CAIR’s Friends in U.S. Law Enforcement

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is the owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He is the co-author (with Paul Sperry) of the new book, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America. He can be contacted at

FP: Dave Gaubatz, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

You were recently in the Los Angeles area conducting lectures and book signings. Fill us in a bit about what you learned about the Los Angeles County Sheriff (Sheriff Baca) and his ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Gaubatz: Thank you Jamie. I spent 5 days in the LA area and utilized every minute communicating with citizens and collecting counter-terrorism intelligence on Sheriff Baca. I visited four Islamic Centers to determine their association with CAIR and likewise his link to this terrorist supporting organization.

Unfortunately for the citizens of LA, Sheriff Baca supports Islamic groups who advocate violence against the very people he is supposed to be protecting. I informed the attendees of my lectures that there are only three primary reasons anyone supports CAIR and the violent ideology they spread and advocate.

FP: Why would someone support CAIR?

Gaubatz: The first is out of pure ignorance of what CAIR advocates behind the scenes. Second: job incompetence (lack of proper training in counter-terrorism and the Islamic ideology). Third and the most worrisome: like in the case of Sheriff Baca, certain people are in bed with the enemy for financial gain or political power.

FP: Expand on why you think this is the case with Sheriff Baca.

Gaubatz: I spoke with numerous people, reviewed materials from the Islamic Centers Sheriff Baca and CAIR both endorse, and talked with officers of Sheriff Baca’s Islamic Community Affairs program. At this stage of my research I would analyze Sheriff Baca as incompetent, and regardless of the innocent lives he is jeopardizing by supporting Islamic based terror groups, he is more concerned with the votes/funds CAIR can generate for his personal political goals.

I have advised several times to readers they should not become confused by the various acronyms used by Islamic based non-profit organizations. CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MAS, MANA and the host of others are Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and they encourage through their materials terrorist attacks against our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even in America (Ft. Hood).

Readers may know I had over 23 years of U.S. Federal Service, was a Federal Agent, trained Arabic linguist, counter-terrorism specialist, visited numerous Middle east countries, was the 1st U.S. civilian Federal Agent in Iraq, had the highest U.S. government clearance, briefed into numerous ‘special government projects,’ personally conducted counter-terrorism research in over 200 Islamic Centers, obtained and reviewed thousands of documents/manuals from U.S. based Islamic Centers, and did what our federal government with vast financial and manpower resources could not do. I planned and executed an intensive (legal and professional) undercover research project placing 5 people (male and female) inside CAIR National (Top Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood operating in America) for a period of 6 months.

Based on my training and experiences, Sheriff Baca is aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood. It will be our children who will suffer.  Sheriff Baca and any officer or politician who is supporting his actions should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and of course replaced with law enforcement officers who understand the violent aspects of the Islamic ideology and the Muslim Brotherhood.

If we want to save our country from Islamic terrorists, we as a country must be proactive and begin prosecuting anyone who seeks to hurt our children’s future. No longer do Americans want to see the Sheriff Bacas roll up in their decked out patrol cars, give a political speech about how effective his officers responded to a terrorist scene, and how brave everyone was.  This is no longer acceptable. Sheriff Baca needs to understand if he and his officers respond to an Islamic based terrorist scene, he has failed. Neither he nor any officer who ever supported his actions should be considered a ‘hero’ after our country has been attacked and lost innocent lives due to the ignorance, incompetence, and personal political goals of men like Sheriff Baca.

FP: You mentioned you visited several Islamic Centers in the LA, CA, and area. Can you describe the type of material you observed/obtained?

Gaubatz: Of course.  The four Islamic Centers I visited were Sunni/Salafist, (Wahhabi) ‘Pure Muslim’, backed by the Saudi government, CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood), and had material available for their worshippers that advocate violence against innocent people, treason and sedition.  I will mention one for the time being:

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Foundation
1025 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

A few weeks ago Sheriff Baca had visited this Islamic Center with CAIR executives and publicly endorsed CAIR and the teachings of this mosque.  I respectfully ask readers to review the following statements obtained in materials endorsed by CAIR and I observed/obtained in LA County and from people who support CAIR Executives:

“What should you do if you are arrested or framed by the racist, fascist, criminal police? Or the racist, fascist, criminal FBI?

Note by Gaubatz: This manual is distributed by CAIR supporters throughout the U.S.  It is an 81 page manual that clearly shows their support for terrorist organizations and not our U.S. Constitution or law enforcement.

“If we really want to produce such youth who should be prepared to lay down their lives for the sake of their country (Islamic Ummah) and also for the survival of the Islamic way of life, we should undertake to give them Islamic instruction of high standard along with sophisticated military training”.

Note by Gaubatz: This manual by Maududi (Jammet Islami founder) was obtained at an LA County Islamic center who instruct their children to fight (Jihad) for Islam, not America, and to train to the highest military standard in order to defeat their enemies (Christians, Jews, and non Sharia compliant Muslims).

I ask readers to closely review the following statements from materials endorsed by CAIR, published by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provided to Islamic Centers, schools, and libraries across America. This manual was obtained at an LA County mosque:

“Islam does not acknowledge territorial boundaries, national or popular relations, and nationalities, as these lead to separation and differentiation among people. There is no nationality for Muslim except Islam”.

Note by Gaubatz; This statement alone by the Saudi government explaining the Islamic ideology should answer the question in people’s minds if Muslims can follow Islam and be American. The answer was no 1400 years ago and is no today.

“Apostasy from Islam is a grievous crime punishable by death. One who commits apostasy from Islam rejects truth after he known it, thus, he does not deserve life.”

Note by Gaubatz: Again this manual is distributed by the Saudi government and is in thousands of Islamic centers across America. Please keep in mind the above statement made by the Saudi government that ‘Islam does not acknowledge territorial boundaries.” This means if a young Muslim child (like 17 year old Rifka Bary) decides they want to leave Islam and convert to Christianity that the Saudi government and Islam fully support killing her and anyone who leaves Islam. This is regardless of the country they reside in. This statement alone is why ‘honor killings’ of innocent Muslims are committed every year across America by Sharia compliant worshippers and the media seldom reports on them. Why? Because a large part of our media worships at the altar of political correctness and is also financially supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

FP: Final thoughts?

Gaubatz: Jamie; I again thank you and your organization. Sheriff Baca is not the lone senior law enforcement officer or politician who is knowingly cooperating with those forces who are working to destroy our country. They are scattered across our great country and we are currently being attacked from within, and we are losing the ‘war on terrorism.”  There are few officers or employees of a politician who will not follow the orders of their ‘leader’. This equates to Sheriff Baca having the support of thousands of LA county Sheriffs who would back the Muslim Brotherhood before they would a hard working American family that prioritizes patriotism to our country above all.  Or would they? I will have more intelligence on CAIR, Sheriff Baca, and other terrorist supporters on our site Thank you.

FP: Dave Gaubatz, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

  • kafir4life

    Isn't cair that disgusting terrorist supporting organization that are unindicted coconspirators in a terorist financing case? Aren't many of their leaders (pious muslims all) in prison on terror related charges? Isn't cair doing everything it can to ensure that Rifka Bary's parents retain their right as muslims to kill their child for leaving this gutter cult? Isn't their perported "prophet" nothing more than a murdering pedophilic rapist who made up this false "religion" to justify his being the most perfect murdering pedophile rapist that ever existed?

    Why does this group still exist?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Gary Rumain

      Yes, that's CAIR. And its still hanging around like a bad smell.

  • Turbeaux

    “Islam does not acknowledge territorial boundaries, national or popular relations, and nationalities, as these lead to separation and differentiation among people. There is no nationality for Muslim except Islam”.

    How does this apply say with respect to the peace process with Israel? Yet, our illustrious State Department can’t seem to figure it out. Of course, most of them are looking to get a cushy Saudi funded job as soon as they retire early from the State Department. Thus, they could care less.

  • MM MMM

    You say CAIR is a threat? What about "Israelis In solidarity" with Palestinian terrorists:

    Miriam Abed-El-Dayye, Gadi Algazi, Udi Aloni, Galit Altschuler, Hila Amit, Roey Angel, Asaf Angermann, Reuven Avergil, Gabriel Ash, Danna Bader, Roni Bande, Yoav Beirach , Yuval Halperin, Iris Hefets, Hanan Hever, Shir Hever, Chaya Hurwitz, Hedva Isachar, Matan Israeli, Matan Kaminer, Reuven Kaminer, Adam Keller, Hava Keller, Peretz Kidron, Assaf Kintzer, Yana Knopova, Yael Lerer, Orly Lubin, Adi Maoz, Eilat Maoz, Naomi Mark, Anat Matar, Hagai Matar, Edu Medicks, Yosefa Mekayton, Inna Michaeli, Rotem Mor, Susanne

    • lovezion

      What is "Israelis In solidarity"? I never heard about it! Please explain? Thanks.

    • wattruth

      "Progressives" are everywhere my friend. Rav Sha'ul (Apostle Paul) referred to the "Synagogue of Satan" in his day and it appears that "synagogue" is still with us.

  • http://Facebook waltermichael

    We ought to get the “La Cosa Nostra” working for the people! Make all the families”US Marshalls” and put them up against the “Muslims” one “Muslim Synogogue” at a time and tell them they can take over the Muslim Mafia if they can get them under control!

  • No Name

    CAIR is also infiltrating into the Evangelical Church.

    For instance, CAIR and an ACTS 29 church plant of one of the most popular evangelical leaders in the country, Mark Driscoll, pastor of Seattle's Mars Hill, recently held an interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians in Renton, Washington. According to the website of Seattle's CAIR, the pastor of Harambee, who is also vice president of Peace Catalyst International, "has been a major part of interfaith work with CAIR-WA and local mosques." CAIR Seattle also stated "this is the first of many religious and social interactions between these two faith communities."

    It is also interesting to note that the event at Harambee was interrupted by the Muslim call to prayer. Hence, this evangelical church not only opened its doors to CAIR, but also allowed a very lengthy prayer led by the Muslims to their god, Allah.

    • Mike_Townsend

      The dimam (protected inferiors) flock of Mars Hill should be so proud of their new found status. Next, I am sure they will "pay the Jizyah (non Muslim required tax to promote the supremacy of Islam) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.Sura 9:29

    • Gary Rumain

      Meanwhile, the arselifters at CAIR are trying to close down churches that oppose them. In this instance, they got the sharia-compliant bank to recall the bank's mortgage –

      Another article –

  • JosephWiess

    It's sad and disgusting, that instead of looking after all the county, the corrupt sheriff takes money from cult members and forgets his duty.

  • james

    Iwould like to send a pound of bacon to the Moslem Brotherhood;does anyone have the address;oh,never mind;I foiund it.666 PENNsylvania avenue.

  • Samella Bacio

    It's shocking how some so called 'law enforcement' operates. Corruption is nothing new to me however as I live in the Philippines and see it's effects each and every day. I don't think the US will ever get as bad as here but it's a slippery slope indeed and we should all be vigil.

    Your article will help with that so thanks for posting it.

  • kafir4life

    Yes, the disgusting terror supporting creeps at cair do fund our politicians. Even chuckles schumer (allegedly Jewish…..who at one time announced that there were known terrorist ties to cair) is silent about Soetoro's attitude on Israel, is in lockstep with the administration, fearful that he'll lose the funding from his new found pals at the terror supporting cair. Capo Chuckie should be removed from the Senate, but alas…..too many self-hating (and some just plan stupid) Jews keep supporting him.

  • barbequed Pork

    We need a citizens group that will hold these elected officials accountable for their acts. There are many groups out there talking and informing the public, but we need a group to be proactive and go after these terrorist groups and their supporters here on our homeland. It is up to us citizens to do it, obviously.