Liberalism’s Threat to American Judaism

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Byron L. Sherwin, an accomplished theologian, ethicist, scholar and teacher. Ordained a Rabbi by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, he received his PHD in Cultural History from the University of Chicago. Sherwin is the author or editor of 28 books and over 150 articles and monographs, most recently Faith Finding Meaning: A Theology of Judaism (Oxford, 2009). For 40 years, he has served at Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies at Chicago, where he currently is Distinguished Service Professor and Vice-President for Academic Affairs Emeritus.

FP: Rabbi Sherwin, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Sherwin: Thank you, Dr. Glazov, and thanks to Frontpage which is one of the very few media outlets available for holding the discussion we now begin.

FP: True enough, thank you sir.

I would like to talk to you today about why the vast majority of American Jews identify themselves as political liberals, something they have done especially since the 1930s.

Hopefully you can explain this trend for us — as well as its consequences.

Let’s begin by you illuminating the phenomenon for us in general.

Sherwin: For many decades now, sociological and demographic studies of Jewish voting patterns have consistently demonstrated that the vast majority of American Jews are social and political liberals, and that American Jewry is basically a one-party group. In recent presidential elections, the Democratic candidate received over 75 percent of the Jewish vote, or more than three of every four votes. Most recently, in 2008, Obama received 78 percent, the largest percentage of any group except African-Americans, which was 95 percent. It is not surprising that the Jewish proclivity for liberal politics, articulated through their attachment to the left wing of the Democratic Party, has been called “an addiction,” and voting Democratic has been described as having been implanted into the DNA of American Jews. As Leonard Fein put it years ago: “Politics is our religion, and our preferred denomination is liberal.”

For many American Jews, especially those whose forebears immigrated to the United States from eastern Europe in the great wave of immigration from 1880 to World War I, it is almost inconceivable for a Jew to be a Republican or a conservative. In many Jewish circles, Jewish conservatives and Republicans are readily considered genetic aberrations, heretics, and traitors to their heritage. Yet, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Jews who came in an earlier wave of immigration, largely from Germany and Bohemia in the mid-19th century, were mostly Republicans who embraced the party of Abraham Lincoln. So, historically, it is a mistake to claim that American Jews were always Democrats.

FP: Ok. Well, you are an American Jew, a rabbi, a professor of Jewish studies, but you have always been politically a conservative. How come you are not a liberal?

Sherwin: Jamie, the odds of a person like me being a liberal who supports the Democratic Party and its liberal politics are pretty good, about 4 to 1. Statistically, it would be a good bet, though the person so betting would lose.

I have never been a liberal because I am convinced that liberalism is incompatible both with the teachings of Judaism and with the current self-interests of American Jews. I further believe that the ideological tendencies and programmatic features of liberalism pose an existential threat to the future of Judaism in America and to the survival and continuity of Jews as Jews in The United States. Over the years, these convictions have been verified by the consistent findings of sociological and demographic studies of American Jewry, as they have been affirmed by the writings of a wide variety of Jewish scholars and theologians.

For example, the late Rabbi Seymour Siegel, who was my teacher, served for many years as Professor of Jewish Theology at The Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York. In the early 1970s, after surveying the basic tendencies of liberalism, he came to the conclusion that “[Liberalism is] by and large inimical to Jewish interests and it does not reflect some of the basic tenets of Judaism,” and that “Jewish teachings are contrary to liberal ideology.”

The Jewish identification with the Democratic Party coalesced during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, the beginning of the unraveling of Jewish support for the Republican Party first became evident in the three-way race for president among Taft, Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. Since his days as New York City’s Police Commissioner, Roosevelt had endorsed pro-Jewish policies, including the first appointment of a Jew to the Cabinet in 1906 during his presidency. Seeing Wilson as the epitome of the Enlightenment liberal, Jews helped elect Wilson though he had demonstrated little regard either for Jews or for Jewish interests. So began the shift of American Jewish voting patterns away from candidates who reflect their self-interests toward those who embrace the utopian views of the European Enlightenment.

I am a conservative because a conservative world-view represents a world-view more compatible with Judaism and with Jewish interests than the world-view represented by political liberalism.

FP: Tell us what role Judaism plays in the political affiliations and activities of American Jews.

Sherwin: Over the past few decades, sociological studies of American Jews have consistently found that the vast majority of American Jews:

(1) are politically liberal,

(2) are more likely to define themselves in secular ethnic terms rather than religious terms,

(3) tend to understand their group identity as demanding adherence to liberal ideas,

(4) believe that their religion, i.e., Judaism, teaches them to be socially and politically liberal.

Based on these findings and upon the already mentioned claim that liberalism is inimical to Judaism, one can readily conclude that Judaism plays no real role in the political activates and affiliations of most American Jews. Ironically, precisely because many American Jews perceive a close identity between liberal teachings and Jewish religious teachings, they mistakenly believe that Judaism plays a central role both in their political affiliations and activities, and in their identity as Jews.

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  • mre

    Jews need to wake up. That saying "never again?" Well, guess what. It's happening again. Stop voting for your own destruction.

  • gamalpha

    I asked a liberal Jew why he was liberal and he told me that it was because liberalism has Jewish values. When I asked specifically what values he was talking about he said it was pro abortion and referred to a story of a woman who was in a coma and pregnant and whose doctor said that she'd be more likely to come out of the coma if the child was aborted. A Christian decided to represent the fetus in court. This Christian represents the evil right wing to the liberal Jew I spoke with and is a key reason that he is liberal.

  • S. HaLevi

    The following I say with great apin, but it has to be said.
    My fellow Jews in significant numbers are naturally self destructive in their desperate search to please anyone they consider worthy to be subserviant to. And further than that, some of the more affected ones, would gleefuly let down their own in the process.
    Why? I have no way to understand that as a Jew myself.
    They post all kinds of "reasons" and work feverishly to convince others of the connection of their massive stupidity with Biblical contortions they manage to massage.
    Will they wake up? A few will, others will ramble on until self destruction is achieved.

  • Alfonso Barrs

    Page 1
    Re: Liberalism’s Threat to American Judaism
    by Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor

    “…American Jews do not usually mobilize around issues related to their own self-interest…” Why? If Jews don’t fight for and defend their own self-interest they remain sheep following a Shepard who may lead them to the shearing barn or the slaughter barn, if lucky to green pastures. The bottom line is, they have a choice in America! They are now Americans and have a duty to their adopted nation to ensure our Republic survives and prospers…for their own benefit if no other. So, why do they continue, even while their Democrat Party has slid from conservative politics to hard left liberal politics to vote the party line regardless of the harm their ideology does to our nation and families? They have been there before. Didn’t they learn the lesson that a political party is an organization of people with ideologies and its members have the right and indeed duty to oppose destructive ideologies within their party, or change parties and vote your individual ideology?

    “Jews were viewed and often viewed themselves as “a people apart,” unable or ineligible to fully integrate culturally, socially and politically in the lands of their residence.” That is one of the Jewish community’s shortcomings. They have isolated themselves with their religion or lack of religion. They never assimilated into the American way. We see that again today in the Hispanic community. Groups isolate themselves from the rest of society when they cling to their customs and behaviors in the old country they left to immigrate to America. Why? They had to have a reason to leave and immigrate to America, so why bring all that previous baggage along with them to their new home in a Republic with unlimited freedom and rights?

    Continued next post by Barrs…

  • Alfonso Barrs

    Page 2
    Re: Liberalism’s Threat to American Judaism
    by Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor

    “Jews gravitated toward liberalism which they perceived to be protective of their safety and vulnerabilities, and conducive to the realization of their social, political and economic opportunities.” The only protection liberalism gives Jews or any other group is that which it takes to get their vote. Liberalism morphed into socialism, morphed into Marxism and finally Communism is not a protective shield for any person or group. Many of us have learned that lesson, so why has Jews not learned that survival lesson? This appears to have been a slide toward a welfare mentality among Jewish immigrants, not a self-directed move toward social and self-worth assimilation in America.

    “Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe came to America for physical safety, economic opportunity and political freedom, largely unavailable in Eastern Europe.” If that was the case, they did achieve physical safety and economic opportunity, but why did they then retreat into their own enclaves and shun involvement in American society, politics and religion.

    “In Europe, and later in America, they cast their lot with the needs of the poor, including themselves; with the “workers” and their unions in America, with left wing politics including Communism and Socialism, and with the universalistic, secularist and internationalist teachings of the French and Russian Enlightenment and later of the early Russian Revolution.” Many immigrants to America were dirt poor, but were motivated enough to take their futures into their own hands and carve out a Self-actualization life for themselves, their families and fellow immigrants. So, why did the American Jew retreat into their own enclaves in America as if they preferred being taken care of as opposed to taking care of themselves? The myth that I grew up with was that Jews always took care of their own and were skilled business persons, often becoming rich in America.

    Continued next post by Barrs…

  • Alfonso Barrs

    Page 3
    Re: Liberalism’s Threat to American Judaism
    by Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazine's editor

    “American Jews believed then, and continue to believe today, that the Democratic Party, especially its liberal agenda and the coalition of its members, ultimately protects their security, vulnerability, and their social, economic and political interests.” Don’t Jews of today pay attention to their favored political party? Don’t they know that they can change parties when their party leaves them? Don’t they know they can vote against their party if they differ with party ideology? Or, do they leave that to others, party leaders, who tell them how to vote? I was originally a Democrat Party member, but when my party ideology began to change to a left liberal position I changed my membership to the Republican Party. I, the son of a dirt poor share cropper farmer, changed because I have always been a hard working, attentive, conservative and an optimist who looks ahead and not behind. American Jewish behavior once again appears self destructive. They follow Democrats like sheep follow the Shepard. Finally, why can’t they see the world as it really is instead of viewing it through their ancestor’s lenses…I call that reality and sensible change…

    I fervently support the survival of Israel and the reality that they must be prepared to fight for their survival and do so in a manner conducive to victory instead of retreat. But, I can not do it for them or lead them…it is they who must evaluate the benefits of continuing to support a political party whose only use for them is for a vote…nothing else.

    To the Jews of America…think, stand up and support the survival of our Republican form of government or you will see a repeat and experience the oppression of the Jewish people as they experienced the horrors in the early 1900s.

  • poetcomic1

    My Jewish immigrant ancestors fondly reminisced about their beloved Hapsburg Empire. In Austria-Hungary the last remnants of true Catholic Rule of Karl and Zita protected and empowered the Jews along with the dozens of other groups and nationalities in their empire. Karl desperately tried to end the bloodbath and carnage of WWI and make peace without victory for either side but Woodrow Wilson refused to even see even see him because 'he was not elected by the people'. The rise of Hitler, Horthy and a score of little Hitlers and Commissars followed

    • maria

      yes, it is true. My ancestors told me the same story and you probably know that the Hapsburgs saved many Jews during the WWII and that the sons of Franz Ferdinand d´Este were in a concentration camp during WWII.Mary

  • USMCSniper

    If you are Jewish and voted for Buraq Hussein Obama in the last election, remember he sat in his spiritual mentor (his words not mine) the anti semite anti American Reverend Jerimiah Wright's church for almost twenty years. Watch the following YouTube videos and see if the last one gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling about Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama:

    Hate sermon:

    Fox news report:

    Denial by Barack Obama:

    Trinity church positive spin:

  • BS1977

    Michael Savage said liberalism is a mental disorder. Many Jews, whose parents voted Democrat for decades….FDR stalwarts…..remained loyal liberals without ever thinking about it. Now many conservative Jews are changing their outlook….many did NOT vote for BHO and never would. Still many dyed in the wool liberals, Jewish and Christian, continue to drink the Kool Aid

  • Aly

    I am a libertarian/conservative Jew and I know many others who agree with me so please do not stereotype us, AGAIN. Jews are people and we have diverse opinions. I know many other conservative Jews and many Israeli's are also conservative because we are realistic.

    Would I like to live in a "Star trek Federation" world where no one was hungry and everyone was equal, of course I would and I understand why many Jews, educated since birth that we are "a light unto other nations" want to "do good" even if goodness is government imposed, but many of us are also realists and SEE the threats bombarding us and are willing to stand up.

    I'm just saying…

  • Proud Infidel

    Thank you for an outstanding and enlightening interview, which to a large degree conforms what I knew. My wife works at a Jewish Community Services outlet and confirms the extreme liberalism of her co-workers. She's convinced she's the only Jew who works there who voted for McCain in '08. She's tried to discuss politics with them but says they are all still under Obama's spell and refuse to acknowledge his fundamental incompetence and unfitness for the job. As well as the growing evidence of his hostility to Israeli interests. She's had to stay quiet because they tend to get rather hostile when she points out Obama's many failings.

    • Steve

      Oh, yes, liberal Jews are very vocal and sometime militant in defending their new messiah (BHO). I wish them to be as vocal for their own Jewish causes in Israel and around the world…

  • Steve

    Yes, S. HaLevi, I am with you. Completely agreed.

  • Cuban Refugee

    How any American Jew could still be a liberal under the current George Soros administration is a conundrum. Do they not see the efforts that have been made, in clandestine conjunction with Hamas and Hezbollah, to wipe Israel off the face of the map? Were they privy to the news reports about the insulting treatment Netanyahu received on his recent visit to the White House? Are they blind to the mosques that have been springing up like weeds all over our nation to make us a mirror image of Sweden? Where have they been when the hate crimes occurred in our streets? Did they notice the defilement of temples, the desecraton of the Torah, and the anti-Semitic graffiti that is our nouveau modern art? Have they visited Dearborn, Michigan lately? As we all are led to the "reeducation" camps, the caption to our dark predicament will read, "Those who have not learned from history are destined to repeat it."

    • maria

      yes, you are right. I am Jewish and lived many years under the Communist dictatorship and I know that the Soviet founded PLO and so called palestinians. There was never a nation called palestinians.
      I have never understood that any Jew can be for the Left. Mary

  • Baltimore48

    Great article/interview.

    Please note that Orthodox Jews tend to identify as conservatives/Republicans. (It was the secular and Reform Jews who voted for Obama–not the Orthodox Jews.) That is because we are Torah-observant and see that liberal views are, for the most part, antithetical to Jewish values.

  • Brian

    This video was sent to me by a liberal Jew who appears to be of a state of mind that is receptive to other views.

    She writes,"… in response to all your emails, I wonder what you'll think of this video."

    How would you suggest I respond?

    This video was presented to her group.

    • EdwinS

      The video is so full of lies it would take hours to track down the mendacity of each one. Let 'm read history – maybe 'The Case For Israel' by Dershowitz (?)

  • Jim C.

    My take on it is that liberal Jews are liberal because they're exceptionally intelligent and accomplished, generous, thoughtful, and good-looking. But that's just my take.

  • Douglas

    This reminds me of the very old southern white people who continue to vote for democrats because their forefathers did so for the sake of segregation. Even my very old grandfather voted for Obama thinking he best represents the interests of the working white folks. When my grandfather saw he didn't best represent that he said, "Oh well; it's time for the black folk to take over anyway."

    If that sounds racist, too bad. That's just the way it is.

  • kwg1

    Interesting that the peoples who gave us our Judeo/Christian heritage and who multiple times in their past history have moved away from "fearing" God and suffered near annihlation are once again revisiting that same annihilation and for the same reason… not "fearing" God. This is true of both Christians and Jews sad to say.

  • 080

    So why does Mayor Ed Koch support the Obama administration?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Ed is diehard get along somehow, however staying in the flow should not be so
      important to Ed, he can't let go, so how can the Almighty put anything new and
      good in blessings into his hands when He can't pull his fingers off what he thinks
      he has……………………………Ed Koch hard to understand but likeable………..William

  • Doggwood

    We observe the public trashing of African-Americans who dare to come out as conservative. They're called "Uncle Tom", "house n—–", etc. In the opening paragraphs of this article, I see the claim that "In many Jewish circles, Jewish conservatives and Republicans are readily considered genetic aberrations, heretics, and traitors to their heritage." I think that might be overstated. I don't see the same degree of trashing by their own people of conservative Jews that conservative blacks get. I'm a conservative Jew, and other Jews may think I'm wrong and a fool, but nobody's ever called me a race traitor or anything like that. I don't see David Horowitz or Dennis Prager or the like get the treatment that Clarence Thomas gets.

    It's true that I grew up in such a overwhelmingly Democratic enclave that we didn't know any Republicans. I got the idea that Republicans were selfish rich white people who cared for nothing but themselves. I realized something had to be wrong with that picture, because there weren't enough selfish rich white people to account for the fact the Republicans sometimes won elections. Also, I could see a big element of the Democrat voting base were people trying to vote money into their own pockets. But most Jews seem unable to discuss these phenomena honestly. They don't get beyond the environment I grew up in; that is, a sense that it's unthinkable to do anything but vote for the (D). There's a cognitive disconnect between theory and reality. For example, my Jewish friend, who sends his kids to private school, argues sincerely and vehemently against vouchers because that would be tantamount to "giving up on public schools". In other words, he lives in the real world but votes from an ivory tower. This is in my head too. It was only later in life that I actually registered (R), and I felt very guilty about it.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Politics and the Jewish American, what a dance in the moonlight it is, dawn
    though does come about and the Sun always comes up in the East and so does
    the Jewish vote head to the Democrat. Why? Liberals seem to think that
    the Democrats are where they are most accepted, may be,so when Jacob Javits,
    a liberal politician wanted to be and U. S. Senator he was a registered liberal
    with the liberal party but became Republican to get elected. I did not appreciate that
    but who was I to complain back then, or now. I think it goes to where a person or
    group perceives they will not be looked on askance and accepted as they are.
    As a mensch by Jewish friends know I accepted them and they likewise me but
    there were those who hated my guts for no other reason than that I was non-Jew.
    Life is a mixture and everyone needs to look to that which is good inside and durable,
    and contains more than surface approbation, friends are there in hard times…..
    Friendship often trumps politics……………..William

  • rae

    I think the Jews have finally gone off the deep end psychologically. I mean, who can take 3000 years of being told how great you are – then hearing how much you are despised. That can really do a number on your head. I suppose liberal Jews in America, an accomplished bunch, are just afraid to lose what they've worked so hard to gain, which is basically acceptance into the American dream. The fact that the libs are destroying that dream is cognitive dissonance, or whatever, I can't figure it out – and Jews don't like to admit they are wrong (or gentiles). I suppose the real explanation is not just psychological but spiritual, the idols just don't cut it, I mean, which one is it, the golden calf or those Commandments Moses broke in a rage when he came down the mountain and saw the party? Some dance around the calf, some lose their gold and listen for what G-d has to say about what to do and where to go next, and what to leave behind. Somebody said the only way to save your life is to lose it. Oh yea, I remember who that was.

  • Gideon

    The 'universalist' ideologies that claim they are not racist or anti-semitic, end up being anti-semitic, at least. This is what happened to Marxism in Russia and Eastern Europe, for instance. And anti-Semitism isn't limited to white people from Europe, any more – just take a look at the seething hatred of the Moslem world, and the anti-Semitic propaganda coming from left wing countries like Venezuela.
    I have an orthodox Jewish relative who does outreach to Moslems, and I have a Jewish relative who voted for Obama and whose orthodox synagogue members are very liberal. So orthodoxy doesn't save them either. Personally I'm an athiest, and generally a social and fiscal conservative. Religion is not enough. You have to have a willingness to be open to ideas that are foreign to your circle and community and history. You have to communicate as well, even with people you disagree with, and don't like.
    Communication is a big deal. I have been in situations where people simply would not communicate – and it hurt me, and it hurt them more.
    There has to be conservative outreach and discussion with Jews, blacks, and Hispanics. It might do some good. It might spark some thought.

    • Jim C.

      Eminently sensible. This website paints conservatives as perpetual victims, and is completely disingenuous about why so few minorities (blacks, Jews, hispanics) are conservative. It may be cliche, but the rich, exclusive, white Republican enclave is a reality.

      No self-respecting Jew is going to look at the typical evangelical conservative and think, "Wow, this guy's on my side," when the only reason that conservative is on their side is because some biblical prophecy says a number of Jews will convert to Christianity at the end of the world, and they want to be part of that "mission" to "save" what Jews they can. That would be the definition of insanity.

      This isn't to tar conservatives or evangelicals. There are many well-intentioned people among them and labelling them is just as foolish as those who think orthodoxy=political conservativism. But it's not complicated: if your "love for Israel" is based solely on some biblical prophecy–that ain't much, now, is it?

      • Guest

        1) What basis do you want religiously conservative Xians to have to "love Israel"?

        2) What role would you prefer Xians to think Jews play in their religion? (Pretty much given the origin of Xianity and its scripture, Xians have to wrestle with the question "What about the Jews?")

        I can think of many possible answers. I am curious as to what yours are.


  • Loumindes

    It is time for Jews to wake up. As historically kind and compassionate people, the left has succeded with their progessive agenda, to steal our children with their pro-homosexual agenda. Help end the censorship in our public libraries, Learn more about the subject from the American College of Pediatricians at, get more links at As George Orwell state so well, "When you control the past, you control the future". Judaism mandates we think with our minds, not with our hearts.

  • Fred Glass

    This article stated some historical facts but avoided addressing the question of why Jews gravitate toward stateist political views.

    Historically since the Diaspora, the oppression Jews have suffered has come mostly from the populace, not from the ruling classes. In fact the feudal rulers valued the literary & numerate skills of the Jews to help administer their fiefdoms. The Jews held high ministerial positions in the feudal courts. Around 1050 the Roman clergy jealous of the high status of the Jews began a concerted & diabolical campaign to defame & discredit the Jews in order to obtain the high positions for themselves. They directed their propaganda efforts at the populace as the ruling elites appreciated & admired their Jewish ministers. So began the scourge of anti-semitism. (This is too long a history to go into here. A Harvard historian, 40 or 50 years ago -forgot his name- who had access to the Vatican archives documented this diabolical campaign by the Roman clergy) And so too began the predeliction of Jews to side with the ruling class for protection from the rabid populace. This better than anything else explains why Jews to this very day gravitate toward so called liberal politics which places more power in the state rather than the dangerous populace.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Reading the comments I see a trend towards not so much belief in the Almighty.
    I also see decried the anti-Semitism, eschewing Jew hatred for whatever cause
    and reasoning. The world is going nuts and it may not be just my observation
    but Christians in general are under severe attack by the left and the Jew in particular.
    As there are " no athiests in fox holes" soon all Jewish folk will be believers, so
    hunker down and think better of that Christian next to you, they pay a price to be on
    your side and remember they are not guilty of the faults of past generations, its
    the leftists who are carrying the hate…………………………………William

  • Stuart

    Glenn Beck had a bunch of Christian religious leaders on his show last week. It would have been nice if he would have invited a Rabbi such as Byron Sherwin.

  • Jewish Ideas Daily

    American Jews are still overwhelmingly liberal and liberalism has also become very popular in Israel. Does this have to do with the growing disconnect from religion?

    • Cuban Refugee

      Sadly, the secular communism of the New World Order leaves no room for God, but it is certainly opening the door wide for Sharia Law. The Fourth Estate that facilitated Obama's rise to power is still brainwashing the masses, and if you pay attention to their message, you will hear and see the subtle encouragement to kill God. They all are protagonists for darkness and evil, no longer part of our nation's checks and balances, but a duplicitous Fifth Column that has sold out our republic. Over the years, Judaism has become more about culture than faith, and most Jews in this country, and some in Israel, have fallen in the trap of deception. The weeping and the gnashing of teeth is not too far in our future …

  • George Austin

    While I understand this strange situation of liberal Jews who think Liberalism is in line with Judaism, this is not something inherent only in Jews. 95% of blacks voted for Obama yet his record even before he was elected shows him to be the most black genocidal President ever. They voted out of ignorance for a man only half black who promotes policies that target black citizens through abortion. All this while another black man -Alan Keys- was also running for President. Even conservative Christians rejected Christian candidates to cast their votes for the "lesser of two evils" (neither of which stood for Christian values) while proclaiming it a winning strategy. How can so many people be so irrational and even plain stupid at the same time is my question. Are we so easily deceived? The story of the Garden of Eden would seem to say, "Yes."

  • Judahlevi

    Israel is doing what it can to keep the Jewish population safe. To blame the "rightwing" Jews for leading to "destruction" is like blaming the Jewish Ghetto uprising in Poland during WWII for causing the destruction of the Ghetto by the German army. Thankfully you don't attend my shul.

    In Israel, they supported George W. Bush and would have voted for John McCain. Being on the front lines, they know that evil exists and, no, the evil is not them no matter how many liberal Jews say it is. They also know the only way to stop evil is to defeat it. Have we forgotten already the lessons of WWII?

  • guest

    I am of course also for Israel keeping Jews safe. I don't think prolonging the occupation keeps Israel safe; quite the contrary. Your comparison of Bibi et al. to the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto is ingenuous. If you read Josephus, you will understand how the Zealots and siccari who insisted on "no compromise" with Rome were ultimately responsible for the destruction of Beit ha-Migdash Sheni and of Jerusalem. The rabbis, you will recall, advocated another course of action.

    Shabbat shalom.

  • judahlevi

    Yes, I am sure that Bibi does not want to "compromise" and that is the REAL problem. If only Israel would "compromise" all of the Arabs would instantly make peace and anti-Semitism would disappear forever.

    Utopia, my friend, does not exist. Your dream world does not exist. Rainbows and butterflies do not defeat Arabs with real guns. Jews believed the Germans were only sending them to work camps and so they did not resist. The "compromised" and they died.

    Bibi would do ANYTHING if he truly believed that it was bring permanent peace for Israel. To think otherwise is to have more distrust for your fellow Jew than you do for the Palestinians/Arabs. Liberal Jews do indeed live in another world. Israel cannot afford to.