Thank You, Glenn Beck, for Exposing Communism’s Evils

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The tortures included laying a man naked on a freezing cement floor, forcing his legs apart, and then an interrogator stepping on his testicles, applying increasing pressure until the confession surfaced. Imagine the consequences of no surfacing confession. Indeed, many people refused to confess to a crime they did not commit.

Daughters and sons were raped in front of their fathers and mothers — for the sake of extracting “confessions.”

These are just some of the delicacies that the Stalinist machinery inflicted on its citizenry in the hope of bringing socialism into earthly incarnation. Alexander Solzhenitsyn has shared much of this horror with us in his Gulag Archipelago — a work, mystifyingly enough, that I had never heard mentioned, except with a few exceptions, by one professor in a lecture or seminar in my entire eleven years studying Cold War history in academia. It was a work that I never saw, again with a few exceptions, on any academic syllabus — and many of my courses concerned Soviet history and American foreign policy toward the Soviet Union.

Both of my grandfathers were exterminated by Stalinist terror. Both of my parents, Yuri and Marina Glazov, were dissidents in the former Soviet Union. They risked their lives for freedom; they stood up against Soviet totalitarianism. They barely escaped the gulag, a fortune many of our friends and relatives did not share. I come from a system where a myriad of the closest people to my family simply disappeared, where relatives and family friends died under interrogation and torture for their beliefs — or for simply nothing at all.

Now try to imagine me sitting in the company of left-wing “intellectuals” in the West who think they are oppressed. This is my lifelong experience. I remember one radical feminist, whom I sat next to in a graduate student lounge, lecturing me sternly about how women in the West are oppressed because they wear bikinis on beaches; with a reprimanding tone, she explained to me that this represented the way capitalism objectifies women, marginalizes them from spheres of power, and metaphorically decapitates them as human beings. I remember asking her what she thought of female genital mutilation and honor killings in the Muslim world. To this I received a stone-cold silence and a frightening hateful stare, a stare with which I have become accustomed: I would be confined to a gulag or a psychiatric hospital if this particular individual had the power to place me there. This would be done for the good of society of course. My question was heresy: she could not, naturally, admit that evil adversarial cultures and ideologies existed — under which women truly suffer real oppression — for if she did, then she would have to sacrifice her entire worldview and personal identity.

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  • eyes wide open

    yea ok Kryteon , seems you got a selective memory when it comes to name calling . Besides, it aint name calling when its true …Beck IS a moroin , and so TOO , are his approvers .

    So ….if the shoe fits …WEAR IT .

    And guess what YOU have responded …haven't you lololol……and equally demeaning connotation ….yea man you're "reeeal grow'd up " aintcha ?

    Go kick yourself to sleep tonight son .

  • eyes wide open

    "somewhat offensive " lol……my, my what denial , just look at the loons like yourself he's managed to incite !
    You have no idea of whether my views are Leftist , Rightist Or Centrist , you don't know what my party affiliation is , if any .
    All you know is that I consider Beck a moron , and his followers and apprtovers are of the same stripe….and that is all you know .
    But just like the Leftist Parrots over at Kos or Huffpo , you are the Rightist Parrot , with talking points , gleened in rote , not even knowing truly what you are defending ….but you do know who to attack , facts , good sense , reason and logic notwithstanding , they are no obstacle for you , for they are discarded for the sake of ideology [ just like most muslims I debate } , you have no idea of how similar that you , the muslims and the idiots on the Left sound . You hae exacgtly the same debating tactics , with the same disregard for facts .
    So criticizing Beck is what ? A "sign of a leftist " , oh what a dysfunctional brain you have pally .

    • Lary9

      You are over-posting and engaging in ongoing diatribe. Please amend your behavior.

  • Civilus Defendus

    Totalitarianism is a universal, eternal enemy of liberty.

    The Marxist, "progressive" lefty elites and the dictatorial theocratic oligarchy of islam will work together as it suits one or the other, or both. That is until islam devours the lefty mavins and places a boot at the necks of the survivors.

    Totalitarianism must be held at bay in every society, every government structure, as man ever finds creative ways to justify the use of power, one man over another, for personal gain. Beck, Glazov, Spencer, Sowell and a hundred more to follow should never sit down and shut up.

  • Watchful Gramma

    Wish I could give Glenn a big hug for all that he is doing to wake up America. I lived through a good part of what he reports while safe and sound in this great country of ours. Yes, I read Solzhensitsyn (sp?) and was aware of the events of that time having been born in 1936. We tend to forget and feel secure that it could never happen here. Wrong! We and our children and grandchildren must be on guard because the enemy does not sleep.

  • eyes wide open

    Don't forget the Facists Mr.Civilus . You might not recognize them when you see them , until it's too late .

    • Civilus Defendus

      They fit under totalitarian, at least my concept of the term.


    Am I the only one who read Glazov's post? Why hasn't anyone mentioned his rather extraordinary leap of logic: "I WOULD BE CONFINED TO A GULAG IF THIS PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL HAD THE POWER TO PLACE ME THERE." Wow, and to think someone gave him a PEE AEACH DEE.

  • LizzyF

    Eyes you seem very angry. Have a shot of bourbon and chill. Your Saul Alinsky rants are boring and your name calling, infantile.

  • eyes wide open

    I understand your frustration LizzyF , after all you have offered nothing in the way of refuting my criticism , but you are no doubt good at cat-fights .
    Besides that my drink is Scotch , and I'm well chilled before the first shot .
    Have a good night dearie , and DO take your own advice .

    • LizzyF

      Why bother refuting your criticism. Who and what your are comes through loud and clear snookums.

  • eyes wide open

    LOL…no Mr.S—-Bucket , there was no extraordinary leap of logic , and that is because there was no logic to begin with .
    It's nothing more than a "strawman " argument -type essay on the part of Mr.Glazov , which he no doubt knew , the Becker-ites [ lol word ] would pick up and run with , as if no one knew the agenda involved .
    It was a pavlovian response expected from the getgo . Mr.Glazov no doubt knows which way the wind blows amongst his audience ….but PhD ? Glen Beck ? Funny but those two words definitely do not belong in the same thought or written sentence .
    You see , the same can be done with any person using any type perjorative .

    INTERCHANGEABILITY !!! LOL…what a concept !!!….I could say "look at Pol Pot , killed everyone with an education ….even went as far as killing anyone who wore glasses "!!

    GOOD GRIEF !!!!~ THAT COULD BE US !! THIS MAN ….[fill in the blank ] COULD DO THIS TO ME !!!

  • eyes wide open

    .. and ya know , I have been quoted that ole' Santayana axiom atleast four times on this thread by various people -lol and only one actually quoted it correctly [ well almost ] , yet no one here seems to comprehend it's import for they contradicted the very purpose of their use of that quote .
    You folks seem to be oblivious as to who in history has used this very tactic . indeed who continues to do so in the way of totalitarian and tyrannical regimes , as well as the individual I mentioned earlier – for those of you ,whose only source of history is the internet, "Tailgunner Joe " was Joe Mc Carthy of the early and mid 50's .
    So Mr.Glazov , cleverly infers that Obama could "put me in a gulag " and the sychophants chime in .
    Man this is too damn easy , sooo transparent .
    Glad someone has the ability to see it Mr S—Bucket .

    Oh , and BTW , Mr S—Bucket please do change your screen name , I have nothing against self-deprecating humor and the such , but this bunch ,rather than focus on the truth you illuminated , may choose to debate er, uh…something else . ; )

  • bill

    eyes wide open attacks and slanders Beck. Beck helps us seek and find truth. eyes wide open must have something against others seeking and finding truth. eyes wide open does NOT have his eyes wide open to seeking and finding truth. eyes wide open has closed eyes, or, blind eyes, or, maybe, a broken spirit. stop groveling in your own self deceipt, get up, be responsible and mature. help protect freedom and defeat tyranny in this great nation!

  • eyes wide open

    Slander ??? OK bill please show one slanderous word that I said .
    Are saying Beck did not imply/infer /that the Pres.was the anti-christ ? Did Beck not compare the Pres to a nazi/commie/marxist /racist ?
    Bill you are lieing ….are you aware of that ?
    Beck helps US ? Find the TRUTH ?
    Your truth bill ….your truth .So , if the Pres . is the anti-christ , then you had better take cover , no ? And if he's a nazi , then the Jews in this country better run and hide . Grow up Bill ….it's not a good thing being a sychophant , try thinking for yourself , and yes , you'll likely get kicked out of the Glen Beck is god club …..but you'll be a better man for it .

    But if you insist on being a lackey Bill , then go ahead …list ONE slanderous word I said about Beck . And you can't use "moron " or "idiot " for those are descriptive nouns ,and are a matter of opinion – MY OPINION >

  • eyes wide open

    …and Bill , you don't defend and protect freedom by supporting a MORON , who has associated himself with trufers, racists and birchers , nor do you defend and protect freedom by making mindless accusations and inferences that the Pres is the anti-christ or that the Pres is nazi-like ..THAT is slander , and if you're really that ignorant of history …Goebels used the very same tactic . -slander , denigrate , villify -persecute . Maybe Glazov has forgotten his history lessons too huh ?

    I dont "grovel Bill .

    You are the one with dirt on your chin .

  • eyes wide open

    Too bad , as I said, I've been a reader of FP since its inception , and agree with about 90% of its content . FP simply diminishes itself with it's association with the lunatic fringe demagogues like Beck .
    My Question is, is it FP or the posters who gravitate here ?, for you and other posters with your mindset , are labeling all who dont see things "YOUR WAY " as – Commie " -"Marxist " – Nazi " -"Stalinist " – " traitor " .
    THAT IS THE BEGINNINGS OF FACISM – now I'll apply Santayana's axiom .

    I've "defended freedom " Bill , and I have "fought tyranny "Bill ….,with a tour in Vietnam …..what have you done son ? And no , I didn't necessarily like the man who sent me there , nor did many of my fellow PATRIOTS , whether it was Johnson or Nixon , yet our allegiance and loyalty was still to the Commander-in-Chief , the duly and freely elected choice of the people , as per our constitution .

  • Pat Riot

    What I find interesting is that GB always asks the left to point out where he is wrong, even keeps an open invitation for Obama administration spokespeople to come on the show to correct him. Of course as evidenced by the posts above, the leftists don't stick to the facts, they use emotion – because they cannot win by debating facts.

  • eyes wide open

    Hahahaha ….why bdo you ASSume only people on the left are critical of Beck ? That what you beedn instructed ?
    Perhaps those spokespeople are wise enough to follow a very old and wise saying :
    "Never argue with an idiot , for those looking on, won't know which one of you is the idiot "
    Are you also a berther ….why do you suppose there aren't any "spokesman " attempting to correct that ? HINT: it's a false claim and everyone with a functioning brain already knows it .

    Do you think any "spokesmen " are going to refute the idiot Beck's inference that Obama's the anti-christ ..
    Here's a real toughy for ya guy , do you have ANY idea of why they haven't ?
    C'mon genius , this one actually requires some independent thinking .

  • eyes wide open

    ….and ….as evidenced above, those critical of Beck's moronic claims and behavior , have not in any way been refuted . Oh they've been labeled , and mket with ad hominem attacks , but no refutation whatsoever ..none .

    Just the paltry " oh your just scared of him " – yea in a pigs-eye dude . There's nothing to fear , by anyone from a moron like Beck , but there's plenty to criticize.

    What amazes me , is the fact that there are people like you , who can't see the lunacy at work. Denial is bliss eh guy ?
    So much so , that it begs the question : Who is really drinking the Kool-aid here ???

  • eyes wide open

    I'm still waitin mr.Pat riot ………where's your refutation of the FACTS I stated about Beck's ludicrous statements? Care not to come to his defense ? …you know …in debate .
    What would be your strategy in refuting my statements ?

    That Beck didn't accuse by inference and chalkboard that Obama's the anti-christ .
    Or maybe Mr.Glazov's inference …that this man would "put him in a gulag " ?

    Or maybe you like to provide some facts that the inferences to Obama's Admin , and the nazi regime are similar ?

    Go ahead dude , let's have a debate , dont just sit there claiming that no one wants to debate , for I have been waiting for a credible refutation of my statements regarding this LOON for the past 2 days , and haven't seen anything that even closely resemble a refutation or debate .
    So go ahead man , lets light this candle .

  • Kris

    What about Freedom Of Speech? Eyes is exercising it, but in the most tasteless and puerile ways.

    Those who agree that Communism will bring this society into squalor have reinforced each other through their comments. Eyes' rants simply reinforce the Right.

  • eyes wide open

    Tasteless ? Really ? Dealing with you guys is very similar to the arguments I encounter when trying to pin down muslims on their blogg on issues .
    The ISSUE here are the remarks Beck made regaring his accusation / inference that Obama was the anti-christ , and that the Administration was similar to the nazi regime .
    Do you care to address or refute that ?
    Save you blather about communism and the right , any one with a seventh grade education knows the evils of communism . You like all the rest of your sidekicks here have sidestepped my questions and can not or will not make an attempt to refute those remarks .
    So cut the B.S. Kris , and deal with the issue . You know damn well , that is being evaded .
    If you think that irrelevant , I'll debate you on that also . But so far , no one here will even acknowledge that Beck made those statements , which he most assuredly has …and that is very telling of the mentality at work here .

  • eyes wide open

    Standing up to SLANDER and FALSE ACCUSATION , is in fact the SAME as standing up for free speech … where's all the intellectual courage , that is so loudly touted here ??????

  • eyes wide open

    Well ….where are you Pat riot ? gathering facts are ya ?

  • Mark

    Jamie Glasov – you're the man! May we learn the truths that you have lived.

  • Bok

    I think some of you are too young to be on a computer. I have known two of Stalin's victums. One killed in St Louis and one in Russia put in prison to die. You would learn a lot to walk the walk.

  • Lary9

    Eyes Wide Open~ You are using the comments section of this blog to vent arguments which would be better convened in some other venue. Use it don't abuse it. You are over-posting and engaging in ongoing diatribe. Please amend your behavior.

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