Hating Valentine’s

This Sunday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, the sacred day that intimate companions mark to celebrate their love and affection for one another. If you’re thinking about making a study of how couples celebrate this day, the Muslim world and the milieus of the radical Left are not the places you should be spending most, if any, of your time. Indeed, it’s pretty hard to outdo jihadists and “progressives” when it comes to the hatred of Valentine’s Day. And this hatred is precisely the territory on which the contemporary romance between the radical Left and Islamic fanaticism is formed.

The train is never late: every time Valentine’s comes around, the Muslim world reacts with ferocious rage, with its leaders doing everything in their power to quash the festivity that comes with the celebration of private romance. Imams around the world thunder against Valentine’s every year — and the celebration of the day itself is literally outlawed in Islamist states. The Saudis, for instance, ruthlessly punish the slightest hint of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Just a few days ago, the Kingdom and its religious “morality” police officially issued a stern warning that anyone caught even thinking about Valentine’s Day will suffer some of the most painful penalties of Sharia Law.

This is typical of the Saudis of course. As Daniel Pipes has reported, the Saudi regime takes a firm stand against Valentine’s every year, and the Saudi religious police monitor stores selling roses and other gifts. They have even arrested women for wearing red on that day. This time around, the narrative is no different: the Saudis have announced that, starting the week of Valentine’s and until February 15, it will be illegal for a merchant to sell any item that is red, or that in any way hints of being connected to Valentine’s Day.

As Claude Cartaginese reports at Newsreal Blog, any merchant found selling such items as red roses, red clothing of any kind (especially dresses), toys, heart-shaped products, candy, greeting cards or any items wrapped in red, must destroy them or face the wrath of Saudi justice.

Christian overseas workers living in the Kingdom from the Philippines and other countries are taking extra precautions, heeding the Saudis’ warning to them specifically to avoid greeting anyone with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” or exchanging any gift that reeks of romance. A spokesman for a Philippine workers group commented: “We are urging fellow Filipinos in the Middle East, especially lovers, just to celebrate their Valentine’s Day secretly and with utmost care.”

The Iranian despots, meanwhile, are trying to make sure the Saudis don’t outdo them in suffocating Valentine’s Day. Iran’s “morality” police order shops to remove heart-and-flower decorations and images of couples embracing on this day — and anytime around this day. In Pakistan, the student wing of the fundamentalist Islamic party Jamaat-e-Islami has called for a complete ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations. Khalid Waqas Chamkani, a leader in the party, calls it a “shameful day.”

Typical of this whole pathology in the Islamic world was a development witnessed back on February 10, 2006, when activists of the radical Kashmiri Islamic group Dukhtaran-e-Millat (Daughters of the Community) went on a rampage in Srinagar, the main city of the Indian portion of Kashmir. Some two dozen black-veiled Muslim women stormed gift and stationery shops, burning Valentine’s Day cards and posters showing couples together.

In the West, meanwhile leftist feminists are not to be outdone by their jihadi allies in reviling — and trying to kill — Valentine’s Day. Throughout all Women’s Studies Programs on American campuses, for instance, you will find the demonization of Valentine’s Day, since, as the disciples of Andrea Dworkin angrily explain, the day is a manifestation of how capitalist and homophobic patriarchs brainwash and oppress women and push them into spheres of powerlessness. As a person who spent more than a decade in academia, I was privileged to witness this grotesque attack and “deconstruction” of Valentine’s Day at close range. Feminist icons like Jane Fonda, meanwhile, help lead the attack on Valentine’s Day in society at large. As David Horowitz has documented, Fonda has led the campaign to transform this special day into “V-Day” (“Violence against Women Day”) — which is, when it all comes down to it, a day of hate, featuring a mass indictment of men.

So what exactly is transpiring here? What explains this hatred of Valentine’s Day by leftist feminists and jihadis? And how and why does it serve as the sacred bond that brings the radical Left and Islam into its current feast of solidarity?

The core issue at the foundation of this phenomenon is that Islam and the radical Left both revile the notion of private love, a non-tangible and divine entity that draws individuals to each other and, therefore, distracts them from submitting themselves to a secular deity.

The highest objective of both Islam and the radical Left is clear: to shatter the sacred intimacy that a man and a woman can share with one another, for such a bond is inaccessible to the order. History, therefore, demonstrates how Islam, like Communism, wages a ferocious war on any kind of private and unregulated love. In the case of Islam, the reality is epitomized in its monstrous structures of gender apartheid and the terror that keeps it in place. Indeed, female sexuality and freedom are demonized and, therefore, forced veiling, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, honor killings and other misogynist monstrosities become mandatory parts of the sadistic paradigm.

The puritanical nature of totalist systems (whether Fascist, Communist, or Islamist) is another manifestation of this phenomenon. In Stalinist Russia, sexual pleasure was portrayed as unsocialist and counter-revolutionary. More recent Communist societies have also waged war on sexuality — a war that Islam, as we know, wages with similar ferocity. These totalist structures cannot survive in environments filled with self-interested, pleasure-seeking individuals who prioritize devotion to other individual human beings over the collective and the state. Because the leftist believer viscerally hates the notion and reality of personal love and “the couple,” he champions the enforcement of totalitarian puritanism by the despotic regimes he worships.

The famous twentieth-century novels of dystopia, Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We, George Orwell’s 1984, and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, all powerfully depict totalitarian society’s assault on the realm of personal love in its violent attempt to dehumanize human beings and completely subject them to its rule. In Zamyatin’s We, the earliest of the three novels, the despotic regime keeps human beings in line by giving them license for regulated sexual promiscuity, while private love is illegal. The hero breaks the rules with a woman who seduces him — not only into forbidden love but also into a counterrevolutionary struggle. In the end, the totality forces the hero, like the rest of the world’s population, to undergo the Great Operation, which annihilates the part of the brain that gives life to passion and imagination, and therefore spawns the potential for love. In Orwell’s 1984, the main character ends up being tortured and broken at the Ministry of Truth for having engaged in the outlawed behavior of unregulated love. In Huxley’s Brave New World, promiscuity is encouraged — everyone has sex with everyone else under regime rules, but no one is allowed to make a deep and independent private connection.

Yet as these novels demonstrate, no tyranny’s attempt to turn human beings into obedient robots can fully succeed. There is always someone who has doubts, who is uncomfortable, and who questions the secular deity — even though it would be safer for him to conform like everyone else. The desire that thus overcomes the instinct for self-preservation is erotic passion. And that is why love presents such a threat to the totalitarian order: it dares to serve itself. It is a force more powerful than the all-pervading fear that a totalitarian order needs to impose in order to survive. Leftist and Muslim social engineers, therefore, in their twisted and human-hating imaginations, believe that the road toward earthly redemption (under a classless society or Sharia) stands a chance only if private love and affection is purged from the human condition.

This is exactly why, forty years ago, as Peter Collier and David Horowitz document in Destructive Generation, the Weather Underground not only waged war against American society through violence and mayhem, but also waged war on private love within its own ranks. Bill Ayers, one of the leading terrorists in the group, argued in a speech defending the campaign: “Any notion that people can have responsibility for one person, that they can have that ‘out’ — we have to destroy that notion in order to build a collective; we have to destroy all ‘outs,’ to destroy the notion that people can lean on one person and not be responsible to the entire collective.”

Thus, the Weather Underground destroyed any signs of monogamy within its ranks and forced couples, some of whom had been together for years, to admit their “political error” and split apart. Like their icon Margaret Mead, they fought the notions of romantic love, jealousy, and other “oppressive” manifestations of one-on-one intimacy and commitment. This was followed by forced group sex and “national orgies,” whose main objective was to crush the spirit of individualism. This constituted an eerie replay of the sexual promiscuity that was encouraged (while private love was forbidden) in We, 1984, and Brave New World.

Thus, it becomes completely understandable why leftist believers were so inspired by the tyrannies in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist North Vietnam and many other countries. As sociologist Paul Hollander has documented in his classic Political Pilgrims, fellow travelers were especially enthralled with the desexualized dress that the Maoist regime imposed on its citizens. This at once satisfied the leftist’s desire for enforced sameness and the imperative of erasing attractions between private citizens. The Maoists’ unisex clothing finds its parallel in fundamentalist Islam’s mandate for shapeless coverings to be worn by both males and females. The collective “uniform” symbolizes submission to a higher entity and frustrates individual expression, mutual physical attraction, and private connection and affection. And so, once again, the Western leftist remains not only uncritical, but completely supportive of — and enthralled in — this form of totalitarian puritanism.

This is precisely why leftist feminists today do not condemn the forced veiling of women in the Islamic world; because they support all that forced veiling engenders. It should be no surprise, therefore, that Naomi Wolf finds the burqa “sexy.” And it should be no surprise that Oslo Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Unni Wikan, found a solution for the high incidence of Muslims raping Norwegian women: the rapists must not be punished, but Norwegian women must be veiling themselves.

Valentine’s Day is a “shameful day” for the Muslim world and for the radical Left. It is shameful because private love is considered obscene, since it threatens the highest of values: the need for a totalitarian order to attract the complete and undivided attention, allegiance and veneration of every citizen. Love serves as the most lethal threat to the tyrants seeking to build Sharia and a classless utopia on earth, and so these tyrants yearn for the annihilation of every ingredient in man that smacks of anything that it means to be human.

And so perhaps it is precisely on this Valentine’s Day that we are reminded of the hope that we can realistically have in our battle with the ugly and pernicious unholy alliance that seeks to destroy our civilization. On this day, we are reminded that we have a weapon, the most powerful arsenal on the face of the earth, in front of which despots and terrorists quiver and shake, and sprint from in horror into the shadows of darkness, desperately avoiding its piercing light. That arsenal is love. And no Maoist Red Guard or Saudi fascist cop ever stamped it out — no matter how much they beat and tortured their victims. And no al-Qaeda jihadist in Pakistan or Feminazi on any American campus will ever succeed in suffocating it, no matter how ferociously they lust to disinfect man of who and what he is.

Love will prevail.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Frontpage readers.


To get the whole story on Islam’s and the radical Left’s war on private love, read Jamie Glazov’s new book, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

  • barbara watson

    спасибо! с праздником!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/mpfvandergalien Michael vd Galien

    As usual, you're doing fantastic work exposing the leftist-islamist alliance Jamie. Both hate love.

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thank you Michael. Very much appreciated.

      • martha

        When I decided to come out the closet to myself that I'm a Libertarian/Conservative or whatever you want to call me, your book was the first 1 I read. I bought it so I could understand my Upper West Side Liberal Sister, and things just went from there. Now I've been to 2 Tea parties and am planning to go to more this April
        Thank you for that

  • http://crombouke.blogspot.com Trencherbone

    Islam is powered by sexual repression: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/islam-is-po

    Make love, not jihad!

  • happy infidel

    Well I decided to take a firm step, I gained the email adress of the ambasador and sent him a nice email inviting him to get his jihadi mates to drop the hate and take the invitation to love and wished him a happy valentines day. Even if he doesnt read it it still arrived and they cant stop that.

  • poptoy

    I am going to send every Muslim I know a Vermont Teddy Bear. To Dear Jane…Well,…..she can plum go to HELL.

  • Trebuchet

    It was the hatred of the insitution of marriage that gave rise to the tradition of St. Valentines day. St. Valentinius was a Bishop during the reign of Claudius the II. Claudius' wife hated Christians and had her husband ban Christian marriage so they couldn't "breed" and create more Christians. St. Valentinius continued to perform cerimonies where upon he was imprisoned, put to death, his heart cut out and sent to his parish as a warning not to cross Imperial Rome. Thus began the tradition of Valentines Day. They more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • hexag1

    that was the Ministry of Truth, not the Ministry of Love in 1984, BTW

  • Jane Scott

    Marriage symbolizes the relationship between Christ and His church. He is referred to as the Bridegroom and the church the bride. Men are called on to love their wives as Christ loves the the church. I think this explains where much of the hostility originates.

    • Aouad

      That is so true and so good that you pointed that out. That is why the forces of darkness seek to stamp out love because God is love. Satan hates everything that God stands for.

    • Oligonicella

      Not really. Marriage existed before and beside Judiasm and Christianity. The hostility exists for the reasons the article states.

    • angel

      Very much true..

  • Tanstaffl

    What an analysis!

    "This is precisely why leftist feminists today do not condemn the forced veiling of women in the Islamic world; because they support all that forced veiling engenders. It should be no surprise, therefore, that Naomi Wolf finds the burqa “sexy.” "

    Now it makes sense.

    Western art and culture and featured the nude and individual portraits from ancient Greece to the modern age. It is, of course, haram (forbidden) in Islam and as for the "art" of Communism, Nazism and Leftism – it is "politicalized" to serve the cause. (It is no coincidence that the Obama Administration was trying to enlist artists through the NEA to advance their agenda.)

    Individual expression is the enemy of any state and private sexual expression allows individuals a measure of privacy that neither Islam or Collectivism can tolerate.

    You learn something new each day.

    • Guest

      The Obama administration has not stopped trying to enlist artists in making propaganda. In a recent Art + Auction, January 2010, an interview with Lucy Mitchell-Innes reveals…

      "The most pressing issue for the Art Dealers of Association of America is giving artists who donate their work to museums the same tax breaks as collectors."

  • Rybbe

    I also express the love I have for my children on Valentine's Day. My children express the love they have for their Aunts, Grandmas etc.. (due to death/lack of marriage, we have no Uncles, Grandpas in our family). In your experience, do these groups want to quash this type of showing of affection too? I suspect that these "people" gloss over this type of private showing of affection because it doesn't fit into their outer space view of how the world should be.

    • Jamie Glazov

      Exactly, it's why the radical Left wants to destroy the nuclear family.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

        Who exactly are you talking about with "radical left"? Who are these people that want to destroy the nuclear family? Rybbe calls them "groups" and "people" and asks if they want to destroy the private showing of affection within families….and you say "exactly"?

        Are you trying to rob these people of their sense of well being? No one is plotting and planning against the Rybbe family's affection for goodness sake.

  • J'aime Jackson

    Thank you, also, for illuminating the fact that the antidote to rigid repression is not freeform promiscuity. In fact, the enforced promiscuity of "We" and "Brave New World" and the "Weather Underground" is the opposite of real freedom.

    Promiscuity feeds addiction, and addiction is slavery: it is as unfree as you can get. Promiscuity makes trust retreat further and further until intimacy becomes impossible. It also undermines the marriage and family-formation, and thus deprives people of the stable bonds which humanize, secure, and make sense of our lives.

    The family — built on marriage, and nurturng strong interpersonal loyalty — is the ultimate haven we have from totalitarian claims. Destroy the family and we are individual and naked: naked to the power of the State.

  • Leota Kleewein

    I myself am a christian, and I most definately don't agree with Islams hatred of Valentines day, however, as learned people, we need to look at origins of Valentines Day. Like I say, the Islamics hate it because it gives a little reconigtion to the women which they want no part in. However, lets take the time to research this day. Valentines Day comes from the occult world arena. I have not allowed my husband to bring me candy, flowers nor do we go to a nice restaruant on this day. Sometimes the 'traditions of man', cause us to do things that are not in the bible and this is one of those days. Once again, I don't agree with the reasoning of the Islamic men, but on the other side of the coin, this is not a biblical mandated time to get excited about. Thank you.

    • Guest

      Valentine's Day does not come from the occult world. That is a false statement. There was a St. Valentine, and the feast day is inspired by his martyrdom.

      "Therefore once for all this short command is given to you: Love and do what you will. If you keep silent, keep silent by love; if you speak, speak by love; if you correct, correct by love; if you pardon, pardon by love: let love be rooted in you, and from the root nothing but good can grow."

      Saint Augustine of Hippo

      There is some confusion as to which St. Valentine we celebrate on February 14. There are two Valentines, both venerated on the same day. One was a Roman priest martyred in 269 and the other a bishop of Terni martyred several years earlier. Some have even suggested that the holiday is named after the Gnostic leader Valentinus who was noted for his sanctification of sexual practices. The weight of opinion, however, falls on Valentine the priest.

      The February 14 holiday is most likely a a continuation of the Roman Lupercalia, which was in honor of the She-Wolf who suckled the infant orphans, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. It was held in honor of Juno in mid-February, and on the eve of Lupercalia, young men would draw the name of a suitable mate from a jar and agree to remain faithful to her for a year. It is believed our modern version is a Christianization of this practice.

      According to legend, Valentine was a priest in Rome under the reign of Claudius II. The emperor had ordered that all soldiers should remain unmarried so that they would not create any attachments that would interfere with their duties – especially when they were ordered to leave for war. Valentine defied the emperor and secretly married soldiers and their brides. He was eventually arrested and sent to prison to await his execution. While in prison he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer ("LOVE IS BLIND!"), and through his faith he miraculously restored her vision. When he was led away to his death, he signed his farewell message to her "from your Valentine."

      Saint Valentine is the patron of lovers. His feast day is February 14.

  • Tizzy Lisch

    It's true that little is certain historically about the St. Valentine. Even in the very early days his biographical details were unknown, except that his grave and its inscription were discovered, which indicated that he was a martyr: at that time (5th century) the Pope said it was right for his name to be remembered, but his deeds were known only to God.

    Like St. Christopher, St. Philomena and a few others, his name was removed from the Catholic litugical calendar because of the desire to focus on good men and women whose lives were edifying and historically verifiable.

    Personally, I never raise historic questions when a person wants to bring me chocolates.

  • gama

    There is a simpler explanation for why radical leftwing women are against valentine's day. The raison d'etre of radical feminists is the belief that men are bad. Valentine's Day threatens the heroic paranoid female victim doctrine of theirs. If all men are evil than why are they buying flowers for women on Valentine's day. It doesn't fit so the man hating feminists have to rationalize an evil motive like the one given by Dworkin that valentine's day is a manifestation of how capitalist and homophobic patriarchs brainwash and oppress women. Muslims dont' like Valentine's day because it is not an Islamic holiday and perhaps because they believe romance is sinful and should be replaced with Shariah control of women.

  • Martha

    Thank you Jamie. And for the record, the receipt of a box of chocolate does not propel me into a "sphere of powerlessness". Unless, of course, you they are referencing my inability to stop eating such! They speak not on my behalf…….but you did so, quite well.

    • Jamie Glazov

      thank you Martha! lol!

  • PAthena

    See also the Russian novel by Ivan Turgenev, Fathers and Sons, where Bazarov, the materialist who believes that love, like all else, can only be material, falls in love.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Spliff_Menendez Spliff_Menendez

    How is two people professing their love for each other homophobic?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder like none other known to man.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/HeatherRadish HeatherRadish

      Especially if those people are both men. I've never understood how anyone with an IQ over 85 can believe leftist dogma.

  • Mike

    The Islamists, like the radical feminist are sexually repressed.

  • Ben

    Jamie, you have in your latest book perfectly articulated that which decent people suspect, yet are unable to coherently argue, against these disgraceful leftists. I thank you for reinstating the right with moral clarity!

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thank you Ben, very much appreciated.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/IXLR8 IXLR8

    St. Valentine's remains have been moved to the Church of St. Theresa in Dublin, Ireland.

    The fact that he is a Christian Saint is reason enough for the Religion of Pieces and the pro-death wing of feminism to hate the man and the holiday named after him.

    Notice how even Jamie Glasov refers to his feast day as Valentine's Day, NOT as Saint Valentine's Day.

    What do we call March 17? Saint Patrick's Day or Patrick's Day?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JosephWiess JosephWiess

    Does it surprise anyone that the cult of hate and death doesn't like the holiday of love and caring?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/WilliamJWard WilliamJamesWard

    Strange that Love binds people stronger than any other force, hate may create a
    collective of sour grapes but it can never make sweet wine for the sweet bye and bye.
    The Apostle Paul wrote that without Love you have nothing. If God is Love then
    Leftists and Muslims have absolutely nothing to look forward to but their
    own Idols. How intertwined these cousins are, Muslims and Leftists, Muslims
    worship their Moon god and the Leftist are Lunatics, both eclipsed by the
    God of Love. If we are willing to lay down our lives for those we love we can
    and should do all in our power to rid our world of these evil force less they
    bring us all down into darkness.

    • bubba4

      "left" and "right" aren't suppose to be religious concepts….but you got the FPM world view down pat.

  • 911infidel

    The Ayatollah Khomeni said famously that "there is no fun in Islam". One can not expect a bunch of 7th Century lunatics to act any differently than they do towards women. After all, the Koran is full of hatred towards women. You can google the appropriate passages.

    And I see Barbarella is looking mighty pruney these days.

  • Marco

    Oh come on, just because Fonda wants to have a day dedicated to violence against women does not mean she hates men, and that most feminists do. Get a fucking life, Mr Glazov. Yes, Fonda, does have her blind spots, like appreciating Howard Zinn, but she is basically decent, it seems to me, and she did a great job trying to end the war in Vietnam, this savage useless war started by the USA in conjunction with reactinary authoritarian regimes in South Vietnam. And no, Ho Chi Minh was no saint, but his regime was the lesser evil, and I am glad they won. It was step forward, in my opinion; but since the Vietnamese at the time never had the chance to express themselves as a whole electorally (and still do not), we will never know what those actually undergoing the war and the regimes really wanted.


    • DBCooper

      Why did she happen to pick V day for her new leftist holiday? She has a problem with a holiday devoted to monogamy and attempts to replace it with a holiday celebrating revolution against the supposed violence of monogamy. She thinks it violent because it flies in the face of absolutist collectivism.

      She wasnt anti war during Vietnam, she was simply on the other side. One is not the same as the other. The 19 Americans who joined the Waffen SS during WW2 were just anti war too right? She posed for pictures with communist troops, told them outright that she would support them to the death, and visited prison camps where Americans were held. Several prisoners were beaten for her pleasure by her communist friends, she then returned to the US and claimed that the prisoners were all living like kings and that none were ever tortured. Men did return home and describe beatings they recieved to honor her.

      Something tells me you think of every communist everywhere as a lessor evil. People like you tend to be without trade skills, savings, and goals. You see those who have any of the 3 as enemies of the people and seek to subject them to the slavery of living only to give to you. This describes about 99.9% of American leftists. The other .1% are super rich elitists who seek royalty status right along with the privilage and worship royalty entails.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/bubba4 bubba4

    Is this the "war on valentine's day"? Come on Jamie. I know writing books about your major just won't pay the bills…but come on….this is ridiculous.

    the original "St. Valentine's Day" was a Christian holiday put into place by a pope. Why would Muslims celebrate it? In the West, Valentine's Day rarely tips it's hat to the Saint for which it was named, and is a marketing driven holiday.

    I know that Muslims hate all you hold dear Jamie. For people that believe so strongly that their beliefs are better, stronger, and righteous, you spend a lot of time fretting over the power of Islam.

  • Richard Cook

    I like the effect that Valentaines day is having on our enemies, but speaking as an American male, the hell with Valentines Day.

  • setnaffa

    In film, there is also George Lucas' THX-1138…

    2 Timothy 1:7 says, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

    OTOH, those who hate Valentines Day exhibit all of the opposite: weakness (they are unwilling to allow a fair competition of their ideas vs. ours), hatred (obvious and well-covered in the article and previous comments), and mental illness (even without books by Savage and Malkin, we see their psychotic misogyny and worship of death and murder)…

  • Casandra

    Religion 'O Peace again and Jane Fonda? What a pair. Why does she hate her father so much?

  • JLK

    I believe that Obama is a committed leftist and shares the same views on personal love and marriage as do other far-left liberals. As such, I believe that Michelle and the kids are props he acquired to present himself as a mainstream guy in American society. It was all planned out: get the Ivy League degrees, find a decent-looking woman to marry, have a couple kids, get elected to office, get yourself noticed, run for president. They have all done it. John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, et al. Their marriages were necessary to convince people that they are normal. These liberals are anything but normal humans.

  • http://www.CompellingConversations.com Eric Roth

    Provocative exploration of the psychological roots behind religious and political fanaticism. Shared hatred are documented in an illuminating manner, but the correlations are not always causes. After all, the puritanical ideal of a sexless society under Stalin and Mao is quite different from the mandated promiscuity of the We, Brave New World and the Weathermen movement.

    However, the article provides many new details that I was unaware of – including Naomi Wolf's bizarre notion of "sexy" burqas. These coercive utopians remain quite spooky. Thank you for sharing your analysis.

  • Mike C

    In other words: to a leftist, the political is personal. In my experience – yep. Thanks for your take on why this is so.

  • Steady

    Please Jane, just die already.

  • http://4freedoms.ning.com/profile/Kinana Kinana

    Leota Kleewein: are all things 'that are not in the bible' forbidden to Christians?!

  • Seek

    I'm sure Jane Fonda (pictured above) has given Valentine's Day cards in her day. The real enemy is celibacy, whether intended or unintended and later rationalized. There are plenty of religious people of all faiths embittered by personal experience in the world of love and who turned away from it. I've met my share, too.

  • http://frontpagemag.com/2010/02/12/hating-valentine’s/ ProudToBeAnInfedel

    It's hard to imagine that degree of hatred, and hatred for love and life. I stand by my firm belief that islam (not capitalized on purpose) is satan's masterpiece, invented in the deepest pits of hell. This is the religion of Hate and Death. I can't think of any other religion that even comes close to it.

  • YoungLove

    Burqas make it hard to make enough Vitamin D from sunshine.
    Burqas are a STUPID practice.

    Valentine's Day can be what ever we want it to be.

    As a young American woman, I really don't find Valentine's Day to be a threat to me. I've always just used it as a day to think about the love of my friends and family. Do these feminists not send men cards, chocolates or flowers? Do they just sit around on there bottoms waiting for someone to care enough to send a gift so they can get angry at that person? How shameful.

  • Demon Inside

    Wow, nice article! Nice analysis! Keep the good work up!

    Valentines day is a celebration of love: not only between lovers/couples, but between everybody! That is your parents / grand-parents / sisters & brothers / friends etc etc…….. it is universal love. And that said, I believe everybody in the world should celebrate it!

  • Jim Cap

    Obtuse, paranoid blather from a confused, scared, and scary man, named Jamie Glazov.

    Sort of predictable.

    Any questions?

    • http://4freedoms.ning.com/profile/Kinana Kinana

      Just name-calling Jim? Can you do better than that? How about looking at one of Jamie's points and telling us how and why he got it wrong?