Hate Speech from the Ground Zero Mosque Imam

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FP: This imam is painted to be some kind of great “moderate” but I am yet to hear what kind of reformation he is promoting for Islam.

Geller: Well Jamie, that’s because he isn’t calling out for any significant reforms. He says straight out that “Islam does not need a reformation.” He doesn’t say anything at all about all the jihadis who use Islamic texts to justify violence.

Also, in the course of his remarks in the speech we’re discussing, he uses the “N” word, referring to “n—-rs or whities.” I can’t help form wondering: Is the Reverend Al Sharpton, who has endorsed the Islamic supremacist mosque at Ground Zero, going to come forward and say something about this? Will he condemn Rauf? Will the mainstream media say something about it? Will they condemn Rauf? For whatever point the Imam was arguably trying to make, by what standards is he let off the hook for using the word, while others, like Dr. Laura recently (who used the term to make a point about its usage), is not and widely condemned?

Please, Rev. Sharpton and the media, do come forward and explain this all to us, so we’ll know the way that Rauf is using the “N” word that is acceptable for everyone else to use it.

FP: Rauf also shows a reluctance to admit that Muslims were involved in Islamic terrorism, right?

Geller: Yes, Jamie. At one point he says: “And when we observe terrorism, whether it was done by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka or by al-Qaeda or whoever is behind the bombings in London or those in Madrid…” Note that when he says about the London and Madrid bombings, he was speaking five days after the London attacks and over a year after those in Madrid. It was common knowledge who the perpetrators were at that time. But maybe Rauf didn’t want his listeners to be thinking about exactly who they were.

And while Imam Feisal speaks of tolerance, he praises the worst extremists and inciters to genocide. In his address in Australia he said he had just come from a conference in Jordan featuring “over 170 leading Muslim scholars from almost every part of the Muslim world, including some of the most important names like Sheikh Tantawi of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, who is the Chief Mufti of Egypt, the Chief Mufti of Jordan, the Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, who is a very very well known Islamic jurist, highly regarded all over the Muslim world.”

The late Sheikh Tantawi several years ago endorsed suicide attacks against Israelis, as did Sheikh Qaradawi. Sheikh Gomaa has defended Islam’s death penalty for apostasy and sanction for wife-beating, and has endorsed the jihad terror group Hezbollah.

FP: And yet the media nurtures Rauf’s reputation to be that of a moderate.

Geller: That’s right, Jamie. And Rauf shows his true colors regarding Israel, also. He says he wants a “one-state solution” for Israel and the Palestinians. Given his advocacy for Islamic law, that means an Islamic supremacist Sharia state in which Jews are denied equal rights – when they aren’t killed outright.

FP: Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on these statements by Rauf?

Geller: The only reason I can think of is that they are trying to protect him. With red flags everywhere in Rauf’s record and the nationwide grief caused by this grotesque act of Islamic supremacism, why isn’t the media doing its job of investigative journalism? It seems to me that it is because the media is rabid in its frenzy to destroy good, decent Americans who oppose a 15-story mega-mosque on Ground Zero.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s rhetoric is ugly, racist, anti-American, and anti-Semitic, all wrapped up in “inter-faith” propaganda. But don’t expect to hear about it from Wolf Blitzer.

FP: Pamela Geller, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

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  • Kim Bruce

    In 2004, he said the U.S. and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end. Speaking at his New York mosque, Rauf said:____"The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians. But it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets." ____I believe he is a Rauf in sheeps clothing.____

  • http://www.tomdegan.blogspot.com Tom Degan

    Here is what's happening, boys and girls: In case it slipped your mind, there is an election coming up in November. In the last few months the Republican party has been in the process of imploding (and it's been so much fun to watch, too!) As was I predicted over a year ago, the so-called "Tea Party" would end up being an albatross around their collective neck. Sure enough, the mindless extremism of these nitwits is starting to scare the hell out of that mysterious segment of the electorate who describe themselves as "moderate". What to do? Find an issue – any issue – that will distract the people. After a desperate search that must have taken them weeks, they finally found that issue last week in – of all places – lower Manhattan.


    They grabbed this non-issue and ran with it. Then the corporate media (you shouldn't be surprised) decided to play this story to death like Hotel California and Stairway To Heaven. And it worked like a charm. Very few of us are at present thinking about the utter mess that six years of Republican control of the executive and legislative branches of our government made of this country. Instead we're wasting precious time thinking about a non-issue. Just for a moment let's put our minds on the things that really matter:

    The economy
    War in Afghanistan
    Massive unemployment
    A multi-trillion dollar debt
    The plunder of our national treasure by Wall Street
    An environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico….

    ….and what the hell are we talking about? A non-existent "mosque".

    http :www.tomdegan.blogspot.com

    Tom Degan

    • claspur

      president Soetoro will become a two year lame duck in 70 days, Mr. Degan….get used to that idea.
      The first order of business, I hope, in the newly republican-controlled house and senate will be to commence impeachment proceedings against this treasonous usurper.

    • John Campbell

      "It's all Bush's fault!"

    • Wesley69

      Mr. Degan, you're are the arguments of a self-deluded leftist, who sees absolutely little danger from Obama's policies and Radical Islam. This debate over the Mosque, is not the most important issue, granted. But it exposes the thinking of the President about the issue. Only after one year and six months are we discovering what Obama (Mr. Transparency) is all about.

      • Wesley69

        As for the true issues:

        The economy – Failure to help small businesses create jobs due to future costs of Cap & Trade and ObamaCare. Hidden regulations in bills coming to light.
        War in Afghanistan – Strategy to win with a surge, then puts out a timeline for withdrawal. Enemy is not stupid.
        Massive Unemployment – Stimulus created few, permanent private sector jobs but rewarded Obama's constituents with pork.
        A multi-trillion debt – Bush spent a lot, but Obama in one year+ has spent and will spend us into bankruptcy.
        Plunder by Wall Street – Wall Street does need oversight, but restrictions on capital gains restricts investments, hinders job growth. Corporation heads work for other countries and corporations leave the US for business friendly countries.
        Crisis in Gulf – Obama's Katrina – check who did a better job in the minds of the people of the Gulf states.

        Mr. Degan, we all have our bias. Neither you or I possess the total truth. It is usually to be found somewhere in the middle.

    • Jim Johnson

      So it's true then. It was George Bush who flew his plane into the World Trade center just to create a distraction. Thank heaven for you truthers.

    • Don Ho

      The economy , Afghanistan , unemployment (aka "economy"), debt (aka "economy") Wall Street , (aka "economy") and Gulf of Mexico.

      Why not just oil and the economy? In fact, you can even skip "economy" since we are spending $1 trillion per year on oil and another half trillion for defending our access to it. The "real war" should be fought at home – against our addiction.

      "Moderate muslim" is an oxymoron, as this article points out. We can skip the euphemisms from here on, since violence, jihad, and Islamic beliefs are all one and the same.

    • Ed Dantes

      Funny how the Dems have controlled congress for the last 3 and 1/2 years….since Jan 07 when they booted the Repubs. hm….how is it a prescient group like the Dems could not see the housing bubble…..oh yeah. Dodd and Frank were prime movers in the F. May. F. Mac ponzi scheme.

      Obama is heading towards retirement; in Nov 12, he will receive the full fury of the electorate.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Notice how Imam Rauf did not mention the Iranian children soldiers who were killed in the Iranian war against Iraq. Instead he makes up enormous figures of children killed by American troops

    • mjmiddleton

      Yes, and he failed to mention that the starvation in Iraq was caused, not by the sanctions (there was the "oil for food" program which allowed oil sales for food and medicine for children). But Saddam Hussein (and some global corporations and bankers stole over 18 billion dollars of that money.

      Also not mention is the more than 3 million southern Sudanese and half a million Darfuri citizens killed, through starvation, militia attacks and downright genocide by the Islamist regime in Khartoum, which is backed by not only the Muslim Brotherhood, but the entire Organization of Islamic Conference and the Arab League.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    The issue is national security and a deceptive radical Islamist Imam who wants to destroy our society with Sharia law.The massive opposition to the mosque that cuts accross party, ethnic, racial and religious lines (including a growing number of Moslems) shows that Americanism, patriotic nationalism and love of country is very much alive.

    Google ApolloSpeaks at townhall.com and read my piece: Daisy Khan and the Atrocity of Opposing the Ground Zero Mosque.

  • http://netzero.com Steve Chavez

    Freedom of speech! Freedom of Assembly! Freedom of Religion! "G** Hates F****!" this RELIGIOUS GROUP screams at military funerals, and the Constitution will back them up, but do they really have to spit on our soldiers during their funerals and during their family grief which then causes more hate and anger?

    The Constitution also backs the Mosque but aren't they just spitting on all of us which then causes more hate and anger?

    Why are moderate Muslims silent? Out of 1.2 billion Muslims, how many are moderates? Are there 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 moderates? HOW MANY ARE WILLING TO SPEAK UP AGAINST THE HIJACKING OF THEIR RELIGION BY EXTREMISTS?

    "Why are moderate Muslims silent?" Could it be because they are afraid of the "peace-loving, understanding, tolerant" Muslim brothers who would feel it was their duty, according to the Koran, to cut their heads off, commit honor killings, throw them out in the street and set them on fire while still alive, cut their hands,ears, and tongues off?


  • kafir4life

    It's only hate speech if it offends the gutter cult of islam. Otherwise it's religious freedom. muslims cannot be free to practice their gutter cult faith, following the teachings of the pedophile mohamad unless they are free to malign and kill infidels. Only then can muslims be free……..Expect the 9th circuit court (or a New Jersey judge) to make it a-ok.

  • Jimbo

    Hussein let those children die while he lived in absolute luxury, refusing to simply stand down to save those children. The alternative to the sanctions would have been to let him continue ethnically cleansing his country. This imam is just another cookie-cutter sponge for conspiracies. If he rants like this in public, what is he up to in private life?

    • mjmiddleton

      Ever heard of BNP Paribas? It was the Paris based bank officially designated by the UN to handle the oil for food disbursements. If you dig for the information, you will find that this bank, and their parent Canadian company (Power Corp) somehow "lost" 18 billion dollars in oil revenues slated for food and medicine for the hungry children of Iraq. The UN investigation which delivered a so-called "hard hitting investigative report" on the misappropriation put most of the blame on Kofi Annan's son. (He allegedly made out with 200,000 or so). But guess who led the "investigative team"? Non other than former Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volker, a former CEO of Power Corp. And the mainstream media completely missed it. It was too convenient to simply blame America. You can't make this stuff up.

      • fmobler

        Thanks, MJ, for that reminder. BNP stole money from a crook (Hussein); the people of Iraq died for the crimes, and the American people get the blame. Let's not forget that our very own press buried the scandal.

        • mjmiddleton

          Exactly. The mainstream media has a lot account for. Ever hear of Bilderberg? If not, its not surprising because the entire mainstream media — including both those on the "left" and those on the "right", have conspired to black-out any news coverage on it. Yet these meetings are attended by key political leaders, including heads of state, and other prominent economic, financial, corporate and media officials. Power Corp, is a Bilderberg regular, so its not surprising that they would lean on the media to cover up their involvement in the "oil for food" deal. What is surprising is how the whole charade has been able to exist for so long without the American people raising a hue and cry.

          Interesting, as well, is the fact that Bloomberg himself is a regular attender at Bilderberg meetings.. Americans should be asking a lot of questions about the mainstream media.

          • fmobler

            I'm not much of a conspiracy fan. A mentor of mine was fond of saying “don't attribute to malice what can be explained as sloth” The MSM may or may not be covering up. But it is incompetent. As for Bilderberg specifically I'll bet it is not terribly important. But the fact that it is ignored by the press is malpractice.— On Wed, 8/25/10, IntenseDebate Notifications <notifications@intensedebatemail.com> wrote:

  • Carolyn

    When Imam Rauf insists that it is wrong to murder INNOCENT people, is he talking about other Muslims? I have read that only Muslims are considered to be innocent. If so, then his statement is from the heart and completely honest.

    • mjmiddleton

      Muslim imams are often highly intelligent and very proficient at "doublespeak". The are extremely adept at using words or phrases that will mean one thing to the West, and another thing to the Muslim world. Obama himself seems to have mastered that skill as well.

  • claspur

    Never knew about al Husseini until I picked-up "Icon of Evil" a couple years ago, in the library.