Delusions about a Dictator

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In July 1961, JFK’s special counsel Richard Goodwin met with Che Guevara in Uruguay and reported back to Kennedy:

Che says that Cuba wants an understanding with the U.S., the Cubans have no intention of making an alliance with the Soviets. So we should make it clear to Castro that we want to help Cuba.

The result? Soviet nuclear missiles, locked and loaded in Cuba a year later –pointed at Goodwin and Kennedy’s very homes.

In 1975, President Gerald Ford (under Kissinger’s influence) allowed foreign branches and subsidiaries of U.S. companies to trade freely with Cuba and persuaded the Organization of American States to lift its sanctions.

Castro’s response was to start his African invasion and try to assassinate Ford. On March 19, the Los Angeles Times ran the headline “Cuban Link to Death Plot Probed.” Both Republican candidates of the day, President Ford and Ronald Reagan, were to be taken out during the Republican National Convention. The Emiliano Zapata Unit, a Bay Area radical group linked to the Weather Underground, would make the hits.

Jimmy Carter, in a goodwill gesture, lifted U.S. travel sanctions against Cuba and was poised to open full diplomatic relations with Castro. This was met with thousands of Cuban troops spreading Soviet terror (and poison gas) in Africa as well as more internal repression. Hundreds of psychopaths, killers and perverts were shoved onto the Mariel Boatlift and sent to Miami.

Ronald Reagan sent Alexander Haig to meet personally in Mexico City with Cuba’s “Vice President” Carlos Raphael Rodriguez to feel him out. Then he sent diplomatic wiz Gen. Vernon Walters to Havana for a meeting with the Maximum Leader himself. This was followed by Cubans practically taking over Grenada, El Salvador and Nicaragua. (But unlike the aforementioned Democrats, Reagan responded to Castro’s response–and with pretty dramatic results.)

And how could we forget President Clinton’s attempt at playing nice during the 90s? Yet during his tenure, three U.S. citizens and one resident flew humanitarian flights over the Florida Straits (brothers to the rescue) and were murdered in cold blood by Castro MIGS. In addition, Castro agent Ana Belen Montes slithered her way to head of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Cuba division, resulting in the deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Department by an enemy agent in modern history.

Now it looks like we’re back to square one.

One might suggest that our longstanding trade embargo against would have taught Cuba a lesson. But according to figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. transacted $710 million worth of business with Cuba in 2008, and has transacted more than $2 billion worth of business with Cuba in the last decade. Currently, the U.S. is Cuba’s biggest food supplier and 5th biggest import partner. Furthermore, the U.S. has been Cuba’s biggest donor of humanitarian aid, including medicine and medical supplies for decades. All this together with the almost $2 billion a year in remittances sent from the U.S. ranks our nation right between Red China (who did $1.5 billion in business with Castro last year) and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela as a Castro business partner. Not likely to force the Cuban dictator to see it our way any time soon, but such is the example of history.

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  • BS77

    over the years thousands have risked all to escape Cuba…how many have tried to escape the US and get into Cuba? This is the reality.

  • davarino

    Ya but I hear they have awsome health care.

    I love the idiots that wear the Che t-shirts. What vacuous heads.

    • YeshuaisAdonai

      If you want to see a funny expression on their face ask them who it is. IF, and that is a huge IF, they know, ask them what he did to earn a t-shirt. Was it the torture and murder of his opponents or gassing their wives when they went to pick up their husbands' bodies that earned him a spot on their chest and in their heart?

      • Fed_Republic

        You'd be wasting your time and breath. These idiot sycophants of Che and Castro have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe that all that stuff about the atrocities those criminals committed is all lies made up by the capitalist pig "Cuban Dissidents" in Miami and the CIA who was miffed when they found out they had been "played"! Many of these idiots don't realize and will not believe you when you tell them it was the CIA who actually put Castro in power.

  • honey

    Thank you for writing this. Too many in the main steam media ignore all this truth. I wish the information here could become widespread. Now is the worst time to lift the embargo. But this administration seems to enjoy doing what's wrong all the time.

  • stephencuz

    Davarino, I too wear the Che T-shirt. Only the one I wear says above his picture:__"Communism has killed a hundred million people and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."__To downplay the negative contributions of the Castros, Guvera, et al is a disservice to those that died fighting against the Totalitarian regime and for freedom. We rarely get to see the facts. These people are cold blooded murderers of persons and liberty. If we really cared (as a country ~ officially) we should have liberated the people of Cuba from Communistic rule long ago.

  • Bob Murphy

    The reason Castro is still in power is that part of the deal between the US and the USSR that led to them withdrawing their nuclear missiles was that we would never invade Cuba.

  • badaboo

    Yea , and the reason Castro is in power was Batista , and crooked US Congressmen . I suggest that you Humberto do a little walk through history and find out about Batista , and learn WHY there was an embargo .
    I'm no fan of Castro , if he had his way he would have launched missles during the Cuban Missle Crisis , and Che Gueverra was nothing more than a ruthless murderer .
    It's time to lift the embargo , and given the countries we DO allow Americans to visit , Cuba by far is not the worst .The only reason we persist in this foolish policy , is a very vocal and numerous VOTING population of Cuban Americans .

    • Nic

      Enter text right here!Gueverra was no more a ruthless murderer than American soldiers in the Bay of Pigs, in Panama, in in Guantanamo, Grenada, in Vietnam, in Cambodja, in Irak, in Afghanistan, in Iraq are ruthless murderers.
      They killed way more people.

  • badaboo

    duh….the Bay of Pigs was perpetrated mainly by Cuban expatriots ,[ with JFK's approval ] and many , many more of them were killed and jailed in the failed attempt , than were Cuban Military .
    MAN ….where do you guys getyour history from ????

    The people Che murdered were not killed in the heat of battle , they were murdered IN COLD BLOOD at the hands of Che .
    And somebody PLEASE tell me how the U S "appeased Castro for decades" !!!! as this article purports .
    MAN ! REVISIONISM ABOUNDS on this thread.

    • tfk98

      I hear that. Where do these people their history. Maybe its from those nbc 3 hr morning shows. They broadcasted their from Cuba numerous times. I remember one of them discribing castro as a dashing, young revolutionary. In the 70's cuba had a hundreds of 1000's of commy soilders causing trouble in world. This went on untill russia's econ troubles related to the arms race with reagan.

      Che being a freedom fighter is the sickest thing I've heard since The lost boys of sudan for the clintons

  • Fed_Republic

    More people need to talk to those "vocal voting" Cubans who where run out of Cuba by Castro and Che, where actually anti-Batista because of his corruption, but also knew that Castro and Che where CIA puppets because of Hoover and the American Justice Department's obsession with past bootleggers, now turned crime syndicate and other assorted inter-national criminals some of whom where literally working out of Batista's headquarters, in an un-official capacity of course(wink, wink, nudge nudge)!

  • Fed_Republic

    Very Appropriate picture of Casto BTW! An angry hateful man to the end!

  • badaboo

    Batista was literally taken out of office by the US , after many warnings , but again through corruption got back in charge , and it was "BUISNESS AS USUAL " , the Cuban people , the ignored victims , and those who prospered under Batista , were THE FIRST to leave Cuba when Castro tookover . Alot of corrupt American money was vested in Batista's Cuba , indeed it ran and perpetuated Batista's Cuba .So there are the "fortunate Cubans " who were able to leave and make a life in America, those who braved a voyage by sea , and made a new life here , and lastly those who were left to suffer under Castro AND OUR DUMB-ASS EMBARGO , which has NOT WORKED in 60 years , and has only served to make their lives [NOT CASTRO's ] more miserable .

    BTW – Check out where "Batista finally wound up "