How Evil Works

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is David Kupelian, award-winning journalist and managing editor of online news giant as well as its popular monthly newsmagazine, Whistleblower. A widely read online columnist, he is also the author of the bestselling culture-war classic, The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom, now in its eleventh printing. His new book, released in February by Simon & Schuster, is How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America.

FP: David Kupelian, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Let’s start by talking about the Stockholm syndrome that, as you discuss in your book, is affecting the West right now in its confrontation with Islamic Jihad. Give us your perspective.

Kupelian: Jamie, thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to talk about “How Evil Works.” In Chapter 3, “How Terrorism Really Works,” I use the Stockholm syndrome to explain the inexplicable level of weakness and appeasement we continually see in the West toward Islam – for instance, in our disastrous failure to stop Nidal Malik Hasan before he shot dozens of people at Fort Hood, killing 13, even though we knew full well he was a jihadist time bomb waiting to explode.

Everyone’s heard of the Stockholm syndrome, named after the Swedish bank robbery when two escaped convicts terrorized four hostages in a bank vault for five and a half days, during which time the hostages grew increasingly sympathetic toward their captors and antagonistic toward the police who were risking their lives to rescue them. The hostages, who had been tied to chairs, had nooses around their necks and guns trained on them day after day, ended up siding with their captors wholeheartedly, later raising money for their defense and refusing to testify against them at trial.

The syndrome, which law enforcement psychologists recognized long before it had a name, is pretty simple: When we’re seriously intimidated, in a life-threatening way, some of us start to side with whomever or whatever is intimidating us. I don’t mean just cooperating and “agreeing” with a captor as a survival strategy, which makes perfect sense. Extreme intimidation has a way of sometimes flipping our sympathy and loyalty in favor of the people doing the intimidating. In the news business, we see this in high-profile cases like Patricia Hearst, Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard.

Radical Islam is extremely intimidating – by design. The more crazy it acts, the more powerful it becomes. Just a few weeks ago, in Nigeria, Muslim gangs slaughtered 500 Christians, including many children and pregnant women and old people – hacked them to death with machetes. Islam has spread in this way – “at the point of a sword” – for centuries. As I write in “How Evil Works,” I personally lost many family members, perhaps over 100, in the genocide of the Christian Armenians at the hands of Muslim Turks. I tell one story in which my great grandfather, a Protestant minister, was martyred, along with 60 or 70 other clergymen and their wives, in Adana, Turkey, because they refused to convert on the spot to Islam. This is how it spreads, by traumatizing people. Many, just to survive, join the religion.

So the murderous Islamic tantrums we keep hearing about have a certain dark logic to them, in terms of enabling the spread of Islam. Remember the Danish Muhammad cartoons, which resulted in over 50 deaths? Or when Newsweek reported (incorrectly) that someone at Gitmo flushed a Quran down the toilet, which led to at least 15 deaths? Or the Miss World contest in Nigeria, when a single comment by a newspaper columnist about the beauty of contestants led to insane Muslim rioting in which rioters massacred over 200 people with machetes, or beat them to death or burned them alive – all because of a single sentence a newspaper columnist wrote, which wasn’t even offensive?

How do we respond to these outrageously demented and murderous tantrums? We refer to terrorist acts as “man-caused disasters.” We proclaim Islam as a “religion of peace.” Burger King recalls thousands of its ice cream cones because someone thought the ice cream swirl logo looked too much like the way the word “Allah” is written in Arabic and was therefore sacrilegious. “The 3 Little Pigs” is repeatedly censored in Britain so as not to offend Muslims, who don’t like pigs. In the U.S. we have a middle school curriculum that requires our children to dress up in Islamic garb, take on a Muslim name, memorize verses of the Quran and play so-called “jihad games.” Imagine trying that in today’s public schools with the Christian religion!

America, Europe and Britain today, in the way they deal with radical Islam and the terror threat, reveal something very akin to a low-grade, widespread Stockholm syndrome.

Bottom line, we don’t want to offend Muslims. Why? Because we’re afraid of them. We’re not afraid of Christians or Jews, because Christians and Jews don’t have tantrums and burn down other religions’ houses of worship and cut of people’s heads and commit terrorist acts. Radical Muslims do. We’re so afraid that, even after the Fort Hood attack, the Pentagon, in its 86-page postmortem report analyzing the event, did not see fit to mention the word “Muslim,” “Islam” or “jihad.” This is reminiscent of the “Harry Potter” stories, where everyone is so spooked by the villain Voldemort that they are afraid even to utter his name.

Ironically, people in the grip of jihadist fervor have nothing but contempt for our weakness and appeasement, which actually encourages more violence. Their madness is neutralized only by strength. Ronald Reagan knew this, which is why his watchword was “Peace through strength.”

FP: David, you mention how just recently, in Nigeria, Muslim gangs slaughtered 500 Christians, including many children and pregnant women and old people. Everyone has heard about the “Christian militia” that was just arrested in Michigan (casualties, which seem to be at the number of zero, are still to be numbered or named). How come the slaughter in Nigeria, which took 500 lives, is not in the news and no one has heard about it?

Kupelian: The Obama propaganda ministry – aka the “mainstream press” – is always looking to reinforce the largely phony narrative that “homegrown terrorism” on the right is a major danger to American civilization. Hence the saturation coverage of the “Christian militia” group. The “rightwing terrorism” narrative is necessary for justifying the left’s attacks on normal, hard-working, tea-partying Americans – evident in the growing allegations that speaking  honestly about the leftist coup in Washington is “hate speech,” that those opposing Obama are racists, and that tea partiers are one step away from violence.

On the other hand, dwelling on Muslims’ blood-lust and widespread massacring of Christians in foreign lands supports the “wrong” narrative (from the media’s point of view) – namely, that Islam is not a religion of peace after all, hasn’t been one for the last 14 centuries and shows no signs of starting. Thus, the murders of 500 innocent people are reported perfunctorily, if at all, and then dropped. The mainstream media are just not interested.

FP: You say that, “Bottom line, we don’t want to offend Muslims. Why? Because we’re afraid of them.” Absolutely, we have a pathetic talk show host on the CBC up here in Canada, George Stroumboulopoulos, who makes constant jokes about Jesus, yet you will never hear him make one joke about the “Prophet” Mohammed.

Fear, as you state, is definitely a factor. But let’s move a bit further and deeper. I’ve made a life-time study of these people and we know that in the world of the Left, it is unimaginable to criticize an adversary culture or religion, and that it is very chic to slander anything connected to the Judeo-Christian tradition. To poke fun at Islam would threaten these peoples’ whole identity, world vision and social life. Can you comment on this a bit?

Kupelian: For one thing, the Left’s very identity and sense of righteousness are tied up in hating America for all its supposed wrongs, arrogance, injustices, exploitations and wars of oppression. And since, as we all know, “the enemy of your enemy is your friend,” cultures that hate and revile America are therefore respected and even admired by the Left, which also hates America. This is one reason Attorney General Eric Holder has pushed to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court; he secretly – maybe  unconsciously – has a certain amount of sympathy for the 9/11 mastermind. The logic of this is straightforward and incontrovertible: KSM hates and blames America, and because leftists like Holder also hate and blame America, leftists “understand” and even sympathize on some level with terrorists, no matter how despicable their crimes.

FP: Tell us a bit about how people who want to manipulate us often use crises to do so. Explain how this is connected to what Obama and his administration are up to.

Kupelian: As all skilled manipulators know, the easiest and surest way to exert control over people is to get them to react emotionally to you. One way to get people to do what they wouldn’t ordinarily do is to create a phony crisis for them to overreact to.

For instance, in “How Evil Works” I cite a child-abduction case in which a little girl was approached after school by a man she didn’t know. He claimed her house was burning down, that her parents were busy putting out the fire, and that he was a friend of the parents who had asked him to pick up their daughter and take her to them. The crisis – and the emotional upset the girl experienced over the thought of her house being on fire and her parents in danger – drowned out her normal caution about getting into a car with a stranger. Result: The stranger, a predator who had concocted the lie for the sole purpose of upsetting and tricking the girl into going with him, murdered the little girl. This same routine was portrayed in the film “Changeling” starring Angelina Jolie, a true story that involved a serial child murderer who enticed youngsters into his car using this exact “your-house-is-on-fire” ruse.

As I explain in Chapter 1, “Why We Elect Liars as Leaders,” manufactured crisis is the primary modus operandi of the Obama administration. After all, how else could a far-left administration lead a center-right country in such a terrible direction without big-time deception and subterfuge – which is accomplished handily by constantly creating bogeyman crises? For instance:

* We heard for 14 months that our healthcare system is desperately broken. In reality, it’s the finest healthcare system in world history. If you’re an illegal alien child molester and you get sick or injured and go to a public hospital, you will, by law, be taken care of whether or not you can pay. That’s not a broken system. And as for the relatively small number of Americans who truly can’t afford health insurance, our government has always been good at creating safety nets. But that was not the intent of Obamacare, which conspicuously bypassed all sensible, market-based reforms – like litigation reform and allowing intrastate purchase of insurance – that would lower costs without degrading quality of care.

* Until wave after wave of scandalous fraud revelations proved the global warming “consensus” was a giant hoax, America was poised to pass “cap-and-trade” legislation which would institute massive and ruinous levels of wealth redistribution – which was the object all along. The administration is now regrouping and re-strategizing how best to force this abomination down Americans’ throats, as they did with Obamacare.

* We’ve been told throughout the age of Obama that America will plunge into hopeless depression if government doesn’t spend trillions and take over entire sectors of the economy. In reality, massive government and Federal Reserve intervention has always worsened and prolonged economic downturns, not solved them.

* Here’s one most people don’t know about: Last May, just a few days before the World Health Organization classified swine flu as a phase 6 pandemic – the highest, scariest category – the WHO quietly redefined pandemic to eliminate the phrase “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” and substituted wording that said pandemics “can be either mild or severe in the illness and death they cause.” You see, the WHO grows in power and lots of money starts to flow when a phase 6 pandemic is declared. The White House, never one to let a good crisis go to waste, issued a press release saying up to 90,000 Americans would likely die from swine flu. The next day, the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, told Americans to ignore the White House’s wild fear-mongering, saying “Everything we’ve seen in the U.S. and everything we’ve seen around the world suggests we won’t see that kind of number if the virus doesn’t change.”

Fundamentally, the whole leftist obsession with power – which promotes ever-increasing dependency of people on government – is, in and of itself, a huge crisis machine. Normal competent adults are able to take care of themselves and their families through their own efforts and through voluntary cooperation with other free individuals. That’s America. If you’re an adult who can’t take care of your own life, that’s a crisis – and this is the state leftists want us to be in, to be dependent on them since that’s the basis for their growth in power. So socialism not only requires crisis to become established, its very existence is a state of perpetual crisis for free people.

FP: You refer to the “whole leftist obsession with power” in passing. Not everyone might know what you mean. In my own research and study, I know this reality in terms of how the Left lives vicariously through supporting communist dictators like Fidel Castro through what is called “negative affirmation.” But that is another matter (a bit). I know our themes are connected, so can you expand a bit on what you mean?

Kupelian: Whole people – that is, people who are internally connected to conscience, to common sense, to God, however you want to put it, and who therefore possess a certain natural reverence for other souls and their autonomy – are not attracted to obtaining power over other people.

But people who have become twisted in certain ways – maybe they had a crummy childhood, or were brainwashed in college into embracing some toxic ideology, or simply are really resentful or envious or insecure – sometimes develop a compulsion to control others.

Imagine that you just met someone for the first time, and discovered that this person considered himself or herself far superior to others, above the need to be truthful, above the law, willing to break the law, and was arrogant and defiant at every turn. And that furthermore, this person harbored an overwhelming urge to control you, take what’s yours, and exercise power over you. You might understandably conclude this person is not only dangerous, but likely a criminal and/or mentally ill. That’s who we have running the country right now – the inmates are truly running the asylum.

These are very sick people we’re talking about: They thrive on crippling others, because the more dysfunctional people there are in the general population, the greater their power. More competent, mature, self-sufficient grownups translate into less power for them, which is why they disdain and malign the tea partiers and other normal, hard-working, tax-paying, independent Americans.

For the very egotistical, deluded person, power is like alcoholism. People like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are drunk – on power. They don’t think, feel, reason or act in a normal way; they’re in an altered state of consciousness. As we say, “power corrupts,” and the more power we give them, the more absolute that corruption becomes.

Also, we need to remember that leftist politicians by definition believe the purpose of government is to ensure, by force, that wealth is evenly distributed. Thus, they look at us like we’re farm animals and they’re the farmers. When some of us have “too much food” and others “don’t have enough,” they come in and take it from us, and scold us for “hording” all that food we don’t need, and give it to the poor, righteous animals with not enough food. The problem is, we’re not animals and we don’t belong to them.

FP: How come the West has such a difficult time understanding the conflict we are in? This has much to do with, as is the subject of your work, the difficulty we have in understanding evil. Illuminate this phenomenon for us.

Kupelian: In the past 60 years, America as a whole has been conned into abandoning the core Judeo-Christian values that have provided the moral foundation of Western civilization for millennia, and of American civilization for centuries. The fundamental principles of life that previously gave our existence meaning and kept our society unified, safe and strong – belief in God, belief that the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount were the basis for a good life and a great society, recognition of the sanctity of life (which means you don’t kill babies before they’re born or old people when their care gets too expensive), belief that sex is sacred and reserved for marriage, and so on – have been discarded like yesterday’s newspaper.

If we don’t understand that we are created by God and that we live in a moral dimension in which we constantly can choose between good or evil, and that things go really badly when we choose the wrong way – if we don’t recognize this basic reality level of our lives, then it’s very difficult to understand evil, or to understand ourselves for that matter.

FP: You refer to the Sermon on the Mount as being the basis for a good life. I always found that one of the most moving parts of the New Testament, but I always saw it mostly as a promise for the next life (i.e. your reward will be great in heaven). Can you expand a bit on what you mean in terms of it being a basis for a good life on earth?

Kupelian: The beatitudes (“Blessed are the …”) describe the kind of attitude toward life that leads to genuine happiness or “blessedness” – including the admonition to “let your light shine before men” (which includes speaking the truth even if it’s unpopular) but also to forgive people who attack you for speaking the truth (“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely”). That’s very reassuring and strengthening.

A lot of what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount is practical, for the here and now: He talks about hate and lust and divorce, and how we need to rise above these things. Some of the most transcendent truths that have infused traditional Judeo-Christian culture derive from the Sermon on the Mount, including The Lord’s Prayer; the admonition to “Seek first the kingdom of God” (and all else will be added); the warning to “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves”; the truth that “a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,” and so on. Wisdom for living.

FP: Your book deals with the war that is being waged on men and on masculinity in our society. Why is this happening and what are its consequences?

Kupelian: In schools today, boys are doing worse than girls by every measure. The vast majority of children with discipline problems, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, who are put on Ritalin or who drop out of school – 70 to 80 percent – are boys. Three out of five college students today are young women.

As boys grow up and get married, two thirds of divorces are initiated by the wives – and it is the wives that almost always get the children during custody proceedings, since the entire family court system is notoriously biased against men.

In popular culture, virtually every TV commercial portrays men as idiotic and women as smarter and hipper. Same with sitcoms, and with animated comedies like “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.” The dad is always the doofus. What happened to “Father Knows Best”?

In Chapter 8 of “How Evil Works,” titled “The War on Fathers,” I document how, as an outgrowth of the radical feminist movement of the sixties, today men, boys and masculinity itself are under attack. Our leftist academia harbors a major movement that is so offended by masculinity that it holds workshops on how to “transform” boys, eliminating their aggressiveness, competitiveness and maleness!

Remember the radical feminists of the sixties, with their angry denunciations of marriage as “legalized rape” and “slavery for women”? Just as the sixties political radicals are today running the American government, culturally the sixties’ radical feminist hatred of Christianity and the traditional patriarchy that goes with it has infected today’s culture. It manifests as a compulsion to ridicule, diminish and have contempt for men. You can see it everywhere.

There is, of course, also a “practical” governmental motivation for breaking up marriages: Tyranny always works better when families are in crisis. Intact, functional families constitute their own universe, one with powerful internal loyalties and transcendent values that compete and sometimes clash with those of despotic government, which therefore strives to separate fathers from their families. In 1918, right after the Russian revolution, Vladimir Lenin passed a radical no-fault divorce law. Realizing that to maintain control of the people the Russian family had to be destroyed, Lenin passed a law whereby you could divorce your spouse simply by mailing or delivering a postcard to the local register without even notifying the spouse being divorced!

FP: Final thoughts?

Kupelian: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the great Soviet dissident who exposed the evils of the gulag system to the world, once wrote: “More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: ‘Men have forgotten God; that is why all this has happened.'”

Decades later, Solzhenitsyn said that in trying to explain the totalitarian horrors that permeated the 20th century – which he himself endured – he could not improve on the explanation he had heard as a child: “Men have forgotten God.”

FP: David Kupelian, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

I have to tell our readers that How Evil Works is a brilliant book. Buy it!!!!

  • Hammer

    A fantastic interview! I can only say I still hold my Judeo-Christian to the extent that I reject all notion of "moderate" Islam and accord Muslims no respect whatsoever. Others may fight a "war on terror" if they wish- I am in a fight for the survival of Western civilization. The liberal left calls me "Moonbat", a title I wear with pride.

  • A Bit Profound

    It's absolutely brilliant. It's like listening to Roy Masters (who's real name was Rubin Obermister which means Master over the Master — like God didn't see that one coming.) People most always absolutely love him or hate him depending on which side they are on. They are either looking for truth or running from it. For those running from it, it's anger producing & scary. As for me, like listening Roy, it gives the ahh ha experience. I may not have heard it expressed before, but it brings joy to hear (or read..) & there is something deep in side that testifies to the truth of it all. I love it. The world needs it & I am going to spread it far & wide. Thankyou Front page Mag

  • Ze-ev ben Yehudah

    When the German nazi's invaded my country they started of to restrict Jews
    to special quarters also known as getto's,and being a Jew the first thing
    we were not allowed anymore,was going in to shops,there was a sign
    with, forbidden for Jews on it.A litle bit later they made particions in the shops
    one side for Jews and the other side for non Jews.They even put in extra
    entrance doors for us to enter and leave.And that was just kids stuf compared
    with what they did to us jus one year later.Rounded up like catle….well you
    know what happenend.It is still hurting even after so many years.After the war
    we finaly had a form of equality and freedom of speech.But now it is taken
    away again and Jews feel hunted again.To be rounded up and put away with.
    Even Israel is not save anymore because our friends in America,on whom
    we could count in moments of severe dangers.Mr Barack Hussein Obama
    is looking the other way.He seems to like moslims more than Jews.
    And he will still be looking the other way and later on some moslim friend
    will tap him on the shoulder and wisper in his ear,there are no more Jews
    in the world they jus vanished so would it not be time to implement sharia
    in our country,the U.S.A.!!!! and he will say,yes that is a hell of an good plan.
    The boogy men from the, former Mesopotamia,are going to get us.
    Well I'm old enough to just slip quetly trough the seems of time in to eternity.
    And maybe just maybe I will be the last one to put out the light.

    • Louann

      Mr. ben Yehudah–

      I'm so terribly sorry for you and your people. I'm Catholic, but I recognize that the Jews are truly God's chosen people. That's why Satan pursues you so relentlessly. I fear that if the prince of darkness has his way and manages to eliminate you, that will initiate the end of the world.

      There, I've said it. Now I await the onslaught of liberal hate-mongers who are sure to follow.

    • 2maxpower

      thankfully the fate of Israel is not in Obama's hand. Obama was born to a muslim father so he is a muslim. he even practiced the faith as a child.

      the best thing is to know who your enemies are, and it is clear now that Obama is one of them.

      I am for Israel.

  • MaryAnn

    Wonderful interview. I have long believed there is no political solution to what's tearing the world apart. People must remember and turn back to God before we destroy ourselves.

  • Bobh

    What I long for, after reading this fine interview, is how to overcome the blindness and attitude of "The Left."

    • Ron Bass

      The way to overcome the blindess and attitude of " The Left" is simple in theory but difficult to implement. The theory or strategy is to reject them totally. Reject their ideologies. Do not buy their books. Do not buy their magazines or newspapers. Do not watch their TV shows.
      Do not attend their movies or rent them. Do not attend their universities. Do not send your children to their schools. Do not buy their goods and/or services.
      Do not vote for them in elections. Reject everything they are associated with and do not give into them not one inch. Implement this strategy and you will leave them neutralized and powerless.
      The problem will be in getting enough folks to do this. The Tea Partiers is a step in the right direction.

      • ginjar

        Your solution is brilliant in its simplicity. Actually I should say it is Biblical in its simplicity. When the problem reaches "critical mass" the scales will be tipped in favor of liberty. This will be the outcome if we remain stalwart in our rejection of the leftist agenda that is bent on destroying the individual. So I guess it is up to us.

  • Louann

    Wow! This guy has it nailed! As a teacher in an urban high school, I feel I have a front row seat on the collapse of Western culture and it breaks my heart. I'm doing everything I can to counteract the cultural forces I see at work destroying the greatest culture in history and I pray that my grandchildren will inherit intact what I feel so blessed to have been given — a life of liberty and abundance in a shining city on a hill.

  • 2maxpower

    Jamie excellent interview. And another book to put on my list.

    I do have one point that I would like to make regarding one of David Kupelian points.

    it is this ….abandoning the core Judeo-Christian values that have provided the moral foundation of Western civilization for millennia.

    I agree with this statement but not what follows. I have always argued that when a person loses their religion (I consider religion to be a human defect) then they lose the morality they tired to the religion. Morals need not be religiously based. It is by basing them in religion that we throw the "baby out with the bathwater" when one realizes that religions are all concocted by men for control of men.

    Critical thinking is key and morals are an absolute necessity if we wish to maintain the american dream. …but critical thinking means that how can you believe a religion is correct when there is no evidence of anything but man made fables. To base morality on a tenuous belief is absurd.

    I don't mean to indite anyone or belittle their beliefs. I also think it is time morality was de-coupled from religion. To me religion is a net loss and I do understand the argument.

    • ginjar

      I open my comment with the same sentiment used in concluding yours..
      Our Founders realized that our three basic freedoms were inalienable rights freely given to all by a Creator, in their words Natures God. We all have these rights irrespective of any belief or religion.
      Can one be a moral person without a belief in religion? I believe so. However it is my opinion that somewhere in the " reason " that differentiates us from the lower animals exists an understanding of Natures God and Natures Law.

    • Carol

      Someone with more theological knowledge than I could answer this question better, but I'll do the best I can with my knowledge. 2maxpower, it comes down to this: in religion, there is an Ultimate Authority – God. Without this Ultimate Authority, in the end, we are all our own moral arbiters, and some people just don't get it right! They have looked deep into their soul and have decided certain things such as murder, theft, etc. are OK and there's NOTHING to stop them. If you think there is something to stop them, that would only be because there are so many residual traditions and attitudes, laws that have been informed by Judeo-Christian ethical & legal systems & perspectives, etc. that have been shaping our culture for centuries. These deeply imbedded Judeo-Christian influences fake you out to believe you could, indeed, uncouple morality from religion. In Judeo-Christian theology the Ultimate Authority is God, and that Being is all good, perfect, holy and His judgments are always right & righteous – and every individual, no matter how high or low in the social systems on Earth will ultimately have to account to Him. I suspect you have a dislike or disdain for organized religion & that is your real issue. That's a whole 'nother topic, as we know of the real failings in the various traditions & denominations. But you are still left to answer the question, to Whom do we ultimately answer if there is no God? The answer is: to ourselves – and that is a recipe for personal, corporate, national & international disaster.
      I hope you'll re-examine your deeply flawed position. Stay with the discourse & don't shut down! Best wishes.

      • 2maxpower

        yes Carol we are our own moral arbiters. whether you like it or not. to have it in a man made book …claimed by dubious long dead people doesn't make it gods word.
        my position is arrived at by critical thinking and yours by "wish thinking" ..if there is a god he is unlikely to be one of the three major religions of today.

        because I disagree with you is not an argument …because I don't believe in god does not make my position flawed. …show me your god or any of the other previously worshiped deities.

        Trying to sell morality attached to religion just opens up your morals to ridicule, whether or not they are valid becomes a side issue.

        there is no text, book or anything that is from your imagined god. like those who are visited by extraterrestrials there is no evidence of their existence. I say this because that is what religion looks like to me. No offence to you or your imaginary friend. You are welcome to have him/it/ she come by and prove it's existence.

    • delbwato

      Man was built to worship and worship he does.
      As such there is a pre-existent Creator that evidence will not disallow.
      Whether you’re more Darwinist with matter as that pre-existent Creator or more spiritual with an intelligent “force” or God as the pre-existent Creator – the concept is required or “Critical thinking” is not taking place.
      There is nothing innately compelling for a blob of matter becoming intelligent but “intelligence” mirroring Intelligence is innately plausible.
      Consider that being in love or having a good idea is a common thing among us humans.
      However, though we can describe events, processes and outcomes of having experienced love or ideas we cannot claim authorship of the ability to love or the ability to reason… but these abilities must, of necessity, exist.
      Therefore if we humans are merely blobs of matter then morality has no basis except as we individually see fit making morals unique, personal and relative to circumstance.
      But if we humans are reflective of Intelligence then morality’s basis is universal, community oriented and firmly based within that which we use but do not author.

      • 2maxpower

        good luck with that.

        there is actual scientific theories that hold there is no beginning to the universe.

        but it isn't easier to create the universe without first having to create a god. this circular logic with not get you anywhere.

        how did we blobs get to where we are/ …I don't know !! ..but I am also not about to invent a god to fill in missing details.

        and morality is what we as community make it. we as men and women. if it is bad it is our doing and if it is good it is our doing. the rest is made up.

        • delbwato

          “scientific theories that hold there is no beginning” = Faith; Hope
          You ought to re-examine those theories – they propose matter as pre-existent. Not addressing matter’s beginnings (or its inherent characteristics’) isn’t the same as “no beginning”, eh?

          “to create the universe” = Faith
          We agree: Creation not children’s magic, eh?

          “I don’t know!!” = Humbleness, faith’s precursor.
          How, I don’t know but it undeniably is therefore it happened, eh?

          “morality is what we as community make it… bad… [or] good” = Faith; Hope
          However, relative morality only works relative to where you presently are… murder and theft may be a virtue and charity evil, eh?

          Hard (physical) science has no theory for Faith, Hope, bad, good or morality in and of themselves. These of necessity must be manifestations of matter. Understandable given that science’s tools are suited first and foremost to discovery of only their twin, matter.

          Akakak! Dancing to and fro across the line of spiritual/material you’ve unwittingly made my case for me. Defense rests.

          • 2maxpower

            your argument actually has no logic or critical thinking to it.

            it is based on your emotions.

          • delbwato

            If your assertion of your ability to critically think were actual rather than self-proclaimed your response would be to substantiate rather than glibly accuse. Don’t you think?

          • 2maxpower

            one could say that …but it doesn't forward your argument, nor does it make me incorrect..

    • A Bit Profound

      Islam is a loss (of the mind) but you need to know fulfilled bibal proficy. Why would anyone not want to get away with what they can without religion. lack of religion leads to acceptance of Marxist Humanism – Religion of the Godless; an infection of the mind that when in mass, leads to tyranny. The direction we're headed now under this demented idiot president, voted in by our degenerate society.

      • 2maxpower

        yes I have heard that argument. But I think this is fronted as a way to keep people in religion. Islam is not unlike what happens in marxist countries. it is about complete domination and no individual rights (..unless you are the king).

        if religion keeps us from communism then society is lost. As it is getting harder to get people to believe in what can only be described as fairy tales.

        Stalin and Castro had religious upbringings and Hitler was a catholic

        There is no evidence that godlessness leads to marxism. I venture that it is more susceptible to people who lose religion, then to people who have been raised to think critically (and that means being as critical of self as the wider world).

        I fear most that the constitution has already been shredded and really that held all the context and links to morality that were needed. they separated church and state and that kept the country strong ..until now. So the argument is more the opposite of what you put forward.

        if people are raised on religion (which has only man made history) then when they lose said religion they are lost morally because it was tied to there religious upbringing. it makes them easy prey for marxist.

        • Philip France

          @ 2maxpower

          I have followed the blogstream and concluded that you are the most religious of all the responders. Your religion is humanism and your argument that you "think critically" is self-proclaimed and unsubstantiated by your ensuing points.

          You claim that Hitler was catholic is patently false. Hitler was a pagan occultist. Where is your "critical thinking" in this absurdity? Like so many humanists, you take casual falsehoods such as these with more religious fervor than the most devout minister, rabbi or imam.

          In your opening remarks, you claim that The Holy Bible is a man-made collection of "myths". As a student of God's Word who has studied from Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic texts, I assure that it is not. It is apparent that you have either never read from it or have never endeavored to understand it. Please allow me to put forth some items for your consideration:

          • 2maxpower

            yeah right …I saw god write the bible. next please. Hitler was an occultist and a catholic. go figure …like one is different then the other.

            I don't believe there is a god …please leave your emotions aside . no matter how many religions you study you will not find the hand of god scribbling …you will find a human. your god too lazy to do it himself !

        • Philip France

          There are at least 272 Figures of Speech in the Bible, and as many as 70 varieties under one figure. Can you name even five Figures of Speech? Presuming you cannot, it follows that you do not understand The Bible well enough to "think critically" about it.

          Another point:

          I presume that you do not know what an Acrostic is. Many of The Psalms are Acrostics. These are complex and elegant usages of Hebrew poetry that employ mathematical sequences of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The world's most complex computer could not arrange these sequences with such precision and with such stunning elegance. By the way, I am an amateur student. I am not a minister and I hold no dgree in Theology or Divinity. I merely find such research fascinating, enlightening and fulfilling.

          I submit that you "critically think" on these points, which are a mere two examples of thousands that could be offered in substance to the idea that the Holy Bible is the revealed word and will of the Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

          May God bless you and have mercy on you.

          • 2maxpower

            thanks …I will use that to get me into the pearly gates.

            all the replies I get are just people claiming there is a god. ..haven't seen one yet. haven't even seen any evidence.

            unexplained things are not evidence unless you can explain that god did it. and just saying so doesn't make it true. if everyone on earth says there is a god doesn't make it so.

            save the mercy for yourself. are you one who would condemn me for my lack of belief in god ? ..that is how this thing always ends up.

          • Philip France


            You use the same arguments to justify your "points" that you do to "discredit" God. It is not that you do not believe there is a God. You deny Him. It is impossible to be an atheist. This word comes from the combination of the Greek words "a" and "theos". It means "without God".

            You are so by your own choosing so knock yourself out. Critically think on this:

            The bacterial flagellum, a simple living cell. is a biological machine of intense complexity and is a marvel of nano-technology on a microscopic scale. It is a rotor, a stator, a drive-shaft, a u-joint, and o-ring, a propellor. It has two speeds and can reverse direction on a quarter turn. Further, this microscopic marvel and its component parts are irreducibly complex. This means that this organism cannot exist or function without the sum of its parts being simultaneously present. Are you so dense as to believe that this happened by accident?

            You KNOW that there is a God and that He is the Creator of the universe. Deny Him at your own eternal peril.

            God bless you.

            What was that about emotion?

          • 2maxpower

            was that your argument ? I find it nonsensical and emotional.

            there may well be a god but I don't believe it because I see no evidence of it.

            and if there was a god why should I be worried?

          • Philip France

            "was that your argument ? I find it nonsensical and emotional."

            Can you please explain how my reply was emotional? While doing so, please also demonstrate how your reply was not.

    • yznhymer

      Ever see the bumper sticker "If you can read this, thank a teacher"? Similarly, if you can read God's purpose in the world around us, you cannot help but thank the Teacher (by acquiring a moral code), even if you don't know Him.

  • USMCSniper

    America'shigh schools, colleges and universities have been failing for decades to teach students knowledge about world or American history. As George Santayana so wisely said: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

  • swathdiver

    Excellet article. Islam like Communism is a Statist and totalitarian movement whose goal is to take over the world and kill those who resist their Satanic goals.

    • A Bit Profound

      You Got It. Simply & eliquintly said.

  • Joel Raupe

    A very illustrative and informative interview. I would have liked to have read more, however, on a proper political response, for the sake of those who are less informed about countering mass movements. The situation is much further along within many circles, and without offering hope, I'm afraid the overall response to the interview, for many, might be despair.

    This is not to diminish the Commandments or the Beatitudes, strength, both individually or within families. A demographic characteristic common to the West and the United States in particular in the early 21st Century is an aftermath of the cyclone. The intact extended family is almost nonexistent, and has been for a long time. The average American at the turn of the century was a single mother with two children living in the suburbs of San Diego.

    Much of what is in the interview resonates well with what many know to be true but offers little hope of countering a monstrous mass movement.

  • david

    What insight. I have been aware of the leftist sickness since I was in high school (40 years ago!) but have rarely seen it dissected and explained so well. A very influential book for me was Atlas Shrugged, where the bureaucrats and leftists Ayn Rand depicts mirrored my high school and college teachers and most of the students. (I attended UC Santa Cruz, arguably the most rigidly leftist school in the country at the time.) I have always thought that leftists were warped in lesser or greater degrees. As soon as I got a look at B.O. and learned a little about him, I knew this was a seriously mentally ill man. I would love to see a psychological analysis of him; he had a very strange background that produced a uniquely warped personality.

  • flyingtiger

    I work in the mental health field, so I resent the statement that the inmates are running the asylum. The violent criminals are running the asylum and keeping the inmates hostage.
    I am thinking of getting this book.

  • Linda Rivera

    Wonderful article!
    For several weeks, I've been blocked from making comments on this site! I don't know why!

  • Truth Detector

    To 2maxpower, how can religion be a human defect if it's based on the Ten Commandments? What do you see wrong with the Ten Commandments? Incidentally, my favorite Commandment is: "Thou shalt not kill." Of course, there is nothing wrong with the other Commandments. Well, the truth is that I like them all, since if we obeyed them we would have total harmony.

    • 2maxpower

      hahaha are funny.

      I have no issue with the ten commandments. I do take issue that God was hiding behind a bush on top of a mountain and gave them to Moses. and when Moses broke the first tablet …God saw fit to chisel out another tablet but just for Moses to see and then deliver to the heathens.

      IF YOU don't see anything wrong with this picture then I MIGHT AS WELL BE TALKING TO A WALL.

      this again is my point that morality is fine until you tie it to religion. why is the Islamic moral code not the one to live by ? or the Hindu one. people have always used religion to control people and their morality.


      as to the human defect is that humans need to be community organised to flourish so there is a built in desire/genetic predisposition to form communities and people fall prey to charlatans selling salvation. YOU MAY KNOW IT AS RELIGION.

      • cochavi1

        You are pretty tiring. I am somewhat skeptical about specific intervention of the Almighty in man's affairs, but in the end what does it matter if man invented religion or if these dictates are innate (the commandments)?

        You say that 'morality is damaged when attached to religion.'

        But as Truth Detector wrote, what is wrong with the Commandments? Nothing.

        So let's say Man created them – very plausible and that G-d does not exist. Okay. Let's say that the commandments – I am Jewish so I count many more than 10 – are all invented by Man. Okay again.

        What folks like you really say is that 'God does not exist so the Commandments are made up.' Not okay. In other words you immediately begin to adopt the ideology of moral relativism – not the reality of moral relativism which we all fall into in our personal lives.

        The point – much of it – of the structure of 'religion' is to provide a moral basis for the community that you seem to think is a genetic anachronism. It is in fact an essential structure for human society. Otherwise anarchy rules.

        'Charlatan selling salvation' – then you know very little of the prophets and of the true messages in these words of men. Whether inspired by G-d or by their own imaginations, they were recorded and survived because many found them guides.

        The morality that you would invent – even if the individual 'you' could invent a substitute morality – and 95% of people can not – won't hold for the next guy. And the guy two doors away will decide that sleeping with your teenage daughter is 'moral', and so on, and so on, and so on…

        The problem of 'religion' for you, I suspect, is that it requires that you lower your head and take a place as just one individual in the full sweep of this strange human history, and that is too much for you. Indeed, it is too much for all of us at different points of our lives.

        Good luck.

        • Allen Johnson

          Excellent. Very thoughtful, excellent tone. I wonder if you might elaborate a bit on what you mean by the ideology of moral relativism vs. the reality of moral relativism. It might well be that the subject is too deep for me, but it seems to me that overall you're just saying that whether God exists or not is not really the point, it's the thought that creates a livable world that counts. Good luck to you as well.

        • 2maxpower

          again you and the others are trying to present morality as religiously based. but your religion is fabricated on emotions at best and lies as a close second.

          it doesn't help your cause when you base your morality on lies or fables (if the term lies is offensive to you)

          If you read my reply I did not have a problem with the ten commandments.

          and then you go and say …"the morality you (i) invent" ….that is the premise of my argument that religion is invented by man. SO WHY do you all believe that morality cannot be invented by man.

          finally since I am well aware that people will not question their religion for fear of the unknown or whatever (take as condescending because that is what I mean) … before any of the big three religions there were moral limits imposed on communities by the leaders of the communities.

          If you cannot see how the leftist/marxist/liberals/progressives use your beliefs against you then do not be surprised with what happens next. it will not be pretty.

        • 2maxpower


          If I get time I will go through your whole essay and make my responses. you call me tiring then why respond. not very christian of you

      • RightWingStuff

        Because the morality that that you reference in all of the others cited is based on a works righteousness and not grace.

        Since you are an expert in religions can you tell us what the "moral code" of Islam or Hindus might be? How would one follow it? Why is it "morally" wrong to kill someone or acquire his possessions by taking them in these belief systems? Where is it cited?

        • 2maxpower

          Islam allows for the killing of non believers and taking their possessions …it is written in their man-made book.

          you really should not use emotion to make an argument doesn't allow you to be critical of your own points …which is important in debate.

  • Bubba

    Whats hurting America are people like this guy that seek to turn American's against each other for their own political/power reasons. How many articles has FPM run like this? I've lost count…just tell people there is a terrible evil out there but the real enemy are your fellow Americans if they don't agree with you.

  • Andrew

    Reality check: the rest of the western world views the US health system as basically third world – good if you have lots of money (or no health issues), too bad if you don't. List the countries with sophisticated public health systems and those without, and you'll notice that the US isn't in the same list as the rest of the west.

    I understand why the right is unhappy with the current abortion situation. But as far as I can tell, it's their own fault. Rather than work with Obama while making it clear that abortion was non-negotiable, the right took a 'no negotiation' approach to the entire package. So Obama did it without them. Had the right embraced what was – as far as the rest of the west is concerned – an eminently sensible idea and focused on the critical human rights issues, the outcome would have been better for everyone.

    • RightWingStuff

      Light another fat one Andrew.

      Please cite where the rest of the Western World thinks of the US with a "third world" health sys… screw it – you're an idiot.

      You just want your medical marijuana paid for.

      • 2maxpower

        RWS reply was to Andrew if you didn't get that

        cheers (but I don't agree with you on the religion / morality stuff)

    • 2maxpower

      silly child (yes I am being condescending)

      the health care bill has nothing to do about health care. are you really that stup!d or just pretending ?

    • A Bit Profound

      They had it already as far as human "rights" go. It's called the general hospital. You don"t know what your talking about, stupid lib. Now it will be near 3rd world.

    • Dr_Moon

      Reality Check, The rest of the World hates our Health System so much they are waiting in long lines, risking life and limb to come to America to use our lousy system. Even the Canadian Prime Minister came to America for surgery in our crummy health system. Andrew, you've been listening to too much MSNBC. The foreign Elite call our system bad because we don't offer free abortion on demand, in fact the Foreign Elite say everything in America is bad.

  • RightWingStuff

    Excellent – David Kupelian has explained what I have deduced by observing the last two years and at times I questioned if I was interpreting things correctly. Thanks David and Frontpage for getting this out for people to see and people really should get this follow-up book. I have the other.


  • Bob

    Great interview. David is spot on with his observations.

  • freedom fighter

    500 Christians are murdered brutally by Muslims and who knows about it? This is a grave injustice on so many levels. Whatever happened to reporting the news without bias?

    • MaryAnn

      How could they report on it without bias? They would be obliged to report that it is Muslims who are slaughtering Christians and that they are doing it for Allah. They cannot do that because Islam is "the religion of peace". And if its simply a cultural issue, well, all cultures are equal, don't you know?

    • 2maxpower

      it was posted on yahoo news …that and the subsequent slaughter of another 200+ a few days later. but today if it isn't on MSM it isn't widely known.

  • Bob P.

    David Kupelian is blessed by God with a sharp mind and pure spirit. I recommend any of his books as they are very insightful and enlightening.
    I would love to see David debate Barack Obama on the question "What is evil and how to stop it". David would win in a rout.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Although there are some on this board who are antagonistic to there being a God. And claim man can be moral without religion, and he could, if he was still the way God originally made him, that is. The fact is hope comes from truth and truth from God.

    And so what if a man is moral if he lacks hope? Despair comes from lack of hope and God fills this empty spot in the human heart. That's one reason I believe in God. He created man with a need for Him. If there is no God there is no hope it's as simple as that. The twin evils of totalitarian and authoritarianism win the day.

    Moreover, America's founders believed in God and credited our freedom to Him.

    • 2maxpower

      what ever works for you.

      belief is defined by "believing without thinking" you will note religions tell you to take things as your were instructed by your religion and not to question the "word " of god ( as written by a human).

      ask your self some questions …why do I believe in god ? …and why do I believe in this god ?

      keep the answer to yourself. but hopefully you will learn something about yourself and human nature as a whole.

  • Jaafar_1946

    David Kupelian is no hero of mine. He refuses to examine the many ways Christianity failed its flock: persecution of Jews and gay men head the list of crimes which go directly against Gospel teachings to "love thy neighbor" and even "love thy enemy." Take a look at "Europe and the Jews" for the full story on loving Christians and their 2,000-year history of hating Jews.

    • Samurai Hit Woman

      I couldn't agree with you more, Jaafar. In fact, you can tell a tree by its fruit and those who do not bear Christlike fruit are showing they are Christian in name only.

    • 2maxpower

      you make a very good point. …the morality displayed by religion in the past (and some of it recent) has not been exemplary.

      still apart from the religion David Kupelian makes for interesting reading and I do plan to order the book.

    • Robert

      I would also suggest reading this article:

      to find out where the Jew-hatred came from, and starting when. This was an eye-opener for me, but it sure makes a lot of sense.

  • Aware Of It Too

    It is much worse than this. Every children's television program, led by Disney and other 'quality' firms, is incorporating NLP (neuro linguistic programming) into every program to continually disrupt the family. Watch Disney, no fathers in any program. Every program mocks white men and christians. Every program has as a matter of policy to have a black or hispanic in positions of authority over anyone white in the program. White Christians are virtually banned from TV now unless they are needed to have someone look idiotic, evil, or otherwise as a contempuous criminal. Very Disturbing. A direct attack on the nuclear family as David describes.

  • Aware Of It Too

    NLP is a technique used by psychologists and psychiatrists to re-frame (change) ones thoughts so that they can change behavior. ie: overcome phobias, stop smoking, etc.
    However the leftists have now been using it very effectively in all TV programming, especially aimed at children, to mock, ridacule, and change peoples attitudes towards Christians and whites. I saw a teenage directed movie the other day where one of the cool girls actually said this "you dated a white male?!" to her girlfriend.
    I don't allow my children to watch TV unless I can sit with them to unwind these points, but even then my kids think that I am wrong since they don't hear it from anyone else too.

    • 2maxpower

      you make a very interesting point.

      it has been going on for a long time. the earliest I remember being aware of it was when the Jeffersons sitcom started up. …and that is a long time ago.

      not just TV …the movies have been indoctrinating for a long time as well.

  • Dr_Moon

    It was bad enough when Bush was president but now with Obama being a Muslim himself, we're in a dangerous position. Obama is allowing Muslims regardless where they're from to move around America undetected. Obama wants to keep tabs on Conservatives so Muslims can position themselves to assist him in his takeover of the Nation. Obama and his allies in the Middle East will help the Black Liberation Theologists strip all of the wealth from Whites and hand it to Blacks. Obama will eventually start throwing political opponents in prison, much like his hero Castro.

    • 2maxpower

      I'm betting it will look more like Mugabe's Zimbabwe

  • Steve Drexler

    As ever, with great books, such as those written by David Kupelian, that reveal deep truths about humanity and life, those who need them most are those who read them the least. It is very worrying that so many people in America have been commandeered by our left-loving education system, culture, and media, that they willingly and gladly embrace the paths leading to our nation's destruction.

  • Bob Wunderlich

    Sorry guys, but the author has it all wrong. Any born again christian can tell you exactly why he is wrong. Here it is from the bible."For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Ephesians 6:11-13"

    Evil does not come from men, it comes from higher powers, SPIRITUAL POWERS.
    I knew after I read that Hannity loved the book that, that the book could not have gone into the truth. Your average person has no idea of what is going on behind the scenes. I didn't ; until I got saved. Then I saw the whole kitten kaboddle. Trust me, this book is well intended I'm sure, but 100% wrong in its conclusions. Don't believe me? Get "born Again" and you will.