Honor Killings Awareness Campaign

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Pamela Geller, founder, editor and publisher of the popular and award-winning weblog AtlasShrugs.com. She has won acclaim for her interviews with internationally renowned figures, including John Bolton, Geert Wilders, Bat Ye’or, Natan Sharansky, and many others, and has broken numerous important stories — notably the questionable sources of some of the financing of the Obama campaign. Her op-eds have been published in The Washington Times, The American Thinker, Israel National News, Frontpage Magazine, World Net Daily, and New Media Journal, among other publications. She is the co-author (with Robert Spencer) of the soon to be released, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (forward by Ambassador John Bolton).

FP: Hi Pamela Geller, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.

Tell us about your new honor killing awareness campaign.

Geller: Thanks Jamie.

The honor killing awareness campaign is Stop Islamization of America’s (SIOA) next campaign to reach and educate the American people. Taxicab ads have hit the streets of Chicago, the first in a nationwide campaign.

The ads aim to educate the American people about the horrors of honor killing. They feature photos of honor killing victims with the question, “Is your family threatening you?” and the URL of the SIOA website LeaveIslamSafely.com.

This is phase II of SIOA’s pro-freedom ad campaign; its goals are twofold. Primarily it is to help girls in trouble, but it is also meant to raise awareness of the rise of honor killings in the West. Young Muslim girls must know that there is an escape from their homemade concentrations camps. This is a sub-campaign and logical follow-up to the “Leaving Islam?” bus campaign, which is soon to break in another major US city.

FP: And there is an urgency here isn’t there?

Geller: Absolutely Jamie, the urgency of the honor killing awareness campaign grows every day. Last week, a beautiful young Muslim actress, Harry Potter star Afshan Azad, was badly beaten, but thankfully escaped death when her father and brother attempted to honor murder her. She was dating a non-Muslim.

It is important to note that “both [Azad’s] parents were born and educated in the U.K.” They were not unassimilated immigrants, which the media and the apologists always associate with honor killings in the West.

Myriad honor killings of women in Great Britain are occurring every year. And it is happening in the U.S. as well: our campaign features three American honor killing victims. The ads feature photos of these girls:

Amina and Sarah Said: They ran away from their brutal home life and their devout Muslim father, Yaser Said, only to be lured back to their Texas home by their mother on Christmas Day 2007 and then tortured and murdered not 24 hours later, in an honor killing on New Years Day 2008. They were killed for dating non-Muslims. Yaser Said is still at large.

Noor Almalaki was run over by a car driven by her father in an honor killing in November 2009 in Arizona. He killed her for being “too Americanized” and not Muslim enough.

Gülsüm Semin was repeatedly and severely beaten by her family in Germany. Ultimately she was brutally beaten beyond recognition and “honor” murdered because she refused forced Islamic marriage in Turkey.

Banaz Mahmod was killed in her apartment in London by her father and his brother and four others because they didn’t approve of her boyfriend.

The triangle that flanks the ads in the front and in the back reads, “They wanted liberty, they got death.”

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  • Chezwick

    In a sane world, it would be NOW and other feminist groups that would be sponsoring these ads. But the feminists abandoned women long ago in their embrace of the multicultural narrative…and won't touch this subject with a ten-foot pole.

    One wonders what the national officers of NOW might think of Pamela's campaign. Are they secretly appreciative of the effort?…perhaps even envious that it is not their own? Or do they just feel unremitting hostility towards it because it violates the multicultural ethos?

    One might also wonder how or even if history will record this strange chapter in American history…when the political Right stood up for Muslim women and their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    They say history is written by the winners. That said, these ads will either be recorded as a relevant episode in the raising of public awareness about the threat Islam poses to human freedom…or they will be expunged from the historical record.

    Either way, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are doing everything they can. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/deleted6776722 Gary Rumain

    Will arselifters be driving those taxis?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

      Incorrigible, Gary!

      A good question would be, "If Muslims are driving those taxis, what will happen when they refuse to drive because of the ads?" There will be many … if not all … of them who will refuse to drive.

      Especially in the Western world, as much light as possible must be shone on this problem. Honor killings cannot be tolerated by the state, and those who commit such heinous acts must be tried and convicted for capital felony murder.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/oreoexpo oreoexpo

        "If Muslims are driving those taxis, what will happen when they refuse to drive because of the ads?"

        We'll get lots of free publicity when the obvious dichotomy of "peace-loving" Muslims who are in favor of honor killings gets forced into the mainstream press by the conservative blogosphere?

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/Stephen_Brady Stephen_Brady

          We will, indeed!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/deleted6776722 Gary Rumain

        Give that they refuse to take people carrying alcohol, or disabled people with guide dogs, and have a propensity to rape single female passengers, do we really need to wonder?

        Agreed that horror killing are still murder. Usually, the whole family is involved. In Europe, the trend is to have the younger, under-age males in the family do it as they usually get a lighter sentence.

  • Alex Kovnat

    I agree with almost all of what's posted on FrontPageMag.com and most of what the David Horowitz Freedom Center is about. But sometimes a guy has to say what he feels. So today, I'm going to play devil's advocate. I believe one reason why honor killings persist, is that Islamic women themselves support it.

    What do I mean? Imagine you're a federal employee, a middle-manager who makes a good salary. Now imagine that someone from Senator Plotnik's office leans on you to support his re-election campaign. With the Hatch act, which makes it a firing offense for a federal employee to use his office to dabble in politics, you could say, "I'm sorry, I'd like to support Senator Plotnik, but I'm Hatched". People familiar with government employment will tell you that when someone says "I'm Hatched", they're not really complaining.

    So likewise, if an Islamic woman tells a guy who's sexually pressuring her, "My father and brother would kill me", perhaps she's not really complaining.

  • Mel

    Bravo Pamela. You're a mensch! and great article Jamie….keep up the good work.

  • Fred

    Great Idea, most people are not aware of Islam's Shari law. If you really want to make people aware of Islam and sharia law, a movie on the life of Mohammed would certainly discourage new and existing followers. There have been movies on Jesus, Moses, etc. but no one has the guts to make one on Mohammed ( the worse type of man) because they would be killed. I suggest everyone read the Life and Religion of Mohammed by J L Menzes.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Immigration policies need to take into account that certain cultures, not just Muslims, have traditions that are in direct contravention of laws in civilized countries and applicants from these cultures must be rejected, at best, very carefully screened for potential assimilation. Anything less leaves us with the importation of sub-human garbage to degrade our society and quality of life.

  • Marty

    This is about time and this is one courageous cab driver.

  • Diann

    This is a message that needs to reach ALL westerners – especially those who refuse to see the dangers of this particular Islamic teaching. While many are aware of this safety issue for women and girls in Islamic families – too many others step back and claim 'freedom of religion' and 'we can't interfere'. When murders occur in non Muslim homes, they are investigated, perpetrators put into prison, and the newspapers proclaim indignation over this action. This must happen when women and girls are murdered in Muslim homes as well. The 17,000 figure for the UK is shocking. If we are to prevent that in the Americas, our campaign must begin now.

  • Isabel Isherwood

    Unless Americans become aware of what is happening to Muslim daughters and wives we will end up like Europe becoming more and more Islamic to the point where Sharia law is observed in certain places in Europe. This must end and it should end with the death penalty of those who would perpetrate these inhumane killings against their innocent victims.

  • Coupal

    The whole point of these ads is not only to save the lives of possible future victims, but also to educate the general public. It has been my experience that people can't quite get their minds around this issue. They think that its an exaggeration because the whole thing is illogical. After all, how could a parent murder their child? It must be only mentally deranged people that do that and they are the exception. Right? The bottom line is that they do not know enough about islam. When one knows about islam it makes perfect sense even if it is "illogical."

  • BS77

    any chance we will see these cabs in London, Paris or Tehran?

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/faithiej faithiej

    You are most awesome, dear Pamela! Thank you for having the passion and the guts to try to save the lives of these precious girls. May G-D bless this campaign with much success and free girls from the threat of Islamic honor killing.

  • Reneeca

    It's about time that there is an organization that is spreading the truth and helping these girls. They are in my prayers. thank you Jaime for this article and the awarness that it brings.

  • Dudley Do Wright

    Thank you Pamela. Muslim ways are terrible – even in their own countries, but let us not tolerate this type if behavior here in America. That philosophy needs to be exported back to the dungeons from where it came and protect America's children from their despicable beliefs and traditions. Let us not regress back to the days of witch hunts and lynchings. Honor killings, beheadings and penal amputations have no place here in the land of the free, consciously and purposefully moral people.

  • Sweet


    I am the victim of Honor killing. Lost my baby. I know that this is all culture and this has nothing to with Islam.. If you really want to help women like us then create hidden support group. I cannot tell my story because it will create a big storm here. I hope this So called honor killing comes to a Stop. I am still Muslim and I love my religion. this is all Man made culture which is so much in the roots of the families that they can't separate the culture and Religion.
    thank you for reading

  • Kim Bruce

    Muslim women are also raped when they do not abide by Islamic cultural dress codes.
    These women and young girls suffer in silence as all are far too ashamed and terrified of coming forwward about their rape cases.
    It is a disgusting ideology of the Moon God Cult and should be irradicated from the face of the earth.
    I don't mean genocide of the people. I mean a mass de-prgramming from the cult of Islam. These poor souls are brainwashed from birth. This is very disturbing and it is psychologically damaging to the young victims in these Muslim families but it also puts enormous pressure on our society when we become forced to submit and accept their cult of violence and warfare.

  • Laura

    It's ironic that liberals accuse Pam of hatred and bigotry when she is trying to help muslim girls and women.

  • BS77

    Expect to see any of these cabs in London, Paris or Tehran soon?