KGB Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Robert Buchar, an associate professor and author of the Cinematography Program at Columbia College in Chicago. A political refugee from former Czechoslovakia, he is the producer of the documentary, Velvet Hangover, which is about Czech New Wave filmmakers, how they survived the period of “normalization” and their reflections on the so-called Velvet Revolution of 1989. He is the author of the new book, And Reality be Damned… Undoing America: What The Media Didn’t Tell You About the End of the Cold War and Fall of Communism in Europe. The book is based on a documentary feature he is currently working on, The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story.

FP: Robert Buchar, welcome back to to Frontpage Interview.

In our recent interview, Prisoners of Yuri Andropov, we discussed how the KGB Chairman had developed a paradigm of Soviet deception that still allows Russia to keep the West deluded and psychologically imprisoned.

I would like to continue this discussion with you today, as the recent arrests of Russian spies in the U.S. has alerted us to what we are talking about in terms of Russia’s malicious – and camouflaged — objectives toward the U.S. and the West.

I think it would be best to start with you telling us a bit about your knowledge about the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989, as it very much crystallizes the essence of the Soviet threat and deception plan we face today.

Buchar: Thanks Jamie.

To understand the so-called Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia we must take a trip back in time to Prague Spring of 1968 — the period of political liberation led by Alexander Dubcek, a devoted communist raised in the Soviet Union. The movement was crushed by the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact army invasion in September of that year and the period of “normalization” that followed. Many people were punished for their participation in the liberalization process and many communists were expelled from the Party.

It was at that time that the dissident movement for the Velvet Revolution was seeded. According to the intelligence analysis of the CzCP (Communist Party of Czechoslovakia) internal audit of 1969-1970, about 800 CzCP officials were transferred to the so-called “reserves” by expulsion from the Communist Party. These people became instrumental in building the foundation for transformation that took place in 1989. The report also states that approximately 1,120 communists emigrated — were sent abroad — to work in opposition movements there and collect intelligence data.

Under KGB supervision, the new “controlled” dissent began and Charter 77 was born. At the end of 1977, it was decided in the meeting between the KGB and StB that some members of UV KSC (Communist Party Central Committee) will be kept out of the picture.  Only 12 select members of UV KSC in Czechoslovakia were partially informed about these actions. Out of 217 people who signed Charter 77 declaration in 1977, 156 were former communists. To make a long story short, during 13 years of its existence, Charter 77 never achieved any political influence. It was not anticipated. The purpose was to make Czechoslovak citizens familiar with individuals that otherwise nobody would know anything about in November 1989. The Charter’s membership reached 1,900 members in 1989. The majority of them had no idea about the function or goals of this organization.

FP: And the West was funding this movement?

Buchar: Yes, the dissident movement was financed from the West. During the period 1980-1989, the Charter Foundation paid $376,000 to finance Charter 77 activities in Czechoslovakia and $1,341 million for personal expenses of Charter 77 members. This amount doesn’t include individual awards dissidents received abroad. An additional $6 million was transferred to the personal accounts of Charter 77 leaders. The Charter’s account — Charter Foundation — was managed by professor Frantisek Janouch in Sweden. Janouch came from a prominent communist family and his wife had Soviet citizenship. When the account reached millions of dollars and some investment strategy was necessary, money was transferred to Kommerzbank in Hamburg, Germany. Charter 77 was operating all the time with the blessing and under the control of the StB and the KGB — while financed with the help of the CIA and George Soros. It was managed by 70-85 people, most of them former communists. After the revolution, some 180 of their family members ended up holding high positions in the new government and economy.

When new interior minister Dr. Richard Sacher discovered in March 1990 that some materials regarding activities of Charter 77 and personal files of some of its leaders were compromised, a danger that the connection between Charter and the former communist government could leak out arose. On April 2, 1990 he ordered, on request of President Vaclav Havel, to remove from the archives all documents about the president, members of the cabinet, and members of the Parliament. It was ordered to put these documents in metal containers marked “File Z,” seal it, and to inform the Interior Ministry immediately whenever anyone would make an attempt to seek information about these people. He also appointed Jan Ruml to the position of deputy director at the Interior Ministry. Within six weeks after Ruml’s arrival, 15 thousand personal files disappeared from the archives.  Interior Minister Jan Langos was the person who moved so called “File Z” to an undisclosed location. He died in a freak car accident on the strait highway in the middle of nowhere on June 15, 2006.

FP: So what you are essentially saying is that the Velvet Revolution was communist controlled?

Buchar: Yes Jamie. “Velvet Revolutionaries” were all products of communism and communists’ values.  All major political parties created after the 1989 revolution were founded and led by former communists. The purpose of the whole process was to develop the new system that will allow a manipulation of  society through agents. Velvet democracy made communists’ dream come through. They became rich and powerful, quickly and without any hard work. And, of course, they became legitimate and nobody can punish them for crimes of the past.

The whole so-called “coupon privatization” was a great rip-off on Czech citizens. It was masterminded and executed by fellows from the Institute of Prognosis under the leadership of Dusan Triska and the Civic Democratic Party founder and the current President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus. The process allowed the transformation of the national property to hands of former communists, StB and KGB agents, and swindlers.  Politicians at that time called it “a run ahead of lawyers.” The bill for the privatization that occurred between 1990-2000 reached $75 billion, $15,300 for each taxpayer. (The average annual salary in Czech Republic is $9,000.)

It is important to understand that the Prognostic Institute was a direct copy of the institute of the same name in Moscow founded by KGB General Michail Ljubimov on the order from Yuri Andropov. The institute in Prague was led by Valtr Komarek, the communist since the age of sixteen who studied at Moscow State Institute of Economy. After the revolution he was appointed first Deputy Premier in the new government.

Everything was just about the continuity of power, ability to stay in control. President Vaclav Havel proclaiming, “We are not like them” became the guarantor of this continuity. After all, communists were proclaiming their power, when it will be instituted globally, and that it will last forever. In 1989, communism underwent a metamorphosis –it changed into a power of economic mafia controlling media and politics.

FP: But wait, Vaclav Havel was a great hero and he was imprisoned for his fight for liberty. Surely you are not saying this was all a hoax? And Havel’s presidency helped transform the Czech Republic into multi-party democracy.

Buchar: I would pick the word “ruse” to describe it. Yes, Vaclav Havel was the great hero created by the West, by Western media. As I already said, the whole dissident movement was about making the public aware of certain personalities who would become new leaders in the future. Vaclav Havel was one of them. He was imprisoned five times but he was never sent to really horrible prison as other dissidents, like, for example, Cibulka, Hucin and Vonka, where prisoners were actually fighting for their survival and some of them died there. Havel was living in the prison under different conditions than other inmates. He was allowed to receive gifts, eat special food, smoke cigars, read newspapers and write. He must have known he was being manipulated.

Vaclav Havel had his personal cover file in the 2nd Directorate of StB. He was groomed to be one of the leaders in the future. How much he willingly or unwillingly worked with them and how much he understood what they wanted from him remains the question. Only Russian archives can tell. Documents exist proving that StB worked with Marian Calfa who became the first Premier and who offered the presidency to Vaclav Havel and that the air currier, which intelligence services used between Prague and Moscow, was active until April 1990. That means intelligence information was still flowing to Moscow during Vaclav Havel’s presidency and ended only after information leaked into the media that Interior Minister Sacher was negotiating an agreement with the LGB about future collaboration. In this way, Vaclav Havel became the guarantor of continuity between former communist and new post-communist power.

This is a complicated issue we can discuss for long time. Just as a last point, I would like to mention that to understand the complexity of Havel’s legacy, one has to look at the history of his family going back to the 1920’s. But no matter how hard you dig, you will find nothing about his father’s life after 1945.  People may not realize that Vaclav Havel may be a big hero in the West, but he wasn’t, and isn’t, seen such a way back home in the Czech Republic.

FP: Ok, well for sure there are many things we don’t know and in terms of the conniving tricks with which the KGB has, and continues to, deceive the West, we cannot simply just discount these possibilities. But we must also keep in mind that a person can be a hero independent of whether he was “created” to be one or not — or whether he is considered to be one or not. Also, that a person might get more lenient treatment than someone else might not necessarily take away from the bravery, goals and importance that are intrinsic in that person’s dissident actions. We also have to remember that the KGB has always participated in spreading rumors about those it fears most, and often tries to label them as KGB-tainted in the eyes of anti-communists, to discredit them and to sow division etc.

Having said that, the facts you raise about Havel are obviously troubling and these things, for sure, must be looked into with further inquiry and investigation.

So let’s move on, what happened with the KGB after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and after the developments connected to privatization?

Buchar: Many people believe that KGB ceased to exist or that it doesn’t present any danger anymore. Nothing can be further from the true. There was not a clean up of Lubjanka and the KGB was not dismantled. The KGB is the same today as it was then. It has different names, a couple of different designations that have been changed within the organization, but the same people are in the same buildings doing the same things with the same mindset. And they essentially, incurably, have, in their minds, the same enemy. Despite all the talk of friendship and the mutual fight against terror with the United States, the present regime under Putin is in fact friend of America’s enemies, and its relationship with North Korea, Iran, and other regimes of this sort are perfect indications of their lack of change. George Tenet, the head of the CIA, once characterized the purge of the KGB as window dressing. The Chekist mentality never left.

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  • Cuban Refugee

    "…communism underwent a metamorphosis – it changed into a power of economic mafia controlling media and politics."

    Change Czech Republic to United States of America, or any other formerly sovereign country, and you've hit the nail on the head regarding the New World Order.

    • scum

      standard side-effect of privatization. The rich get richer, while you open your wallet.

  • moriyah

    "It will take tremendous leadership. It will take leadership that is willing to divide our national interest from our diplomatic interest."

    America does not have this leadership. This is an Administration that denies reality and wants us to buy the lie. The disarming weapon, the poison of Political Correctness has a paralyzing effect on the truth. Those who tell it are vilified and belittled for being racist and Islamahobic. How outlandish would those be called who would attempt to tell the above truth? Practically impossible. Thanks for trying …

  • Marlin Anditi

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  • Tim Starr

    OK, so I read Golitsyn's "New Lies for Old" back in the early 1990s at the prompting of a Bircher. I found it ultimately unconvincing. Many of his claims are just too far-fetched to be credible, such as the Sino-Soviet Pact being staged. What I would find plausible would be claims that the KGB had plans to open up to the West, that things went further than they wanted, and that they're now trying to recapture lost ground as best they can. But the idea that all of the leaders who took power in post-Soviet Europe were KGB stooges? Including Walesa? Not plausible. And even if some of the original post-Soviet leaders were set up by the KGB to take those positions, their successors certainly have broken off any KGB leashes. Vaclav Klaus is about as anti-Communist as you can get, as was Kacynski of Poland. Or was it part of the KGB's deception plan to have most of the former Warsaw Pact countries join NATO? I don't think so.

    • J. Adams

      Some wishful thinking on your part. As for Warsaw Pact countries joining NATO, you ever think that this might be an intelligence coup for the Kremlin? No….that would compromise you false hopes.

    • Jim Harrison

      Actually, it DID go further than they wanted. The Soviets were not God, but they tried. however, they did not go away. They could not go as far as they did without Western capital. Socialism produces nothing. Communism has simply been put on the back burner, at least temporarily. Environmentalism, Islam, feminism, gay rights, Keynesianism, etc. are playing major roles although some of these tentacles oppose one another at the lower levels. However, the drive toward a new world order is bound to collapse like the building of the Tower of Babel. God is not mocked.

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