face. But now I take back all my admiration. That veil hides the women submission in those countries dominated by the shariah law. I would never visit that apartheid country ! Never!

  • Wesley69

    Obama knew full well about Indonesia's intolerance of religions other than Islam. This visit as well as his stop in India, are continuations of his Cairo Policy, to appease Muslims around the world. I believe, if it meant allowing sharia here in communities which ask for it, he would go along with it. That is why we must add to the Constitution an amendment that will forbid physical harm to an individual because of a religion's practices and beliefs.

  • Gil Solnin

    Obama's criticism of Israel building in existing Jewish neighborhoods in its capital in the anti-Israeli Indonesia was a deplorable act by a U.S. President against a staunch ally of the United States. The fact that the statement was made and made in Indonesia confirms malicious intent. Of all of the numerous anti-Israel acts committed by this President I believe this was the worst because of what was said and where it was said. Obama's actions only compromise any chance of a credible peace negotation any time in the future.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      While I agree with you on Obama’s vilification of Israel while in Indonesia an Islamic country was in very bad taste and also profoundly revealing, with respect to credible peace negotiations taking place between Israel and its Muhammadan foes, that’s impossible as the jihad being waged against Israel by Dar al Islam through their proxies the so-called Palestinians is permanent. In other words, as long as Israel exists according to Islam, there can be no peace. Hence, there is no such thing as credible peace negotiations between Israel and Muhammadans.

  • PAthena

    Note that Indonesia under Dutch rule for hundreds of years was religiously tolerant, for the Dutch did not force them to become Christians. The rulers of Indonesia since they became independent of the Netherlands is one of intolerance, against not only those of other religions but of those of mixed ancestry (Dutch-Indonesian) whom they have evicted from Indonesia.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Well one thing you should understand is Islam is not a religion. Instead, it masquerades as being a religion only in order to subjugate and subsume the societies it targets.

  • badaboo

    Tolerance is a relative term when applied to ANY Arab OR Muslim nation. With that in mind , Obama is no better or worse than BOTH Bush Sr./Jr. Clinton , or Reagan . Oh wait , our "allies " Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Pakistan , Yemen …are "tolerant " ??
    Any American President would have or should have madethat "odessy " …why ? ..because Japan , Korea , and even Indonesia , all have China on their mind .

  • badaboo

    BTW , Andres de Alamaya , Joe Wilson IS and will always be a contemptable IDIOT , for his outburst .

  • simon

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  • Deendid

    The republic has suffered for too long with the antics of the Community Organizer in Chief and his retinue of radicals. It has become obvious, even to the most blind among us, that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who is destroying our country from within. Let's use the famous pooper scooper, and get him the hell out! Hockey, baseball and concert ticket broker

  • marstob

    Nov. 2010 article distinctly addressed the obvious – where Obama was concerned. We are now half way through the year 2014 and, if only, the powerful personages could have – would have changed the tenor of the Obama administration. Perhaps, the current mideast warfare and horrendous deaths would not have happened. Obama’s mesmerizing spelling binding verbosity at the onset of his campaign imho was similar to Germany’s Dictator of the 1930’s. Did anyone question who funded his campaigns ? Obama promised to change America and we now see the results. It is appalling.