Castro’s Video Game Outrage

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The legendary CIA assassination attempts against Fidel Castro have inspired a video game titled “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” which racked up $360 million in its first day on sale — a new record for video games. The objective of the game is to kill Castro. Needless to say, the Stalinist dictator is not very pleased.

“What the United States couldn’t accomplish in more than 50 years they are now trying to do virtually,” complained Castro’s press agency, CubaDebate. “This new video game is doubly perverse,” it continued. “On the one hand, it glorifies the illegal assassination attempts the United States government planned against the Cuban leader, and on the other, it stimulates sociopathic attitudes in North American children and adolescents.” Let’s examine these intriguing claims:

In the early 60s, the late E. Howard Hunt was head of the political division of the CIA’s “Cuba Project.” “So far as I have been able to determine,” Hunt clarified in his book Give Us This Day, “no coherent plan was ever developed within the CIA to assassinate Castro, though it was the heart’s desire of many exile groups.” Interestingly, Hunt stressed that killing Castro was his own recommendation. But he couldn’t get any serious takers within the agency.

This may have been because there were so many Castro supporters in the CIA at the time. Consider these quotes from CIA officials:

“Me and my staff were all Fidelistas.” (Robert Reynolds, the CIA’s “Caribbean Desk’s chief from 1957-1960.)

“Everyone in the CIA and everyone at State was pro-Castro, except [Republican] ambassador Earl Smith.” (CIA operative in Santiago Cuba, Robert Weicha.)

Howard Hunt, himself, has denied that any assassination attempts were undertaken by the CIA.  Hunt has been recorded on video admitting:  “We never got that far.”

Even the pro-Castro Frank Church Committee has claimed that the assassination stories were largely mythologized:

In August 1975, Fidel Castro gave Senator George McGovern a list of twenty-four alleged attempts to assassinate him in which Castro claimed the CIA had been involved…The Committee has found no evidence that the CIA was involved in the attempts on Castro’s life enumerated in the allegations that Castro gave to Senator McGovern.

Now on to the second item of concern for the Cuban regime — the claim that the video game will cause “sociopathic attitudes in North American children and adolescents.” It is doubtful that such a game would be permitted to circulate in Cuba. Stimulating sociopathic attitudes in Cuban children, after all, is the exclusive privilege of the Stalinist regime itself. “We will be like Che!” chant all Cuban schoolchildren every morning upon the commencement of their Stalinist indoctrination. They are speaking, of course, of the famed Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

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  • antileft

    Whoa, my brother has just finished this game, it looks awesome, personally , I am a huge fan of CAll of Duty series, it seems these guys are more than just aware that the communist devil is more than just alive and kicking, and what you ´ve got to do is to, well, buckle up and shoot to kill, pure and simple. It is sad that the only true liberal form of art remains, willy-nilly, computer games/industry, unsullied by leftist propaganda. And the most profitable to top it all, far surpassing anything else that H-Wood throws at ya (like M.Moore´s docufiction, which in my country is considered documentary evidence!!).

  • James

    Sounds like the game's mission should have had the option of assassinating Che slowly and painfully…

  • USMCSniper

    There is a certain amount of truth in that violent video games can cause “sociopathic attitudes in American children and adolescents. This is virtual reality and no the the real world and sometimes children and adolescents get their values from the former with today's non judgemental progressive education system.

  • John123987

    The first level of this video game involves a (spoiler alert) failed attempt on Castro's life. This rest of the game's main story has nothing to do with Castro.
    Besides, there is another part of the game that Castro should actually be excited by. In a bonus level (separate from the main story) Fidel Castro teams up with JFK, Nixon and McNamara to battle zombies in the Pentagon. The character of Fidel Castro blows away zombie bureaucrats while shouting revolutionary propaganda.

  • Ghostwriter

    Personally,I never liked Fidel Castro. In my opinion,he's a vicious monster who deserves every bit of condemnation he gets. It's a shame when the only way that this beast gets what he deserves is in a video game. He deserves that and much more in real life.

  • C.B.Harder

    What(if anything) does Castro say about his socio pathologic friend Ernesto Guevera whom he Glorifies all over Cuba.

  • Goggles Pisano

    I wonder what Castro thought of his appearance in The Simpsons?

    Castro: "Ah, they're not so bad. They even named a street after me in San Francisco."
    (an assistant whispers in his ear)
    Castro: "It's full of WHAT?!!"

  • Bear from Russia

    It is very sad when a video game speculates on policy and history. CoD is a good example of rude propaganda. I know many of you will tell that it is just a video game, but it is not so simple. Three last parts of CoD are full of Russophobia. It shows Russians as terrible monsters who only desire to destroy the bright and shiny USA. And that mission on Baikonur. How dare this bastard game developers to laugh at this tragedy? It was the most terrible tragedy in s history of space exploration.
    What if someone makes a video game where brave muslim terrorists blow twin towers in New York?


    "bear from russia" video games should hold the same standards as movies. period. Games should not be made for kids, but rather, kids should be kept from playing adult games, just as they are kept from attending R-rated movies. Besides, they are the best first person shooter games up to date, besides MAYBE halo, which isn't even based on our galaxy