Thank You, Glenn Beck, for Exposing Communism’s Evils

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The tortures included laying a man naked on a freezing cement floor, forcing his legs apart, and then an interrogator stepping on his testicles, applying increasing pressure until the confession surfaced. Imagine the consequences of no surfacing confession. Indeed, many people refused to confess to a crime they did not commit.

Daughters and sons were raped in front of their fathers and mothers — for the sake of extracting “confessions.”

These are just some of the delicacies that the Stalinist machinery inflicted on its citizenry in the hope of bringing socialism into earthly incarnation. Alexander Solzhenitsyn has shared much of this horror with us in his Gulag Archipelago — a work, mystifyingly enough, that I had never heard mentioned, except with a few exceptions, by one professor in a lecture or seminar in my entire eleven years studying Cold War history in academia. It was a work that I never saw, again with a few exceptions, on any academic syllabus — and many of my courses concerned Soviet history and American foreign policy toward the Soviet Union.

Both of my grandfathers were exterminated by Stalinist terror. Both of my parents, Yuri and Marina Glazov, were dissidents in the former Soviet Union. They risked their lives for freedom; they stood up against Soviet totalitarianism. They barely escaped the gulag, a fortune many of our friends and relatives did not share. I come from a system where a myriad of the closest people to my family simply disappeared, where relatives and family friends died under interrogation and torture for their beliefs — or for simply nothing at all.

Now try to imagine me sitting in the company of left-wing “intellectuals” in the West who think they are oppressed. This is my lifelong experience. I remember one radical feminist, whom I sat next to in a graduate student lounge, lecturing me sternly about how women in the West are oppressed because they wear bikinis on beaches; with a reprimanding tone, she explained to me that this represented the way capitalism objectifies women, marginalizes them from spheres of power, and metaphorically decapitates them as human beings. I remember asking her what she thought of female genital mutilation and honor killings in the Muslim world. To this I received a stone-cold silence and a frightening hateful stare, a stare with which I have become accustomed: I would be confined to a gulag or a psychiatric hospital if this particular individual had the power to place me there. This would be done for the good of society of course. My question was heresy: she could not, naturally, admit that evil adversarial cultures and ideologies existed — under which women truly suffer real oppression — for if she did, then she would have to sacrifice her entire worldview and personal identity.

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  • eyes wide open

    Glen Beck is an idiot . Glazov , proves his bias and ignorance . Expose the evils of communism ???
    Doesn't anyone read and study history ? If anyone needs a moron like Beck to refresh the memory about Stalin , then his audience must consist of high school dropouts .
    But of course the keynote here is a comparison/warning about the present administration .

    Pandering to paranoid fears , and anger …..a "PhD " does not indicate intelligernce , it's a piece of paper showing how well you can toss the B./S.
    Yes there are idiots on both sides , and joining one or the other is an indicator of how a political tag , does not change a moron .

    Trufers , Birthers , Glen Beck disciples – Idiots all …..and not surprisingly , even "holders of Ph D 's ".

    Illusions on the Left ? You bet , and it's answered by DELUSIONS on the right .

    • Trebuchet

      So it's kill the messenger time again.

    • Peter Merkin

      Ah yes, typical Stalinist apologist. Amazing useful idiots like this sit in the comfort of the West and defend a system (collectivism) that has killed 100 million people, and tortured many more.

    • EMAN

      you are the idiot!! effin moron ,probably some trustfund putz.. id like to kick the #$@^ out of you..

    • EMAN

      eyes wide open is a complete idiot!effin moron ,probably some trustfund putz.. id like to kick the #$@^ out of you..

    • Laura

      to "eyes wide open"

      So, you object to what Beck says, vilify him, but haven't produced one shred of evidence or logic to dispute what he's said. What exactly is inaccurate in his account? I agree there are illusions on both sides, but unless you can explain your stand based on demonstrable facts, you fall into the category of irrational ranting.

      I've spent quite a bit of time in Europe and have visited several former Soviet Block countries. One of my best friends grew up in Prague under Communism and remembers very well the fear and lies of the regime. I didn't see any inaccuracies in Beck documentary. If there are any, please do us all a favor and tell us.

    • John

      I always find it amusing how people like eyes wide open feel they are so intellectually superior to everyone else. People who point out how educated they are and how everyone else is a "moron" or an "idiot" typically are insecure about their own intelligence. Notice how he offers no arguments other than name calling? Another sign of his intellectual shallowness. Amusing.

    • Laura

      So, you object to what Beck says, vilify him, but haven't produced one shred of evidence or logic to dispute what he's said. What exactly is inaccurate in his account? I agree there are illusions on both sides, but unless you can explain your stand based on demonstrable facts, you fall into the category of irrational ranting.

      I've spent quite a bit of time in Europe and have visited several former Soviet Block countries. One of my best friends grew up in Prague under Communism and remembers very well the fear and lies of the regime. I didn't see any inaccuracies in Beck documentary. If there are any, please do us all a favor and tell us.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Tell you what, Mr. Mind-Closed-Tight.

      After you've read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago" … in which a heroic captain of artillery was imprisoned for being the friend of a man who tried to rape some Polish women, hundreds of miles away (one of whom was the girlfriend of a Brigade Commander) … if you're able to open your mind wide enough to admit the possibility that Beck knows something about historic communism, then something wonderful will happen. You will qualify to be a non-idiot. In other words, someone who doesn't have to be argued with.

      And your PhD is from?

  • lenna darlling

    eyes wide open – How great it is not to be you!

    • Stephen D.

      Lenna, why bother addressing Eyes? It is obvious the balance of us fall shot of his glory. HE has determined Beck is an idiot. That settles it! HE has determined a PhD is irrelevant. We must acknowledge his superior intellect and agree a PhD is meaningless as a measure of intellect. How about it Eyes…is this what you expect/need? You are a joke as evidenced by your ranting. Take it for what it is worth. What of this article do you disagree? I happen to have found it informative in that it gave a new perspective as to Soviet History. Your issue is???

      • eyes wide open

        It's called common sense Stephen , and ya know , some are born with it , some have it beaten in to them through life's experiences , and some go to the grave never having known it .
        You have JUST NOW BEEN INFORMED as to Soviet history ? Really , and vwhat do you think Becks agenda was , in bringing it up at all ? As was the article in thanking him ? Are byou bREALLY that naive and gullible ?
        Do I reeeeally have to spell it out for Stephen ? Or are you gonna play dumb like Tim ?

        "A new perspective " ? LOL….indeed .

        • Tim

          To comment: Again, there is an entire generation of young people who have little to no understanding of the horrors of collectivism from the previous century. Many of these young people are getting this information for the first time because this history was not taught to them.

          If there is an agenda aside from that, would you please stop going in circles, and state what Glen’s agenda is – because obviously the rest of us here are apparently clueless. I’ll await with baited breath…

  • eyes wide open

    You bet , you would have to atleast finish high school . Then you might actually have to deal with ….omigosh !!

    REALITY !!!!

    • EMAN

      where did you graduate from eyswide shut.. you are a complete ass. move out of the u.s if its so bad you jack ass..

      • eye wide open

        No , you are the jack ass , and an embarrassing one at that , I served in Vietnam , I visited Israel in the beginning of the first Gulf War , and it turns my stomach to see a bunch of squealing paranoid freak-a-zoids on the left AND right , tearing this country THAT I LOVE , apart .
        Anyone who needs a moron like Beck to get any information from , let alone historical information on communism , is a mental midget ….if the shoe fits..wear it EMAN

        • Stephen_Brady

          Delta/2/501/101st, 1968-69. Served under Col. German, who was a hero, in my estimation. And your unit was?

  • Jack Samwell

    Thanks, eyes wide open, for so well explaning the ideology of a troll.

  • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence

    Beck's audience does not need him to inform them of Stalin (or Brezhnev or Andropov or Mao or Che or Pol Pot)

    The people who need to be reminded of Stalin et al are the academics who run are major universities and who, for some unfathomable reason, think they are smarter than Glenn Beck and his audience.

    • Jack Samwell

      The hardcore leftists know about the horors of communism and they do not care. Murder is an acceptable means to an end for them. Lying about this is a means too. Whatever Beck says will not have an affect on them.

      The people that need to hear his message are the people that hold the acedemics and the main stream media in high regard. And that is college students and people at large. Their trust in them needs to be challegened and that is what Beck is doing to some extent.

      • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence

        The people that need to hear his message are the people that hold the acedemics and the main stream media in high regard.

        Jack, dead on!

  • eyes wide open

    To think one is "smarter " than Glenn Beck , is a very low expectation of ones own intellect .
    And I guess anyone who is able to think above the sea of wild paranoia is … a "troll " .

    The people "who run the Universities " may think whatever they will . That's their problem , if the students cannot differentiate or think for themselves , then that doesn't say much for our college kids .

    But , as for the Beck disciples ? They're morons . Beck gets paid to showcase his own DT's .
    and people buy it !! truly stupifying , as the "stranger " in the Big Lebowski said .

    • Laura

      based on what?

      btw – students don't differentiate or think for themselves because critical thinking isn't taught in our schools any more. these kids are indoctrinated, not taught.

      • eyes wide open

        yea ok Laura , and who you gonna blame for that ? btw , I knew about vStalin's atrocities and thge evils of commnunism in grade school ..
        And funnby you should mention critical thinking wehich is in fact a methodology of the mental process .
        Could you please enumerate atleast three of it's most important tenets ?

        [ before you google it ]

        But after you do , show me how it can be even remotely applied to Glen Beck .

        • lenna darlling

          Hate to pick on the little things, Mr. Eyes, but did you bother to proof your work before turning it in? – while you were in college, that is. Hummm.

          • eyes wide open

            Are you presumptious in all other thingsdtoo , lenna darling , my college was pre-empted by the draft , 1968 and upon my return saw no need to continue , for I discovered I could meet my financial and social goals with that good ole' American trait – Hard Work , and it served me quite well thankyou .
            Seems to me you resent people with college educations ….how biased a view , there are people who ATTEND college and there are those who actually learn something .

            Your reply is juvenile ….and irrelevant .

      • TraseroConservativo

        'Got that right.

    • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence

      You have to admit it is a bit trollish for anyone to question the need to expose the evils of communism while the setters of fashion wear Che shirts and praise Fidel, and Obama's communications director calls Mao one of her favorite political philosophers.

      • eyes wide open

        You gonna play dumb too Bill ? You know why Beck rants about Communism . zDo you think it was to educate those who were sleeping in class or to raise concerns and create paranoia about Obama ?

        And really , how many of those Che tee-shirts do you really see . And whose fashion do they set ?? And personally I have never seen as many swastikas , as I had at the tea party rallies , yea they did it too Bush to , that make it ok for the opposition ?

        • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence

          It's not a t-shirt but here's a link to a Che flag prominently displayed at a campaign office of a certain politician

          • Tim

            Nicely done! I’ve seen Che shirts all over. Hell, they even made a movie that glorifies him recently. Is suspect that your comment Bill will be ignored…

  • Tim

    Hmmm, it would seem that if one wished to remind the US about the atrocities of, say, the Civil Rights Movement – then we’d all be on the band wagon, eh, Eyes? But since it’s an implication on the evils of Stalin and communism as a whole, according to Eyes, this is “Pandering to paranoid fears…”

    We have an entire new generation of young people in school – and yes, even college – who did *not* grow up practicing nuclear bomb drills in school, and really haven’t had any sort of internal understanding that many of us have of the horrors of communism since they’ve not lived through it.

    It would seem to me entirely appropriate that a show would be dedicated to exposing the atrocities committed by those communists, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists (insert various totalitarian leadership style here) who are directly responsible for the deaths of anywhere from 40 to 100+ million people around the world.

    So tell me, what was that old phrase that starts off something like, ‘Those who do not learn from history….?’ I forget the rest, why don’t you finish that line for me?

  • eyes wide open

    No , you didn't forget the rest , nor did I . But now you tell me ….what is Becks purpoise of his rant on thge history of Stalin ? Who is he attempting a comparison too ? WHO is he pandering to ? What is the purpose of Glazov's article ?

    Do you think everyone naive ?
    Don't insult your own intelligence [ or mine ] by playing dumb . You know damn well what the agenda is .

    • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence

      "You know damn well what the agenda is ."

      And you think Beck is paranoid?

  • eyes wide open

    Hmmm …it seems my reply to Tim's post , somehow got transposed ahead of Tim's . LOL curious , well you get the message Tim , dontcha ?

  • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence
    • eyes wide open

      Do you mean liberals? Or just plain idiots ? Of which there is no shortage in the Conservative , Liberal , Democrat or Republican camps .
      So is it your contention that all the crooks, liars , and jerks in Washington are " The Liberals ":
      And the Conservatives are what ? The smarter of the bunch ?

      Hows aboiut the victims of political propaganda and rhetoric [ like yourself ] ?

      Are you smarter ?

      Did you know that the highest criminal demographic in the country … that of the 530 or so , that we have elected and sent to Washington ?

      Must be all those liberals huh ? Grow up and stop being a victim dude .

      • http://BillLawrenceOnline.Com Bill Lawrence

        Eyes, I'm sorry. It was my mistake. I left the question mark off. Have be better at proofing, I guess.

        The page at the link doesn't really answer the question if liberals are smarter than conservatives. It merely is designed to make you think. Of course, the photos on the page include the leading liberals. Do you think if Cheney was depicted instead of Biden it would have the same effect?

        With regard to political propaganda, remember the post with which you started the discussion in which you implied that it is foolish to think nobody is unaware of the evils of communism. Obviously very influential people are unaware or, much more damningly, willing to accept the evil.

        Glazov and Beck are doing a very good and necessary thing and should be supported — in this particular matter anyway — by all freedom-loving people.


  • Joe

    Eyes wide shut.
    So let me get this right. Beck, talked about the political processes of Communism, and (if you've seen his other shows on Fox) seems to be insinuating that Obama may harbor communist tendencies.
    Glazov, with a PhD in Soviet History, and a 1st generation American uses Beck's TV special as the basis for his article, on Soviet Dictators.

    So why does this bother you so much.

    You seem to hate Glenn Beck more than Stalin.
    You deride Glazov, and the rest of the readers of this article, and have more venom for them, than you do the monsters Glazov talked about.
    Beck's show, and this article are not directed to you. You obviously are to smart to get anything out of this. Other than the emotional hatred they ignited.
    Today, Communism has many adherents here in the US, just look at ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, Hollywood. There is a never ending stream of news, stories, and movies that grease the slide towards Communism. I can't remember that last time someone actually tried to show the truth of Communism in such a large platform. I'm glad Beck did.

  • eyes wide open

    Joe , yuou dont even know Becks obvious agenda [or wont admit it ] and you're gonna tell me what I'm thinking , and you can't even gret bthat right after I 've stated it it .
    Slide towards Communism ? LOL….spoken like a true paranoid Bircher .
    Look Joe , Glen Becvk has only one reason and one reason alone to highlight communism , Stalin et al . and that is of course to infer similarity to the Obama Administration . You know it and I know it , and most of all Glen Beck knows it , so play dumb if you wish , but all you are expressing is no faith in the Constitution that you pretend to admire and respect , and your bown p[aranoia based on falser claims made by idiots like Beck .

    You can't fix stupid Joe .

    • Logicgeek

      You try to joke,talk down and demonize everyone that disagrees with you.
      You also try and act like everyone that does not know about communism is an idiot.. A couple of weeks ago I overheard some teenagers ask another if they had heard of a guy named Elvis!
      A great deal of our younger people do not understand the evils of communism and need a guy like Beck to inform them, because our liberal school systems are not doing so.
      If you don’t understand that Obama and his minions are communist then you have your head up your anal track.
      What you really don’t like is, Beck has almost single handedly changed the way people see what’s happening. I am sure you are a very smart person, but the world is full of smart people that think communism is a great idea. They think the only reason it has not worked in the past, is because of the communist leaders were not smart enough to make it work. Of course the neo-communist think they are smart enough..

  • eyes wide open

    And , no Joe , I don't hate Beck , he is to be pitied , and that only to a degree , because he is getting rich playing to the factless paranoid fears of many people .
    What's next ? lets re-iterate the "truth " of the Third Reich and the nazis …Oh Wait , Beck already did that , and for the same reason …..or let's get religious ! ….The Anti-Christ ! Oh Wait , Beck Already did that too ?
    Who or what is next ? Genghis Kahn ? Caligula ?

  • Tim

    Boy, I hope you’re really not that dense. I think I already stated what Beck’s purpose was – or at least what I took away from it.

    Is he attempting a comparison? I dunno. What do you think? And if it is a comparison, please state a comparison to what. I’m interested in hearing what your opinion on that would be.

    Pandering? That’s your opinion, and you’re certainly welcome to it, but personally, I saw no pandering, or at least the pandering that you’re implying. It sounds to me like someone’s pseudo-intellectual babble that has gone ‘full retard’, imo.

    As far as the rest, Glazov’s article and whether or not everyone is naive about some agenda you claim he (Beck) has. Well, you were the one bantering about making silly charges. If you’re going to do things like that, then you need to be clear about what you’re upset over, list specifics and charges, rather than throwing out bombs and then making generalizations about everybody else that doesn’t agree with your assessment. You’re the one trying to make a case here, YOU are the one then that needs to show proof, as it were, supporting your case.

    Have a wonderful day. :-)

    • eyes wide oipen

      So you "dunno " Tim ….and you call me what ? "dense " . Hey bTim "intellectual dishonesty " is really transparent to nthose who can think for ythemselves .

      But you Tim ……"dunno " ? Comparison to what ?> Tell you what Tim , an intelligent guy like you should be able to figure that out all by yourself …that is if you can even be honest with yourself . So I'm not gonna bail you out from exercising wehat seems to nbbe a lazy or dishonest intellect . Now if you possess atleast a 7th grade reading comprehension ability , reread what has been posted and you will gleedn what I'm saying . Once you do tjois for yourself , you'll learn how to figure things out , you know LEARN

      • Tim

        #So you “dunno ” Tim ….and you call me what ? “dense ” . Hey bTim “intellectual dishonesty ” is really transparent to nthose who can think for ythemselves .#

        My, my my. Aren’t *we* getting just a touch snippy? Not to be a spelling and grammar Nazi, but implying in such a badly worded sentence that I’m intellectually dishonest strikes me as amusing. But I digress… Most people can take what I wrote and keep things in context. The word “dunno” was used in an attempt to ask you what comparisons you are claiming in Beck’s piece was to, and if so, then I was asking what your opinion concerning said unspecified comparison. Either read my words in their context, answer the question, or don’t and move on. Please don’t cherry pick my words to try to make some completely inane point, or childish insult.

        #So I’m not gonna bail you out from exercising wehat seems to nbbe a lazy or dishonest intellect ……reread what has been posted and you will gleedn what I’m saying . Once you do tjois for yourself , you’ll learn how to figure things out , you know LEARN#

        Again, Eyes, you’re the one who started throwing around charges and insults. Therefore then, the impetus is on YOU to provide a preponderance of evidence, as it were, in support of your position – of which you have done naught. The only way that comment would have been any funnier is if you ended it with, “Nudge, nudge, poke, poke, wink, wink – know what I mean?”

  • temarch

    I remember during the 70s when Alexander Solzhenitsyn's story started to become known in the west. I heard his manuscript was to be published as soon as possible. His main purpose was not only to get out the word, but also to save his life. If the Soviets murdered him, it would have to be on the world stage. I watch for several years before I found it, in paper back, on a rack in a convenience mart. It was the first volume and published in 1974 and 1975. I spent almost as much time reading all the foot notes as the main body. It was a year later before the second volume came out which I snatched up as well.

  • temarch

    These days I often ask people if they know who Alexander Solzhenitsyn is and I always get a no, or, once in a great while, I have heard the name, but I don't know who he is. It should be required reading. I always knew about the evils of Communism, but was still agast at the story of the Gulag. How did such a horror fall from our collective memories so soon? Or was it, just the memories of a few who found out?

    God bless Glenn Beck and his work. I understand what could be in store for us if it isn't halted before it goes much further. We are at the brink.

    • eyes wide open

      At this late date in time , if you think Communism is the enemy , then brother , you had better get your head screwed on striaght . Islam is the enemy , communism is no tyhreat to the US , even though the teaparty says so . They have an agenda which superceedes the bedtter good of the US . Their Big Enemy is Obama , Democrats and those nefarious "marxists " . The Blind leading the blind ….both fall into the pit .

      • Tim

        I think you’re missing the point here, my friend. This nation is threatened from multiple directions (and yes, I agree with you that fundamental Islam is indeed a dire threat to the existence of this great country), and one of those threats has been the transformation of government control being used under the guise of modern day progressives. The point, I think, is that many of the basic, fundamental beliefs of leftists/progressives TODAY have been co-opted, and the overall point that Beck was making (if I’m not too far off) is that we can trace the same basic beliefs back to communists Marxists and radicals. Part of the draw that Glen Beck has is that thus-far, he is the only news-related news/talk host who has begun piecing these together, and he has been very successful in that. This does NOT make people who watch and listen to him stupid, moronic, or any of the other slurs that you’ve used. Just like people who watch and listen to Kieth Olbermann or Rachael Maddow aren’t stupid – they may be misguided, imo, but I have friends who listen to them that are very smart.

        Just curiously, exactly who has an agenda which “superceedes the bedtter good of the US”? I wasn’t able to follow the point you were trying to make there.

  • Jacques

    The genius of Glenn Beck is that he uses the words and public statements of the Obama Cliques of Saul Alinski followers. You can map the present US administration's progress and tactics directly to Rules for Radicals.
    Beck is teaching a lot of Americans to question, think and research.
    Why would a President spend million of dollars to "hide" all the document of his past?
    What does he have to hide?
    Beck has made his case in 2009 and his red phone remains silent!
    I PVR his show everyday just waiting for another Anita Dunn of the Obama administration to make "revealing statements". make "revealing statements". Now that is educational…

  • temarch

    Mr. Eyes has been assigned, or self assigned to disrupt this forum to cause an argument and detract from the article itself. Best to ignore him altogether.

  • soumynona

    I love how Eyes keeps driving at the 'hidden' agenda of the Beck documentary and this article.

    Yet, his agenda in not mentioned.

    Eyes, thinks he is extremely intelligent (sound like any one we know). Eyes, is suffering from severe cognitive dissonance. He cannot come to grips that someone as smart as himself was duped by Obama. So he is going above and beyond defending his decision to vote for Obama not because he truly believes in Obama (after all he said liberals are bad too) but because he can't believe that he was so stupid as to have voted for Obama.

    Eyes meet mirror. Mirror meet Eyes.

    It's o.k. you can admit it. Don't you see your defending the decision with all your name calling and vitriol just makes you look MORE stupid.

    Put down the shovel…

    Who needs a hug?

    • eyes wide open

      Hidden Agenda , my gosh , it's as clear as the nose on your face . Others ask where is your proof ! Lol…what a group ! Denial and selective memory , and of course just playing DUMB.
      The comparison is to your obcvious Arch Enemy , Marxist Extraordinare , the anti-christ himself—-OBAMA .
      Oh come now kiddies , time to grow up and stop playing make believe . For heavens sake SOMEONE 's got to tell you ….if not you'll delude yourselves right into the next election , and then the country will have to listen to another four years of your whining vitriol and dumb-ass demogogues like Beck and Rush .
      C'mon , you're not talking to your grade school kids , Beck obviously makes inference and comparisons of Nazis -to Obama / Marxists to Obama/ Communists to Obama /the anti-christ to Obama .
      How many of you are willing to deny this ??

      No wonder the Birchers are gravitating towards the Tea Party , they know gullibility when they see it . Not to mention white supremacists .

  • DOn

    If Obama disnt have so many communists who want to engineer society into their own worldview in his administration there would be no need to compare him with communists of the past. The problem is that the president has unapologetically surrounded himself with radical idealogues and unless you are a foll or wish to ignore history, is alarming to many of us.

  • Ron Nord

    Mr. Eyes is talking about someone that has in the past and recent present been in the company of communists and is in a position of power in the United States. Even though this man has flown with the ducks, quacked like the ducks, waddled like ducks, appointed ducks in his organization and has alluded to creating the same type of organization akin to the Stalinists, Maoists or some of the other thugs here in the United States, he wants to called it something other than what it is. If Mr. Eyes can explain the known background of this man who has sat at the knee of a communist, had friends that were/are terrorists killers why doesn't he just do it rather than blame it on racism or religious prosecution or cheating at cards. Mr. Eyes, only one person fits that bill, why not tell us what he's name and title is today?

  • Classical Liberal

    To: Eyes, continued:

    A "3rd way" doesn't work. It deteriorates overtime to a totalitarian state as the government cancer grows every bigger due to its morally corrosive and corrupting nature. It creates an Elite brotherhood who perceive themselves "blessed" to rule over 97% of the rest of the population, us poor and dumb serfs. The Elites then rule using their government-issued monopoly over laws and the use of "legal violence". Not bad work for a crook, thug, cynic or politician. But here I apologize for my over-use of synonyms.

    Remember, even in the heyday of the USSR, the Communist Party never had more than 5% of the population as it members. And only the top 30,000 members of the Communist Party, its uber-Elites, ran an empire of 350 million people. (That's .01% Elite thugs, 99.99% slaves, folks).

    So which is it? Do you believe in your fellow man to lead his own live and raise his own family independent of other people (you) telling him what to do, how to think, what to eat, what to drive? Or do you believe in having a government Czar directing him to obey – or else?

    Most people mature beyond the infant stage and want to live their own independent lives. And the Homo Sapiens species is marvelously constructed for this task. Some might even say divinely made…

    Some souls, unfortunately, never mature beyond the infantile stage. They seek Utopias that can never be, and wind up instead with the Pol Pots of the world. They do not trust themselves, nor their fellow citizens, so they want a benevolent Papa (Big Brother) and Mama (Nanny State) to nurse them through life.

    Worse, they sometimes want to force other people to do what they say is "right for them". They say that "it's not fair" to watch poorer people "suffer", so they justify robbing Peter (thus stealing his life's time, the ultimate thing he owns) to pay Paul. Well, Paul wins (& votes for his "helpers") but what about the now-poorer families & employees of Peter?

    It's a simple question really. Do you believe in individual liberty and personal freedom, or do you believe in the concept of collectivism and collective power? The person or the State. What's your choice?

    Do you believe that morality is absolute or relative? Do you believe that the Constitution is a dead document which no longer applies in this age?

    Or do you believe in the two fundamental laws of life embodied in the Constitution: 1) Do everything you agree to do, and 2) Do not infringe upon another person or their property.

    The Glenn Beck Documentary is indeed a warning: it can happen here. And the road to a so-called "Progressive" state is, in fact, a road paved with naive or cynical "good intentions" – to hell.

    Thank you again for inviting some thoughtful dialogue. Good luck with your next "progressive" blog. We both believe in your unalienable right to freedom of speech, yes?

    • bardefa

      don't lose your time trying to put some logic into unteachable dolt.

    • bardefa

      don't lose your time trying to put some logic into unteachable dolt.

  • eyes wide open

    Oh , I left that one out …thanks , so in addition to Nazi / Communist ? Maoist / Marxist / Anti-Christ , ad , a … a….a PROGRESSIVE …OMIGOSH .
    Hey dudes beteer go and check out what the Tea Party morons have said at the loons convention in Nashville .

    Aside from the usual birther / trrufer expectorants , lol…now Obama's got 39 Social Security numbers and "one of 'em 's from a 100 year old man .
    This is the aberration that the Republicans are pandering to .

    What's the matter with you people ???

    • bardefa


      Do not bother answering – I do not discuss cretins.

    • USMCSniper

      Of course you love your Mandingo man who you want to pound you with chocolate live hamma.

  • bardefa

    products of today's schools lies!!! Do not believe and/or see no problem with 100 million people murdered by their own communist governments….

    Blind imbeciles repeating words of lefty professors looking for an applause… like Hollyweird crowd.

    Educated beyond their intellingence – liberals.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • TraseroConservativo

      I don't know that it is correct to say Liberalism is a mental disorder but it sure leads to mental disorders.

    • Lary9

      Your ranting against political orientations betrays your deeper issues. Find out where all that hostility is really from or you will surely be disfigured by it. Conservative or liberal, it makes no difference—contempt is a spirit eater, Grasshopper.

  • bardefa

    Favorite photographs around everybody…….Even in the WH….Our presidents, Michelle O. with her children, etc. Lotsa love.
    who's photo was on WH Christmas tree? Freud -no. Einstein – no. Mother Theresa? – no.
    It was MAO, who killed about 60 million of his own citizens.

    Nice gesture, O'Bummer; liberalism is a mental sickness.

  • MKS

    A secular humanist who criticizes the Judeo-Christian worldview and is silent about Islam is practicing cowardice.

  • OneSoldiersView

    Continued…Col. Holland also talked about why the Iranians hated President Carter. The short answer was that they disrespect weakness and viewed Carter’s touchy-feely, liberal butt-kissing as the ultimate show of weakness. This cast any Iranian looking to appease Carter in the light of looking even weaker. This prevented any efforts toward negotiating with Carter and doomed any chance of his success. The hostages remained until Reagan came along and both scared the Iranians and gave them cover for dealing with superior strength. This view should contribute to how we deal with the Iranians today.

  • eyes wide open

    Talk about "imbeciles , Joseph Fara gives a speech , calling for a Theocracy in the US and ranting about Obama's birth certificate , then gets a standing ovation???
    What the hell is that ? Not to mention hairbrained Orly Taitz .
    -talk about "mental disorders " ?
    As for dumb kids in school …just look at what they have to look up to as role models ….people like YOU .

  • eyes wide open

    p.s. don't let your kids catch you watching too much of your boy Beck …they might just get the wrong idea about you .
    Hey , but he must be sincere , with all that crying …and he must be telling the truth because he's on tv ,and not just any tv , he 's on FOX .

    LOL….just ask your kids what they think , they're smarter than you may think , for their B.S. detectors have not yet been disabled .

    • LizzyF

      Eyes you protest too much. Learn from history or repeat it.

    • Tim

      It’s becoming obvious to me that seeing as how you have yet to logically criticize the content of Beck’s piece, that you repeatedly resort to criticizing him as the person. thus far that I’ve read from your posts this is essentially all you have done, and throw in there an accusation about a hidden agenda.

      What about Classical Liberal’s post? It is a well though out, and reasoned argument in support of Beck’s ideas. Oh no, all you can seem to muster is vitriol and half-assed lame insults.

      How about actually trying to respond to the content instead of juvenile attempts at bashing people?

  • Liberty Belle

    George Santayana said that those who forget the past are compelled to relive it. And we, and they, do and, will, forevermore. Amen.

  • LizzyF

    Eyes you protest too much. I have learned so much from watching Beck. As the saying goes "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Oh, and also "If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it."

  • cochavi1

    Eyes wide open – not so much. Why the hysteria about Beck? I understand that some object to his showmanship, so be it. He is on the radio, he has to get people listening. I respect all those who know how to do so, with content. Beck is one.

    As to what scares you about him? I think it is that he is exactly what O'Reilly said – and 'everyman' not 'owned' by the Republicans anymore than the Democrats. Limbaugh claims to be a conservative first, but Rush is all tied in to the Establishment, I think. In some ways to be seen.

    Beck is something else, he is very bright – as is Limbaugh – but he is genuinely skeptical of all politicians in the manner that a Jefferson might suggest. He can use logic. He reads. Yes, he borrows some material from bigger intellectuals but that is okay. He is reaching his audience.

    Beck pulls the clothes off the Emperor. That is one reason you are frightened.

    The second reason is that you see how much hostility The One is creating in the middle of the political spectrum. People are starting to hate him. He is so arrogant and you can't stop him from ruining his political future. So you are hysterical.

  • LizzyF

    Jamie, I'm very sorry for the loss of your family in those tragic days.

    We must remain vigilant. Those who would oppress their fellow man are present in every generation.

    May God have mercy on us all.

  • eyes wide open

    What ? …..the "teacher appears " ? Who ? Beck ? ….are you serious ? If Beck is your teacher , that is your misfortune .
    Fear ? Beck is not a man to be feared , but simply a spectacle to be mocked . An abject lesson in how biased ignorance turns into mindless paranoia .
    It is a sad commentary , that many deluded fools consider him their mentor . Yes , he's found an audiience , and they are The Fearfull , who can ,along with him fear what he fears . How easily you folks asign "hate " to criticism !
    Dont worry for Beck , he's getting rich off your paranoia .

  • LizzyF

    And you? What are you getting out of your excrement. You are obviously an employee of either Acorn or whoever the present Administration pays to enter conservative websites to spew their garbage. Can see right through you.

  • eyes wide open

    You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground , nor do you know me . You are not a conservative , you're a moron . And your boy Beck ? A conservative ? No , he's a flaming idiot .
    LOL…you can what? See through me ? …I work for Acorn ? Paid by who ? The Administration ?

    You're an idiot .

    btw idiot , most conservatives here are Republicans who are just to damn emnbarrassed by their own party to adsmit it .
    James Buckley was a Conservative , and he's turning in his grave by those like you , who are claiming an affiliation .Not to mention , Bukley had a functioning brain .

    • Tim

      It’s becoming obvious to me that seeing as how you have yet to logically criticize the content of Beck’s piece, that you repeatedly resort to criticizing him as the person. thus far that I’ve read from your posts this is essentially all you have done, and throw in there an accusation about a hidden agenda.

      What about Classical Liberal’s post? It is a well though out, and reasoned argument in support of Beck’s ideas. Oh no, all you can seem to muster is vitriol and half-assed lame insults.

      How about actually trying to respond to the content instead of juvenile attempts at bashing people?

  • Steve

    To "eyes wide open":

    Not even one good argument about ANYTHING. Just personal attacks: typical PROGRESSIVE.
    Jamie, as always, great article! Keep up a good work!
    I also emigrated from USSR some years ago and know EXACTLY what you are talking about in your great article.

  • eyes wide open

    Disagreeing with Beck approvers , is never "a good argument " eh Tim

  • eyes wide open

    To use a "Beck-ism " – HERE"S HOW I GOT THERE :

    ALL TRUFERS ARE TRAITORS – Beck chose to associate with them – Republicans for fear of losing their base , allowed them to associate themselves with the Republican menagerie – Birchers joined the flock on the perifery , along with the Tea Party bunch – many of which are racists and white supremacists . The republicans a.k.a. conservatives , failed to credibly distance themselves from these loons , Beck of which is the leading loon . None of the above have the political or moral courage to denounce the Birthers [ sorry kids there IS a birth cerrtificate /that birth WAS recorded in Hawaiin newspapers at the time ] – do you think this "conspiracy" started at Obama's birth ? If so you are morons .

    • Tim

      Why are you the only one bringing up Obama’s birth? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, either in Beck’s piece about the history of Socialism, or in Jamie’s article is talking about the truther movement! I’ve not once mentioned it. (and here’s why) Because it’s not the point of the thread!

      Again, you’re attacking people, NOT the message.

  • eyes wide open

    THEN : Unfortunately the christian right also chose to cast their lot with ,and thereby pollute themselves in this cesspooll ,over the singular issue of abortion [which by the way I am toatlly against]
    So the king of paranoid delusion , Mr Beck sensing the blood in the water , pitches the "anti-christ " accusation/inference ..and gains more drooling supporters .
    And again the Repulicans /conservatives for fear of losing any of this dimented base ,display AGAIN that they have no political or moral courage to denounce the loons , chief of which is BECK .
    Sorry folks YOU BOUGHT IT .You bare no better than the idiots on the Left .

  • eyes wide open

    That do it for ya , Tim ? Steve ? LizzyF ? et al ?

    • Stephen_Brady

      What's the sense in arguing with someone who NEVER listens?

      And now, you will go back to HuffPo or DailyKos and speak glowingly about how you shut down all of the neocons at FPM. This, without once realizing that we've all decided that you're not worth out time …

      • eyes wide open

        Pay attention Steve , I refered to "the idiots on the Left " as well as the "Idiots on the right " [like yourself ]
        Save your ideological by-words ok ? I said the Daily Kos , is a mirror image of what I find here amongst people like you .
        Shooting in the air Steve is dangerous , you don't know who the bullets will eventually hit .

        • Stephen_Brady

          I just saw the above comment, EWO, and thought I would respond …

          I would assume, by what you said, that you believe yourself to be non-partisan. But yet, you come to FPM and the whole of your approach would strongly serve the cause of the DEMs, and the Left (yes, I used one of those hated "ideological by-words). I happen to know for a fact … it's my job, you see … that the internet version of "seminar callers" have been trained, are on the payroll, and going on the attack at every conservative website and blog that can be imagined.

          Shooting in the air? I'm a veteran of the Vietnam War, where I served as a sniper. When I put lead into the air, I hit what I shoot at …

  • Lary9

    Jamie~ So sorry to hear about your family's trials and tribulations in the gulag. I didn't know that about you. It makes a difference in how I view your particular editorial sensibilities now that I've read this column. Also, remember insensitivity is a human trait and not a political attribute. I try not to conflate the two.Thanks.

  • eyes wide open

    Indeed Jaimie , I assume you are in bthe US, where some would have you believe that what hgappened to your family coulkd happen here . Put away your fears in spite of thsoe like Beck , who have no confidence in their own Constitution and Supreme Court .
    This is not Russia , where such a Constitution can be nullified , by the stroke of a pen , nor by a "Russia -Style Reversal/Election " .
    I simply find it sad , that one like Beck [an others ] who no doubt , would like to present this as a distinct possibility . If asked the same questions on a standard citizenship test for immigrants , these deluded paranoids would flunk it miserably . No those who criticize the Government are not nor ever have been thrown into jail , nor are they "assasinated " ….for the truth , simply look around you …it's just that simplke a task to avoid falling into the cesspool of paranoid fears and baseless accusations .

  • aliko

    eyes wide open:

    The media situation is truly unfair as it's only NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN against FOX so it's so easy to understand you frustration. If your current unit forces you to watch Beck, how about buying a new remote control?

    Cynicism aside, the situation is the media is such that unless people resort to extreme, they fear they won't be heard. Scare tactics have been in the media for ages and likely to stay for long.

    To focus on Beck from all people is ridiculous. He's emotional and sometime overacts but his message is much less extreme and offensive compared to the norm on the liberal side. At least he sticks to the facts and analyzes them openly unless he lets his viewers think for themselves while on the left you just get emotional, pseudo-psychology that dictates irrational analysis of the facts they select as convenient.

    Maybe you should offer yourself for the position of a show host similar to Beck's. I bet if you put in your resume enough hints about being a leftist, you'd get one.

  • Dolorosa

    Communism is evil and brutal! Check out the online museum at and join the museum and anticommunism at Facebook!

    • eyes wide open

      Yes it is Dolorosa , and everyone on the planet knows it , and has known it for the past 80 years . I'll pass on your museum tour . Please tell me that you didn't need the internet to determine that .

  • eyes wide open

    p.S. Aliko ……inferring or implying that this President or ANY president of the US , is the anti-christ is IRRATIONAL , saying or implying that this President or ANY president of this country is a Nazi is …IRRATIONAL , to say that this president or ANY president is out to destroy the UNITED STATES is …IRRATIONAL , not to mention IRRESPONSIBLE and STUPID .
    ….and you said what ? MY analysis of Beck was "irrational " ? you said that I was "emotional " ? ??

    And to see this objectively is what ? An indicator of being a "leftist " .

    You're just another parrot aliko try learning to think for yourself .

  • eyes wide open

    Glazov's family has survived tyrants /Wilders is courageously fighting the enemy ….Glen Beck is shadow boxing with his own paranoid delusions .
    Your saying is a bit out of place , and Gelen beck is out of his league in being mentioned in the same sentence as Geert Wilders . Yes "freedom is sweet " ….there is an attempt to deprive Wilders of his , Glazov's family had been deprived of theirs , Beck faces no such challenges nor has he suffered any such iniquities , for those things do not , nor have not occurred in this Democracy .
    Nor is there any credible threat that anyone is attempting it .
    Get a perspective Linda , that's not viewed through the clouded prisms of right wing screwballs like Beck .
    Beck diminishes the ideology of the right , though , so far , the desires to hate , denigrate and marginalize the other half of Americans called 'democrats " supercedes dealing with the REAL ENEMY .

  • eye wide open

    Three things that make America what it is , that many people here seem to have no confidence in , for if they did , this paranoia would evaporate . In Fact , I do not know what to call Americans with no faith in the principle and guarantees of their ow nation .

    They are:

    1) The Bill Of Rights
    2) The System of Checks and Balances
    3} Advise and Consent
    4) Due Process { Guaranteed }
    5)Free Elections -Majority Rule

    NOTHING in this great country occurs outside these gurantees and processes , and anything that does , is ILLEGAL and is outside of our Constitution .
    When men rant and rave as Beck does , they are expressing no faith in the principles of their own nation .
    What follows eventually will be sedition , rebellion and anarchy , best you folks take some basic civic courses .

    • Tim

      Wow. How to take basic freedoms and principles that Glen Beck supports and tries to educate his listeners with – is turned around and used in the same post denouncing Glen Beck.

      THAT, my friends, is what we call in the real world, a poor attempt to try to purposefully mislead people by using false information to support your argument.

      • eyes wide open

        Hey Tim , you're a practiced propagandist …..these are the things that Beck through his wild paranoid delusion , clearly expresses ,that he has no confidence in . How ? Simple , by inciting fools and ignoramus' that the sky is falling , and all initiated by "just one man " . If Beck truly believed those principles and had just a little faith in the other 365 million people in this great land and its Institutions, he wouldn't be squealing like a skewed farm animal making wild accusations about the Pres. being the antichrist /nazi/communist /marxist . now if you think that is rational; , and the American way , then that is to your own detriment . For all the blather you've been spouting back at me with , you haven't addressed the basis of my criticism of Beck , that he 's a flaming idiot , feeding on and inciting paranoid fears on National tv with wild accusations and outright lies .

        • eyes wide open

          - But hey , even "Tailgunner Joe " had his brief day in the sun , using the same tactics as Beck , except he did it from the floor of Congress . He ignored the Bill Of Rights , AND the Constitution , in addition he attempted to thwart Due Process with his victims , thus ruining many lives . Eventually he was brought down in disgrace , after playing on the same two factors -FEAR & Paranoia . So too will Beck meet the same end I know , because I DO have faith in the principles and sensible people of this great nation .
          So ….you and your ilk have bought into what Beck is selling , and have joined him in his paranoid delusions . So dont even bother to attempt to play you're weak game of 'turnaround " with me , unlike your fellow delusional and paranoid fearmongers , I know better .

          • Tim

            Wow. And you insinuate that *I’M* paranoid and delusional? Pot, let me introduce you to Mr. Kettle.

            BTW, in your quote, “..365 million people in this great land…” I think you’re only off by about 60 or so million. But that’s OK, we won’t hold that against you as you continue to make a fool of yourself (wink).

            OK, onto the next inaccuracy that is EYE’s postings… Would you please show me where Beck is “… squealing like a skewed farm animal making wild accusations about the Pres. being the antichrist “? the problem is you can’t. But while you CAN’T attack his message, what you CAN do is attack the messenger.

            Eyes, my friend, you are SOOO missing the point when it comes to Glen Beck’s piece, AND Mr. Glazov’s article. So what I’m going to explain to you, Eyes, is what the point really is. Now read carefully. Don’t worry about not keeping up – I’ll use small words: Neither Beck nor Glazov have said that Obama himself is a Marxist/Communist. Beck HAS said that Obama’s POLICIES are definitely progressive/leftist; and the people he has chosen to surround himself throughout his life also follow along the same teachings, thoughts and theories. Beck has proven that case quite well. So let’s all repeat after me, boys and girls,

            “It’s not that Obama is the Anti-Christ.”
            “IT’S – NOT – THAT – OBAMA – IS – THE – ANTI-CHRIST.”

            “It’s that his *policies* are leftist/progressive,”

            “…and the people he surrounds himself with…”

            “…are attempting to institute policies and laws…”

            “…that will fundamentally add more power to…”

            “…the Federal Government, and can…”
            “…THE – FEDERAL – GOVERNMENT, AND – CAN…”

            “…take away our personal freedoms and liberties…”

            “…unless we do something about it.”
            “…UNLESS – WE – DO – SOMETHING – ABOUT – IT.”

            We’ve all had great laughs at your expense, my friend, and I am indeed tickled at your comments and reactions. But to repeat. YOU KEEP MISSING THE POINT. If there seems to be a singular purpose to 99% of your posts that I’ve read thus-far in this website, it is to attack the person. Don’t believe me? Just reread your own posts. You claim that Beck is an idiot – repeatedly. This clearly shows a level of density in your logic that far surpasses the vast majority of other posters and readers here that it is truly, truly, mind-boggling. You claim and insinuate that the people who listen to his shows are nothing but idiots, ignoramus’ and tools. The problem is, Eyes, it is YOU that are the fool and the tool. All you have in your arsenal is to call people names while you spew pseudo-intellectual babble which struggles to imitate a coherent thought.

            Have a great day! :)




  • Kryteon

    Only a fool responds to trolls who calls people morons and loons.

    The best thing to do is realize you're dealing with a lonely child, forgotten, insignificant, whose only friend is a moist towel.

    Ignore them.


  • eyes wide open

    yea ok Kryteon , seems you got a selective memory when it comes to name calling . Besides, it aint name calling when its true …Beck IS a moroin , and so TOO , are his approvers .

    So ….if the shoe fits …WEAR IT .

    And guess what YOU have responded …haven't you lololol……and equally demeaning connotation ….yea man you're "reeeal grow'd up " aintcha ?

    Go kick yourself to sleep tonight son .

  • eyes wide open

    "somewhat offensive " lol……my, my what denial , just look at the loons like yourself he's managed to incite !
    You have no idea of whether my views are Leftist , Rightist Or Centrist , you don't know what my party affiliation is , if any .
    All you know is that I consider Beck a moron , and his followers and apprtovers are of the same stripe….and that is all you know .
    But just like the Leftist Parrots over at Kos or Huffpo , you are the Rightist Parrot , with talking points , gleened in rote , not even knowing truly what you are defending ….but you do know who to attack , facts , good sense , reason and logic notwithstanding , they are no obstacle for you , for they are discarded for the sake of ideology [ just like most muslims I debate } , you have no idea of how similar that you , the muslims and the idiots on the Left sound . You hae exacgtly the same debating tactics , with the same disregard for facts .
    So criticizing Beck is what ? A "sign of a leftist " , oh what a dysfunctional brain you have pally .

    • Lary9

      You are over-posting and engaging in ongoing diatribe. Please amend your behavior.

  • Civilus Defendus

    Totalitarianism is a universal, eternal enemy of liberty.

    The Marxist, "progressive" lefty elites and the dictatorial theocratic oligarchy of islam will work together as it suits one or the other, or both. That is until islam devours the lefty mavins and places a boot at the necks of the survivors.

    Totalitarianism must be held at bay in every society, every government structure, as man ever finds creative ways to justify the use of power, one man over another, for personal gain. Beck, Glazov, Spencer, Sowell and a hundred more to follow should never sit down and shut up.

  • Watchful Gramma

    Wish I could give Glenn a big hug for all that he is doing to wake up America. I lived through a good part of what he reports while safe and sound in this great country of ours. Yes, I read Solzhensitsyn (sp?) and was aware of the events of that time having been born in 1936. We tend to forget and feel secure that it could never happen here. Wrong! We and our children and grandchildren must be on guard because the enemy does not sleep.

  • eyes wide open

    Don't forget the Facists Mr.Civilus . You might not recognize them when you see them , until it's too late .

    • Civilus Defendus

      They fit under totalitarian, at least my concept of the term.


    Am I the only one who read Glazov's post? Why hasn't anyone mentioned his rather extraordinary leap of logic: "I WOULD BE CONFINED TO A GULAG IF THIS PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL HAD THE POWER TO PLACE ME THERE." Wow, and to think someone gave him a PEE AEACH DEE.

  • LizzyF

    Eyes you seem very angry. Have a shot of bourbon and chill. Your Saul Alinsky rants are boring and your name calling, infantile.

  • eyes wide open

    I understand your frustration LizzyF , after all you have offered nothing in the way of refuting my criticism , but you are no doubt good at cat-fights .
    Besides that my drink is Scotch , and I'm well chilled before the first shot .
    Have a good night dearie , and DO take your own advice .

    • LizzyF

      Why bother refuting your criticism. Who and what your are comes through loud and clear snookums.

  • eyes wide open

    LOL…no Mr.S—-Bucket , there was no extraordinary leap of logic , and that is because there was no logic to begin with .
    It's nothing more than a "strawman " argument -type essay on the part of Mr.Glazov , which he no doubt knew , the Becker-ites [ lol word ] would pick up and run with , as if no one knew the agenda involved .
    It was a pavlovian response expected from the getgo . Mr.Glazov no doubt knows which way the wind blows amongst his audience ….but PhD ? Glen Beck ? Funny but those two words definitely do not belong in the same thought or written sentence .
    You see , the same can be done with any person using any type perjorative .

    INTERCHANGEABILITY !!! LOL…what a concept !!!….I could say "look at Pol Pot , killed everyone with an education ….even went as far as killing anyone who wore glasses "!!

    GOOD GRIEF !!!!~ THAT COULD BE US !! THIS MAN ….[fill in the blank ] COULD DO THIS TO ME !!!

  • eyes wide open

    .. and ya know , I have been quoted that ole' Santayana axiom atleast four times on this thread by various people -lol and only one actually quoted it correctly [ well almost ] , yet no one here seems to comprehend it's import for they contradicted the very purpose of their use of that quote .
    You folks seem to be oblivious as to who in history has used this very tactic . indeed who continues to do so in the way of totalitarian and tyrannical regimes , as well as the individual I mentioned earlier – for those of you ,whose only source of history is the internet, "Tailgunner Joe " was Joe Mc Carthy of the early and mid 50's .
    So Mr.Glazov , cleverly infers that Obama could "put me in a gulag " and the sychophants chime in .
    Man this is too damn easy , sooo transparent .
    Glad someone has the ability to see it Mr S—Bucket .

    Oh , and BTW , Mr S—Bucket please do change your screen name , I have nothing against self-deprecating humor and the such , but this bunch ,rather than focus on the truth you illuminated , may choose to debate er, uh…something else . ; )

  • bill

    eyes wide open attacks and slanders Beck. Beck helps us seek and find truth. eyes wide open must have something against others seeking and finding truth. eyes wide open does NOT have his eyes wide open to seeking and finding truth. eyes wide open has closed eyes, or, blind eyes, or, maybe, a broken spirit. stop groveling in your own self deceipt, get up, be responsible and mature. help protect freedom and defeat tyranny in this great nation!

  • eyes wide open

    Slander ??? OK bill please show one slanderous word that I said .
    Are saying Beck did not imply/infer /that the Pres.was the anti-christ ? Did Beck not compare the Pres to a nazi/commie/marxist /racist ?
    Bill you are lieing ….are you aware of that ?
    Beck helps US ? Find the TRUTH ?
    Your truth bill ….your truth .So , if the Pres . is the anti-christ , then you had better take cover , no ? And if he's a nazi , then the Jews in this country better run and hide . Grow up Bill ….it's not a good thing being a sychophant , try thinking for yourself , and yes , you'll likely get kicked out of the Glen Beck is god club …..but you'll be a better man for it .

    But if you insist on being a lackey Bill , then go ahead …list ONE slanderous word I said about Beck . And you can't use "moron " or "idiot " for those are descriptive nouns ,and are a matter of opinion – MY OPINION >

  • eyes wide open

    …and Bill , you don't defend and protect freedom by supporting a MORON , who has associated himself with trufers, racists and birchers , nor do you defend and protect freedom by making mindless accusations and inferences that the Pres is the anti-christ or that the Pres is nazi-like ..THAT is slander , and if you're really that ignorant of history …Goebels used the very same tactic . -slander , denigrate , villify -persecute . Maybe Glazov has forgotten his history lessons too huh ?

    I dont "grovel Bill .

    You are the one with dirt on your chin .

  • eyes wide open

    Too bad , as I said, I've been a reader of FP since its inception , and agree with about 90% of its content . FP simply diminishes itself with it's association with the lunatic fringe demagogues like Beck .
    My Question is, is it FP or the posters who gravitate here ?, for you and other posters with your mindset , are labeling all who dont see things "YOUR WAY " as – Commie " -"Marxist " – Nazi " -"Stalinist " – " traitor " .
    THAT IS THE BEGINNINGS OF FACISM – now I'll apply Santayana's axiom .

    I've "defended freedom " Bill , and I have "fought tyranny "Bill ….,with a tour in Vietnam …..what have you done son ? And no , I didn't necessarily like the man who sent me there , nor did many of my fellow PATRIOTS , whether it was Johnson or Nixon , yet our allegiance and loyalty was still to the Commander-in-Chief , the duly and freely elected choice of the people , as per our constitution .

  • Pat Riot

    What I find interesting is that GB always asks the left to point out where he is wrong, even keeps an open invitation for Obama administration spokespeople to come on the show to correct him. Of course as evidenced by the posts above, the leftists don't stick to the facts, they use emotion – because they cannot win by debating facts.

  • eyes wide open

    Hahahaha ….why bdo you ASSume only people on the left are critical of Beck ? That what you beedn instructed ?
    Perhaps those spokespeople are wise enough to follow a very old and wise saying :
    "Never argue with an idiot , for those looking on, won't know which one of you is the idiot "
    Are you also a berther ….why do you suppose there aren't any "spokesman " attempting to correct that ? HINT: it's a false claim and everyone with a functioning brain already knows it .

    Do you think any "spokesmen " are going to refute the idiot Beck's inference that Obama's the anti-christ ..
    Here's a real toughy for ya guy , do you have ANY idea of why they haven't ?
    C'mon genius , this one actually requires some independent thinking .

  • eyes wide open

    ….and ….as evidenced above, those critical of Beck's moronic claims and behavior , have not in any way been refuted . Oh they've been labeled , and mket with ad hominem attacks , but no refutation whatsoever ..none .

    Just the paltry " oh your just scared of him " – yea in a pigs-eye dude . There's nothing to fear , by anyone from a moron like Beck , but there's plenty to criticize.

    What amazes me , is the fact that there are people like you , who can't see the lunacy at work. Denial is bliss eh guy ?
    So much so , that it begs the question : Who is really drinking the Kool-aid here ???

  • eyes wide open

    I'm still waitin mr.Pat riot ………where's your refutation of the FACTS I stated about Beck's ludicrous statements? Care not to come to his defense ? …you know …in debate .
    What would be your strategy in refuting my statements ?

    That Beck didn't accuse by inference and chalkboard that Obama's the anti-christ .
    Or maybe Mr.Glazov's inference …that this man would "put him in a gulag " ?

    Or maybe you like to provide some facts that the inferences to Obama's Admin , and the nazi regime are similar ?

    Go ahead dude , let's have a debate , dont just sit there claiming that no one wants to debate , for I have been waiting for a credible refutation of my statements regarding this LOON for the past 2 days , and haven't seen anything that even closely resemble a refutation or debate .
    So go ahead man , lets light this candle .

  • Kris

    What about Freedom Of Speech? Eyes is exercising it, but in the most tasteless and puerile ways.

    Those who agree that Communism will bring this society into squalor have reinforced each other through their comments. Eyes' rants simply reinforce the Right.

  • eyes wide open

    Tasteless ? Really ? Dealing with you guys is very similar to the arguments I encounter when trying to pin down muslims on their blogg on issues .
    The ISSUE here are the remarks Beck made regaring his accusation / inference that Obama was the anti-christ , and that the Administration was similar to the nazi regime .
    Do you care to address or refute that ?
    Save you blather about communism and the right , any one with a seventh grade education knows the evils of communism . You like all the rest of your sidekicks here have sidestepped my questions and can not or will not make an attempt to refute those remarks .
    So cut the B.S. Kris , and deal with the issue . You know damn well , that is being evaded .
    If you think that irrelevant , I'll debate you on that also . But so far , no one here will even acknowledge that Beck made those statements , which he most assuredly has …and that is very telling of the mentality at work here .

  • eyes wide open

    Standing up to SLANDER and FALSE ACCUSATION , is in fact the SAME as standing up for free speech … where's all the intellectual courage , that is so loudly touted here ??????

  • eyes wide open

    Well ….where are you Pat riot ? gathering facts are ya ?

  • Mark

    Jamie Glasov – you're the man! May we learn the truths that you have lived.

  • Bok

    I think some of you are too young to be on a computer. I have known two of Stalin's victums. One killed in St Louis and one in Russia put in prison to die. You would learn a lot to walk the walk.

  • Lary9

    Eyes Wide Open~ You are using the comments section of this blog to vent arguments which would be better convened in some other venue. Use it don't abuse it. You are over-posting and engaging in ongoing diatribe. Please amend your behavior.

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