Islam’s Child Martyrs in America

Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror. His new book is High Noon For America. He is the host of Frontpage’s television show, The Glazov Gang, and he can be reached at Visit his site at

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is the owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He is the co-author (with Paul Sperry) of the new book, Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America. He can be contacted at and his site is

FP: Dave Gaubatz, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

I would like to talk to you today about jihadi torture videos that have come into your possession and also about Islam’s child martyrs in America.

But first, give us some updates on your new research in terms of counter-terrorism.

Gaubatz: Thank you Jamie.

I just returned from DC, MD, PA, WV, VA, and NJ conducting various counter-terrorism (CT) research.  I would like to say that while various realms of our government are doing an outstanding job in protecting our families from future Islamic based terrorist attacks, we have several serious problems. One of them is that our President doesn’t even officially have any type of plans on a “War on Terrorism.” Sadly, we are being overtaken by these groups. I meet Americans and other concerned citizens from Canada and the UK, and they know America and their countries are slowly/patiently being overtaken from within, while their leaders are ignoring the national threats.

FP: Give us some specifics on what you have recently discovered.

Gaubatz: I am beginning to see more and more violent material published and distributed to young Muslim children advocating killing Jews and Christians, and how to conduct treason/sedition inside America and to ultimately take our country down as we know it.

CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) strongly informs its followers to not assist our law enforcement agencies and to not conduct slander and backbiting against Islamic leaders. Within Sharia law there are severe penalties for undermining the efforts of the ‘Islamic Ummah’ (Nation) and their specific target of a worldwide Ummah under Sharia law.

I have been provided hundreds of DVD’s originally videotaped by Islamic terrorist groups while they conducted torture and killings of people (even Muslims) who have helped their enemies (Israel, America, UK, Canada, etc…) to further (in their opinion) oppress the Muslim Ummah.

FP: Talk a bit more about these videos.

Gaubatz: This part of my work is very depressing because I have to review the most extreme animal actions by terrorist groups on innocent people, to include young children. I reviewed hundreds of videos the American people and law enforcement do not get to see, and our government does not want the American people to see. Why? I will explain later.  I witnessed innocent people being slaughtered like animals. The Islamic terrorist groups had children cut and behead a fellow Muslim. In addition several young Muslim men had to stand in line and wait their turn to have their tongues removed by an al-Qaeda member with a razor blade. Several men had to put their arm on a board and a terrorist used a baseball to break his arm. Then he had to put his other arm out for the same treatment.

These are the type of people CAIR supports and even our government supports. The IRS grants CAIR and other such organizations non-profit organizational status and tax free benefits, while you and I are forced to pay taxes to support the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. Something doesn’t seem right and politicians who protect these groups will lose in the end. The American people will not allow our children to suffer at the hands of terrorist groups.

FP: Share with us how Muslim children are being taught to kill “oppressors” of Islam, even inside America.

Gaubatz: For many years I have tracked the materials coming into America from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan specifically.  Based on my research, these two countries are responsible for distributing jihadi materials, not just to adults, but to Muslim youth right here in America.

The message is clear: “Islam is a religion of Jihad, in peace and in war. Jihad is one of the noblest principles of Islam.” The manual where this message is found is titled, “A Guide for The Young Muslim.” The manual further describes Jihad as being physical fighting against their enemies and oppressors. It is admired to be a “martyr.” This book was found in northern VA, and a CAIR pamphlet was beside it.

“Martyrdom means transfusion of blood into a society, especially a society from anemia. It is the martyr who infuses fresh blood into the veins of the society.” The manual in which this teaching was contained was found in VA (again alongside a CAIR brochure). It is titled “The Martyr” and was originally printed in Houston, TX.

I would like to explain how the above statement is applicable here in America and reaches Muslim children.  When Maj. Hasan murdered the innocent people at Fort Hood, he was trying to revitalize the Muslim people to not lose hope, to continue pursuing the agenda of al-Qaeda and others, and most importantly to let them know there are “martyrs” working inside America who are ready to die for Islam.  He is 100% correct. Sleeper cells are alive and well not only in America, but Canada, the UK, and most countries worldwide.

The terrorist sleeper cell is not waiting for a “green light” from an al-Qaeda leader who may already be dead (Osama bin Laden); the green light was already given to the Jihadists many years ago.  The word is being kept alive through the manuals, DVDs, and books being sent into our country by the leadership of Pakistan and Saudi, with the help of many of our own elected officials.  How many people know that Hamas and Saudi Arabia sponsored former President Jimmy Carter’s books and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them into the hands of young children so they will support the cause of Palestine/Hamas?  Our research team uncovered this several months ago and more documents pertaining to this issue will soon be released to the public.

FP: Ok, we will be talking to you right when you release this information.

Give us an update on the CAIR lawsuit against you and your son, Chris.

Gaubatz: First I would like to thank the many people supporting Chris and I in this frivolous lawsuit (per the words of CAIR Executives). Our attorneys Daniel Horowitz, Bernard Grimm, and Martin Garbus, to name a few are people, I will always respect because they know CAIR is just not targeting Chris and I, but the whole American infrastructure.  They are trying to make an example of Chris and me so others will never try and expose them.

But CAIR made one fatal error:  They did not realize I have some of the same attributes of the Muslim Brotherhood: I have patience and persistence. I have no fear of terrorist groups or what they can and have tried to do to me in regards to physical attacks. I have no love for material goods such as cars and houses, and most importantly I love my country as much as they love their desire to control our world under Sharia law (an Islamic Nation worldwide).

Behind the scenes during our undercover research, CAIR Executives told our researchers and my own son certain things that amount as a threat to me. I am ready to testify about all of this with hardcore evidence to back me up.

FP: Final words?

Gaubatz: Thank you Jamie. I again want to thank all of my supporters. It will not be me that legally defeats the Muslim Brotherhood, it will be the people behind the scenes who care for our country and who support the work my team and I do each day to protect our country.

In addition to the time, locations, and dates, Islamic based terrorist acts are committed with much more thought than many of our “authorities” would like you to believe. There is actually a day set aside to celebrate “martyrs” who have given their life to murder innocent Jews, Christians, and non-Muslims not adhering to the strict laws of Sharia. It is called the “The Day of Ashura” (10th Muharram). Readers who are interested should research on their own how many terrorist attacks have been finalized on the 10th of a month, and carried out on the 11th.

Thank you Jamie.

FP: Dave Gaubatz, thank you for joining us.

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  • john

    that is why i will never give money to my alma mater….uc irvine…with all of their muslim brotherhood problems.

  • Danny

    Hey, Dave. The Islamic calendar is a LUNAR calendar and its days don't coincide with our solar calendar. Do a little research next time so you don't come off as a complete baboon (rather than just a amusing moron).
    Great job editing there, Jamie.

    • Guest

      Be careful what you say Danny – as I have worked in a country where the Muslims are alive and well – they do want to kill us and take over our country. That is what it is all about and your comments about Dave being a baboon or moron reflect back on you not Dave. God help us as people are so blind as to what is going on.

      • PhillipGaley

        Yes. Upon the thrust of the interview, we can be pretty sure that, even "Danny" couldn't tell us the relevance of sidereal time or tropical years, or a lunar calendar to the difference between the price of Oolong in Berlin and Cairo.

        Withal, I am glad that, "Danny" can't remove his post; we sometimes should be reminded of variety in how a fool expresses himself, . . .

    • SKIP

      Shut up muslim!

  • JosephWiess

    Of course, our government will not put a stop to this cultish and thuggish behavior, but would rather be slaves. If we don't stop this, and call these murderers what they are, we'll have to stop them from attacking our families.

    This is America, the home of the brave, the land of the free…not Home of the dhimmi, land of the coward. We need to educate our people and make sure that our churches spread the truth.

    • Lary9

      Churches… spreading the truth…? What a novel idea. I like it but it'll never catch on.

      • xman

        It won't be a novel idea if the men of the cloth are all like the Archbishop of Canterbury, though.

  • the translator

    Dear Gaubatz,

    i would thank you for your effort to face that threat – Islam- in your home America.

    that islamic idology has been applied in the meddle east since ages. you can acces the website addres ( to find out how the muslim people & islamic goverments treat the christian manorities inside their societies.

    i hope all American & european people to wake up to face that evil which called Islam.

    I think the website mentioned above will be helpful to you reveil the real & ugly face of islam & support your research.

  • Goldie

    Where can we see a copy of this manual "A Guide for The Young Muslim"? Googling for it is unclear, as there are several such titles.

  • Lary9

    As a reader of Front Page, Robert Spencer, et al, I am hopeful about a strong response to Islamo-fascism. The cat is out of the bag so to speak. People are rising to the occasion when armed with correct information to the defense of Fortress Liberty in both Europe and America. These medieval thugs will not take the Constitution from my hands unless they are severed from my limbs. And that just ain't happenin'.

    • Kentuckiana

      I'll rise to the occasion armed with more than correct information.. here's your correct information you Muslim mother ****ers!!!

      • Lary9

        Angry, aggressive language is fine and dandy but it is the beating heart behind the bravado and the crosshairs of the ordinance that carries the day. And that will always be our Constitution. You can arm yourself with no greater weapon.

        • Lary9

          PS: That is where they are coming next. They see that 9/11 is unlikely to be repeatable. Nor is it strategically advisable. We are weak wherever we are not unified as a people. The Constitution is the cement of our Republic. Was it Benjamin Franklin who said during the early days of the Revolution; "We must hang together or we will surely all hang apart."

    • SKIP

      Roger that, just bought a lot of ammo for my M4, AK-47 and multiple hand guns I own. I feel that we should buy it as often and in as much a quantity as we can afford before our muslim ass kissing government makes it either very difficult or impossible (gubmints choice) to get any.

  • Mike

    Why isn't DG releasing these videos? Don't just tell us you have them, let the people and politicians see the videos.

    • Guest

      I have seen some of these videos, and trust me, you don't want to see them. You will be disturbed for a long time afterwards. I saw one about 4 years ago that I still have never forgotten. It was taken in another country, one where the men were dressed in white robes, probably Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Men stood around and cheered as another man was impaled with a long, narrow sword. They made him bend over, and the sword was inserted into his rectum. They continued to shove the sword into him, then they picked up the sword with him on it. They stuck the handle of the sword into the ground and the man hung there as the sword slowly went through his body and came out near his shoulder. They completely impaled the man's body with a sword. It took him a while to die. Meanwhile the crowd cheered. I watched three such videos and had to stop because I was becoming physically ill. I agree that politicians need to see these videos, but right now I'm not sure the general public could handle it. These muslims are evil. They are mentally and spiritually sick. If they believe in sharia law, they need to be locked up and the key thrown away. When will the world ever learn?

      • guest

        If you want to see americans in a fit of rage. this is the best way to show Americans the threat from within out own shores… History is repeating itself, and people that are politically correct are in control and they shouldn't be…
        all this touchy feely crap has to be put on the back burner.

    • Guest

      I have seen some of these videos, and trust me, you don't want to see them. You will be disturbed for a long time afterwards. I saw one about 4 years ago that I still have never forgotten. It was taken in another country, one where the men were dressed in white robes, probably Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Men stood around and cheered as another man was impaled with a long, narrow sword. They made him bend over, and the sword was inserted into his rectum. They continued to shove the sword into him, then they picked up the sword with him on it. They stuck the handle of the sword into the ground and the man hung there as the sword slowly went through his body and came out near his shoulder. They completely impaled the man's body with a sword. It took him a while to die. Meanwhile the crowd cheered. I watched three such videos and had to stop because I was becoming physically ill. I agree that politicians need to see these videos, but right now I'm not sure the general public could handle it. These muslims are evil. They are mentally and spiritually sick. If they believe in sharia law, they need to be locked up and the key thrown away. When will the world ever learn?

  • Berl Goetz

    Is it not ridiculous to say that European leaders wilfully act against their own indigenous peoples and favor Muslims? Why would they go against their own children and grand-children? They wouldn't! Migrations are random and opportunistic, even if they are undesirable.

    • curmudgeon

      it is ridiculous to expound about what european leaders WOULD NOT DO, in the presence of so much evidence of the evil they ARE DOING. if europe had leaders, there would not be a muslim allowed in any infidel country. those leaders you are so proud of are as dangerous and evil as the muslims they import.

  • ando
    • Lary9

      Thank you. I am familiar with all three sites. I like Zuddi Jasser [sp] very much.

  • Dennis Hulse

    Marti, I agree with you. I don't understand as an Australian how Obama was allowed to take his position without proving his birthright as required by your own Constitution. The longer this unresolved issue drags out the more it is a fraud upon the American people. He is a Christian when the wind blows that way but more a Muslim. When will someone there start impeachment to rectify the matter? ….Kanwi

  • james


    • curmudgeon

      you are wrong. the climategate people, as well as the racists, liberals, communists, animal rightists, and america haters are in bed with islam because they and islam have common enemies: free people. when the muslims achieve critical mass, population-wise, the infidels who aided and abetted them in their enslavement of the west will be shipped off the same gas chambers as as the innocent.

  • freedom fighter

    Agreed. Our so-called leaders do not care about the people, only their power agenda.

  • arah

    Matthew 10:34
    Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    Luke 12:51
    Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

  • Mike

    The saviours of Britain maybe the Caribbean immigrants.Last night I saw a Jamaican woman
    verbally blasting a Muslim guy for smoking in a train station.I couldn't understand most of what she was saying,but what stood out was when she tells the guy,"Your uncle Bin Laden
    brought down the Twin Towers,so you think you can do anything you please."

  • SenatorMark4

    Research Research Research. Lots of good you're doing us! Nobody alive today hasn't heard about jihad and you're really excited and proud that you're banging the gong letting us know that it's coming. Wow. What you don't have at all is a policy to fight this extreme ideology. Too bad. We are definitely not going to win this war by wacking the heads of the ones that decide to go on jihad after getting their heads turned by years of video. Freedom is the answer and the bright line! But what is it? My belief is that there are three things that make this democratic republic the highest state of mankind: 1) First Amendment, 2) Second Amendment, and 3) Article I, section 2 of the Constitution where we get to take out the tax man EVERY two years. Any state that does not endorse these principles in their Constitution should be INELIGIBLE for ANY American blood or treasure. Let them live in the jihad for a few decades like the Iranians as we pass them by heading to the 22nd century! This baloney about dieing for freedom in Afganistan where they have no problem sentencing a moosleman that adopts Christianity is a pure waste of air.

  • Baig

    All you guys are discussing is a huge LIE & BULLSHIT. Only MAD IDIOTS would tell and think & debate about the Muslims trying to harm the common civilian Christians or the Jews
    It is some dirty media or the born again fellas or the right wingers, who are creating HATE
    among various communities of the World . God willing, they will go to Hell for making the lives of so many decent people, so frustrating. . All Is Well Guys. Enjoy . Thanks.

    • Dave Wissler

      Braig. You are completley off base and out of order. You need to get educated about what is going on in America with Radical Islam. I suggest you visit and find out the TRUTH. ALL IS NOT WELL.

    • CeaseandDesist


      Where, o where, are you getting your information, Mr. Haughty? To quote your rhetoric, "only MAD IDIOTS" with no awareness of history or current events would so comment. Either you are a completely uninformed or you are part of the islamist propaganda and dis-information machine.

      Which is it?

    • EMILY

      Excellent article. There are millions of us who love our country just as much as CAIR and you hate us and wants sharia Law…. This is the our country, and it will never be islamic. Hate all you want muslims…it makes us stronger.

    • EMILY

      You gave yourself away, when you said God willing….didn't you mean, "insha' Allah? Of course you did…taqyiaa…not tequila.

    • Guest

      Gee Baig, is your last name bid Laden? Or maybe Hussein? It's the muslims who are the mad idiots; they prove it over and over by their actions.

      You might as well cut the God willing crap. We'll see who ends up in hell. (Hint, hint. It won't be the born again fellas and the right wingers. Just wait and see. When you get there, you will find every jihadist hollering and repenting and asking for another chance to become like the born again fellas. They'll also be greatly disappointed to learn that they did not get the promised 72 virgins.)

    • Comrade

      Tell that to my fellow soldiers at Fort Hood who were gunned down and my fellow marines who were shot in a parking lot outside a recruiting station BOTH by radicalized muslims? The Chrismas Bomber..who's own father tried to warn us that his son was a crazy jihadist? What about the honor killings that have been surfacing? Are we making this all up or are you just is denial?

    • curmudgeon

      baig. you need to work on your satire. when you are satirizing evil, you have to include a clue somewhere that tips us off that you are not actually a blood thirsty lying muslim invading enemy. try as i might, i cannot find that clue. it really looks like you believe the evil that you seem to promote.

  • BCW

    Go to :

    A counter-insurgent – anti-Islamic site that provides a tone of information to educate oneself on this most serious problem facing us.

  • Kerry

    These people are merely repeating what the totalitarian cultists of islam have in their “holy books” of the koran and haditha. You should actually READ them, rather than ignoRANTly defaming others for (belatedly) becoming aware of the world-wide, existential threat posed by this death cult, invented by a 7th century mass-murdering pedophile. Or didn’t your imam allow you to read anything but islamic propaganda?

  • pbeaird

    To the "moderate" Moslem I ask.__When the "radical" Moslem holds his sword at my neck, what can you say to him out of the Koran to stop him from killing me?__Will you be afraid to stop him or say anything to him for fear he will attack you next?__If I convert, will you protest that I was not given a free, moral choice by making conversion the only way to save my life? Or, will you feel glad, instead?__If I die because I will not convert? Will you feel sorry, or will you feel glad that Allah is one step closer to dominating the Earth?__If the "radical" threatens you or your children, will you thrust the sword down on my innocent neck or let them teach your child to do so? Or, will you throw away the sword and let them kill you in the name of your God?__His silence to all these questions with tells you that inside Islam, there can be NO moderates. Islam offers you the descent into the irrational embarce of their world view or death. In defense of the holiest of values, which is the irreplaceable life you were given, you must decide what history will celebrate. Islam must be destroyed, because they give us no other choice.

  • aussie mick

    No thinking person who has read the koran can argue with this fact; the koran is a collection of lies fabricated by a pedophile to suit his own purposes of rape,pillage,murder,torture..the list goes on. The main problem as I see it is this ; islamists are not thinking people and are brain washed by their "koran". There is a lie that I am sick of hearing " most followers of islam are peaceful"…..the right to lie is taught in the koran. The moderate moslems are the false "shop front" behind which jihad ferments, There is no such thing as peace in islam…read the koran…..

  • Jim the "infidel"

    I have no hatred for Muslims. I feel that their theology is irreparably flawed. I could never hold true faith and worship in one that would tell me to willfully end the life of another fellow human being, simply because he does not think as I do. Islam has fallen unto a ship of fools.
    I have no fear of Muslims. I know that within my heart I am a good man. We all live & die. If those around you have experienced joy from knowing you, then you are truly blessed. However, if all you are about is death and the destruction of those unlike you, then your life is quite worthless.

    • SKIP

      Jim!! WAKE THE HELL UP!

  • Mom-Head was a thug!

    Are we to believe that the path to paradise really lies in the death and destruction of as many non-muslims as possible? I'm not buying it. If you live your whole life and can neither find nor create joy or happiness in the lives of those around you, then I'm afraid, for you, it does NOT exist.
    The first thing my faith taught me when I was a little boy was "Thou shalt not kill." Everything after that is just common sense. When the muslims finally reallize that they've gotten it wrong all this time, they're going to be pissed.

  • Six Legged Dog

    The greatest threat to Civilization in the history of the World is islam.

  • Subee Martin

    Dave is doing a great job…now we have a job to do to protect our Children. Check your Libraries and school Libraries and see how many Muslim books are there to assalt our children. Then speak out to the School boards and Librarians in your Cities and States.
    It has nothing to do with freedom of speech when it is insiteing violence or radical behavior.


    it is not allah bless america…….IT IS GOD BLESS AMERICA FOR EVER AND EVER.!

  • Lary9

    Our democratic ideals—this is where they are coming next. The rebirth of jihadist ideology from Sayyd Qutb's monumental work "Fi Zilal al-Qur'an" marks the rally point for today's resurgenct Islamism. They see that 9/11 is unlikely to be repeatable. Nor is it strategically advisable. They will hit us hard where we are vulnerable. We are weak wherever we are not unified as a people. The Constitution is the cement of our Republic. Was it Benjamin Franklin who said during the early days of the Revolution; "We must hang together or we will surely all hang apart." I have no argument with any American today unless they would keep us divided and weak.

  • KBB

    “…If we don’t stop this, and call these murderers what they are, we’ll have to stop them from attacking our families…” *********Great idea. Except, how will we stop them if our guns are taken away??.

    • SKIP

      We will have to kill those that would take away our guns. We will also have to do in in a concerted manner too, if we allow the gubmint to take away any person's guns, WE will be next.

  • Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    The most distressing part is that Mulims are not prepared to realise, what has gone or going wrong with them. Why the people all over the world are feeling scared of them? In stead they feel that the non-muslims are showing their hatred against them. But I feel the reverse. Those who criticise and point your faults on your face are your biggest friends. Because by criticising, they are pointing to your weaknesses and giving a chance to you to rectify yourself. Therefore, in stead of hating the critics, you should thank them for pointing out the faults. No body is perfect but no one can realise one's own mistake unless the other one points it out.

    The Islam has become its own enemy and it does not need more enemies. If they feel that we are their enemies, then my request goes to them that they hasten their activities more and faster. Allah will take care of them.

    God bless.

    • SKIP

      For your information, we ARE NOT scared of the savages, we are disgusted with them and the politicians that facilitate their entry into the U.S. They too will be dealt with when society totally breaks down and their fates will be similar to Benito Mussolini's by ending up hanging, perhaps not upside down with his girlfriend next to him, but the islamic facilitators WILL be hanging.

  • desertwind

    To Baig, you should read Brigitte Gabriel's book, "Because They Hate" about how the Muslims killed the Christians in Lebanon in the war from 1975 – 1982. This will open your eyes to what the real agenda is of the Muslims.

  • phj

    How many muslims are in this country and why are they coming in when we are at war with jihadists? How many have sneaked in through our porous borders that our Dear Leader will do nothing about? When do our so-called "leaders" start caring about the American person first?

    • SKIP

      How many are in our country now??Hmmmm I believe all of them, the ones that really count though are the POTUS and those in Congress and senate already.

  • Mario Manes

    Personally, I really do like the name, I think it’s sort of neat. I believe it’s a bit simpler to say. I believe they may be being very in line with many and that i connect with them whenever the price preceding the name.But, as with whatever else, we all have our own private preferences. Each to his or her own, I always say. What’s your decision?


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    • SKIP

      WTF did you just say??

  • Dr. O. P. Sudrania

    If it is true, it may be a quite worrying thing. I have read posts earlier on similar Islamic activities in America and Europe. But what goes on undercurrent remains hidden from the public glare. Overall while perusing the world events, situation doesn't seem very conducive to peace. God bless

  • Tejpal

    How true?

  • xman

    Yep, the Tom Kratman novel Caliphate is becoming more like a prediction of the future of Europe with every passing day. If it were possible to build a time machine like the DeLorean car on Back to the Future and catch a glimpse of Europe 100 or 120 years from now, before returning to the present, I'm afraid it would mean sleepless nights for the remainder of my life.