Naomi Wolf, Will You Denounce the Honor Murder of Medine Memi?

In Turkey just recently, a father and grandfather repeatedly beat Medine Memi, a sixteen-year-old girl, for the crime of talking (allegedly) to boys. The police weren’t interested. The beatings were eventually deemed insufficient punishment for Medine for the temerity of having her own human agency, so the father and grandfather killed her by burying her while she was “alive and fully conscious.”

My dear friend and courageous freedom fighter Phyllis Chesler has written about this barbaric murder and described it as a “savage, heartless, primitive act” that “is the ultimate, logical consequence of burying women alive—shrouding them–while they still roam the earth. One becomes claustrophobic under the burqa, until one gets used to being seen as a ghost, invisible, non-human, dead.”

Medine’s father is incredulous about why he has been arrested, explaining, matter-of-factly in his statements to the police, that his daughter had male friends and that the family was unhappy about it. This serves as a reminder of Muslim rapists casually testifying that their victims deserved their fate since they were either not veiled or weren’t Muslims. It also brings to mind when the Spanish Muslim cleric Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, to his great surprise, was prosecuted and sentenced to fifteen months in jail by a Spanish court for giving Muslim men specific instructions in a book on how to beat their wives. In court, he defended himself by arguing — correctly — that he was only repeating and interpreting passages from the Koran (i.e. Sura 4:34).

I can’t help from wondering: when are all the brave Western leftist feminists going to protest with vehement anger about the fate of Medine Memi and about the Islamic ideology that spawned her barbaric murder?

I wonder if we’ll be hearing from Naomi Wolf? She really cares about women’s rights, doesn’t she? Well, she thinks the burqa is “sexy,” we know that.

So the question must be asked: Does Naomi think throwing Medine Memi into a hole in the ground and burying her alive is sexy too? If she doesn’t think it’s sexy, where are her expressions of moral outrage at this vicious crime committed against a young Muslim girl, a crime that represents the horrible oppression of women under Islamic gender apartheid?

Could it just be that we won’t be hearing from Naomi Wolf — or from any of her like-minded “feminists” — because, when it comes down to it, she really doesn’t care about Medine Memi and other victims of Islamic gender apartheid? Could it be that she fully knows that if she speaks out on behalf of Medine, then she might have to speak out against the Islamic theology that engendered her murder? Could it be that Naomi Wolf fully knows this is a step she cannot take because doing so will destroy the entire foundation of her anti-American worldview and her conception of her own personal identity?

Well, we’re waiting for your howls of moral indignation about what happened to Medine Memi in any case, Ms. Wolf.

We know they will never come, neither from you, nor from the ranks of the feminist and progressive Left that you supposedly lead.

The question lingers: Do you have any sense of shame, at last?

  • Tanstaafl JW

    Politics is said to make strange bedfellows. Feminists such as Ms. Wolf seem unable to recognize the misogyny that permeates Islam. While arguing that the veil is somehow "sexy", Ms. Wolf is blind to the fact that Islam turns women into male property, like a chair or car.

    Apparently, all women are equal, but Western women are "more equal than others".

    • guest

      Naomi Wolf is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

      • BS1977

        I doubt if she reads FPM….she is probably too busy shopping at the mall or getting her nails done….another air head liberal wannabe journalist….yearning to be taken seriously.

  • DOn

    The 'oppression' of western women vs the 'freedom' of Muslim women. Hmmmm, western women have equal rights, can marry whomever they choose, or not marry, worship the way they want, basically do whatever they want with their lives according to what they decide. Muslim women are free to be forced to marry someone at an early age, often sold by thier parents, be raped by men for no reason and be the guilty party, be killed for some ill-defined sin. Yep, no doubt about it, muslim women have it made.

  • greg

    just remember, when naomi herself is gang raped and tortured, we must not persecute the offenders. they are just being cute.

  • USMCSniper

    Naoni Wolfe is a sado narcisisst feminist. Dr David Banner says feminism itself is a disease. Symptoms include compulsive lying, constant aggression, allergy to logic, often affects women who claim they are feminists. We ought never forget that the founders of feminism were borderline psychotics with pronounced sado-narcissistic traits.

  • simpleman

    Feminist's motive is not love of fellow woman, but hate of man in general.
    That is why you see all the manifestations of hate in their behaviours.

  • BS1977

    Where oh Where is Code Pink, I mean, Code Stink on this?

  • 2maxpower

    Naomi Wolf is just another liberal hypocrite. Morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest.

    anything from her would not be worth reading or printing.

  • BS1977

    Naomi Wolf lives in liberal fantasy land….I wonder how she would fare in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia with her women's lib attitude, her tank top, short skirt and make up….she wouldn't last five minutes.

  • Lisa Galli

    Feminists don't care about the girl, because she has nothing to offer them. She is a poor, probably uneducated, in a poor uneducated, society. She is not a member of a union or in need of an abortion. She does not provoke their disgust, like Sara Palin, because she cannot threaten their narrowly minded view of women, religion, or society. She is a nonentity to them, but she is a precious child of God. There will be justice.

  • TraseroConservativo

    I always figured sex with that woman would involve a bullhorn and the shouting of instructions.

    • USMCSniper

      She is a self proclaimed man hating lesbian.

  • hill 300

    she and the womens' rights organizations which she represents can not condemn this act of barbarity because to do so would be to disavow the fundamental tenet of their belief system (indeed, that of most of the left) : evil can only reside in the hearts and deeds of white men. the moral vacum in which her beliefs reside makes me sick.

  • jerry

    If we just stop talking about Ms. Wolf, perhaps she'll go away. Is there anyone in their right mind who thinks that this flake is sane??

  • Eric Roth

    Detailed, disturbing, and persuasive analysis. Perhaps if Ms. Wolf can not condemn this act, than at least some of her more open-minded feminists will see the danger and evil of honor killings.

  • Henpecked

    I had the professional opportunity to work for an ngo in 1988 in Pakistan while training the Afghan rebels who called themselves mujaheddin. I can tell Ms Wolfe that for the nine months i spent 'training' these soldiers to become medics that it was NOT 'sexy' to wear a bur-qua As an American nurse, and an ideologically diverse blind do good er at the time, i had no idea how much i was hated. I was everything which represented freedom. And, a woman. Shame on Naomi and all feminists of that ilk. I am thoroughly disgusted by the lack of caring and outrage for this young girl. Try being buried Ms. Wolf. Sexy? .

  • POL

    The feminism Ms Wolf espouses jumped the shark after Bill Clinton’s Lewinski affair. This brand of feminism is about a solitary issue: abortion. Clinton was for it. Any lefty politician who is for abortion gets a pass. End of statement.

    As far as this honor killing is concerned, Ms. Wolf could care less. She is a member of that intellectual class that historically has fallen in love with mass murderers, rapists, dictators, and just about any lefty “ism” under the sun. Given that Ms Wolf has no life experience with the real conditions for women under Islam, she is able to describe the burqa as “sexy.” Naturally, this kind of ignorance is admired by her peers.


  • k_michael

    I'm not familiar with Naomi Wolf's statements, although the naem sounds familiar. I won't claim to speak for feminists, nor will i make blanket sttements aboutthem

    I can only speak for myself, and what i am for is *humanism*, i.e., human rights. I do nt think that life, liberty, and the pursut of happiness should be confined to one, or a few, nations; I think all people should be free to try their best to fulfill their innate abilities, and seek a decent life.

    I personally can't comprehend how those who tortured Medine Memi (because, yes, burying someone alive, leaving them to suffocate, gasping for air and taking in only dirt, is precisely that), tortured her to death, have the gall to claim that they believe in God. Nowhere in the Bible (with which the prophet Mohammen was completely familiar), and nowhere in the Koran, is *anything* that *at all* justifies the completely-inhuman acts that these so-called human beings perpetrated on Medine Memi, a defenselss girl, their own family.

    It's time for people to realize that, *regardless* of one's claimed religion, religion cannot and must not be allowed to justify bullying, violence, harm, brutality, murder, or ANY criinal act. it's time people realized that it takes a warped mind to pervert any of themajor religions so thoroughly that the result can even be called faith, never mind be used to justify the most horrendously inhuman crimes against others.

    So, no, I do not know what the person named Naomi Wolf would say in response to Medine Memi's horrific murder; nor can i knowwhat any particular feminist would or wouldnot say. I only know what anyone worthy of being called a human Being would say. Or at least, would say once the wrenching of their heart stopped, their throat opened back up, and they again became able to speak at all, after having heard Medine Memi's terrible story.

  • eric roth

    We do make clear that our critique of Wolf does not extend to all people who consider themselves "feminists" because we are humanists.

    Sometimes, especially in the heat of an intense debate, we can make more broad and less accurate statements than ideal.

  • robobbob

    What, don't you know, only western society, as epitomized by America, is sophisticated and powerful enough to be held accountable for all of the worlds ills. In fact, the worlds' ignorant masses are simply acting out transference brought about by western exploitation. You can't possibly hold such backwards people whose culture has been corrupted, accountable. Third world hatred and intolerance is just the manifest expression of western policies!!

    • amuarT

      Truth at last. I see many people here forget about the interference of America's Governments on these Third World Countries. Many of these places that are Demonized and Vilified by Western Media, lived Peaceful Lives, despite the majority of Negative News (which is all people focus on) about these countries. I've seen Christian Males treat their women like furniture and treat them the same way any other Human belonging to any other Religion (who has Problems…) treats their Women.

  • Eva

    You have a Ph.D in History? I find that very hard to believe….
    This article is written terribly and with awful grammar.
    You have also missed the point behind this tragic event and are only using it to push forward your extreme and racist views. Sad.