Full Report: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Hatred on the Huffington Post


[Editors’ note: The following is an introduction to, and summary of a new investigative report by Huff-Watch: “The Stimulus And The (Approved) Response: Anti-Semitism and Israel-Hatred on Huffington Post.” Click here for the full report.]

In its four years of existence,The Huffington Post (aka “HuffPost”) has grown from obscurity into the world’s most-visited blogsite, and one of America’s most popular news sites. It now has more monthly visitors than the Washington Post, and is supported by some of the largest advertisers in the world. Its representatives have been allowed to ask questions at presidential press conferences, and one was even given preferential treatment. It now enjoys access to, and influence over, the top levels of the U.S. government. Top members of the U.S. Senate are among HuffPost’s official bloggers, including John KerryCarl LevinChris DoddBarbara Boxer and others.

A significant reason for HuffPost’s success and “legitimization” are its claims that it is a nonpartisan “newspaper,” dedicated to “ferret(ing) out the truth,” and “debunking the left-right way of thinking.”

HuffPost also claims to be non-partisan in its moderation of user comments. Arianna Huffington, the site’s founder and Editor-In-Chief, claims HuffPost has “a zero tolerance policy” for hate speech, and that it acts vigilantly to keep its comment threads free of offensive content, 24-7.

Unfortunately, HuffPost consistently “frames” news stories in such a way that incites anti-Israel perceptions and hatred. Further, in violation of its own policies, it approves and tolerates user comments submitted in response to these stories that contain incendiary, hate-filled libels against Israelis and Jews, as well as links to anti-Semitic hate websites.

Given the fact that an estimated 135,000 of Huffington Post’s unique monthly visitors reside in Iran and Pakistan, there is great concern among informed observers that its incitement against Israel influences perceptions far outside the United States.

This report, the result of three years of observation, documents:

  • Numerous examples of Huffington Post’s incitement of anti-Israel perceptions, and the defamatory user comments that have appeared on the site in response, with special focus on Israel’s recent Operation Cast Lead.

  • The fact that many of the most egregious violators of Huffington Post’s stated policies, including some of its most prolific anti-Semitic propagandists, remain active users – some, with tens of thousands of comments in their archives.

  • The fact that contrary to Huffington Post’s public statements, since at least March 2008, it has been pre-moderating all user comments, meaning that all of the hateful and defamatory comments that appear have been approved by its moderators.

All of the following anti-Semitic user comments were published after HuffPost announced, in March 2008, that the only comments that would appear on its site are those that a human moderator had reviewed, approved and made the decision to publish. Ms. Huffington confirmed this fact, several months later.

“Jews are evil. Israel runs the world. Lets kill ‘em all and give the land back to Islam; result-perpetual peace. Seig Heil.”
By “pedrothemigrant,” 5/23/08

“Funny how [Israelis] had NO problem with wiping the [Palestinians] off the face of the earth until they discovered they might actually be able to strike back in a meaningful way. proof that bullies like this are nothing but cowards.”
By “peacekitten,” 1/2/09

“There’s a reason they [Jews] have been the most problematic group for thousands of years.”
By “Amennyc,” 1/4/09

“[W]omen holding limp little bodies of children in their hands, crying, as an Israeli soldier aims an AK.-47 at her head. With each civilian casualty Israel gets closer to the regime in Germany that provided the impetus for the creation of Israel.”
By “SkepticHume,” 1/3/09

“Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with Jooooz [Jews]“
By “JamesR.,” 11/22/08

“They [Jews] all need to be rounded up and gassed.”
By “markoze,” 12/30/08

Perhaps more shockingly, all of these comments were posted by users whose accounts are still active (they have not been banned), some of whom HuffPost has allowed to post thousands of additional comments. This stands in stark contrast to the fact that HuffPost routinely bans other users who don’t violate its policies — some after as few as six comments — but dare to challenge or mock the radical leftists that the site attracts.

These comments are representative of thousands of others containing anti-Semitic and Israel-bashing libels, hate and propaganda that have been published on HuffPost in recent years. Columbia University professor Lincoln Mitchell recently claimed that on nearly every HuffPost news story concerning international affairs, regardless of the topic, he and his friends usually find that it takes no more than ten comments before its users are finding a way to blame Jews.

The most incendiary of these comments are usually submitted in response to “news” stories that HuffPost publishes regarding Israel, which it consistently “frames” in ways that incite inaccurate and unjustifiably negative perceptions of the Jewish state, and particularly its military. HuffPost does this primarily through the use of inflammatory, decontextualized headlines and headline imagery, and biased “news” sources. Examples of this incitement include:

  • Its daily depiction of Israel’s incursion into Gaza in December 2008, in which it cast Israeli soldiers as thuggish villains, Palestinian civilians as their targets, and Hamas terrorists (often labeled as “security forces”) as victims. One example of this was its headline on 12/29/08 that featured a picture of a dead Muslim toddler, alongside text that claimed, “Israeli assault targets symbols of Hamas power.”

  • Its headline story on 3/11/09 featured Charles Freeman’s claims that a Jewish conspiracy led him to withdraw his nomination to a national security post. HuffPost did not post any indication of the broad, bipartisan opposition to his nomination.

  • It uncritically uses biased Arabic “news” sources – including the jihadist-celebrating al Jazeera (also a past HuffPost advertiser) – as single-sources for its headlines. One example was its 5/29/09 article that used a little-known Arabic “news” source’s account of what it described as an “activist” that was killed by the Israeli military. 24 hours earlier, the “activist” was identified by CNN as a suspect in several deadly terror attacks, and that the Israeli military had attempted to arrest him. Instead, he opened fire on them, and was killed. None of this was covered in HuffPost’s depiction of the incident.

  • Its prominent positioning on 8/19/09 of a blood libel against Israel — that it murders Palestinians in order to harvest their organs — even though the “reporter” behind the story admitted in the article that he has “no idea… no clue” if the allegations are true or not. Soon thereafter, credible sources determined that these allegations were physically impossible, and further discredited the “reporter.” Yet HuffPost gave these stories little to no “play” (certainly nowhere near the prominence of the original blood libel).

Given the growing resurgence of anti-Semitism worldwide, HuffPost — like every other “legitimized,” advertiser-supported “newspaper” — is obliged to ensure that its “news” stories concerning Israel are fact-based and contextual. Further, HuffPost is obligated to enforce its nonpartisan comment moderation policy. In both of these regards, HuffPost is failing profoundly.

It is hoped that this detailed report will spur HuffPost to take corrective measures to ensure that it is living up to its self-proclaimed standards, particularly in regards to Israeli and Jewish affairs.

Click here to read the full report.

  • Robert Bernier

    Anti-SemitismAnti-Semitism, the hate of Jews, is a phenomenon on which much has been said and written. Anti-Semitism doesn’t even need Jews in order to prosper (It existed in Japan although there were no Jews living in Japan). Anti-Semitism is one of the ugliest defect in human kind and it provokes the appearance of the most primitive and bestial instinct in human nature. Nowadays, it is carried, supported and promoted by Islam. If one wants to fight anti-Semitism one has to oppose the sermons and incitements preached in the Mosques against Jews. We have to fight anti-Semitism as explained at : <a href="http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2008/01…” target=”_blank”>http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2008/01…..

  • poptoy1949

    Speaking of Huffington….This woman was born in Indiana and decided one day that she was going to start verbalizing a foreign accent for whatever reason! There is something just not right with this woman. I can remember when Britt Spears did this going through her troubles and the press had a field day with it. I am not a psychologist and do not pretend to be. However I am of the impression that Ms. Huffington has a problem going on. Everybody reads her post but someone needs to stand up and voice the obvious. There is no credibility in Huffington. Period.

    • trickyblain

      Err, she was actually born and raised in Athens, Greece. Thus explaining the Grek accent.

      • Pro-Zionist

        Greeks raised in Turkey or the USA have had contact with Jews and so are not particularly anti-Semitic.

        However, Greeks raised in Greece itself remain strongly anti-Semitic; polls show Spain and Greece to be the two most anti-Semitic countries in Europe.

        One wonders if Arianna falls into the pattern.

    • stormy

      Huffington was born in Athens Greece and moved to England when she was 16

    • guest

      wrong…Arianna Stasinopoulou was born in 1950 in Athens Greece. there's something not right with you spreading nonsense when such facts are easy to cross check. She's

  • George Albert

    Comments areas at the Washington Post are just as bad or worse. Ditto for the NYT only they edit their blogs much more heavily

  • menorah

    Didn't the Huff and Puff Post receive bail out funds from friend Obama?

  • Alan

    Thank you for finally bringing light to this issue. I am flabbergasted by some of the comments on Huff Post that are anti-Israeli and, thereby, anti-Semittic. In my opinion, you can not divorce one from the other.
    Even today in response to the article about the Iranian professor that was murdered, comments blame Israel, notwithstanding the fact that this individual was a supporter of the opposition.
    I have personally had some comments blocked from publication when I had the apparent audacity to question other people's anti-Israeli tirades.

  • kafir4life

    Does anybody really pay attention to that skanky pre-op Puff Ho'?

  • antifascist18

    Puff Ho has always attracted Kooks, Leftard Nazis, and Bakerite RINOs to spew. Nothing new here. Arianna has no standards whatsoever. She is a Whore. Period.
    She probably has anger towards her first boyfriend, a Jewish British Conservative who has since passed on, and also towards the fairy (unfortunately Republican) McGreevey clone she married and still bears “his” name.

    That's her hang-ups. Plus lear-jets, hypocrisy, and a commentary board of mental retards.

  • bubba4

    What FPM considers anti-semitic is anything that doesn't 100% agree with it's view of Israel and the jews. As usuall, no examples are given of this “anti-Israeli” bias and a majority of the article focuses on what users have posted in a comments section.

    Have you seen what people post on your own website? The Huffington Post, if they even notice FPM, could run an article about how FPM is blatantly Pro-Israel and is run by rabid zionist who think we should nuke Mulsim cities….all this evident by people that post here.

    • trickyblain

      Very true. But that would require that:

      a) FPM editors had an ounce of self-awareness; and
      b) FPM was actually 1/10,000 as read as the Website that this jealous hitpiece is targeting.

      • Patrick

        If FPM lowered its standards and gave a forum to the miscreants that HuffPo does, I think they'd have just as many readers, albeit uneducated, hate-mongering, anti-semitic ones. The more hate-speech you see, the lower the quality of the people and the readers

    • Patrick

      Gassing jews? Is that a fair criticism? Really? You have the typical arguments that gloss over all the hate speech the HuffPo and You, by the way, doll out. So, if I say a logical conclusion to something is to " round up the Palestinians and either gas them or send them all back to Jordan" and YOU complain, it's ok for someone defending me to say that you get worked up if I don't " just agree 100% " with your view?

  • BS77

    Have you ever seen Huffington on the news shows? YOu used to, but not to much recently…Why? Because she is dumber than a box of rocks….She cannot carry an argument or express herself without sounding like a confused idiot. Liberal, conservative, socialist, Democrat…she has no idea what anything means….Listen to her expressing herself without pre prepared statements….what a dunce.

  • BS77

    BUbba, you are a liar. Name one editor of FPM who advocates using nuclear weapons on Muslim cities. You are a piece of garbage…go back to your burrow and shut up, you moron. Your grammar and spelling are usually awful…..Most readers know all about you….another leftist troll without any facts…just hate .

    • trickyblain

      He's not talking about the editors. He's talking about the posters. Just like the author of this piece uses forum posters to make his case aginst the editors of the HuffPo.

      You spent alot of time on this site over the years, thus you are the liar if you try to claim that many posters here don't use equivilent "hatred" and "language" against certain groups (Muslims, liberals, gays, the ACLU, unions, educators, blacks, Mexicans, feminists, pro-choice supporters, anti-war protesters to name a few).

  • seek


    Arianna Huffington, Greek-born, was never married to ex-N.J. Gov. Jim McGreevey. She was married to oil heir and California GOP Congressman Michael Huffington. I guess all those gay guys must look alike. (Not that I'm homo or anything).

    • Nancy Meredith

      You've got the bio facts correct. I have a problem with HuffPost enabling bullies from the NRA with what seems like infiltrations of the moderators. NRA groups gets away with verbal murder, while an individual poster gets scrubbed, blocked or banned.
      Who do I call? I see this enabling as dangerous as more guns enter our culture …

      • JAS

        But as we see from the lastest FBI statistics, the more guns there are the less crime there is. Which simply confirms all the criminology studies over the last 35 years, especially Professor John Lotts.

    • VN Vet

      You must do a better job of reading. Or take a remedial course in english comprehension. Then you will understand what he really said.

  • andyFree

    When it comes to nuking cities, Israel is by far the most likely nation to carry it out. And they don't try to hide it, that's what the Samson Option is all about.

  • andyFree

    Please tell us if FPM is opposed to religious hatred – most people would think you were leaders in stirring it up.

  • BS77

    I know what you are talking about, believe me.

  • Uzi2

    The Huf-Ho and it's Jew-bashing fellow travelers is, unfortunaely, merely the most evident of the virulent Anti-(Jew) Zionist diatribes that permeate left-wing blogs. Raw Stroy, Common Dreams, Anti-War, FoxNewsHounds,The Guardian, and many others are rife with the hyperbole against Jews that would warm the hearts of the StormFront Nazis. Worse so, is the fact that so damn many of the bloggers asre Jewish!

    Unfortunately, we Jews have a fifth-column amngst us. They are the worst-of-the-worst self-hating Jew-baiters who are clearly the thought leadership of the Israel-bashers. They remind me of the Juden Rat who did, with a “pure heart” the bidding of the SS in organizing their co-religeonists for their treks to the concentration camps. They are typically “Red Diaper Babies” who just didn't make the paradigm shift when the Left picked up the Palestinian cause de celebre as part of their Liberal DNA.

  • BS77

    that's correct Uzi2….the self loathing “intellectual” academic Israel haters are todays latter day KAPOS….traitors to family, religion, Israel, the US…anything decent and moral. When Hamas fires rockets into Israel they approve. When Israel defends itself, they scream in outrage. Finkelstein and all the rest live in a psychotic world of hatred, vilification and pathological lying….but the colleges that sponsor these bottom feeders see nothing wrong with giving them a platform to spew their vomit.

  • BS77

    andyFree, take a long walk on a short pier you little troll….You hate Israel and the Jews but cloud it all with your prevaricating sarcasm and leftist drivel….Try to imagine all the people being killed every day in Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon and Afghanistan while creeps like you continue to vilify Israel….Jews represent less than a fraction of a per cent of the world population but jerks like you pretend they are a threat to the planet. Israel comprises less than one percent of the land area of the surrounding hulking Muslim states, but you cannot stand that Israel even exists….let alone builds some homes or housing. Their enemies are firing rockets and you think that is legitimate….but should Israel defend itself…oh how you lefties howl in indignation….you little weasel…get back in your hate hole.

  • Uzi2


    I am of the age wherein, as a properly raised Liberal Jew, was very active in the '60s anti-war movement. I worked my way into a national position with the Commie-front organizations that were the actual leaders of the anti-war Left. I distictly recall the day, in '70 when I saw the headline of their student-arm newspaper that urged support for the oppressed Palestinians. I asked why? The retort was that they (the Pals) were the newest and most viable cause to rally support of the “stupid” Liberals. I proclaimed myself as a Zionist and quit my position that day.

  • Uzi2

    BS! FYI..the catch-words are “genocide”, “Palestinian Holocaust”, “Nazi”, “Warsaw Ghetto”, “concentration camp” and just about every other adjective taken from the Jewish narrative during WWII to describe how Israel (Jews) treat the Pals.

    Perhaps, if you really understood the implecations of these juxtposed terms with regard to the Jewish-experience, you would know better, as opposed to, proessing your ignorance.

  • Concerned

    One thing to know, they are cowards. They refuse to post comments that are critical of their views. If someone has seen critical posts are they just from a liberal taking a slightly different position or are they from someone actually taking apart their view? If they can't even allow serious well mannered posts that disagree then they are cowardly.

  • Uzi2

    Absolutely correct!

    I am proud to pronounce that in the course of citing fact-based counter-points on Isreal related issues, I have been banned from; FoxNewsHounds,HufPo,Common Dreams,NPR,and other Lefty-Loonie blogs. They do not tolerate alternative POVs. Typical of their insular arrogance. Never forget that all fascist movements in industrial societies during the 20th century started with workers labor movements!

    • rae

      Perhaps Fox, Huff, CD, NPR do not tolerate stupid people who can’t spell, phrase the English lanquage, and who does not appreciate weekends off, benefits, or eight hour days with breaks and decent pay. History is exciting except when one reads interpretations from a warped mind.

      • JAS

        Naw, I don't think so. After being involved in this Culture War for some 40 years and in a Union for 42 years (closed Shop) I can submit that the left will not countenance an opposing viewpoint. If you don't agree with their worldview, you simply have no business espousing yours. And they are determined that you don't. If you don't agree with their worldview, you are not simply expressing an opposing view, you are a villain and must labeled as such. You are therefore a bigot, homophobe, hate-monger, racist, sexist, capitalist, younameit. You will be shut down, by thuggish methods if necessary (a la the university methods), but you will not be allowed to express your thoughts. And having succeeded in throttling your "insidious" speech, the leftist will dust his/her hands off and regail themselves in euphoric self-righteousness, as a defender of "democracy."

      • JAS

        Oh yeah, as a leftist, don't pretend you know anything about history. Leftists are profoundly ignorant of history.

  • dahvid

    Read “The Pink Swastika” for free here:


    It explains the hatred of Jews. After years of searching for the reason I stumbled across The Pink Swastika and now understand why anti-semitism. It is the Pagan lifestyle that is denied it's pederasty, human sacrifice, and blood lust. All forbidden in Judeo-Christian culture. Read learn and understand.

    Check out the video: “The Secret of Oz” to understand how money drives wars.

  • Suebee

    This is absolutely absurd and ignorant. Ignorance is bliss, except when your lack of knowledge hurts others…..

    Jews are evil. Israel runs the world. Lets kill ‘em all and give the land back to Islam; result-perpetual peace. Seig Heil.”

    “Funny how [Israelis] had NO problem with wiping the [Palestinians] off the face of the earth until they discovered they might actually be able to strike back in a meaningful way. proof that bullies like this are nothing but cowards.”

    “There’s a reason they [Jews] have been the most problematic group for thousands of years.”


    I would strongly soggest that you research what you're talking about and stop listening to the hate from the arabs.

  • dahvid

    Here's the link to The Pink Swastika again. The first post did not work. Anyway, it is easily found, on the web.


  • Stephen Brady

    Israeli soldiers were holding "AK's", as they threatened the woman's children? Last I knew, the Israeli Army does not use former Soviet equipment.

    Huff Post is nothing more than a hate site …

  • Clap Hammer

    Interesting the parallels between The UK Guardian and the Huffington Post. The Guardian publishes a laughingly referred to 'Moderation Policy' which is simly used to negate commenters who do not align themselves with The Guardian World View. A world view which I suspect would very much parallel the 'Huffinton World View'. (HWV).

    In the case of The Guardian, Israel is inspected under a microscope giving rise to the humorous consideration that if a dog fouls the pavement in Tel Aviv, Netanyahoo should be held responsible. Nothing that Israel does can be 'right' from its acceptance of many Muslim African refugees who brave death crossing the Egyption occupied Sinai to get to the 'Promised Land' to Israel removing nomadic beduin from government land to permanent dwellings.

    All is held up in the most negative light available and peppered with false 'facts'.

    The most recent example of the hallowed moderation policy is a commenter called William Bapthorpe who posted 'They must be slaughtered, every last man, woman and child' referring to West bank Jewish settlers. The comment was removed but the commenter was and is, still posting.

    Mentioning 'the unnatural attraction of The Prophet to very young girls' is usually enough to get you immediately and permanently banned however.

  • Eddie

    Anyone EVER see an "anti-war" demonstration denounce al qada, osama bin laden?

    Of course not. It is "counter-revolutionary" to commit such an islamophobic crime.

    "F" "F" Pal-e-SWINE! INSHALLAH!

    P.S. to all nazi vermin, I understand you cry over your heroes UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to the US, UK and SU. Good. And now the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested europe.

  • USMCSniper

    Arianna Huffington should volunteer for a tour in Afghanistan as a comfort lady. Who knows, it might be the greatest experience of her life!

    • basilico

      how funny jews cryng and bitcing about americans critique of israel in H P and you scum post junk like this!!! you have no credibility!!!!!

  • bardefa

    It all starts like the Bolshevik's Revolution in 1917 – out of resentful jealuosy – "They have, I don't, let's take it from them". Simple. Jews, Ashkenadze Jews in particular, are the smartest people of all. Plenty to be jealous about.

  • Matt

    If you want to see more anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements posted by users on the Huffington Post, check out this URL:


  • bardefa



    Yes, 0% unemployment – after all the workers were fired and they "stopped looking for job" (condemning themselves and their families to a death by hunger, of course), a year later (latest statistical trick) none will be counted.

    Problem solved, liberal way.

  • nohype

    I have only submitted about a dozen comments on Huffington. Though some took issue with positions in the posts, none of them violated any reasonable norms for blog comments, Three or four of them never made it past moderation. Clearly their moderators delete opposing points of view–not always, but enough of the time to tell you that you are not welcomed there. Their claim to be non-partisan is absurd.

  • Shalom Freedman

    I post and read comments on a large number of Websites. One can read vicious and repeated anti -Israel and anti- Semitic comments on the sites of the Washington Post, the NYTimes, and even on the 'Haaretz' site. There is a tremendous amount of paranoia regarding Jews, and a lot of stupid haters who connect Israel with every problematic matter in the world. This is written not to excuse 'The Huffington Post' but to point out that the problem is far more widespread.

  • http://www.naomilitvin.com Naomi Litvin

    This is excellent reporting. Thank you so much for your work.

  • Terry

    Huffington is a piece of human fecal matter

  • http://federatedrepublic.com Federated Republic

    Puulleezze, don't give that HuffPuff crapolla that much credence. They are so full of BS that the stench is unbearble. So what a bunch of ignorant morons go there to read their tripe! So what, the scum in the WH let these worms in the door! Trash like this is doomed to failure in the long run no mater how many foolish companies allow themselves to be associated with that poop factory! Why are you wasting your time energy on this site run by a rich socialist harlot!

  • digitalis

    The wonder of it all is that this IS such a well read site. WHY? The fact that she is the impetus for it was enough to keep me away. I like the picture of Huffington displayed in your article. How many have guessed that by holding her hands the way she does, she is actually placing them strategically, and with just a slight tug, can give herself a temporary facelift. Sort of a metaphor for what's wrong with the site and most of her guest commentators. Ever notice it is the LEFT which vomits that hatred ad infinitum?

  • Shotdsherrif

    I have posted comments many times on Huff Post, calling Arianna Huffington the Liberal William Kristol, and they've never been published.

  • american citizen

    why is truth called "hate"??

  • Lindsey Abelard

    The idea that anti-semitism exists in Japan and other East Asian countries is hogwash. South East Asia is home to a disproportionately successful minority group that is very similar to the Jewish people, known as the overseas Chinese. Aside from a violent outburst every 30 years or so in Indonesia, the Overseas Chinese have lived quite peacefully with their Malay neighbors in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, as well as the aformentioned Indonesia. Despite being an order of magnitude more wealthy, on average, the Overseas Chinese do not attract the same hatred that the Front Page article claims that the Jewish people do. The Overseas Chinese are often described as the "Jews of South East Asia", yet they do not attract anti-semitic like negative attitudes.

    I lived in Japan for 10 years. I have never heard of anti-semitism of any kind in Japan. During my time there, I established several commercial deals between Japanese and Overseas Chinese people in S.E. Asia. If ant-semetsm existed in Japan, is it not likely that such attitudes would also be applied to the Overseas Chinese people in S.E. Asia as well? After all, the Jews and the "Jews of S.E. Asia" are very similar to each other in that they both represent as a disproportionately successful minority people. If the former attracts negative attention and the latter does not, is it not likely that the former engages in some kind of activity that attracts that attention that the latter does not?

  • Jason – Atlanta, GA

    I have tried on many occasions to post factual counter arguments to the Anti-Israel garbage that has appeared in the comments section of Huffington Post. I am always polite, and provide clear and concise counter arguments, often providing hyperlinks that back my argument. My comments have never been posted there. They are always deleted by the Moderator.

    I am certain that my posts do not violate any of the Huffington Posts established rules for commentors.

    A few months ago, Jpost did an interview with Arriana Huffington. I was so disturbed by it that I felt the need to first comment in the Talkbacks about the vile Anti-Israel commentary that is allowed on her Blog. I also wrote a letter to Jpost asking why they would provide a platform for someone like her, and asking if they have every read any entries on her blog. I never did receive a reply from Jpost.

    It has gotten to the point where I will not even bother to read anything at the Huffington Post. I know, as this report states, that any post on that site, within generally 10 comments someone will go into an Blame Israel for Everything Wrong comment.

  • basilico

    If Americans Jews posting here display resentment toward my fellows American criticizing That racist state of Israel on H Post I accuse them to be dangerous and anti-American if they want to support that racist criminal Israel is time to expose and start to delegitimize that criminal state of them and to demonize Judaism as anti-American

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    The Jews are responsible for Christianity and the Judeo-Christian ethic that permeates the West. Or at least these ethics did permeate the free world until government began taking over the role of father and provider of all our needs. We'll find there is no such thing as a free lunch as we go down this path.

    In the meanwhile as the bearers of light and its freedom no wonder Jews are in trouble in a world dominated by the Prince of Darkness. Being the chosen people is no bargain, at least for now.

  • Katy

    Thanks for the article. Pretty well written.
    Katy Perry