Cuba’s Healthcare Horror

“My nation is hardly perfect in human rights. A very large number of our citizens are incarcerated in prison, and there is little doubt that the death penalty is imposed most harshly on those who are poor, black, or mentally ill. For more than a quarter century, we have struggled unsuccessfully to guarantee the basic right of universal health care for our people. …but Cuba has superb systems of health care and universal education.”

Thus did Jimmy Carter, in a May 2002 speech at the University of Havana that was broadcast throughout Cuba, prostrate himself before a regime that has jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin and murdered (in absolute numbers) more political prisoners in its first three years in power (out of a population of 6.4 million) than Hitler murdered in its first six years (out of a population of 70 million.) Not to mention that President Carter’s host, Fidel Castro, insulted his nation as “a vulture preying on humanity” and came within a hair of nuking it.

Carter is not the only one to trumpet the supposed glories of Cuban health care. Let’s consider the following quotes:

“Health care (in Cuba) was once for the privileged few. Today it is available to every Cuban and it is free….Health and education are the revolution’s great success stories.” — Peter Jennings, World News Tonight, April 3, 1989

“Castro has brought great health care to his country” — ABC’s Barbara Walters, Oct. 11, 2002

“Even today, Cuba has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.” — Katie Couric reporting on NBC’s Today, February 13, 1992

“Frankly, to be a poor child in Cuba may in many instances be better than being a poor child in Miami, and I’m not going to condemn their lifestyle so gratuitously.”– Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, April 8, 2000

Contrary to the above “news analysts” and Human Rights spokespersons, Cubans have a drastically different story to tell. And even more unluckily for Castro and his MSM auxiliaries, the internet has pulled a stunning and (to them) infuriating end run around his traditional MSM defenses. Word is getting out about the disastrous state of Cuban health care.

During that cold snap in mid-January, Cuban dissidents snuck out, via internet, a report claiming that over forty patients had somehow frozen to death in Cuba’s Mazorra mental hospital  — not far from the one featured in Michael Moore’s paean to Cuban health care, Sicko.  Cuba’s Stalinist regime, along with the media courtesans to whom it grants press bureaus and “journalist visas,” were utterly mum on the matter, however. It took three days — as the word spread through the mostly Spanish-language web –but finally the Stalinist regime issued a terse and exculpatory press-release on the matter.

But the story did not go away. Just last week, pictures of some of the dead were snuck out of Cuba. They proved that hypothermia alone was not the cause of death, any more than it was the cause of the death for the prisoners at Dachau or Buchenwald. Horrific malnutrition and savage beatings were plain to see for anyone genuinely interested in the causes.

Needless to add, such interested parties do not include Castro’s favored members of the press. True to form, they dutifully connived with the regime, as they have for half a century, to hide the catalog of Castroite horrors.

But don’t take my word for it. Apparently tormented by their consciences, two Spanish journalists have just released mea-culpa- books (sadly available only in Spanish) about this collusion. “Self-censorship is a very common practice,” one writes. “No journalist on the island can write the truth of what happens there.”  Whatever their faults, at least these Spanish journalists finally came clean. When will Barbara Walters, Dan Rather, Andrea Mitchell, Ted Turner, Herbert Matthews and the rest of the bunch come clean? Don’t hold your breath.

The Cuban health stories ignored or buried by the MSM would require an entire 24-hour network broadcasting for five decades to disclose. Senor Marzo Fernandez, an economist who, until defecting in 1996, served as Secretary General of Castro’s Ministry of Nutrition gets us started. “The average height of Cubans has decreased by 8 centimeters in the past 25 years,” he reported on Miami television. “For the first time in Cuban history, thousands of Macrocepahlic children (abnormally large heads in proportion to their bodies) due to protein (primarily milk) deficiencies have been found in the eastern provinces.” This in a country that prior to the glorious revolution enjoyed a lower infant-mortality rate and more doctors and dentists per-capita than half of European countries, plus a larger middle class than Switzerland.

Not everyone welcomes the exposure of Cuba’s human rights record. Not so long ago, Alan Colmes on Fox berated me saying: “Oh! Ok, so now 40 years after his death all of a sudden YOU discover all this horrible stuff about Cuba Che Guevara!”

“No, no, no,” I patiently explained to Mr. Colmes, “many have been documenting and broadcasting accounts of Castro and Che Guevara’s butcheries, imbecilities and cowardice for decades–but the mainstream media was too busy eating out of Castro’s hand to pay attention. So these horrors could never make it past the mainstream media filter. Well Alan, I hate to break the news to you, but your side’s media monopoly is over.”

  • John C. Davidson

    Without freedom to speak out, situations like this go un-noticed to the benefit of of a government serving a master race of intellectuals and heathens.

    • UncleBuck

      The reason why the "MSM" isn't speaking out is because they originally reported the truth and Fontova the circus clown merely reports the rantings and ravings of the old bitter geriatrics in Miami who want their mansion back.

      Fontova hasn't set foot in Cuba since the 1960's, yet he writes about the place …

      • frank

        How many times have you been to the "worker's paradise"?. My family and I came from there and know the horrors of Castroism. You are a first class imbecile. One in a long line of Americans who are clueless about the goings on outside of the US. But hey, it's not your fault. You probably listen to luminaries like Dan Rather, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olberman.

        • Zully

          So your family belongs to the Miami mafia of Batista's goons who raped Cuba with impugnity until Fidel and Che freed the island.

  • BS1977

    Fidel Castro is the Cuban Jim Jones. You don't see anyone climbing into a leaky rowboat and trying to sneak INTO Cuba….only OUT. There is a reason for this: Cuba is run by a bunch of Communist thugs….Ask any Cuban in Florida about the Cuban dictatorship….They love the United States and deplore the regime in Havana.

    • UncleBuck

      Fontova is a revisionist polemicist – not a serious journalist or source. His use of profanity and childish analogies puts him about one step above a Myspace blogger.

      I know you teabaggers eat up his drivel, but really the rest of the media just laughs at him – and all of you.

      • Guest

        You get no respect when use the word "teabagger". It makes sound petty and disgusting!

  • Luis Perez

    I left Cuba when I was 18 years old in 57, Goverment hospital were the last resort for anyone who was poor , but the care was there. In addition many people belonged to Spanish medical regional societies, all it cost then was $2.50 a month. Today if you go to a Cuban public hospital you must bring a relative to be your nurse, bring sheets and pilows, also food because the hospital gives none. If you need medicine only those the goverment has and can give out free are available , name drugs must be paid in Dollars. or you do with out.

    • Zully

      = Gusano LIES

      Viva Fidel!

      • A Bit Profound

        Pea brain Jerk

  • davarino

    Where is Shawn Pinhead to defend poor Fidel? I think he has gotten to much health care from Cuba or Venezuela, its affected his brain. He and people like him have got to be either sick or evil because it just doesnt make sense, no matter what planet you come from. I like BS1977's arguement, nobody is sneaking into Cuba. So stop with the pro castro BS already, nobody believes it. And somebody needs to tell Shawn that yoga will not cure his syphilitic brain.

  • William Smart

    So the US blockade on Cuba has had a horrific effect on health-care there. I hope everyone is proud of the damage that's been done.

    At least the birth-defects there are not caused by a US-poisoned environment as it is in Vietnam (500,000 so far?) and Fallujah (1000 a year and rising).

    • Jerry Adams

      Keep drinking the cool-aid, Smart. Why don't you move down there along with your family and friends. The US didn't blockade the world from trading with this monster. What happened to your Mother Russia? I'm sure your stats on Vietnam & Fallujah come from an impeccable scource.

    • BS1977

      Hey not too Smart…you just like being contrary even if your argument is ridiculous. Cuba is a pile of garbage….communism, tyranny, collectivism, Marxism…all utter and tragic failures….Cambodia, Burma, North Korea, Albania, Romania, Cuba….Even China and Russia have abandoned Marxism in favor of free market economics…but let's not talk about that, right? Let's pretend Cuba is a model for humanistic secular utopianism….what a lie! Ask anyone from Cuba who has gone to Europe or the US if they want to go back. THe resounding answer is NO! Yeah, why don't you move there and revel in your mental disorder.

    • Indioviejo

      Mr. Smart, you have a right, in our country, to express your opinion. This Sr., is your 1st Amendment in action. Unfortunately, it places you in accord directly with such defenders of freedom as Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Sean Penn, and the Democrat Party's congressional delegations constantly visiting the Cuban Tyrany over it's long time enslavement of it's people. What does it say about you, Sr.?

    • Joel

      Isn't the rest of the world free to trade with Cuba? If America is the root of all evil in this world, why would they want anything from us anyway? If the health care is bad there, why don't the superior Canadian, British, Swedish, Venezula, or any other number of socialized health care bastions come to their aid?

    • frank

      You should change your name to William Diahrrea of the Mouth. Have you ever been to Cuba? Oh, I know, you watched the movie Sicko and get your information from the Huffington Post and noted assclown Bill Maher.

      • Alejandro

        # without healthcare in the U$ = 50,000,000

        in Cuba = 0

        Fontova is a one trick pony who copy and pastes the same lies all over the internet on about 10 right-wing sites a month. He's trying to sell another 10 copies of his lame "google-scholar" books who read like the rantings of a bitter 16 year old.

        Your side lost Humberto – get over it and enjoy shooting your deer in Louisianna.

    • Darren

      your dumb vietnam does have many deformed children but thats only because of their fault they made them that way

  • UncleBucky

    Nearly every Cuban lives better than every Jamaican, Haitian, El Salvadorian, Colombian etc.

    Fontova is a propagandist.

    • Zully

      EXACTLY! Fontova is a pasty white Goebells whose expertise is fishing and hunting, yet he tries to talk about political matters which are above his head. He has no credibility, or appreciation for scholarship. The guy is a hack.

  • Phineas

    "The mainstream media can no longer cover up Castro's atrocious record"

    Sadly, they always will. And ,years after Castro has finally kicked the bucket, most of it's members who defended him and Cuba all those decades, will do so until the day they kick the bucket – As it was with Stalin, Mao,Lumumba, Che,Ho Chi Minh, the West will always have unrepentant sympathizers of Communist dictator to the day they die.

  • CharlieM

    I travel all around Latin America – and Cuba by far has the best healthcare for the average citizen. When I got sick in Cuba there was a clean hospital about .5 mile away. When I got sick in Guatemala I had to drive 4 hours for medical attention.

  • Maria

    Readers should not be left with the impression that Fontova is a credible source for anything. He is like a right-wing version of Bill Maher (only dumber).

  • darren

    IM white and i hate communism

    • LCVD

      So you're white and hate communism. Great for you!

  • LCVD

    Deleted my comments, talk about freedom of speech?

  • Rich

    Yolanda, I wish I could, as I too am working on a paper about Cuban health care. I have found the left wing uses Int'l Health Orgs' statistics, which are provided by the Cuban gov't, hence: unreliable. I have found the right wing uses eyewitness accounts from those who have lived or visited Cuba. Also, Cuba banned "Sicko" for whatever reason. I'd say to keep looking and consulting various sources. If you are in the USA, don't fail to consider Cubans in south Florida as a source, as many of them keep in touch with relatives in Cuba. I hope this helps.