Holder’s Black Panther Shame

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FP: What has been the role of Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez?

Adams: Perez was not at the Department when the corrupt dismissal was ordered.  He was confirmed in the fall of 2009 and has defended it since.

FP: Some media outlets are reporting that you are saying that Perez lied under oath.

Adams: It is not accurate to say that the facts and law did not support going forward with the case.  Tom Perez wasn’t in the Department when the dismissal happened and he didn’t have anything to do with the dismissal of the case.  He isn’t responsible for the corrupt decision to dismiss the case and shouldn’t be blamed for the dismissal.  I have never said Perez knowingly lied under oath.  I said that it is inaccurate and false that the facts and law did not support the case.   Lying under oath involves, as best as I know, more than being incorrect or inaccurate.  In this media age, stories get inflated to generate traffic and that is usually a bad thing.

FP: So what’s really happening here under the Obama administration? Is it “payback” time or what? Has a former oppressed minority now become an empowered majority with vengeance on its mind?

Adams: I don’t think the Obama administration is interested in payback.  But neither do I think it is interested in enforcing the law in a race neutral fashion.

FP: What was your experience in the U.S. vs. Ike Brown case in Mississippi? The Left was pretty enraged about it.

Adams: We won that case.  Ike Brown committed flagrant racial discrimination against whites – threw out their votes, stuffed the ballot box with his votes to dilute white votes, illegally imported ineligible candidates to run, and threatened white voters with a challenge if they sought to vote.  Chris Coates talked about the hostility he encountered when he brought this case.  There were many in the voting section that voiced opposition to it, refused to work on it, and treated him with hostility after he filed it.  It went against the Orthodoxy, to borrow a term.

FP: Who is dictating DOJ policy and what are the consequences?

Adams: The Civil Rights Division is now managed by and populated by folks who believe in leveraging the Division aggressively in only one direction in litigation.  These are not bad people, they are just wrong on many issues.  On many issues they are right, but their hostility to equal enforcement of the law is not one of them.

FP: What are the attitudes and backgrounds of DOJ political appointees?

Adams: This has been written about extensively in other places.  (See Hans Von Spakovsky in NRO).  All of the leadership of the civil rights division comes from what is called the “civil rights community.”  Simply, this means activist groups or causes.  Elections have consequences.

FP: What dangers does this dismissal of the New Black Panther Case pose for the future? What will it mean for the ballot box? And what will it mean for white victims in voting rights cases?

Adams: One of the things that makes America exceptional is how we believe the ballot box as sacred.  Thug regimes around the world and dangerous phases in world history got their start with men in uniforms holding weapons standing in front of polls.  In my mind, history shows that this is one of the characteristics when democracies start to devolve into totalitarian regimes.  I’m not implying America is on that path because, for starters, the widespread outrage to the Black Panther dismissal shows how little tolerance there is for this in America.  But we can never forget the warning signs history has told us, and we must be extra vigilant when they appear.  Ronald Reagan said we are always a mere generation away from losing freedom.  I don’t know whether that is true, but if it is, anytime you have thugs violating our most cherished rights, freedom loving citizens must rise up and give no quarter.

FP: What can be done about this problem?

Adams: The Department could refile the case tomorrow.  They would win the panther case if they did.  It’s tough to admit mistakes in government but this would be a good place to start because nearly everyone would support them.  The Department could also file cases in voting on behalf of white victims to reverse this bad policy.  There are no doubt cases that can be brought, but whether they bring them or not, we will have to see.

FP: Christian Adams, thank you for joining us at Frontpage Interview. We really appreciate you taking the time and energy to speak with us.

Adams: Thanks. You can follow my blogging about elections and the Justice Department at www.electionlawcenter.com.

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  • USMCSniper

    Yassah, dey jus' beez a cupula bruthas tellin' awl dah white crackas at dah votin' boots dat Obama un weez bruthas gonna beez in chawge uf the white hause und dah countray un ifin youse objects den youse gits dah pantha stick up dah side uf youse honky skull. Yassah.

    • scum

      Here's the Marine Corps sniper again, prancing around in blackface. Really original dude.

      • USMCSniper

        Oh dear we have upset scum. Yassah, brutha scum dun go his jocky strap awl in a knot!

      • geaore rennit

        Not sure what your point is here scum. Are you suggesting that its worse to be called a racist even if it means you keep your mouth shut while your accusers perpetrate racists acts against you? If there is to be found anything wrong with USMCSnipers dielectic insensitiveties, it is the "whitewashing" of the usual profanities, "n" word, and all the other things that whites aren't allowed to say for fear of being called racist, accused of hate speech…(oh no!)…or maybe even arrested for a hate crime. I think I'm in the mood for some watermelon and chicken.

        • USMCSniper

          Hab sum collaw greens, chitluns, and sweet tater pie well youse at it!

          • George

            No one needs to call you a racist…it comes across loud and clear.

          • USMCSniper

            Racism is the dispensing and/or withholding of privileges and/or punishmentments based on a persons race in whole or in part. Examples are affirmative action for blacks in every state and DC and a moratorium on executions for blacks convicted of 1st degree murder in several states. Ridicule of the way people actually speak, particularly ebonics, is that, only ridicule.

          • George

            Whatever lets you sleep at night sweetheart.

          • USMCSniper

            You are ugly and your momma dresses you funny! So there!

    • Ghostwriter

      Nice going pal! You'd think we've got enough problems without you acting like an idiot. Your comments are unacceptable and you should be called on them.

      • USMCSniper

        First of all twinkletoes, I ain't your pal and I don;t have any problems that worry me other than my $15,000+ in dividends checks, social security, and pension checks get deposited once a month, that my tee times are booked three tomes a week, and my Sea Ray gets gassed up twice a week. Nothing wrong with ridiculing black thugs with the ebonics they really talk along with their buddies in the oval office and DoJ.

      • george rennit

        Yes we do have enough problems, but if we gage our response to racial injustice by what the perpetrators might think of us, we have even bigger problems. Yes we should always try to take the moral high road whenever possible, but sometimes the only way to fight obsurdity, is by being obsurd. If this means verbally slaying a few sacred cows so be it. Today I listened to the democrats praise the life and times of Sen. Robert Byrd, a former grand cyclops of the kkk, a politician who voted against the 60's civil rights bills, and made incredibly racist comments throughout his career. I find the hypocrisy of a party that has used and placated blacks unacceptable, and if these people aren't careful, it will eventually be more than words that are thrown because holding one race to a higher standard, while empowering another to behave lawlessly will lead to anarchy, and we can kiss any civil rights goodbye.

        • USMCSniper

          Yassah, dah repuplikans jus' wants tah take weez cullaw folks offa dah plantation und Prez Obama not gonna lrts dem! Yassah!

          • george rennit

            The power of dependency……the dependency of power.

          • gearge rennit

            Obama knows the value in having an organization like the black panthers in his back pocket. He knows the shit will hit the fan eventually, and the panthers will be part of his domestic army.

  • BS77

    can you imagine if it was white guys in hoods threatening people. they would be in prison already.

    • George

      In 2006, Christian didn't make a peep when the Justice Department didn't pursue intimidation charges against 3 "minute men" in Arizona for quizing Hispanics going into the polling places trying to determine if they spoke English. They took pictures of the people and they actually had a gun. The Black Pathers apparently didn't have a gun…and the one that had a "nightstick" is facing charges for that seperately. Maybe Christian didn't think letting the minutemen off was ok because they were white…then again maybe these cases are tough to prosecute based on hearsay.

      • Stephen_Brady

        By all means, George, provide a link. If this happened, the "minutemen" should have been prosecuted. A legally-registered voter should be allowed to go to the polls without having any intimidation, whatsoever. So, I'll be interested in seeing your link.

        The Black Panther incident happened, and there are pictures and descriptions all over the internet. Holder decided not to prosecute. Why?

        Salon and Media Matters are all over the minuteman accusation. However, I haven't seen a single actual media account or video of this incident.

        • George

          What's the "minuteman accusation"? The Arizona case is an EXAMPLE…it's additional information with which to help understand the current actual accusation that Obama is a racist and Holder's just letting off black folks..because he's black. Now…that's an accusation.

          Media Matters shows articles from several papers. I don't have a subscription to the Nexis…so I can't provide a link without doing some extensive searching….however you can see the same articles (from 2006) cited elsewhere. The New York Times does have an online archive and here's the article MM cites: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/08/us/08voting.htm

          Are you trying to argue that the 2006 incident didn't happen? It was brought up by officals from the office Adams quit as an example of a similar case where there were disagreements about whether or not to pursue charges.

          I think too, there has to be a person who was intimidated and kept away from voting…like…idk…a victim.

          • Sprinklerman

            Other than information in several newspapers that haven't provided all of the evidence and the manner in which the case was handled you can't say that the two were anything but similar.

            It appears that an incident in 2006 did occur in Arizona. However, the facts of the case aren't all there, and the acceptable evidence may be completely different than in the New Black Panther case.

            And the Arizone case isn't relavent to whether the case against the New Black Panther party should be prosecuted.

          • George

            Now you're just being purposefully obtuse. It was virtually the same situation…its just in Arizona the guy had a gun, was white, and no one filmed them as far as I know…I think in that case in 2006, the target of the intimidation had many camera phones between them that could shoot video.

            Everything else is exactly the same…including the lack of a victim…someone that claims they were denied access or intimidated into not voting.

            Legally, both cases were identical and difficult to prosecute. What is so hard to get here…YOU may WANT some prosecution to happen…but that doesn't make it legally feasible. Do you know what I mean by that? It means it has nothing to do with what you or the Justice Department WANT.

            What the Arizona case EXAMPLE is suppose to show (and it's just unlucky for Adams that such a case did exist) is the same thing happened in the same situation but with white people. This should help put your focus on the legal aspects of such a case, but the racial focus does more for the political cause of FPM.

  • Ralph Scholts

    I think some one has a death wish. Personally I think if they tried this at the right place there wish would come true real fast.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/elcampeador JP

    Where in the hell are Woodward and Bernstein?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/luneleger luneleger

    "He passed the park and concentrated on the dark bundle. It wasn’t a dummy. And if it was a display it was a strange kind. The hackles on his neck rose and he swallowed uneasily. Sweat slid out on his face and hands.
    It was a body. A human body."
    – from "The Hanging Stranger" by Philip K. Dick

    They wanted to purge the DOJ of people like Adams (i.e. the sane). That's why they did this.

  • Tom

    Government admit a mistake?

    Gimmie a break.

  • Steve Chavez

    My twelve year old son was registered as a Democrat and I received three calls the week before the election asking to speak to him. I pretended I was him and I recorded the events which I then called local authorities, all Democrats, who never called me back.

    This BREAKING NEWS will only be reported on Fox and several websites, but it will fade away and when November comes along, THESE TYPE GROUPS WILL DO THE SAME ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, INCLUDING VOTING FOR THE DEAD, AND THEIR CANDIDATE WILL WIN! If anything ever happens, they will get a slap on the wrist but the persons they help get elected won't be to blame! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

    • trickyblain

      "My twelve year old son was registered as a Democrat and I received three calls the week before the election asking to speak to him. I pretended I was him and I recorded the events which I then called local authorities, all Democrats, who never called me back."

      I call bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

      • Steve Chavez

        Too bad I have the tapes! I'm sure if you are somewhat bright, you can figure out how to call me.

        • George

          If you were somewhat bright you could post the audio and put up a link.

          Nationally there are very very very few actual cases of voterfraud of this type(s) you sight. Much more worrisome are the voting machines without a paper trail.

          Fox News will put anything on that they think reflects poorly on Obama. If it turns out to be untrue, debunked, or just nonsense…there is no retraction…they just carry on.

          • Steve Chavez

            I called the FBI and told them about the tapes and no one called me back. One Dem worker revealed the address where my son was registered but I never went there to see who lived there.

            My suspicion, which usually turn to facts, is that a so-called friend, a radical Dem supporter/Chicano rights who was in the Southwest Voters Registration put my son's name with the correct phone number but he put someone else's address so they could receive the registration.

            As for putting up a link, yes, I am thinking of a way. I could record it on video and post it on youtube but then my now thirteen and soon to be fourteen, born July 1996, would have to be on the video too to prove it beyond doubt. He was here when I got the calls.

            Why didn't the FBI call me back? Why didn't the Secretary of State call me back?

            Again, I have been posting here for years under my real name and anyone can find me as some have.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Steve, this kind of thing has been going on for many decades, now. My sister, who used to be a DEM precinct captain in "Chicagoland", used the fact that her husband … son of a "made-man" in the Cerone Family … to harass, and assault GOP campaign workers on the street.

            On election night, 1960, she received the call from "on high" to make sure that Kennedy took her precinct (it was close). She brought in 500 fake registrations and ballots, and added them to the total. The names were all taken from Mt. Carmel Cemetery, and included such illustrious voters as Alfonse Capone.

            It doesn't matter that some people disbelieve you. They have their political reasons for doing so. You keep calling the FBI until they respond, and make the news media aware of what happened. Also, call the Glenn Beck show, or send them an email, because they will investigate all such accounts.

            After all, this is the reason the DEMs want to shut down talk radio and the internet …

          • George

            Sure, put it on youtube…whatever.

            Whether its registering a 12 year old or Mickey Mouse, they never make it past the local or state board of elections/registrations. You know how many actual fraud cases there are in this country concerning national elections….virtually none. Ex-cons, the dead, imaginary characters, and your 12 year old won't be walking into the polling place and voting.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

            George, obviously you have little experience in the election process, in this country. Especially in the large cities of America … dominated by the DEM party … election fraud is endemic.

            Wake up and smell the roses. Their odor is not what roses are supposed to smell like …

          • George

            I live in one of the largest cities in the US. I don't know what your experience is, but some of you take hearsay and nonsense and incorporate it into your "experience". Evidence isn't much good when you just "know" stuff…

          • Sprinklerman

            Oh, I guess, Ohio, Nevada and Philly are just either small cities or this is just bunk? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12418275064610243
            or here? http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2009/may/04/crimi

          • George

            No, this stuff happens. You can't pay people bonuses based on who signs up the most unregistered voters…some of ACORN's incentive structures encouraged the faking of names in some cases. So that guy out in front of the grocery store was being encouraged to add a couple of fake names to hit quotas etc…this is wrong of course and that's what the vegas case was about. However the vegas article (which is the more "news" of the two) says that ACORN flagged the suspicious registrations anyway..

            According to law, they have to turn them in anyway. This article was from 2009, did you follow up and see what became of this case?

            No dead people or 12 year olds voted.

  • Bruce

    If you look at the history of Tom Perez you will find that he supports socialist groups. As a councilmember in montgomery county MD he was on the board of directors of casa de maryland, a socialist group aiding and abetting in illegal immigration, through support, drivers licenses and voter registrations. All the while milking the taxpayers in Maryland out of their tax dollars. Perez (with george leventhal, barbara mikulski, chris van hollen, ike leggett and ther eare others) support the illegal aliens with welfare, shelter, food, clothing, medical, education, etc. All at a cost of $4B/yr in maryland. Perez is also friends with gustavo torres of casa, who is a kknown socialist and friend of hugo chavez and has been to venezuala participating in the socialist forums on the "socialist revolution" that is taking place in the USA from within. See this periodical, it will enlightned you that they walk amongst us…you will be surprise. or maybe you won't. http://www.themilitant.com/2007/7145/714503.html

  • Guest

    When Newt Gingrich wins the Presidency in 2012, welcome back to the rule of the White Man, folks!

    • scum

      Another windbag, but this time in Whiteface. I wonder if David Horowitz will have the guts to censure you idiots? Probably not…

      • USMCSniper

        Oh dear Guest has upset scum. Yassah, dah brutha scum dun gots his jocky strap awl in a knot!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        Well, he hasn't censured you, yet.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Among all the other corruption and detritus brought to our federal government by the Chicago machine of Team Obama, the New Black Panther trial travesty alone stands as grounds for impeachment for both Attorney General Holder and President Obama. The level of malfeasance and arrogance of these crooks who believe themselves to be above the law is staggering. Is there any oversight or supervision of these radical swine? Can we just hand them our laws and our freedom for them to mold to their malevolent specifications with impunity? The entire nation, the people who truly care about the rule of law as stated in the Constitution, must rise up to demand that they RESIGN IMMEDIATELY or BE IMPEACHED!!! This is an outrage of the highest order!

    • To the ignorant

      The American people are asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

      They take their country and freedom for granted!!!!!!!!!!

      When they will wake up it will be too late!!!!!!!!!!!

      It is like Glenn Beck says: we are ruled by "Crime Inc"!!!!!!!!!

    • George

      There wasn't a trial…The Justice Department decided not to pursue charges of voter intimidation in this particular case. I can see you're pretty angry but you might want to wipe those angry tears from your eyes so you can see clearly.

      • Cuban Refugee

        This slam-dunk case was going to trial until it was dismissed by corrupt members of the Justice Department. No, there are no tears in my eyes, but there might be in yours if you view the series of Megyn Kelly interviews (links below) with intellectual honesty and unbiased eyes:

        • George

          Yeah, I'm familiar. Um…not sure how more people telling us what they think this MEANS is really evidence. For Fox, everything boils down to the collapse of America….to ultimate corruption…and you simply leave out whatever doesn't help. If we are two attorneys and we are working a murder case let's say…and even though we are sure the guy's guilty, I decide we can't get a conviction…so we offer a plea bargain. You quit and go on the news telling everyone that I knew this criminal was a murderer but I willingly let him go. Boy that's fair and balanced.

          Adams ramps up the story depending on who he's telling. I'm not crying…you will believe whatever you want to believe. Do you ever question this sh*t though? You seem really convinced…not just about the case, but about every crazy "implication" as well. If you already want to think Obama is a corrupt reverse racist tyrant, then this serves as confirmation…a bad way to evaluate any information….like a cultist.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

        I wonder why, George?

        • George

          "It should be noted that no voter in Philadelphia has come forward to complain about intimidation stemming from the Black Panthers' presence at the polling station. U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Arlan Melendez noted this fact in criticizing the commission's continued investigation into the Justice Department:

          MELENDEZ: My remarks are going to be brief because I think far too much of our time has been consumed on this seemingly unnecessary investigation. Citizens should be able to vote without intimidation, and it is our Commission's duty to investigate complaints from citizens that their voting rights have been infringed.

          In this case, however, no citizen has even alleged that he or she was intimidated from voting at the Fairmount Avenue Polling Station in 2008. This absence of voter intimidation was clear to the Justice Department last spring, which is why they took the course of action that they did.

          This absence of voter intimidation was clear to the members of this Commission as well, or at least it should've been. Our investigation has been going on now for the better part of a year. We have wasted a good deal of our staff's time, and the taxpayers' money."

          That's why?

  • Thalpy

    What should be expected from the man who set up all of President Clinton's pardons?

  • therealend

    Back in the day, as my wife informs me, she knew Mr Malik Zulu Shabazz. In those days, she said he was not the fiery person he now seems to be although a member of the original Black Panthers. From what I gather, there was a difference in the East Coast Panthers and the West Coast group in terms of behavior back in the 60s. My wife now describes Mr Shabazz as a leader of a well ignored group in the African American community and not much of a threat to anyone but themselves. Their actions at the voting place was illegal but these guys are nothing to lose sleep over. Anyway, I think Obama just wants to get as many minority votes as he can and this is his way of winning them over. In short, he's even inept at this too.

  • Kim Bruce

    People like Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Obama, all create racial tensions rather than ease them.
    The current political and social environment in the U.S. is not a healthy one and it seems to be slipping back to the days of the Woodrow Wilson era only the shoe's on the other foot.
    The Black Panthers were guilty as charged and should have been charged. This racial thing has gone way too far.

    • George

      That's because you are on Frontpage. Racial Tension is something they want….just look at this story! What do you think these hollow, unfounded, politically motivated articles are for? To make you mad and increase the perception that the darkies are coming to get ya!

    • Chrystal

      I'm from the Southside of Chicago. I've been gone for ten years and I'm glad I made the decision to leave. This fantasy power the so-called New Black Panther Party has will come back to bite them in the ass. This is not the 60s when they actually had a real cause. Now out here in California, voters were being intimidated by the homosexual community due to Proposition 8. I have friends who had their car windows broken and were stopped and cussed at in the grocery store and in front of churches by homosexuals. It was pretty bad for many people here. Both the New Black Panther Party and the Homosexual community should be brought up on charges. If we have anything in this country that we need to fight for, it is our right to vote. My father marched with King, this is not what they marched and got arrested for.

      • George

        "Now out here in California, voters were being intimidated by the homosexual community due to Proposition 8."

        When? Where? WTF are you talking about? This is more hearsay as fact.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/garretso garretso

          You are funny George.

  • Steve

    What's going on is obvious.

  • blotto

    And do you think the next two elections will make a difference in Obama's and Holder's attitudes and their agenda? Do you think the 95% black vote give a hoot about white voter intimidation? Do you think white progressives care about honest elections?

    Didn't think so.

    So then what is the answer? Clue: not elections.

    • Chrystal

      Now where did you get the 95% black vote? Black people make up only 13% of the U.S. population and this includes our children, it still isn't enough votes to put anybody in office. Subtract our children from the 13%. Subtract 33% of Black men in this country that will be allowed to vote due to criminal convictions. 2% percent of Black people who will never vote due to religious reasons. Black women that voted for Hillary Clinton and risked ridicule and many were outed from their families and friends. Subtract the 24% of the Conservative Black vote. Subtract the Black people who are elderly and unable to get to the polls and don't have knowledge of mail in votes. Subtract the Black people who just don't like Obama because he's Black and so-called successful. Subtract the Philadelphia Black people who feel someone should come and pick them up and take them to vote and also buy them lunch. Subtract the Black people in the military who voted for Ron Paul. Finally, subtract the Black people whose churches are fully aware of the negative effect that an Obama presidency would have on the United States. 95% doesn't look like 95% anymore does it?

  • USMCSniper

    John Perzaro calls its Black Racism. Black racism remains a dynamic phenomenon because African Americans have been told, ad nauseum, by "civil rights leaders" (like Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Obama, etc.,..) and by leftist whites in influential organizations like the ACLU, to look outside of themselves for the roots of every ill that plagues their community; to reflexively blame white society for their problems rather than to take personal responsibility for their own lives; and to view themselves as the oppressed and powerless victims of a white "power structure," a status they are led to believe renders them somehow incapable of being genuine racists themselves — no matter how much they may detest the white people they perceive to be their tormenters. Moreover, they have been taught to angrily reject astute observations like those of Bill Cosby, who has publicly lamented how illegitimacy, parental neglect, lack of educational effort, and bad behavior have decimated black life.

    • BS77

      Well written.

    • Steve Chavez

      Well said Sniper. Remember the "Chocolate City" and these same Black leaders blaming Bush for inaction?

      How many Blacks stayed in the Chocolate City even after hundreds of buses were ready to get them out? They stayed and many were seen on rooftops waiting to be rescued by our military which had up to 30,000 sorties. That's immediately action to me!

      Then others went to the Superdome and trashed it. They were then given credit cards that were used to buy TV's etc…! They were also responsible for much of the looting! Many of the citizens were taken to other cities including Albuquerque and we went into action to help them. Apartments were rented for them till their WELFARE situation was active again.

      If we checked how many people stayed in the Chocolate City and how many were Black, how many of those were on welfare and dependent on the government and who then blamed the government, it would be 99% Black!!!

      You know the saying "Books not Bombs" that our Communist fronts scream? I have one that is better: "BOOKS NOT BASKETBALLS!!!!" Blacks are only interested in becoming the next Michael Jordan and when they don't succeed and don't get an education, they end up as Community Organizers selling drugs on the local street corner!

      Seen a "Cops" or "Bait Car" show lately? Percentage of Blacks?

      Bill Cosby is the only one who has spoken up about this but no one listened or took action because, like a Black at a Tea Party event, they would be called an "Uncle Tom!"

      • George

        White Power Monthly wants to do an article about you and Sniper.

  • Phineas

    Well then,White Brothers and Sisters….We will be armed to the teeth,come November,when We head to whatever establishment the voting will be happening at.

  • Chris

    I seriously doubt that Holder, Obama, or any of the assorted liars, thugs, and miscreants in his unbelieveably corrupt administration have any capacity for shame.

    • Max daddy

      Shame?…Hell, they're proud of their accomplishments.

  • Seek

    I don't mind the New Black Panthers advocating racial separatism — as long as they operate in another country. The very concept of a nation-state rests on a large degree of DNA homogeneity. Do you think, for example, that the Japanese don't practice as much?

    Let the Panthers separate themselves from whites by taking the ultimate step: emigration. I would even subsidize their one-way ticket.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/polipath polipath

    Anyone know whatever happened to blind Lady Justice?
    Buehler?… Buehler?… Buehler? ….Anyone?

  • http://frontpagemag.com Truth Detector

    These people have always been different. Right or wrong, they take up for each other. Besides intimidating whites at the voting booths, after 60 years, they are also the only ones breaking the chow lines in the Armed Forces. They will never change. Just ask any white who has been in the Armed Forces.

    • Joyce

      I'm a Black woman and served in the Armed Forces honorably. There is definitely an intimidation of others coming from a lot of Black people in there. Just look at the sad case of Jan Pawek Pietrzak, a white Marine who served in Iraq. Had he been a Black man with a white wife and the four marines who raped his wife and killed them both would be in jail today. But the life of a Black woman is not as important as a Black man. In addition, reverse discrimination in the eyes of a lot of these types of Black men doesn't even exist.

    • watchful

      Been there seen that and that's just the beginning of a long list of behaviors that blacks in the military do to whites and they always get the biggest group together that they can. They will completely take over any activity that is going on by being loud and obnoxious and racially rude. The whites get fed up, and just leave.

  • hikerdude

    Form a group and call it the "White Panthers" and see the indictments from Holder drop from the sky.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope the Justice Department changes it's mind,but it will only do so with public pressure. The New Black Panthers are no better the KKK. In fact,I think they should be put into a room and just let them beat each other senseless.

  • Tom

    As Steve said: It's obvious what's going on.

  • Babs

    Ghostwriter – ditto…can you imagine what would happen if the New Black Panthers and the KKK were left to fight it out… I can't.

  • Thunder

    and when Acorn was to be checked after prostitute scandal, who has warned them? Yep, Barrrak Husssein.
    Ah, yes! Yes, what if it were whites?
    As Thurddolt Marshall said: it is your time now, hhhonkie (not verbatim)

  • MSgt Jim

    Given all the facts in this case it appears the American people can no longer rely on our federal government to enforce the law. Given the publicity of this case and the above fact I expect the next time this happens in a national election someone will decide that since we, the people, ARE the government we might as well enforce the law and protect our freedoms ourselves at which point I expect the criminals trying to intimidate voters to be shot, especially with all the recent Vets back from putting their lives on the line, EVERY DAY, to protect our rights and freedom. In other words, I would not recommend these clowns or their political allies try this again!

  • Steve Chavez

    Eric Holder also dropped any investigation into Bill Richardson's Pay to Play even though two of Richardson's assistants are still under investigation.

    You must remember that Bill was up for a Cabinet position till these allegations came up then he was dropped. Bill, also Governor of New Mexico, said he wanted to stay Governor but has his bags packed ready to leave and when he was passed up, he went into a depression and was not seen on the daily news giving away money to his Democrat friends and their businesses. He appeared again when Holder dropped the investigation and grew a beard like Al Gore did after 2002. I guess that's a result of depression and "letting yourself go."

    Being that Holder is not doing his job, maybe there should be an investigation on him!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/barkingbird barkingbird

    Before long the police will not be allowed to arrest a negro for any crime.

    • Spanky2

      It's society's fault!

      And it's because 400 years ago, some Africans captured and sold their neighboring tribesmen into slavery.


  • Merlin12

    I participated in the Civil Rights rallies in the '60s, and am not ashamed that I did. We stood for EQUALITY UNDER LAW, which was being denied to some people in some areas of the country on account of race. Lyndon Johnson perverted our movement into Affirmative Action, and it's been a long and painful slide ever since. Who said it? "Every great cause becomes a movement, and finally ends up as a racket." Man was he ever right about that!

  • Fred


  • G. Money

    What ever happened to the Rangel ethics investigation??? That has been going on for a couple of years.

  • http://www.myspace.com/megapotamus megapotamus

    Everything… EVERYTHING the old line segregationists said would happen has happened. "Equal Rights" was nothing but a falseflag operation to put darkies on top and whities at the bottom. It has been happening since day one and now is as near fruition as it should get. When you see the stats on tax payment and consumption, with a huge numbers of tax-eaters devouring the loot snatched from people who actually work for it, what do you think is going on? In recompense for the old slavery the black citizens of this country seek a New Slavery, with YOU supporting their crack habits and baby mammas, producing more and yet more of the same. Yes, I speak racism. Why? Because the Obama disaster is a racist operation from top to bottom. Make whitey pay and pay enormously. That is what Obamism is about and that is all it is about. Looks like the Robert Byrds of this world had a point in there.

    • badaboo

      no , megapotamus , it looks like you are a racist , no better trhan those you denigrate …and a paranoid one at that .

  • badaboo

    The "acorn prostitute " deal was a bit disingenuous .

    He should STEP -DOWN , or be fired ! The damn evidence is unquestionable ,it's on a damn video , so what the hell is going on here .

  • badaboo

    Someone else's racism , is never an excuse for racism . Gee why did I say that ?

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