America’s True Heroes

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is the owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He is the co-author (with Paul Sperry) of the new book, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America. He can be contacted at and his site is

FP: Dave Gaubatz, welcome back to Frontpage.

Before we begin I would like to describe the picture above that represents this interview. Undercover non-Muslims Stefanie and Charety are siting at the CAIR table. They are speaking to Khalid Iqbal, who was assigned as the CAIR/VA Director at the time. When CAIR/VA  closed due to the Morris Days fraud, Iqbal went to the ADAMS Center.

David, I would like to talk to you today about American heroes like Stefanie and Charety who have done dangerous undercover work inside Islamist organizations, risking their lives to protect this country.

Let’s begin this conversation by talking a bit about your son Chris, who was recently featured in a Frontpage article by Robert Spencer.

Chris was the lead researcher for your project in which you had several people go undercover inside CAIR National for over 6 months. Tell us a bit about what Chris and others like him have been doing for this nation.

Gaubatz: In 2010, Chris and numerous other Americans are doing what our government and law enforcement are not doing: They are exposing Islamic based terrorist groups working inside our country.

When the term “Islamic terrorism” first began being used in daily conversations after 9/11, we coined another phrase: “Our First Line Defenders.” This was assumed to be our law enforcement and other emergency essential personnel. These people are outstanding and help America, but in reality, in the current situation with Islamic terrorism, they are our “First Line Responders.”

FP: Please explain.

Gaubatz: Well, although many media organizations have tried to keep the truth from the American public, the reality is even the soccer moms and dads are realizing our law enforcement and other emergency crews simply respond to scenes after terrorist events have already been carried out.

The murders at Ft. Hood by a U.S. military officer are a prime example. Our law enforcement, emergency crews, and politicians could not get to the microphones fast enough to boast about how well they are handling the situation at Ft. Hood. Our FBI even came on board within 5 minutes and declared the murders were not a terrorist act. Hell, it takes longer for a State Trooper to give a speeding ticket than it did for our leading law enforcement agency to come to the conclusion that we had not suffered another Islamic-based terrorist attack.

I believe this was a focal point when the moms and dads of America finally woke up and realized the true nature of the Islamic Jihadist ideology. The jihadi groups are dangerous, they are capable, they have the desire, and they have the weapons and people who are fully prepared to kill innocent people at any given time they desire, and there is little our law enforcement can do, little our politicians (for the most part) will do, and they know our media is now influenced by ‘big money’ from various sources and they will report whatever the “big money” tells them to report.

FP: What impact has your best-selling book, Muslim Mafia, had on all this?

Gaubatz: Muslim Mafia has been put into the hands of very important people who now see the truth of how Islamic terrorists operate. These people I am referring to are everyday Americans who have always depended on our law enforcement and politicians to protect them. Our book has opened their eyes. They now see there has been ample evidence for many years that Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters are operating freely inside America, and often with the support of politicians and our Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The terrorist supporters hide under the blankets of non-profit organizations and are given a do-as-you-will-stamp of approval by the IRS.

FP: Who are America’s true heroes then?

Gaubatz: The heroes in our country remain the same as they have for over 200 years. They are your autoworkers, plumbers, secretaries, retailers, farmers, waiters/waitresses, moms, dads, grandparents.  They are the people who politicians, law enforcement work, military, and yes Mr. President, even you work for the people of our country.

To first overcome and defeat Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters such as the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR and ISNA) we must go through a transformation and realize the American people are the heroes when they begin to do the job our politicians should have been insuring has been done (securing our country for our children).

The true heroes are indeed people like Chris and my other counter-terrorism researchers like Charety and Stefanie, the two women you mentioned earlier who are in the picture used to represent this interview. Also Daniel and Marylyn. They went inside the belly of the beast within the Muslim Brotherhood. They risked their lives to obtain evidence exposing the Muslim Brotherhood operation, which is alive and well in our country. They had numerous people behind the scenes (everyday Americans) providing intelligence on a daily basis that helped me as the Director of the Project to make the day to day decisions to insure they were conducting the undercover work in a professional and legal manner. Some of these people I can only mention by first name. They are our heroes: Mira, Steve, Wendy, Christine, Frank, David, and many more.

FP: Tell us some more about Charety and Stefanie. It must be a lot more trickier and dangerous for women to do undercover work among Islamists.

Gaubatz: Charety and Stefanie truly were outstanding. These two young ladies had no prior training in counter-terrorism and knew virtually nothing about Islam, yet they were able to accomplish more than seasoned law enforcement veterans.  I trained them to the level that they needed to be at so that they would fit in with CAIR and as Muslims. These ladies put their lives on the line to infiltrate a Muslim “civil rights” organization that actually shares the same violent ideology as al-Qaeda and Hamas. Charety and Stefanie were able to meet the Executive leaders within CAIR, both at the recently closed CAIR/VA office and CAIR National.

FP: What was the most important thing Charety and Stefanie did within CAIR?

Gaubatz: Charety and Stefanie began working inside CAIR National well before Chris did. They paved the way for Chris to begin working inside. Both of these ladies did what I needed accomplished the most. They provided me with the intelligence about the makeup of the CAIR National office in regards to personnel, daily operations, and their internal/external security measures.

During my many years with an elite investigative agency (AFOSI), we found that in order to penetrate any organization you must have the “target” come to you. This tactic alleviates the majority of the concerns our law enforcement agencies have today. If you try to infiltrate a criminal organization, the leaders are very cautious of new people — unless they were referred by someone they trust.

Nihad Awad, Hooper, Saylor and other leaders within CAIR knew and trusted both Stefanie and Charety. Stefanie determined CAIR National had several weak areas. Essentially, CAIR did not even follow their written procedures in regards to security. Some people would sign into CAIR, but on numerous occasions it just came down to who was working the front desk at CAIR.  Chris was able to transfer into CAIR National because of CAIR’s internal problems and because Stefanie did a fantastic job. Chris was allegedly Stefanie’s brother. Chris, Stefanie, and Charity worked various CAIR events and they were all praised by Nihad Awad and others for their outstanding performance. Little did CAIR know that everyday Stefanie and Charety were obtaining very valuable intelligence on their organization.

FP: Wow, this sounds like incredible and daring stuff. These truly are heroes. What a catastrophe and tragedy that our common citizens have to do this kind of thing, since the government and law-enforcement are failing to do so on so many realms.

Let’s touch on a few other issues. The charge has been made against you, as expected, that you have a grudge against Muslims. How would you respond?

Gaubatz: Anyone who says I do not like the Muslim people or do not care for them was not with me in Iraq (2003) and are either politicians trying to stay on the most popular side of the fence or media who support terrorists more than they do Americans who fought terrorists.

It is well documented by U.S. government records and a good friend (Mohammed Rehaeif, Iraqi lawyer who helped rescue Private Jessica Lynch in Nasiriyah, Iraq) and his family of how I risked my life for many Muslims to prevent them from being killed by Islamic terrorists in Iraq.

Often so-called investigative journalists who make ridiculous claims that I do not care for the Muslim people should ask themselves where they were at the start of the war in Iraq. Were they safe at home while many Americans like me were in Saudi and Iraq willing to give their lives for the Muslim people? The answer is 99.9% were safely at home while I was in Iraq. My wife, son, and daughter are the only ones I need to convince of my caring for all people, regardless of race, religion, or culture. If you are a terrorist or terrorist supporter I have openly said, “I do not want you in America and will legally do everything to expose your group and the treasonous actions you support.”

A good question for all politicians and media is: Do they agree or disagree with my statement?

FP: That is an important question that was touched on by Eric Stakelbeck of CBN during his recent interview with the radical Islamic leader, Anjem Choudhary, in the UK.

Your thoughts on Islam and the argument that it is a “Religion of Peace”?

Gaubatz: Eric Stakelbeck did an outstanding job during his interview and raised many important issues pertaining to Islamic based terrorism. CBN did not have to travel though to another country to find Islamic leaders with the same thought process and ideological beliefs as Choudhary.

During our undercover research with CAIR National and during our research at over 200 Islamic Centers in America, we found that there are numerous Choudharys residing amongst us. They are in most cities and organizations such as CAIR.  Many times these are the type Islamic leaders CAIR invites to their fundraising events, such as Ahmed Sakr, Siraj Wahaj, Zaid Shakir. These are examples of Islamic leaders/scholars who share the same ideology as Choudhary, but after 9/11, they are seldom as vocal as Choudhary is. They simply use the common deception tactic of using materials such as DVD’s and literature to say the exact things Choudhary does openly.

Now, the question of Islam being a Religion of Peace? It is really not as important what any individual person believes or doesn’t believe unless he/she has evidence to support their belief.  For most of my adult life I have worked intelligence and counter-terrorism issues.  I was trained by our government to analyze information and material evidence in order to come to an analytical conclusion about potential threats to our country.

Again, this is well documented by government records. Based on what I have seen and evidence I have obtained for many years on behalf of our government and during private counter-terrorism research, Islam is based more on a political, economic, and military ideology than on a religious ideology, and therefore the question of Islam being a “Religion of Peace” is secondary.

Islamic leaders worldwide have tried, and continue to try, to explain this point I am making to non-Muslims almost on a daily basis. Saddam tried to explain this, the Iranian leader is currently trying to explain this, Choudhary is trying, al-Qaeda is trying, and the Taliban are trying to explain this to the world. The sad fact is, we just do not want to listen.

There are many Muslims who do want peace, education for their children, medical care for their families, and employment to support and care for their families. But to the millions of Muslims who believe exactly as Choudhary, they are not acting in accordance with Sharia law if they do not seek to physically fight their enemies. And the enemies of Islam are currently the people of Israel and anyone or country that supports them and anyone/country that they consider to be oppressors of Islam. All non-Muslims are deemed as enemies and that belief is rooted in Islamic theology.

CAIR’s Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper would be the first to say Islam is being oppressed throughout the world. And the oppressors are non-Muslims. One need only review the documents we obtained (ones they were preparing to shred) during our undercover research. A sampling is in our book, Muslim Mafia.

FP: CAIR has filed a lawsuit against you for conducting the undercover research in their organizational headquarters and CAIR/VA. Can you provide an update?

Gaubatz: There have been recent legal updates on the lawsuit and WND has covered them in their articles. We have expected the lawsuit because we understand how terrorist supporters operate more than they do themselves. We have the best attorneys (Martin Garbus, Daniel Horowitz, and others). CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) have always used lawsuits against corporations and people who cave in to their terrorist tactics.

FP: Will you be putting together any other counter-terrorism research projects?

Gaubatz: I will devote my time and resources to uncover terrorism issues that are being ignored by many politicians and senior law enforcement executives. When the FBI and other organizations begin doing the job they are paid to do (protect our country) and there are no longer any terrorist threats in America, I will retire from counter-terrorism research. Until then I will have teams in the field, as long as resources are available.

I would like to conclude with statements made by Islamic leaders who CAIR and other Islamic organizations support:

[1] “Islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it.  Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet. Towards this end, Islam wishes to press into service all forces which can bring about a revolution and a composite term for the use of all these forces is ‘Jihad.’”

· Pamphlet: “Jihad in Islam,” pp.9 -10.  Syed Abul A’al Maududi (founder of JI terrorist organization).

[II] “Slay the disbelievers whenever you find them. The disbelievers should be killed in whatever month or time they are found”.

· Book: Ma’ariful Qur’an, Vol 1, p.534.

[III} “Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program which seeks to alter the social order of the whole world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenants and ideals.”

· Pamphlet: Jihad in Islam, by Syed Abul A’la Maududi, p.8.

FP: Dave Gaubatz, thank you for joining us.

  • israa

    You are true heros for America and the free world David, Stefanie, Charety, and Chris. I don't know what to say to express how proud I am that there are some Americans who care enough to fight again islam and its extremism. I am tired of these islamists and terrorists, groups like cair saying muslims are oppressed when islam is the one oppressing all. If they were such a true religion they wouldnt need to limit free speech, they would be able to prove their religion, they know they cant, are deep down weak in faith and limit freedom because of this. muslims are victims of a sick cult. I am tired of extremist liberals defending them. To me as a real liberal this is beyond insult. A true liberal would be opposed islam. It is not even compatible with liberal ideology. What some of these liberal extremists do not understand is that it is not the west that created islam extremism, islam has always been extreme, and its extremist liberals and bbcs fault for helping islamists like in the iranian revolution. They know nothing of this cult, they only want to root for the underdog even if hes a killer. They must stop this. I am arab and former muslim and I can say, really muslims have to be liberated and helped. America is the only country to do it, do not listen to extreme political correct liberals, they will be the end of the civilized world. Again thank you for your book and putting yoursef in danger for the truth! Never let cair or islamists intimidate you into self censorship. Please do anything to get your word out there, the world needs the truth! If there is a God then I hope he gives you endless blessings, again thank you!

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      Thank you, Ahmed. I knew my day was going a little too well. I needed to feel the bite of the cold wash cloth of Islam across my face to snap out of it. As usual your gracious spirituality was appreciated on this chilly morning. It reminds me why I break out in puss sores whenever I come close to a true believing brother like yourself. What a grand and peaceful religion you have, Grasshopper.

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    The problem isthat there are not any moderate Muslims, but that there is no moderation in the Koran.

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    Folks, "Ahmed" is pulling your leg. "I KILL YOU" is the signature line of "Achmed the dead terrorist," a skeletal ventriloquist's dummy in the act of comedian Jeff Dunham.

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    "The heroes in our country remain the same as they have for over 200 years. They are your autoworkers, plumbers, secretaries, retailers, farmers, waiters/waitresses, moms, dads, grandparents. They are the people who politicians, law enforcement work, military, and yes Mr. President, even you work for the people of our country."

    I would agree to an extent that we do not need neutral masses but pro American masses. However, if it was not for an elite sector of men and women, who not only die for this country, but enter into what can only be called prolonged ritual institutional combat in which they are maimed and tortured to death, those masses would die in very rapid numbers according to Red Alert Theory.

    I am talking Marines. There names were Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucke. That is what makes this country go around. Elite killers dying in valor and virtue. Holding on just for the sake of holding on.

    It will not be men who decide this war on terror but women. Our women fight. al-Qaeda tortures women. Period.

    And to top it all off, remember, there is nothing in the Geneva Convention about AIDS spreading prostitutes. Yeah, try to knife them Mr. Bag Daddy Taxi Driver and see what happens. Talk about your IED. How about IBD? Improvised burning device. Flame monster war never fails.

    War's don't end when you want them to indeed! Instead they evolve into "My crack whore army will always beat out your Moslem nobility!"

    • USMCSniper

      Go to: to see just how horrific the torture and mutilation of Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker was. Islam a peaceful religion – bullshit. Had this happened to two Marines in my squad when we were in Vietnam, not vene the chickens in that village would have got out alive. And noone would have said a word.

      • eerieSteve

        Burning a village? No. That is not the USMC way. Wars start when you like them to but never end when you want them.

        Whipping up a shit storm on al-Qaeda and making their "social justice" go splat as they, including bin Laden and his backers, hit the proverbial wall called the military of the USA? Now that is the the USMC way! Total closure. End of story!

        I refuse to watch that video, and instead look at Private Menchaca and Private Tucker reborn in the new peaceful institutions the US military has created in Baghdad. Just think, with the official Iraqi and Afghani army on our side, it is like the Marines now have a bunch of noble Saddam Husseins who will die for their country.

        • USMCSniper

          You saY: Private Menchaca and Private Tucker torture and mutilations were reborn in the new peaceful institutions? You have got to be shitting me – you candy-assed fool. Never been anywhere near combat have you? People like you eerie Steve only sleep peaceably in their beds at night because better and rougher men stand ready to do unspeakable violence on their behalf. Stay on the porch with the toy dogs and bark and pee down your leg.

          • eerieSteve

            Yes. The new peaceful pro-American democratic institutions, such as the US Embassy and the pro-American Western army are do, in the largest part, to Marines and what they have sacrificed.

            Maybe 50 years from now when the Middle East strategically places itself up against a rising communist Asia will Americans understand the importance of a democratic Middle East.

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        Semper fi, Sniper! Long time, no read. Lary9

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    What I want to know is, just how many of these terrorist cells are estimated to be in this country?

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      None as far as Obambi is concerned. That is another problem. I can't believe it but we have a faux-Christian Muslim usurper in the white house. Man, Tom Clancy could not have written this stuff.

  • Linda Rivera

    Thank you so very, very much to Defender of the Free World, David Gaubatz, his son, and all the other heroes and heroines who place their lives on the line in the fight for our survival against global jihad.

  • eerieSteve

    One would be surprised at the sake bureaucracies would go to in order to protect their own interests. It is getting to the point where people, in example Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, are CIA employees first and United States citizens second.

    OH NO! Don't attack Saddam Hussein and close down his son's rape rooms even though he said 9/11 was a great event! Our jobs are at sake!

    That selfish, narcissistic sentiment echoes itself today. I heard Howard Kurtz saying "It was the media's fault" the sons and daughters of the US died in Iraq. In his case, Kurtz is a journalist first, and a United States citizen second.

    What disgraces.

  • Linda Rivera

    Thank you so much to these wonderful American heroes protecting our lives and country!

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    Dave, Keep up the good work! And make NO MISTAKE! The FBI and other federal law enforcement are absolutely NOT on the side that you'd think they should be on. They will protect cair and its cairorists for reasons unknown. If they say that cair is a front group for hamas, rest assured the FBI is a front group for cair.

  • Linda Rivera

    Thank you to these wonderful American heroes!

  • Jack Black

    Dear oh dear. If you label Fort Hood terrorism, then anything similar can also be labelled terrorism. Do we want our country to be known as the "world center of terrorist acts"? Would be good if some people thought a little, before opening their mouths (or writing online).

    See for a clear explanation…

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    Good god, this article is garbage as are most of the biased comments here. Horowitz's legal work on this case amounts to hype in substandard media outlets. His legal writing is weak and almost laughable.

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    We can adopt Islamic teachings and fight under the black flag. The Art of War tells us to cut off one wellspring of the enemy, as that is worth more than defeating ten enemy armies.