A Freedom Plaza Next to the Ground Zero Mosque?

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Peter Lancz, the head of the The Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism.

FP: Peter Lancz, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

With the plans for the Ground Zero mega-mosque now having been blessed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, it appears that the symbol of Islamic supremacism and triumphalism on the 9/11 site may very well become a reality.

You have developed an idea to counter the Islamic Center if it is built. Share your idea with us.

Lancz: Thanks Jamie.

What if were to propose the establishment of a Raoul Wallenberg Freedom Plaza against Islamo-Fascism or against Islamic Tyranny, right on the vicinity of the Ground Zero mega-mosque? This most powerful, imposing and symbolic of monuments to Wallenberg could be erected as the centerpiece of this Freedom Plaza. And this Plaza will host human rights seminars, conferences, rallies against Islamic Jew-hatred, religious intolerance, honor killings, Sharia Law, etc.

It could be periodically arranged that human rights activists from all over the world would come to the Freedom Plaza and give speeches denouncing Islamic Supremacism.  Incidentally, Geert Wilders, our modern day Churchill, has expressed his support for my Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism, so I’d expect him to be front and center.

Imam Abdul Rauf and his soldiers of taqiyya (Islamic deception) claim to be moderates advocating for peace, understanding and outreach. So if they are for these things, surely they wouldn’t be opposed to the placement of a monument to one the greatest and most universally acknowledged 20th century Humanitarians. If they do oppose it, then they will expose themselves for the stealth Jihadists that they are.

Either way, this idea is a win-win. New York Mayor Bloomberg would have no choice but to endorse it, otherwise he’d lose all credibility. All of this is about symbolism. Moreover, it ought not be lost on anyone that in this epic clash pitting Wallenberg’s transcendental legacy of redemptive character vs. Islamic Supremacism’s barbaric legacy of Jihad and conquest, Wallenberg wins hands down. Consequently, we will be sending a resounding message that ultimately we will win this civilizational battle and good will prevail over evil.  I think this is something around which all freedom loving peoples of conscience can and should rally.

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  • http://www.theird.org FJHM

    Awesome! I love this idea whether or not the GZ Mosque becomes a reality. Wallenberg was such an extraordinary man. He is a great icon of the power of love and truth and justice and mercy against evil and hatred. And there are so many people and cultures who have been targeted by Islamist/Arabist supremacism today, including Muslim ethnic groups who have had their eyes opened. What can we do to make this happen!

  • proxywar

    Why Raoul Wallenberg? Why not a 9/11 victim or Victim of islamist Terrorism?

    • http://www.lancz.com Peter Lancz

      Proxywar, actually it is a 9/11 Memorial to the victims, as there would be a grantie semi-circle wall enveloping the bust with the names of all the victims.

    • ajnn

      "Why Raoul Wallenberg?"

      Good point. Maybe because 'Raoul Wallenberg' is very famous and no single indicidual victim of the 9/11 terrorists is well-known by name.

      Also, Wallenberg was not jewish; just a remarkable man.

      Maybe we should name the memorial after a particular victim of the terrorists. But naming it after Wallenberg is also reasonable.

  • proxywar

    This should be made into a Jewish thing. Atheists are with you as well.

  • jacob


    On the JEWISH NEW YEAR, I wish on him and all members of the commission that saw no problem with the monstrosity of the N. York's Super Mosque, all the "blessings" contained in PSALM 109 …

    And from my mouth into the LORD's ears.


    • grumpy

      Well I have to agree, Psalm 109 works well, I also have another question why are you only limited to NY officials. I think that Washington is should also be included.

      Given the statements made in a book written by an author we have all heard of, who states He is #1 a Muslim as soon as things go south, he has also stated he hopes his children never have children because they are a burden, Are his children already in an arranged muslim marriage???? Are they under Sharia Law, I pray someone gets them out before anything goes bad like that young lady being stoned, given I have daughters, and granddaughters I would give up my life for them first . I know this scumbag won't he will take the Dowry and run..
      Where are the Unions in this mess, they should be all over this crap not even allowing the ground breaking.

    • ajnn

      I like; 'may you grow like an onion – feet up and head in the dirt' !!!.

  • davarino

    Perfect, this should help the imam with his "healing" project. Let the healing begin, by making them have to tolerate this icon that fought against the Nazi's, who by the way, the mooslims were aligned with. I love this because this imam has stepped in it and created a rallying point for all of us Americans to begin fighting back the islamic invasion.

  • hikerdude

    The audacity of Islam to even suggest such a plan shows their disregard and disrespect for America and Americans . The videos of the people in the middle east celebrating the slaughter of 3000 innocents on 9-11 got my blood boiling. They are etched in my mind . I ask how would they feel if the shoe of slaughter was on the American foot and had slaughtered 3000 Iranians by bombing their two highest structures and then building a synogogue on the site? All you liberal Mosque supporters keep drinking the Islamic Kool Ade. I suspect you will not be happy until you destroy America. Ask yourself ,where will you go to live then ?
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

    • http://davidsorensen3.tripod.com/ David L. Sorensen

      The building of a Mosque in any vicinity of what most American's now consider hallowed ground is completely disrespectful and somewhat mockful. I understand that the Islam religion is based upon peace and there may be some well intentioned people out there who support this, but when it comes down to it, some things are right and some things are just plain wrong. Building a Mosque anywhere close to Ground Zero is simply just wrong and anyone who disagrees with this is not thinking clearly. Maybe the Islams in charge, who supposedly support peaceful relations, should look a little bit deeper into things and start to realize how all the contention, anger and deep seeded hatred they are creating is not going to benefit anyone, period!

  • http://voices-of-Europe.org Anton Smitsendonk

    The "Freedom Plaza" seems to me an excellent idea.
    The Islamic provocation of a major mosque close to Ground Zero cannot remain unanswered. But since the so-called Cordova mosque will be center of many ongoing activities, nurtured by Arab money and a wide moslim alliance, we should make sure in advance that sufficient activities be associated with to enliven "Freedom Plaza".
    I hear that the Netherlands will shortly be present on Ground Zero in the person of Geert Wilders, a "permitting" or "Gedogen" partner in a new Netherlands Government presently under discussion.

    Anton Smitsendonk, Beijing-Paris

  • River Fred

    What a great idea, how do we get it started to counter the BS? Would you believe there is a you-tube video of imam Abdul Rauf stating that Sharia Law has the same goals as democracy. As he names these goals there are background scenes of the brutality of Islam to counter his every statement. If you repeat a big lie enough times some stupid politician will believe it. There should be an IQ test to run for a government office. Remember congressman Johnson who said to the general that he was concerned the land would tilt (from the weight) if we added more military.

  • http://www.crusaderknight.blogspot.com James Pawlak

    In the flood of comments, complaints, tub-thumping and other reactions to the plan to build a Mosque very near to "Ground Zero" site, there have been some creative proposals for the properties next to that Islamic building.

    One or more individuals have suggested a "Gay Bar" be situated there which would have an alcohol-free area for Muslims.

    Since that proposed Mosque has also been designated, by some, as the "Cordoba Victory Mosque" (To celebrate Islam's victory and long-term and violent occupation of much of Iberia), others have recommended building a shrine to the "Cordoba Martyrs" in an adjoining building, at street level, with a shatter-proof glass window showing a display illustrating the fate of those Spanish martyrs.

    I would prefer a US Navy & USMC recruiting station with a permanent display relating to the campaign of the early 1800s against the Barbary pirates (All Muslims following the stealing from and enslavement of "unbelievers" teachings of Islam) . This is so like the recent outbreak of Islamic piracy by Somali pirates as demonstrates the essential nature of Islam.

    No doubt that Jews could come up with like displays.

    To combine the above I offer the paraphrased statement: "Those who do not study and learn from history will be condemned to repeat it". This specially applies to the war Islam declared on "unbelievers" 1400-plus years ago and continues to this day through Islamic disinformation, infiltration and outright aggression .

    • Shirts r us


      On August 4, I suggested the gay bar. Thank me very much. And don't forget the 24-hour Pork Store across the street!

    • ajnn

      We don't talk about the murderous Almoravide Muslims in Spain in the Middle Ages and how they killed/converted so many.

      Interestingly, the jewish physician (very influential scientist of his era) was made a refugee by the Almoravide Muslims in Spain. Yes, this was during the 'Golden Age of Muslim Tolerance' and Maimonides is often cited as an example of 'Muslim Tolerance'.

      Maimonides fled for his life from the Almoravide Muslims, then had to flee Fez in Morocco, again for trligious reasons, and ultimately was spared by the intercession of Saladin, the Muslim leader from Kurdistan.

      Oddly enough, the fiction of 'Muslim Tolerance' has a life all of its own.

      Fun is good: "One or more individuals have suggested a "Gay Bar" be situated there which would have an alcohol-free area for Muslims." Fun , but would this not imperil lawful American citizens who might go to this bar? Let's not get people killed in service to tweaking an intolerant bunch.

  • Angel

    Excellent idea!

  • Shirts r us

    I have yet to hear an IMAM or any moslem for that matter condem terrorism. Those so called moderates who whisper this, are lying. Period. You can not trust these people one bit. They want to take over the world, and westerners are not part of their master plan. Read the Koran you bunch of misinformed westerners. Mayor Bloomberg is such a fool/pushover for hosting the ramadan feast at city hall, spewing all the "politically correct terms" mentioned all the faiths in the city, talking like diversity is our saving grace…Someone get me a tissue, I must cry. It was so wonderful all the things he said. NOT!

    I wonder if the GZ mosque will hang a plaque commemorating 2900 lives lost on 9/11? Or will they make 19 shrines for the moslems who perished on 9/11? I think the latter.

  • Jim Johnson

    Great tactical idea.

    In fact Jihad Mosques should be against the law. With their program of murder or any other means,legal or illegal, possible to take over a country the Jihad Mosques should be viewed as schools for criminals. Schools for criminals are illegal and people who run them can be prosecuted. For the Left wing name callers who think it is intolerant to object to the Jihad Mosques I advise them to listen to their patron Saint Noam Chomsky. He said we should not tolerate intolerance. As disciples of Noam the should object to a Jihad Mosques because such are temples of intolerance. Sufi Mosques are OK;Jihad Mosques are not.

  • http://www.apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    The cat's out of the bag: Imam Rauf has an ax to grind with the United States for its crimes of killing scores of Moslems before and after 9/11. Rauf sees himself Koranically as God's avenging hand not killing Americans to even the score, this man is no murdrerer, but having a sharia mosque at Ground Zero to pour acid on our sores. I dare anyone to give me a better explanation for building the mosque there.


  • Andres de Alamaya

    One correction! The piece said that Bloomberg would have no choice not to endorse this idea or he would lose all credibility. In my book he lost it when he endorsed this obscenity of a mosque.

    • Peter Lancz

      Agreed , but let's not parse words here , the issue and crux of the matter is about getting this Freedom Plaza erected to counter this obscenity, not Bloomberg and his blundering dhimmitude

  • juice59

    I believe that any mosque caught preaching sedition or supporting the idea of taking over "from the inside" or any other of their insidious ideas should be confiscated just as drug dealers have their assets confiscated.

    If a few of these mosques were confiscated and the money brought from their auction used to further fight those who want to take over this country it would send a very powerful "uh oh" message where they might be forced to rethink their plans.

    There is no better way to send them a very serious message that tells them we don't accept their plans for us.

  • Wesley69

    Great Idea! Put a Jewish Synagague, a Roman Catholic Chuch, a Hindu Temple, Baptist Church as well as the Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Nichola, here as well. I think Boortz had a great idea. Opposite the Mosque, a high-definition monitors broadcasts 24/7 pictures of the victims of Islamic justice such as the woman, whose husband cut off her nose and ears.

    • Peter Lancz

      That's the point. As putting up 'all' your suggestions is unrealistic, the beauty of this project, is that embodied in this one magnificent piece of art can be found all the tolerance, diveristy, pluralism and human diginity you're alluding to..

  • Alexander

    This idea of a freedom plaza, where lectures take place adjacent to the ground zero mosque is a wonderful idea and should be suggested to important people who can promote it. It should also be explained to that great organization that is at the forefront of warning America about radical Islam, namely " Act! For America". Brigette Gabriel who heads Act! is one of this world's great ladies who has tirelessly fought radical Islam for decades. I suggest going to their website and contacting them with this plan. They will promote it.

    • http://www.lancz.com Peter Lancz

      I took you up on your kind suggestion and would like to tell you what happened. .Can you please e-mail me or leave me your e-mail.

  • http://www.lancz.com Peter Lancz

    I would like to thank everyone who endorsed my R.W. Freedom Plaza Project and look forward to making this a reality. I would encourage all those who are interested in directly partaking, to please e-mail me at: peter.lancz@gmail.com and we could brainstorm together.

  • Armando

    How about protesting against Bloomberg and his minions, to have the Greek Orthodox church, that was destroyed very near ground zero, to be rebuilt immediately.

    • stephencuz

      Lets take it a step further. Islam would never stand for another place of wqorship for another religion that would be taller than theirs. !5 stories…for what!?! Lets get the Greek Church to build theirs 20 stories tall!! See, the Islamists won't be able to say word one against it but we can enjoy watching them squirm! LOL
      Imagine, a Christian Church towering over their "Mosque of Triumph"!!

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    It's about time we put p.c. to bed. Or better yet kill it, before it kills us. When a group of people are murdering, enslaving, and committing atrocities of every sort being afraid of them is common sense, not a phobia. A phobia describes irrational fears and there is nothing irrational about fear of Islam getting a foothold here.

  • alf

    Better yet, build a hot dog stand or a pet shop selling dogs next to the mosque.Why not ask the kind Iman to include and sponsor a gay advocacy group in his cultural center.

  • Wayne

    Please quit calling it a mosque. It is an Islamic war memorial disguised as a mosque and it doesn't belong in this country.

  • Dennis

    THEOCRACY…..THEOCRACY…..THEOCRACY. Please learn the definition of the word because ISLAM / SHARIA / CALIPHATE / IMAMS-MULLAHS are its personification. And, for extra credit, research the relationship between the NAZIS of WW II and the Muslims of the Middle East. If you still do not see the difference of ISLAM vs WESTERN CIVILIZATION, contact the SAUDI ARABIA government and tell them you wish to build a church or synagogue or Wiccan area across the street from their KABBA site…..OUCH!

  • http://www.scubadivechamber.com Jeffrey Rudell

    Sounds good to me. Add some media such as the video I saw years ago dramtizing the R. Wallenberg story with comments from the actual people he saved from being murdered. Also add media from the Wiesenthal collection including the episode about Anne Frank. A light show at dusk and pre-dawn with other technology that presents a virtual reality of Lubyanka Prison.

  • http://www.diigo.com/user/jaywinters614 ryan hill sanquan

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