Castro’s Third Reich

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The Yom Kippur War really got Castro’s marital juices flowing.  So, he sent 500 of his commanders to man 500 Soviet T-55 tanks and buttress the Syrian soldiers poised to blitzkrieg into Israel through the Golan Heights. Within a week of its surprise blitzkrieg into Israel, the Syrian regime was scrambling to evacuate from its own capital. An Israeli force, just a tiny fraction of the Syrian/Cuban forces, counterattacked, and blasted Castro’s tanks into a smoldering scrap pile and rolled over them like a speed bump on the way to Damascus.

The following year, Castro personally decorated Yasir Arafat with Cuba’s highest honor, the Bay of Pigs Medal. “Comrade Fidel said that the Palestinian Revolution can count on the full support and aid of the Cuban Revolution,” exulted Arafat. “We are not alone.”

Scholar Walter Laquer summed up the situation in his work, The Age of Terrorism. “Multinational terrorism reached a first climax in the early 1970s. It involved close co-operation between small terrorist groups in many countries with the Libyans, Algerians, Syrians, North Koreans and Cubans acting as the paymasters and suppliers of weapons and equipment.”

And lest we forget, the famous UN resolution branding “zionism as racism” was co-sponsored by Cuba. At the September 2001 United Nations “World Conference against Racism” in Durban, South Africa, Castro denounced Israel’s “ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the cartoons that run in Castro’s media say it best.

In 1974, the Palestinian Liberation Organization opened their first Latin American embassy in none other than Havana, Cuba. President Fidel Castro added a morbid twist to the event: The site for this embassy was a Jewish community center that flourished during the reign of Batista, who never saw fit to lay a finger on anyone’s property. However, President Castro snatched it from its Jewish owners at Soviet gunpoint. The title transfer was whisked through in typical Castroite/Stalinist manner — resist and we shoot you.

During the mid 60s, Castro’s police and military herded tens of thousands of Cuban youths (long-haired rock & rollers, gays and religious people) into forced labor camps at Soviet bayonet point. No pesky trials determined this. Their collective crime was “delinquency.” Che Guevara, the “Brains of The Cuban Revolution” (as Time magazine crowned him in a 1960 cover story) decreed this system of forced labor in 1960 for any and all who proved insufficiently reverential to his revolution’s mandates. “We send to Guanahacabibes, people who have committed crimes against revolutionary norms,” explained Guevara. “It is hard labor. The working conditions are harsh.”

Alas, Che Guevara’s definition of “revolutionary norms” proved pretty sweeping. And the regime co-founded by this icon of freedom commenced to jail political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s regime and murder them at a higher rate than pre-war Hitler’s. Above the barbed wire and just below the machine guns on the watchtowers, these prisoners saw a huge sign as they entered. It read: “Work Will Make Men of You.”

The greeting at Auschwitz’s entrance read, “Work Will Make You Free.”

Coincidence? Perhaps.

For some reason, 90 percent of Cuba’s Jews saw fit to flee Castro’s Cuba, costing them most of their earthly belongings. That’s a much, much higher percentage than fled Czarist Russia. But Castro’s pogroms didn’t include racial epithets, you see. Castro’s Russian-armed “interventors” pillaged Cuban Jews’ savings and property—but quite professionally and with nary a bullwhip or racial insult. So, apparently this looting disqualifies as a pogrom.

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  • suprkufrB

    Mr. Horowitz:
    I'm your biggest fan, but your doctrinaire view of Cuba truly distresses me. I speak as one who has spent considerable time in that country, and who has a great love for its people. I'm Spanish speaking, and, along with three generations of my family, have travelled extensively throughout the length and breadth of the country by means of public transport and visited with many ordinary Cubans in their homes.
    I readily concede that there are a million challenges to democracy in the country, especially with respect to freedom of the press. Still, we have never had any difficulty in engaging in raucous political debates late at night in the country's many sophisticated watering holes, nor in participating at Sunday Mass in any of the many historic and well-attended churches and cathedrals.

    • aspacia

      This article is anti Castro, not anti Cuban. What distresses you about the claims? Claims are supported with facts regarding Castro antiJewish background.

  • suprkufrB

    I readily concede that there are a million challenges to democracy in the country, especially with respect to freedom of the press. Still, we have never had any difficulty in engaging in raucous political debates late at night in the country's many sophisticated watering holes, nor in participating at Sunday Mass in any of the many historic and well-attended churches and cathedrals.
    My difficulty with your perspective is that Cuba is routinely and perennialy vilified , while a country such as saudi-arabia enjoys a free ride. I'll be perfectly candid in admitting to you that were I confronted with the imperative of choosing to grovel before Fidel or the treacherous sheiks of the religion of peace, I would, unlike the current and immediate past presidents, opt for the former.

    • Cuban Refugee

      As a free American, you are not required to grovel to any master, but you seem to be intent on deifying the diabolical Castro. I would bet that, hanging in your closet, is at least one Ché t-shirt to show the world that you glorify a rabid, bloodthirsty murderer. Perhaps, like terrorists and common criminals before you, you would be more comfortable seeking asylum in Cuba than living in the United States. I have heard it said that many of those ne'er-do-wells have regretted their decision as they starve, and lack basic necessities, along with the average Cuban, but you would be fed by the "political debates in the sophisticated watering holes" that native Cubans are now allowed to frequent. The Cuba that tourists are allowed to see is much different from the misery in the quotidian life of the natives who attend those "historic churches" to pray for an end to communism, and who await their number in the lottery that will provide their exit from hell. Humberto Fontova has written yet another literary masterpiece; I would suggest you reread it with an open heart and mind.

  • Steve Chavez

    HUMBERTO FONTOVA WROTE THE ARTICLE NOT DAVID HOROWITZ. Fontova is an expert on Cuba and Castro.

    I just saw a documentary on Fidel Castro's rise to power and his promises of elections from the beginning. During one of his first speeches, he released several doves but one of them returned and sat on his shoulder. The people cheered but what many did not see was the dove S–T on him! That says it all!!!

    TO MR. FONTOVA: Can you write an article detailing the group, The Weather Underground, training in Cuba? The other groups you mentioned are foreign groups but the Weather Underground ARE AMERICANS. One in particular is Mark Rudd, who lives in Albuquerque. He taught at a community college and was hired by a similar Castro-loving President. He is currently working for the University of New Mexico. He is still "active" even though he says he is on the sidelines. He and David Hilliard, a former Black Panther and a one year employee of UNM, gave a speech about their past "patriotic" actions. Rudd is still using his positions to recruit and indoctrinate so their past to Cuba and its terrorist training camps is very important and must be exposed!

    Thank you again for another great article but can you verify my suspicion that Fidel has a colostomy bag which is a result of his "intestinal surgery" and is the reason he sees few visitors and why he wears very baggy clothes.

  • cochavi1

    What is also ironic and perhaps relevant – or not – is that 'Castro' (like Franco) is a Spanish name associated with Sephardic Jews who converted to Catholicism, some of them 'marranos' or perhaps 'anusim' in Hebrew – people forced to convert or leave. Castro may be one of many 'ex-Jews' come back to haunt and murder his own.

  • Stephen D.

    "Cuba set up massive terrorist training camps…Castro sent military instructors into Palestinian bases in Jordan to train Palestinian Fedayeen."
    This is not a problem anymore!! To poin this out is absurd! After all, the USA sends its military over to train Palestinians now! We call Hamas a Terrorist Organization. The Palestinian people FREELY ELECTED Hamas as its representative government and yet we send military trainers over to teach them!! INSANE.

    • Steve Chavez

      Very true about "FREELY ELECTED" but like Castro who was the only candidate allowed to run and who got 100% of the vote! I love this system. No sleazy campaign commercials! No suspense! And best of all, you don't even have to THINK in Cuba since one man does the THINKING for everyone!

      Apologist for terrorists I see! Our, and your, government led by Obama, still labels Hamas as a terrorist organization but "the USA sends its military over to train Palestinians" must mean that the ones they are training are not labeled as terrorists. Obama also just met with Abbas who is also not labeled a terrorist. SORRY BUT HAMAS IS!

  • dave

    They send ….. We send …. the world is killing each other….. one man"s freedom fighter is another"s terrorist… Who is telling the truth you believe what you want to believe .Visit, see, and help than talk Both sides Democracy is no life saving angel….nor is Socialism.