Stewart: Patriot, O’Reilly: Pinhead

Comedy Central, as we by now are well familiar, censored images and references to Muhammad in the latest episode of South Park. One would think that in our free society, our leaders, media and citizens would collectively stand together and defend South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Unfortunately, the situation is the reverse; the L.A. Times’ coverage of the Muslim death threats made to Parker and Stone perfectly manifests our media’s and culture’s disposition: the report does not back free speech nor denounce the censorship of the show, let alone the death threats or the Islamic theology on which they are based.

In this context, major props have to go out to Jon Stewart for backing Parker and Stone and for standing up for free speech in America. For courageously turning his back on the lib-Left’s agenda of overseeing the West’s surrender to Sharia Law, he is a true Patriot.

Meanwhile, none other than Bill O’Reilly has jumped on board with our society’s dhimmis. In a recent episode of his show, he stated South Park was wrong to do the Mohammed shows and he surrendered to the forces who killed filmmaker Theo van Gogh, joining those who would rather sacrifice the right to free speech than confront Sharia. His comments included the theme of what bad judgment the creators of South Park showed by engaging in behavior that could get them killed. Imagine during the time of Nazi Germany someone arguing, “Yeh those Nazis are really crazy, don’t piss them off.”

Rather than praise Parker’s and Stone’s courage, stand up for their right to make a script that they wish to make, and denounce those who threatened their lives and the tenets of the Islamic religion that sanction such threats, O’Reilly publicly promoted submitting to Sharia Law.

Is O’Reilly too personally scared to take the right stance? Does he not understand the key issues at stake? Does his career mean more to him than the vital principle of freedom of speech or does he want to please Fox News’ Saudi masters? Perhaps time will tell.

In behaving like a dhimmi, O’Reilly is complicit in the tragic process occurring right before our eyes: the capitulation of the West to Sharia Law. For this, O’Reilly is the ultimate Pinhead.

  • vincevan

    I am so incensed at O'Reilly, he has lost me for good. How could he – him of all people – sacrifice our precious rights of free speech to a pack of dingo dog killers. Gutless Bill, from now on!

  • tappin52

    O'Reilly will not take on anything racial or Islam related in a direct right/wrong manner. He falls all over himself displaying how "fair" he has been to the President, and says that the risk versus reward in the South Park issue wasn't worth it. There comes a time to call a spade a spade and stand up and say, "No more!" We are there.

    • simtax

      My impression of O'reilly stance is that it is a no win situation for him and Fox news. Any position Bill took on the issue would have caused him to be the punching bag for someone. If he agreed with Stewart's Position, He would be accused of siding with South Parks Islam bashing, (You need to read some other blogs on this one. I have heard Stone and Parker called every name in the book and then some for daring to say anything about Islam's great prophet. On the other hand he makes his comments and he gets the treatment that the people here have giveng him. It would have been better if Big Bill O had said nothing at all. It's Fair and Balanced. No Comment No Problem can't please anyone these days.

    • typ lib

      The sad thing is to note how much advertising hostile corporations do on Fox. GE is anti-American pro profit, with their sociopathic management undermining their own manufacturing to shut down and produce light bulbs in China. I am seeing how Hannity talks endlessly about "free market," yet I don't see him attack GE or Goldman for their manipulations to ensure it's not a free market. Some prominent Republicans defend the questionable practice because, they too, like typical sociopaths, worship the campaign dollar at your expense.

  • Hammer

    Of course O'Reilly will cave… He has always toed the party line since the show's inception. Since the ruling junta is Islamocentric, so is Big Bill. Presonally, I gave up on the guy when I realized that his answer to EVERY problem is more Federal government intervention. It's all good for Big Bill…when the SHTF, he'll move offshore or hire himself some security contractors to protect him, just like Rush, Beck, and all the other talking heads. Only us peons will be left here in AmeriKKKa…

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    He bloviates for the sake of bloviating!

  • Rick Geiger

    O'Reilly is still hiding under his desk…when he comes out maybe he will comment on this

  • aspacia

    O'Reilly has having trouble with hoof and mouth disease for a while. He has accused our WWII of massacring unarmed POW's, when in fact it was the SS who massacred our unarmed POW's during the Battle of the Bulge, in Mermere.

    • Indioviejo

      Malmedy, aspecia, Malmedy.

  • Thalpy

    O'Reilly is simply being what he is—not much. He's wrong on so many things and Sharia, with its attendant submission, is one of them. Submission on any level is like having that tiny speck of cancer on your pancreas.

  • Khalid Al-Mansour

    Just like O'Reilly attacking the SWIFT boat veterans – He has ridiculed those asking for proof that Obama meets the Costitutional requirements for POTUS – Just like then, the TRUTH will come out – and that pompous closet liberal will be exposed.

  • Tom

    I remember when O'Reilly let the Saudi ambassador beat up an American woman who was trying to recover her children after her ex-husband fled to Saudi Arabia with them. O'Reilly is no friend of the powerless and downtrodden.

  • Phil Cowan

    Hey! What about Mike Adams? Now that is courage! He is calling the Muslim bluff.
    Read his posts below.

    • Democracy First

      Yes, that is real courage.

  • ginjar

    In my opinion I believe anyone's religion should be off limits, as should the mocking of underage children of news worthy personalities. I say this not as a free speech issue but rather as a matter of civility. These two things should be so offensive to our sensibilities that they would not sell.
    It is very obvious that that is not the world in which we live. The double standards which plague our society are legion and O'Reily is helping make this yet another. Not a good thing Bill.

    • R_not

      islam isn't a religion – it is a deen, sometimes spelled din. It is an ideology that should be criticized and often. It is based on some of the most despicable acts that one human being could have ever done and said. He told his followers to lie – if it advanced islam and that is called taqiyya. moe is considered the perfect man and that is why muslims to this day are ok with pediphilia in islam – just rename the baby a wife and it ain't pediphilia anymore. Slavery still exists in islam (some Saudi slavers are now in USA jails (Colorado and Cal.) because they thought they could bring them here. mohammed was also a looter, raider (attacked poorly or unarmed caravans where women and children were so as to steal and enslave). This was done AFTER he thought up islam.

      • R_not

        mohammed used torture to get people's loot if he suspected that they were hiding it. He didn't care if they had children and would leave the children homeless. He had poets assasinated – an old man over 100 and a woman still breastfeeding one of her children. He used his god to justify taking his stepson's wife. He thighed Aisha until she was 9 and then 'took' her. He said his god was a liar, he admitted to being a liar and told his followers to lie if it advanced islam. If he wasn't with the raiders then he demanded that he get 1/5th the loot and slaves – per allah, of course.

        • ginjar

          Is your point that South Park is the proper venue to deal with this horrendous barbarianism?

          • blotto

            The POINT is is that if satire is not free speech then no speech is free speech. If a group that is less than 3% of our population can control what the other 97% think and say, then we are doomed. Actually we are doomed already by PC. But submitting to dhimmitude will spell the death of us all.

          • R_not

            Thanks blotto, I think you got my point. I have a tendency to go off on moe quite a bit because everyone should know the real moe. South Park makes the worst offenses against Jesus and no one went off on that, but censors itself about some of the mildest remarks in regards to ol' moe. If it takes South Park to start us in dealing with it then so be it. but its producers do not have the gonads. Join us in drawing mohammed on 20 May! Join us on Facebook,

          • ginjar

            If you will notice I do believe that Bill OReilly is wrong in this situation. I do not argue that satire is free speech. What is happening to our Country in part because we will not denounce a goodly portion of Islamic values is horrendous. My point is , satire on a silly comedy show seems somehow to lend credence to a subject that is niether funny or laughable.

          • simtax

            blotto. you have a great point. And everyone needs to remember that Bill O just commented on this issue. Comedy Leftist are the fun folks who censored poor South Park. stone and Parker where pointing out the stupidity of this peaceful religion's willingness to kill thsoe who dare violate it's laws. But so far as I can see, humor that which is supposed to be the best medicine is reason enough to kill for. The article itself is much ado about nothing. let the real article be about the faith of murderers.

  • interact

    Mohhamad is a pedophile – thighing is allowed with children – women are chattel property with no rights – and the muslims are offended by a cartoon!! Although I wouldn't give the time of day to drawing anything – there are no sensibilities that you can speak to – or the rest of the politically correct – get your heads out from where the sun doesn't shine – the protection of indivdual rights is something that doesn't exist under sharia law. The extremism of islamists will only change with the moderates – but there aren't any – if you don't like America take your fatwas – and pack for your trip back to Mecca – please do not return.

  • michaelle

    O Reilly has jumped into the chicken fecal canyon. If one doesn't fight for freedom the fascist and commies are in control. Thank God the colonists didn't lie down and play dead for King George the III. One can't pretend that hitler type people exist. It gets tiring that people don't learn from history.

  • michaelle

    Sorry, that hitler type people don't exist (correction in sentence)

  • michaelle


    Also, call channel 2,4, 5, and CNN and tell them not to preach their marxist proObama beliefs-its the religion of marxism. If you quiet one-than you have to quiet all of them. Guess what is left? The athiest world-yeah, thats a religion-and that is in the commie world mostly.

    • R_not

      The little clerks that answer the phones wouldn't know what you are talking about. Even if you met the reporters and producers to their face – they would feign ignorance of what you are talking about and record you and put you on TV to show everyone and then bash you as a terrorist who terrorized them.

  • michaelle

    The big problem is that a saudi owns FOX!!!

    • R_not

      I stopped watching Fox. If enough people do that maybe they will get the hint. Murdock is about money, he is a left wing idiot who knew that a buck could be made my giving more to the conservatives. Now he is just out to make some more bucks with Saudi money. but it is on the same line that the producers of South Park cave in also – money, power, excuses about threats, etc. They are nothing but the useful idiots for islam now.

  • kaw

    We all forget: Fox News has a major stockholder that is a Saudi Prince. As soon as Murdock made the deal O'Reilly and Fox got soft on Islam.

  • Kisan

    O Reilly always was and is a person with very loose morality. I always felt he'd say almost anything for a price. All that pompous posturing and pretending to speak for Joe Common whilst having another set of rules for himself.

    That creep gets creepier with this nonsense but it's hardly out of character is it?Enter text right here!

  • KAW

    Here is link to Saudi control over FOX:

  • USMCSniper

    Here is the low character of the real Bill O'reilly.

    From the offical sexual harassment transcript of O'reilly's telephone conversation with Andrea Mackris — 81. During the course of the conversation of Defendant BILL O'REILLY's sexual rant it became clear that he was using a vibrator on himself and he had ejaculated. Plaintiff was disgusted.

  • Marty

    Pity about FOX. It was over with this network when glenn beck decided that Geert Wilders was a 'racist" because of his stance that islam is violent. saudi money is everywhere and FOX has sold out to the genocidal sociopaths who are supporting the islamist attack on democracy and western civilization. o'reilly and beck are well paid cowards.

  • Seek

    I've been wondering what's gotten into O'Reilly over the last couple years. He's not nearly as iconoclastic as his admirers would have us believe. He's really caved into the Islamicists.

  • R_not

    O'Reilly only cares if someone bashes him. And after his pathetic display in kissing up to Obama in order to get him on his show – while not telling us the problems with Obama – I stopped watching him. I did a better job of finding out about Obama through alternate media sources.

    Fox news is failing – they are kissing up to Wahabbists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh yeah, and I don't want to forget to point out that he called a supporter of terrorism – Ibrahim Hooper – a 'standup guy'. OF COURSE HE STANDS UP to whine and cry about muslims AFTER one of theirs kills people!

  • R_not

    O'Reilly did a lousy job after 9/11 when the muslimettes came on and said, 'muslims don't believe in the killing of innocents nor suicide'. They came on his show several times and they sounded like robots spouting that line. Mr. 'former history teacher' took their remarks at face value while muslims don't admit that they think only muslims are innocent, and that suicide is not ok, but dying while killing non-muslims is not only a-ok, but considered martyrdom and they get on the fast path to allah's orgy in the sky. Muslims danced worldwide – even in the USA – after 9/11.

  • Utopian

    Islam is in a death-match with the world, as their own words attest: "Fight and slay the pagans [any non-muslim] where ever you find them. Seize them. Beleaguer them. Lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war." Surya 9:5. Is it not an act of folly to grant citizenship to any group of men who are sworn adversaries to American liberty, liberties granted to us by Christ Himself? Until we legislate laws to imprison every two-bit thug who threatens the life of another, the momentum from these religious hypocrites will not cease.

  • Wayne Hunnicutt

    O'reilly will never accept any criticism of any type. At best he finishes a close #2 to obama in arrogance. He chides those who only want to do the right. Islam is an evil religion/social/political group. I can just imagine O'Reilly and Beck sitting in the front row recieving their soft on islam instructions while Krauthammer, Kristol and the entire cast of obama asskissers applaud.

  • Alaskan Infidel

    What do you expect from the leprechaun, He and Fox are owned by the Saudi's. Of course he's going to tow the dhimma line.

  • Sis

    I thought Bill was terrific when he interviewed and then slammed Sami el Arian and told him to watch his back!!! But lately he has changed so much that I don't even want to watch him anymore! See Billy run! See Fox go down hill from now on! Bye bye Billy!

  • USMCSniper

    The things that bug me most about O'reilly, are his bromides, self indulgence, and it all about me narcissism. For example, Whenever anyone talks in terms of principles, He spouts, "That is only theory" — and whenever someone is trying to explain something compex to him, he spouts, "I am only a simple man" (just like "I'm only a little old country lawyer" blab from watergate) — and whenever he expresses an opinion he closes with "but I could be wrong" — and the "I am looking out for the folks" when he busts on the oil companies, the medical insurance providers, or large corporations as greedy just for making profits in the 2% – 3% range. And he always wants the government to regulate, oversee, and what he really means is "control". Last, but not least, just who are all these right wing extremists he keeps telling us about who spew hate speech? If they exist, you probably can count them on one hand.

  • Bruce

    O'Reilly is obsessed with his ratings. Everything he does is geared to increasing his audience – especially "independents" who are increasingly leaving the left-slanted alphabet networks. His ego-driven mission is to eventually top the latter in viewership. The rest is incidental.

  • 080

    Well, there is the question of who owns Fox. Wasn't there someone called Whatzisname bin Talal who invested? In any case I'm sort of sceptical about the profound news analysis that I'm getting from Alan Colmes, Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Leno, David Letterman Joy Behar, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. They sent Al Franken to the Senate. They appear on national news. That's B.S. Then people like O'Reilly analyzes what they say. That's B.S./ squared. Finally there are the analysis of the analysts. That's B.S. cubed. That's the way the world ends- not with a bang, not even a whimper, we all die laughing.

    • R_not

      most of those you listed are considered comedians. The only one you mentioned that wasn't a comedian is Alan Colmes (well, he is a joke but not a comedian) but he is a more leftie person/commentator on Fox (just one of many). The rest are called comedians but their comedy really isn't that good since they think they should be giving us what they think instead of jokes. And I turn the channel when I see them because their jokes are mostly politcal. Political jokes from these are like the guinea pig turds I have to clean up – a lot of them, tiresome and just nasty.

      BTW – Prince Alwalweed bin Talal

  • Jim C.

    For the life of me, I can't understand why more people didn't stand up for the creators of South Park.

    Good for John Stewart!

  • blotto

    We conservatives were so wanting to have our voice heard and the truth given to the lie that the MSM presents and Fox gave us that voice.

    But after Murdock allowed the Saudi prince to buy into his holdings, things went south fast. However, O'Reilly was never on our side: he was an independent don't cha' know. Always left of center. Always easier on his favored guests Sharpton and that idiot from Temple Mark LaMont Hill. He played it that way in order to get the invites to Manhattan parties and of course the second interview with the O. But they were PC long before the money flowed in from SA.

  • courtnye

    I tell you what I think, I think the show is horrible. So, what do I do, I change the channel when it comes on, and will tear up any little butts in the house if they put it on. Now, as far as free speech, well, that is what our country is all about. As far as fox news, well there are alot of things they should be talking about and don't, they harp on the same things over and over. If you want the real news, you have to search the web. And soon this administration is going to take that away from us, just like they are taking it away from the South Park gang.

  • Daniel Middleman

    I would like to see the video of this. I don't remember O'reilly saying anything like this. I wish you had direct quotes from O'reilly. The only think I remmeber O'reilly saying is that they must have known this would happen and the goofy guest he had on was saying they didn't think they realized this would happen which is beyond stupid. I guess he was relating it to attacks on other religions so I'm guessing what you are saying is probably true.

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Dear Utopian
    You are reading Quran as the devil reads Bible. You have dishonestly mentioned only the first 3 lines and did not mention the rest of verse 5. I know that many anti-Islam so-called intellectuals and Islamophobes pick and choose portions of verses in Quran to fit their own dirty propaganda.

    Let me give you some historical lesson.

    This Verse 9:5, you mentioned in your comment – called Repentance – came for a specific time when Muslims of Arabia were being prosecuted and attacked by Pagans of Mecca. The Verse does not relate to Christians or Jews or anyone else today or yesterday. Christianity or Judaism is divine religions according to Islam. So stop lying to readers that Muslims are sworn adversaries to American liberty, liberties granted to us by Christ Himself?
    Muslims respect and accept Jesus much more than many Christians do.

    Now, readers can read the rest of the 3 lines in the Verse 5, which Utopian on purpose did not mention.
    "But if they (the Pagans of Mecca) repent and establish regular prayers and practice charity, then open the way to them"

    Utopian, if you take the trouble to read Verse 4, you be see that Quran is asking Muslims of Arabia to fulfill their obligation to those Pagans who kept their treaty and alliance with Muslims.

    I hope that in future when you try to be Quran expert, be correct otherwise you will be discovered as a false pretender.

    Kind regards

    Bashy Quraishy

  • Christian West

    Koran is as full of hatred as Bashy is full of primitive, shameless lies.
    Koran command muzzlems to kill, enslave or turn the "infidel" into slaves. Koran tells that in the end of times the trees and stones will cry to a muzzlems: "there is a Jew hiding behind me, come o, muzzlem and kill him"
    Kuran is a vomit and the stupid taqyiyah of Quresishi is not going to change that fact.

    Koran is one mad howling for murder. No wonder – its founder, mohammad, was a murderous, sadistic child rapist, obsesed with power, wealth and sex.
    Izzlum, is as rotten, horrid Cult today as it was in the time of mohamed.
    There has been 15000 terror attack against innocents since Sep. 11 – 2001. Virtually all of them carried out by mohamedans.
    Is it too far out to consider that it may have something to do with the murder message proclaimed by that horrid book , kuran?
    Muzzlems respect Jesus says Qureishi.
    But this is just another lie! Muzzlems respect one Isa, a fictional character – just like their moon god allah. Isa has nothing to do with our Lord Jesus. Jesus is God incarnated, the Truth. Isa is a lie just like as everything about izzlum is a lie.

  • trueblood

    Fox is owned (1/3) by a Saudi wahabbist prince. Of course O'Rielly will shy from standing up

  • popseal

    O'Reilly is a scripted commentator, not a man of conviction or principle. Example: discussion about Christianity he produces Joel Osteen a TV hustler. He often gives congrats' to Obama on some nuanced point. Seriously, Anderson Cooper has more backbone than O'Reilly!

  • fsticfrankie

    O'Reilly is the ultimate weinie;without relish, mustard,and ketchup.

  • Eliza

    While I am all for free speech, is poking fun at Islam on a cartoon show really worth the possible murders of Comedy Central employees? I mean, let's be realistic here.

  • Jerome

    The idea that because someone is on the left they would not criticize Islam is wrong. Many of the harshest critics of Islam are on the left or even atheists. Dawkins, Hitchens etc. The idea of religion being priveliged in anyway or non-religious thought goes reinforces the idea that blasphemy is anything other then a made up offense.

  • Trad lib

    O'Reily and Bret Hume have denied Obama's radical background; they are pretending not to know. General Electric is doing mass advertising on the channel, and it seems as though illuminating information about just what damage GE is doing to Americans isn't being talked about. Hannity, and other "Conservatives" talk of "Free Market," while consciously overlooking the obvious manipulations of both Democrats and Republicans to get campaign $ and give mega companies domination of the market through regulation that favors them. Carl Rove and Newt Gingrich have all defended the practices as "Free Market."

    Fox News has lost its edge, unfortunately, and cannot be entirely trusted to present objective news. Some of the programs on Fox "Business" are actually more objective at presenting the same information.