Send Faiza Ali to Tehran

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Faiza Ali, of the New York chapter of CAIR, has declared that Muslims can freely leave Islam without anything to worry about. Islam, she says, does not practice coercion and preaches that forced faith is not true belief. She has made this assertion in her criticism of Pamela Geller’s “Leaving Islam” ad campaign on city buses. The campaign is aimed at helping Muslims, like Rifqa Bary, who are fearful of leaving their religion due to Islam’s death penalty for apostasy.

Hmmm, if Faiza is right, I wonder what this poor family’s trouble is all about.

I have an idea, let’s start a fund to send Faiza Ali to Iran, and then to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Let her stand in the middle of a busy street, in each nation’s capital, and start announcing that she is a Muslim and that she is leaving Islam to become a Christian or, better yet, a Jew. Let her hand out some flyers denouncing Islamic teachings such as: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Bukhari 9.84.57).

We’ll pay for her whole trip if she agrees to prove her point with this little fun experiment. And when she makes it back after all the partying, clubbing, rest and relaxation (that she will hopefully be able to fit around her apostasy charade),  we will offer her a cash prize — on top of paying for her trip and the resources needed for the flyers, etc.

Who’s with me?


Meanwhile, watch Pamela Geller explain her campaign on Fox and Friends:

  • Kim Bruce

    I'm all for it, Jamie.
    Unfortunately I am not in the position to pay any cash to send her over there but I am sure there are a lot of wealthy people who would chip in for the costs involved.

    I would ven challenge her to stand out in a busy street in New York where the Muslims preach their anti-Israeli trap-clap and hand out flyers and yesll out that she is a Muslim and is leaving Islam. I dare her. I double-dare her.

  • bettyboop

    Can we send all the other activist Muslims too? I'd dig really deep into my pockets for that project.

  • logdon

    Strange Fruit revisited? That picture says it all.

    When I first heard the Billie Holiday song penned in the Thirties and an indictment against the casual lynching of blacks in the South I actually shuddered in revulsion and rage.

    The imagery of, 'black bodies swinging in the Summer breeze, strange fruit hanging from the Poplar trees'…'the bulging eyes and the twisted mouths', was quite enough. It's quite a short song but hugely long in meaning and unambiguity.

    Bit by bit as what was going on fed out into national consciousness by civil rights activists, America also collectively shuddered and the barbarism of summary justice for the crime of having a black skin was punitively ended.

    No nation or, indeed religion is free of such dark episodes of past but as the crime is the crime, rather than the ones who perpetrate them, thus leaving space for redemption and rehabilitation, so America and the free world addressed the past horrors and made sure that they were cast into a category of, never again.

    America now has a black President and no matter how we feel about the incumbent, many would say, the wrong black President, it was a majestic achievement of immense import.

    So for Muslims on American campuses who talk of injustice, the Muslims who operate using CAIR as an umbrella for the infiltration of Islam into the soft underbelly of America, the ones who perpetually whine, show us what you've got in your own countries.

    Show us the plurality and tolerance. Show us the even handedness of balanced justice. Show us the humanity and forgiveness purportedly preached by this 'Religion of Peace'.

    As long as we continue to observe photographs such as the one heading this piece I refuse to believe one word.

    Strange fruit now hangs off tall construction cranes. Bound and blindfolded. Hoisted up in public squares as celebration to Mohammed and his unchangeable teachings.

    That's how it is. As I say, the picture tells it all.

    • Lary9

      "Strange Fruit" is one of my favorite Billy Holliday standards—not exactly the stuff of standard material, but considering the place and date it was written, I guess, sadly, it was standard enough. Thank the gods that there is a trumpet out here heralding the canonical origins (the Quran) of Islamic brutality . It is impossible to separate the fruit from the tree and that isn't going to happen…ever. Here's why:
      The time for a first reformation for any of the world's extant religions has long passed. It's lucky Christianity and Judaism have already struggled through several stages of their own eras of 'reconsideration' or they'd be on the verge of extinction too. But Islam has never even started. It survives today essentially unchanged from its original so-called 'recitation'—the Quran. It's a 1500 year old inauthentic Arabian divinity tale stolen from the other two Abrahamic faith stories and it's mired in its own medieval barbarism. Ugh. Just writing about it makes me want to cut my own leg off!

      Why is it human beings can't just say "No!" to anyone who claims to have had a personal revelation from some invisible, unverifiable god-source? It's a mystery. No pun intended.

  • Marty

    I'll be happy to provide a contribution for a one-way ticket. My sense is that faiza won't require a return trip.

  • tariq

    If it is a CAIR demonstration to show the west how beneficient and merciful Islam is, well you know it is a fabricated crock. They must befool their enemies as the Quran puts it. Taqiyya. What can you expect from a religion whose founder is a serial killer, mass murderer of the innocent, pedophile, Liar, deceiver and all around pervert? We shouldn't expect any real moral character from such a disingenuous, vile and loathsome religion.

  • logdon

    Just in……these are non Muslim Amahdi's by the way. So much for her rubbish. Didn't take long, did it?

    From Times Online
    May 28, 2010
    Gunmen kill 70 and take hostages in Pakistan mosque.

  • USMCSniper

    Groups such as The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) add fuel to the fire because these groups are high-profile and very vocal. Recently both of these Islamic groups refused to join moderate Muslims calling themselves the Free Muslim Coalition at a rally called the "Free Muslims March Against Terrorism." The goal of the group is to condemn Islamic terrorists. Kamal Nawash and his group also believe that there should not be any government under the strict control of Islam. Since total domination of the world by Islam is the unspoken goal of groups such as CAIR and MPAC, they have no desire to join moderate Muslims in any march against terrorism.

  • Richard Weinberg


    It would be my great pleasure to contribute whatever I can. After all, it's a kinder, more gentle Islam, isn't it? The "religion of peace," right? In fact, rather than having all of these muslims and those who feel so sorry for their suffering so badly here in the U.S. living here, why not show some compassion and send the whole lot of them to Iran or Saudi Arabia? "Religion of peace" my ass!

  • Carolina Don

    We talk of the war in Iraq, etc. and know that we do not fight a territory, but a fanatical people. So when "iraq" comes to America, where do I go for ammo?

  • traeh

    I'd chip in something.

  • Eddie

    lying is a integral part of Islamic rules, and is encouraged and promoted. It is called "taqqeya". Which allows Muslims to lie to women and enemies. All non-Muslims are considered enemies .

  • curtis crab

    mohammad would rob camel trains, rape the women and butcher the men and children.
    he would drink himself into a stupor trying to "forget" what he had done. he would then say an angle came to him during the night and told him it was ok to do what he did because the people were infidels. thus began the muslim religion.
    it will take a little digging but look it up for yourself. it will be worth your while to be able to tell others the real truth.